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The Salt Islands OCT is an OriginalCharacterTournament. It is based in the fictional Salt Islands, where the demon, Heath Stockholm, killed the royal family 10 years ago. Now it is 1910 and he has risen again, and he is being hunted by two parties: Inspector Mardra J. Finch, who wants him alive, and Marius Pernod, who wants him dead. Contestants may also choose a third side, which is to protect Heath Stockholm for the favor of the spirits.


This OCT contains examples of the following tropes:

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    Common Tropes 
  • Bounty Hunter: Pretty much everyone is looking for that bounty on Heath's head.
  • Find the Cure!: Those who sided with Mardra may be looking for Heath with this in mind.



    Aia & Tiona 

    AJ & Harley 
Two hired assassins that are hunting Heath for Inspector Mardra J Finch in hopes of finding a cure for Harley's Contamination Situation. An odd Buddy Picture duo with a Psychopathic Manchild and his charming best friend.

    Anthony & Raven 

A pair of fraternal twins who've been possessed by demons since a young age. The older twin, Anthony, is possessed by a demon of trauma called Akiron. The younger twin, Raven, is possessed by a demon of pain named Boric. Together they aim to hunt down Heath Stockholm and kill him, whether for sport or money it is not clear.

Or at least that was the plan at first, as Anthony seems to be having some conflicting ideas as the days go on.

  • Ancient Evil: Akrion and Boric have been around since time before the first sentient being. Each had a job with the sentient and the world they live in. Boric is likely the cause for all the venomous things that are in Australia.
  • Sadist: Both will laugh at your misery if they don't have a care for you. But once an emotional connection is made, they'll likely try to protect you from harm.
  • Sticky Fingers: Both are guilty of stealing items they find useful or neat. It is not uncommon for them to take something from victims of theirs. Raven has already stolen Bob's tophat and amulet.
  • Transformation Horror: Both twins are able to alter their bodies to accommodate more power from their demons. Often results in horns, tails and other assorted parts.
  • Twin Banter


  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Akiron gives a great deal of power to Anthony, but it's at a cost. He needs to be careful to not let himself lose control to the demon.
  • I Know What You Fear: Looking into Anthony's demonic eye will reveal a person's fears to him, great or small.
  • The Insomniac / The Sleepless: Anthony will not sleep in fear of damaging night terrors or demonic takeover. He will likely not sleep for months on end.
  • Mad Doctor: Anthony likes to toy with humans and their bodies to test their limits.
  • Magical Eye: Anthony's left eye can look into a person's mind with eye contact.
  • The Sociopath
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: When the fears are made known, they will be used against the person in a harmful manner. Amount of trauma varies.


  • Bloody Murder: Raven's blood is corrosive to the point there are not very many things that will not melt when it makes contact with her.
  • Femme Fatale: Depends on how much she wants to keep you around.

    Arthur & Hyrvnia 

    Bastian & Friedrich 

    Bob & Decker 

    Celestine & Abbrosia Valentino 
Two mafia contract killers working for their brother Cesare and the Valentino family itself.


    Dane Klassen 

    Lukas, Theodore, & Azazel 
Lukas and Azazel belong to the Lazarus family, a cult family that specializes in containing a dangerous daemon that consumes living things at the expense of its human hosts. The Daemon is too much to contain within one human, so it is split between Lukas, Azazel, and Lukas's caretaker, Theodore. Because of the daemon's power, Lukas's life is drawing short, so they pursue Heath in hopes that if Lukas eats him he will gain Heath's ability to defy death.





    Madeline & Ein 
  • Megane: Madeline
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Ein is able to lift things much heavier than herself. In Tenuanime's round one entry she threw a large crate with ease, and in CPT-Blackridge's entry she managed to break a light post from the ground and swing it.
  • Tyke-Bomb: Ein

    Merengue & Laszlo 

    Papa Samedi 

    Ronnie & Mort 
A self proclaimed Occult Detective on the hunt for the spirits of the islands alongside their own wispy pal, Mort. Ronnie is investigating the motive behind Heath's return, both to put a stop spirit interventions (which are never good according to them) and to help Mort reach some closure about his cursed state of being.

Getting a job out of it wouldn't hurt either.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Even in the 1910's, Ronnie refuses to conform to a gender.
  • A Friend in Need: Even though Ronnie was misled by Mort to go to the islands in the first place, they're ready to help out and put themselves in harm's way for his sake.
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend: Ronnie appears to talk to themselves when they're actually addressing Mort. Not a lot of people see ghosts after all. Ronnie has a rare ability to see spirits that may have to do with their witch lineage.
  • Pinocchio Syndrome: Mort hates being a spirit. More than anything he wants another chance to be alive and will jump at any glimmer of hope there is to make it happen.
  • Unhappy Medium: They don't trust or like spirits very much, but Ronnie can still see them.

    Sylvia & Gordon 

    T- 34 

Judge Characters

    Heath Stockholm 
The supposed half-human, half-demon whose face is seen on wanted posters the world over. He died ten years prior to the start of the OCT not long after using supernatural powers to kill off the Royal Family of the Salt Islands as well as a handful of civilians. He returned with what people assume is a vengeance, but he is really on a mission to work alongside the spirits of the island for a mysterious purpose.Depending on the Writer he may vary from Ax-Crazy Jerkass to the Well-Intentioned Extremist.

    Mardra J Finch 
The Inspector of Scarborough, one of the Salt Island's major cities. She wants Heath Stockholm brought to her alive, thinking there are many things to learn from someone who has been to the other side.

    Marius Pernod 
"A French mobster who smells like rosemary and extortion." Also located in Scarborough, Marius is the one who wants Heath dead for obvious reasons. He is the head of a small, faithful gang of 13 Frenchmen.

    Oreck & Himalia 
Two children in Mardra's care. They are both caught up in the situation caused by Heath's reappearance, and not just because their foster mom is on the case.


The only one other than Heath who can naturally see the spirits. Heath has taken an interest in this after his return, and shortly after Oreck goes missing.


The youngest daughter of the Inspector of Scarborough before Mardra, who was killed in Heath's attack ten years ago. She is anxious to pick up where her dad left off when it comes to bringing justice, as well as to bring Oreck back home after his disappearance.


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