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Motherly Scootaloo (formerly Pregnant Scootaloo) is a Tumblr webcomic based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, created by Sam Rose (AKA Jake Heritagu).

The webcomic is a cross between a Soap Opera and a Coming of Age story, revolving around a version of Scootaloo who unintentionally got pregnant from a classmate at the age of 13. As a result, she's had to grow up very quickly. She currently lives with her baby colt, Lightning Blitz, and her foster mother, Sandy Hooves.

The story is set in a Mundane Fantastic "Tumblr" version of Ponyville; that is, characters from other Tumblrs are able to show up whenever they like, and this isn't considered particularly strange by the local populace. Scootaloo has even met alternate versions of herself without incident. Crossovers with other Tumblrs are frequent and are worked into the comic's storylines.

Scootaloo (and sometimes Sandy Hooves) is also able to hear questions from the Tumblr audience; again, these are considered a normal part of how the universe works. Although prevalent in the beginning, the "Ask" aspect has now been largely phased out.

Since its inception in 2012, the comic has spawned two spin-offs: Ask Rain Catcher, focusing on Scootaloo’s ex-boyfriend Rain Catcher, and Lightning Blitz Answers, a cute/funny comic focusing on Scootaloo’s son Lightning Blitz.

Due to the comic's Soap Opera nature, there are a large number of unmarked spoilers ahead.

Tropes contained in Motherly Scootaloo: