Heartwarming / Eddie Guerrero

  • The ending of WrestleMania XX, where Eddie came out to celebrate Chris Benoit's World Heavyweight Championship win with him. Somewhat Harsher in Hindsight at this point, but it's still a great moment.
  • Eddie's book, Cheating Death, Stealing Life details the loss of his family and his job to drug addiction, as well as his efforts to get it all back, in great detail and is a highly recommended read for any wrestling fan, but suffice to say Eddie's gradual return to international prominence after hitting rock bottom is one of Professional Wrestling's most inspirational stories.
  • A very understated case which was finally acknowledged in a WWE web video in 2016 involves Eddie's trademark Finishing Move. The frog splash was actually innovated and used as a finisher by Art Barr, who teamed with Eddie in AAA as Los Gringos Locos for two years before dying in 1994 just as the two were about to go to ECW. After Barr's death, Eddie began using the frog splash in remembrance of his old friend.