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A boy and his demon girlfriend.

My Succubus Girlfriend is a Webcomic by Merryweatherey, most notable for being one of his relatively older works (created before his surge in popularity generated by I Made A Comic About Internet Explorer and Meme Girls). Stoic high school student Izumo Houryuuji sees his life turned upside-down when he becomes the target of amateur succubus Anatasia, who has come to steal his virginity. To her shock, Izumo isn't interested in the slightest, not that this causes Anastasia to give up. So begins Anastasia's attempts to seduce Izumo, as she gradually develops feelings for him (against romantic competition, of course). Hilarity Ensues.

My Succubus Girlfriend ran from 2017 to 2019, even getting a second season which marked a remarkable Tone Shift from a Romantic Comedy to a dark supernatural fantasy. While the first season was very popular, the second season's darker plot and the change in artist from Yoshitaka Maki to Carillus caused it to be poorly received. As a result, Merryweathery decided to remake the series from scratch, with another new artist (Joakim Waller) and "a more streamlined story," in Merryweathery's own words. The remake, New Succubus Girlfriend, initially follows the plot of the first season of the original with some major differences.


My Succubus Girlfriend, as well as New Succubus Girlfriend, are both available on Webtoon.

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