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"Not everyone gets a happy ending, but wouldn't you like to change that?"

An Original Character Tournament, housed on deviantArt and hosted by Venomouswolf. It reached Round 5, but the finale was never completed.

A library is a haven. A vault of worlds where each book contains a story waiting to be explored. Very few libraries however, allow you to do this literally. The Library is an endless dimension stretching out across impossible space; the books within containing not just stories but entire worlds. Over time the books have warped their environment to suit their genre, creating forested areas where bookshelves twist into lost jungles, vast deserts littered with Arabian scrolls, and endless obsidian seas where books sail like boats in the night.

The premise asks characters if there's something in their story they would like to rewrite- maybe to avoid death, save a friend, or even just win for once- and invites them to compete in a tournament against other such hopefuls for the privilege. Should they win the characters can rewrite their story to their heart's content, but be warned- losing in the tournament means that the ability to rewrite the story falls instead to the host and owner of the library, Spade.


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    General Tropes 

    The Librarians 

Spade - The Host of the Tournament

Created by Venomouswolf Ref: [1]


Created by Ombre-de-clause Ref: [2]


Created by KaylaBirdee Ref: [3]
  • Deadpan Snarker: Feste's sense of humor and general demeanor.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The colors of his skin, hair, and clothes are all desaturated and unnaturally off-color.
  • The Eeyore
  • Loud of War: Feste enjoys "entertaining" (i.e. harassing) both contestants and other librarians with his musical gifts, and is unfortunately persistent.
  • Magic Music: His music can have a variety of spell-like effects on those who hear it.
  • To Shakespeare


Created by Simply-Daco Ref: [4]


Created by Sainvrier Ref: [5]

    Contestant Characters 

Alfred "A" Packer

Created by Yunleen & Userlol34 Ref: [6]


Created by AdelineKnotts Ref: [7]

Alexey "Alex" Sokolov & Evren "Ren" Holtzmann

Created by Cryo-Spectre Ref: [8]
  • Big Brother Instinct: Ren towards Alex... sometimes.
  • Muggles: In comparison to many of the more outlandish contestants.
  • Only Sane Man: Ren's first reaction to a strange man breaking into his house and offering him to compete in a magical tournament is to call the police.
  • Parental Substitute: Alex even suggests Ren to be this and adopt him at one point.
  • Percussive Therapy: Ren is fond of this, going by his knuckles.
  • Punch a Wall: ...And the walls in his apartment.

Alpheus Abimel & Lilith Teivel Tartini

Created by Treah Ref: [9]

Arande & the Fatespinner

Created by KaiserWilliams Ref: [10]

Barnett & Kitt

Created by Mineiti Ref: [11]


Created by LazyNinjartist Ref: [12]
  • Darker and Edgier: Both Blacksmiter himself as the tournament progressed and the tone of the artist's entries.
  • Dork Knight: Blacksmiter is as Adorkable as he is noble and good-natured.


Created by NerinokuKai Ref: [13]

Damien Chantecler

Created by ClefdeSoll Ref: [14]

Dazel Dame

Created by SolventGrandma Ref: [15]

Dust & Fable

Created by TheDemonSurfer Ref: [16]

Ember Mieds

Created by Christgirl253 & AshesToApples Ref: [17]

Etienne Gillette

Created by Claudetite Ref: [18]


Created by Tzelly-El Ref: [19]

Infinite Man aka Ali Sharaf

Created by wayward-pilgrim Ref: [20]

Ivy & Grim

Created by LankyPicket Ref: [21]


Created by kikiine Ref: [22]

Jharode Kespire

Created by Rhavencroft Ref: [23]

Louis-Thibaud Valentin Zee Third & Val-E Soo

Created by WonderfulWiz & HoneyOdew Ref: [24] [25]


Created by HyperDanger Ref: [26]


Created by TheGoldilocks Ref: [27]

Mordekai the Strange

Created by MischiefJoker Ref: [28]

Naja & Ambra

Created by FancyBoom Refs: [29] [30]


Created by Nickala Ref: [31]

Roldan Remigio

Created by PSIJoel Ref: [32]

Samuel Dawes

Created by Xantor-M Ref: [33]

Sharon "Shazza"

Created by Angry-Langman Ref: [34]


Created by Garagos Ref: [35]

The Doctor

Created by Nightiingale Ref: [36]

Thomas Rupert

Created by Taplaos Ref: [37]

Queen Lucinda & Skird

Created by Omegase7en Ref: [38]


Created by JillValentine89 Ref: [39]


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