Awesome / Goldberg

  • The main-event match on the July 6, 1998 WCW Monday Nitro in which Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Title was not only the greatest Moment of Awesome for Goldberg's career, but arguably for WCW, and certainly for Nitro. More fans were in attendance at that show than at any other WCW event before or after. Of course the CMOA for WCW is greatly lessened in that it showed how shortsighted the execs were. They took what was a Starrcade-level match and put it on free TV. Great for those who couldn't buy PPVs, but they lost what easily would have been a huge buy. Though it must be said, that Nitro was in Goldberg's home of Atlanta.
  • His massive Jackhammer against The Giant as well as the one he did to Mark Henry.
    7'4", 550! Can he get him up in a Jackhammer?
    • Goldberg held The Giant in the air for a full three seconds before finishing the move.
  • The Streak...until the very end, that is. And even then, it took Scott Hall cattle-prodding him in the face to make him go down (plus a series of other wrestlers attempting to help Nash before that).
  • His match against Diamond Dallas Page at Halloween Havoc 1998 was one of the best matches of both men's careers.
  • While their eventual dream match was a stallfest not worth writing about, Goldberg making his awaited WWE debut interrupting The Rock of all people whipped the RAW crowd into a frenzy, esp. when Goldberg briefly got on the mic:
    Goldberg: So, Rock?! You wanna know who's next?...YOU'RE NEXT! *spears Rock*
    • Not to mention the announcers' reactions to Goldberg's first appearance. Maybe it was scripted, but just the way J.R. says it tells you everything.
    Jim Ross: It's... it's HIM!
  • Goldberg spearing Nunzio about the length of a half-ring during the 2004 Royal Rumble. Shared credit goes to the victim for a terrific sell job.
  • A non-wrestling one: his appearance on Joes vs. Pros, where in a round of "who can hit a golf ball closest to the pin", Goldberg was picked first by the Joes, because the challenger reasoned that Goldberg was too muscular to properly get his arms around to swing. Goldberg proceeds to drop the ball within two yards of the hole, a hole that was set up 350 yards away, closer than anyone else on the show.
  • A Call Back to his match against Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania XX was made by Heyman during the 10/10/16 episode of RAW. What keeps Lesnar up at night? The fact that Bill Goldberg is still one up over him for well over a decade.
  • RAW, 10/17/16. For the first time in twelve years, Goldberg appears inside a WWE ring. His entire entrance was recreated in incredible fashion for an amazing nostalgia trip for wrestling fans during the Monday Night War, and then once inside the ring, he cut easily the best promo of his entire career, thanking the fans (who were losing their minds throughout the entire segment) for their endless support, and then topped it off with an absolutely incredible line, ending with a brilliant play on his Catch Phrase:
    Goldberg: So! Brock Lesnar! Not only does that mean that you're next...but most importantly, it means — Brock Lesnar...YOU'RE LAST!