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  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover we get the usual inversion of the Citadel Council alongside extra-galactic newcomers like Admiral Adam Grayson. The Local Cluster Council and Federated Cluster Union appear to be this compared to aforementioned Council because they recognize the Reapers as a legitimate threat as well. In the sequel, Admiral Allison Nimitz replaces Grayson in the military version of the trope, while Grayson becomes a Big Good bureaucrat who tries to push the Council in a less Head-in-the-Sand Management direction. Urnot Wrex remains one for his entire species—continually urging them away from pure Blood Knight tendencies. Wolf Schmidt offers plenty of assistance through advanced technology but considering he works for the Republic Intelligence Service he may have an ulterior motive.
  • Mythos Effect:
    • Primarch Quentius is literally the only Turian leader who realizes that trying to force the New Earth Federation to give up arcanotech (effectively gutting their military and technological bases) in favor of Element Zero technology and submitting to the Citadel Council as an associate race will not only cause a war, but that it's a war they can't win.
    • Prior to that Captain Jorus asks his commanding officer why they simply didn't warn the humans not to open a dormant Mass Relay instead of blowing up their ships. He's further frustrated when ordered to invade Shanxi, stating it will only escalate the situation.
    • The Council itself, other than Sparatus, likewise realize that going to war with the NEF is a bad idea, and when it breaks out, keep their people out of it, making it clear that it's the Turians' problem, not theirs.
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  • Cycles Upon Cycles: Primarch Fedorian is this when Kerrigan announces her plans to absorb the Krogan into the Zerg and remove the genophage. While Matriarch Benezia is condescending about the whole thing and Dalatrass Lintron spends the whole meeting panicking, Fedorian is upset but realizes that the Koprulu Alliance has always kept their word, so they can be trusted here.
  • The Dragon Emperor Prometheus in The Chronicles of Utopia Volume II can always be counted on by the people around him to have a cool head on his shoulders and consider their words carefully before making a decision. Even when a major faction in his Empire seeks to stage a coup, he still considers things carefully and checks everything out before taking them on rather than flying off the handle in a rage.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. crossover fanfic Kage (part of Project Dark Jade, like Queen of All Oni above), Himerish is willing to give Jade the benefit of the doubt rather than assume the prophecy he saw involving her was inevitable
  • SAPR:
    • Ironwood qualifies as this for the Atlesians, giving them leeway to do what needs to be done and when dolling out punishments for wrongdoing always does so in a way that will be a learning experience for his students, as befitting his position as not only the supreme commander of Atlas's military but also the headmaster of its academy. In a break with canon he also orders rigorous cyber-security checks after Cinder infiltrates the CCT, completely circumventing the virus subplot of the original show.
    • Though this is initially in doubt, Sunset eventually comes to realize that Ozpin is this as well.
  • Point Me At The Skyrim: Test aside, Jarl Balgruuf was willing to listen to Victoria's plights despite her poor reception from the Whiterun guards and Irileth.


  • The Council in The Zeppo in Mind start generously paying the Slayers and the Scoobies once it's made clear that they're the reason the world hasn't ended yet and covers their various expenses so long as they keep fighting the good fight. As Giles put it, even the stuffiest of bureaucrats recognizes the need to help those who keep the world spinning and that it's hard to hold down a job when you also have to save the world regularly.
  • Joyce Summers in Hurt Me is furious with Buffy and Xander for having unprotected sex and lays down some ground rules for their relationship. Most notably, they have to use protection from now on, stating that they're both sixteen and they really don't want to be parents at their age. Also, they can't have sex in the house while she's there. She's fully aware that a pair of teenagers will sneak off to have sex anyway so she's not going to waste her time trying to stop them.

The Elder Scrolls

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Mod, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, has Bruma's Captain of the Guard, Adius Villius, is a patient, level-headed, polite, and overall friendly man, who assists the player on quite a few of the Bruma related quests, and covertly helps with hiding Bruma's Talos worshippers from the local detachment of Thamlor agents. Unfortunately, he is eventually found out by the Thalmor, who arrests him. Though alternatively, the Talos worshippers can be convinced to keep an extra low profile and stop worshipping Talos for the time being. Adius understandably feels conflicted about this, but he recognizes that it ultimately keeps the Thalmor away.


  • What About Witch Queen? has one for each nation: queen Elsa of Arendelle tries to use diplomacy instead of trying to freeze the entire conflict and plunge her nation into very cold war, queen Lisa of Southern Isles is Genre Savvy enough to recognize Evil Prince when she sees one, and scout captain appears to be the Only Sane Man among Weselton officers.

Harry Potter

  • Princess of the Blacks: Madam Marchbanks tries to do what's best for Hogwarts and it's students. Unlike Dumbledore, she harshly punishes students who horribly endanger others regardless of house, listens to the Head Boy and Girl's suggestions, and is willing to change policies if it's in Hogwarts best interest. Unfortunately for her, she's not Dumbledore so close to half the school is dead set against her. Such actions include giving Fred and George four weeks detention for a prank that left several students injured after they offer no defense beyond "It was funny." She also allows Snape to hire a couple 7th year students to teach 1st and 2nd year potions, something Dumbledore flat out refused to do.
    • Luna's father tells Jen about how Bellatrix was a False Friend to him in school, causing Jen to assume he's trying to tell her to stay away from Luna. Xeno corrects Jen that he isn't holding her parentage against her; he's simply informing her that he doesn't trust her.
    • Flitwick has been attempting to cultivate this image ever since Jen exposed the bullies in his House. He makes a point of no longer helping McGonagall with her duties as it kept him from helping his Ravenclaws.
      • Averted with McGonagall who (unlike every other Head of House) is actually shown to be less trusting of her prefects, frequently demanding they do more, such as set up a study session or supervise a club.
    • Scrimgeour is willing to overlook a few misdemeanors Jen committed while fighting Voldemort, though he does note a colleague of his wouldn't.
    • Amelia is willing to work with Dumbledore and has suspended his arrest warrant until Voldemort has been dealt with. Should he toe the line until then, she won't press charges. Otherwise, she'll arrest him in a heartbeat.
    • Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody refuses to act against Jen when it's obvious he doesn't have all the relevant information, citing that if it doesn't put you at risk to get more information, only an idiot thinks he knows enough. Moody compares doing otherwise to "sticking [his] head into a room before knowing if something's going to chop it off".
  • Professor Slughorn in Wind Shear shows a great deal of levelheadedness and understanding, especially in comparison to Professor McGonagall, when it comes to Harry Potter. Harry's first lesson for his 7th year students in Defense Against the Dark Arts is to have them attempt to escape a trio of earthen constructs which he charmed to inflict no damage. Slughorn calmly discusses the matter with Dumbledore and admits that, given the current brewing war and that none of the students were injured, he's only bringing up the students' concerns while withholding his own judgment for now. McGonagall first storms into Harry's office to shout at him for his actions, then goes to Dumbledore (still shouting) about it when Harry dismisses her arguments.

Jackie Chan Adventures

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • In Tony's Girl, Isiah Bradley (Ross' replacement on the Sokovia Accords Central Committee) asks Tony Stark to hold Wanda at the Avengers Compound, despite Tony's misgivings, because the last time Wanda was imprisoned, her rampage upon getting loose left nearly thirty guards permanently traumatized and one of them later committed suicide. While Bradley agrees that the compound isn't a prison nor meant to be one, the Avengers are the only ones who can currently handle Wanda if she breaks loose, and he's only asking Tony to keep her there temporarily until the UN can find a more permanent solution.
  • Despite how they treated him, Tony Stark in Enough Rope does his best to help out most of the rogue Avengers. In particular, once Clint calls him, Tony first apologizes for not keeping him appraised of things regarding the Accords then offers his help to get Clint a plea deal and makes sure he knows what Clint wants out of it, such as whether Clint wants to retire again or if he wants to be an international or United States only hero.
  • After taking over leadership of the Avengers in What If, Colonel Rhodes refuses to play favorites (Steve notices that Rhodes tends to get angrier with Tony than anyone else despite being his friend) and spends some time trying to make Steve is second in command until Steve determine he's not actually suited for military life. Unlike Rhodey, Steve can't diplomatically speak with police or handle criticism from the UN who weren't present during a given mission. During the events of Spider-man: Homecoming, rather than continue to chew him out for screwing up, Rhodes takes the time to explain to Peter why the older Avengers insist on keeping him out of combat situations and is the reason Tony explains the "Training Wheels" protocol to him.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Leave For Mendeleiev: Unless her Foil Ms. Bustier, Ms. Mendeleiev proves to be a tough but fair teacher who refuses to allow any bullying or harassment. When Chloe attempts to follow Marinette into her new classroom to prove that she can't get away from her that easily, Mendeleiev shuts her efforts down and makes very clear that she will not be cowed by her petty threats.
  • In The One to Make It Stay, Master Fu repeatedly demonstrates just the sort of patient support that Marinette requires. When she confesses to him how recent developments have made it harder for her to trust her current roster of temporary holders, rather than berate her for 'choosing poorly', he praises her willingness to address these matters instead of trying to fix them by herself or denying that anything is wrong. When she later balks at calling upon the Fox, Turtle or Bee, he introduces her to the Zodiac Miraculous. Even when Luka figures out that she's Ladybug, he admits that the situation isn't ideal, but reassures her that he doesn't blame her while looking for a way to help address the problem.
  • Downplayed and discussed in Burning Bridges, Building Confidence. Principal Damocles is shown to be more reasonable than Ms. Bustier, being utterly taken aback when he learns about her blatant favoritism and Victim Blaming. She gets suspended for this, pending an investigation, and while both girls involved in the incident are punished, he comes down much harder on Alya as the instigator. However, Cole's mother sees him as an Accomplice by Inaction, as he ignored the problem until his hand was forced on the matter, and she sees him as more concerned about the school losing face than anything else.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Friendship Is Magical Girls: When the Neighpon government starts to get an inkling of the Secret War between the mahoushoujo and the Changelings, the Chrysanthium Empress advises her ministers to not take any drastic measures against the girls until such time as they know what's actually happening, so as to avoid complicating matters or harming innocents.
  • The Stars Ascendant is about Celestia questioning whether she truly remains one after seemingly destroying Twilight Sparkle's confidence.
  • Mirror's Image: Celestia, as in canon. However, as flashbacks and the Princesses' own testimony prove, she wasn't this when she was younger, punishing and banishing ponies for minor slights, or even just irritating her. And by punishing, she usually just turned ponies to stone. And that's before the Fantastic Racism, the violence, or how she treated her old student, Chrysalis.
  • The Pony POV Series has many of them:
    • Celestia, as is to be expected, is this, generally acting in the absolute best interests of her subjects. Luna is a bit more harsh, but ultimately also this trope.
    • Cadence is very kind and polite, both to her subjects and to her guard detail.
    • Shining Armor is a firm Captain of the Harmony Guard, but is a kind and just one. His squad comes to consider him and each other True Companions and are genuinely enraged when they discover Chrysalis has brainwashed him into her slave, and if Cadence hadn't saved him, they were going to give it a shot.
    • Most of the rulers Shining and Cadence meet on their world tour count. Including the Actual Pacifist Mother Deer, the Deer's true ruler.
    • Queen Tiamat and King Bahamut, the Gods and Rulers of the Dragons, view their entire species as their children, and are generally kind and good to their allies as well (of which Celestia and Luna are included). Though Queen Tiamat wasn't always this trope and needed to grow into it, while Bahamut always was.
    • The Pantheon in general are Lawful Good (the Alicorns) or Chaotic Good (the Draconequi) (with the exception of the Outer Concepts, but even they aren't very evil) and just desire to make life in the universe thrive and when encountered by mortals generally act respectful and nice.
    • Havoc, the male Elder of the Draconequi, is relatively this. While he is the Anthropomorphic Personification of Fear itself and the Warden of Tartarus, he's generally polite, hears mortals out when he actually talks with them, and gives straight answers. He's also the Big Good for the CMC's journey during the Rumors Arc, doing his best to help them stop Discord's endgame plan. His wife is much less reasonable, but she's also the personification of Endings, and thus normally doesn't do much of anything until the end of the universe where she eats what's left after Heat Death happens. Even then, she's also the End of Suffering and hates the concept of suffering without end.
    • The Alicorn Elders, Fauna Luster and the Father of All Alicorns, are the personifications of Empathy and Wisdom respectfully, with Fauna Luster literally being the mother of all creation and the Father being HEAVEN, so both naturally are this. Both answer questions without complaint, treat beings they meet with respect and kindness, and generally are kind and benevolent.
  • In The Bridge, quite a few of the higher ups in Equestria are this, by logic of they wouldn't be in power for a long term without it.
    • Princess Celestia might as well be this trope personified, having a millennia of experience and being forced to "grow up" very quickly after the Nightmare Moon incident. She managed to defuse an entire civil war from even happening with logic and comedy of all things as she knew force would only make things worse.
    • Princess Luna is less experienced than her sister and can be a bit quick to the trigger if the situation seems dire, but once she knows who's on the side of good she unfailingly helps them.
    • A good chunk of the elected officials like Mayor Mare and numerous nobles like Fancy Pants also keep a level had even with the chaos and confusion caused by the kaiju being revealed. Even Archduke Blueblood, while very haughty and smug, works to keep the situation as calm, rational, and clear as possible.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell:
    • Principal Celestia, who is not only willing to give the group information, but employment at the school while they try to figure things out.
    • In the sequel, Picking Up the Pieces, Deputy Commissioner Iron Gates is far more reasonable about a comparatively minor violation of rules than her superior; she's more interested in taking down any actual corrupt Guards who were abusing their position.
    • Captain General Gentle Step becomes one and immediately orders her fellow Guards to help the Element Bearers once she finds out they're actually the good guys and are being framed by the real villain.
  • Escape From the Moon: In the sequel The Mare From the Moon, Princess Celestia is one, accepting Spliced's gesture of fixing her broken nose in the spirit that it was meant, and being willing to hear her out about her past. However, upon hearing about her past, Celestia and Luna have a private conversation on their thoughts on Spliced, recognize the danger she poses and agree to handle her with extreme care.
  • The Flash Sentry Chronicles:
    • Grand Hoof, as the oldest living Royal Knight he often acts as their leader and makes decisions for the group. He also took on Flash as his apprentice when he was just a child, despite having lived on the streets most of his life, because he saw great potential in him.
    • Soarin acts as one as second-in-command of the Wonderbolts. He is still perfectly friendly to those around him and is able to callout Spitfire when he knows that she is making a mistake.
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • Ambassador Swift-Pad, who is generally patient and understanding. Even when he does get angered, he does his best to explain why he was angered, and to teach the one responsible how to ensure they don't make him angry over the same issue again.
    • Queen Tegmina is one of the most welcoming of the changeling queens introduced in chapter 25, and is more than willing to join in giving Twilight information on changeling matters.
    • The Alpha is stern but fair, and willing to hear Twilight out. He is also able to calm her when he sees his words are starting to upset her.
    • Chapter 1 of the sequel, Diplomat at Large, has Granny Smith - she hears Slice n' Dice’s story and is appalled at how her family reacted.


  • Because Good Feels Good, Anko comes off as this instead of her usual Blood Knight portrayal in A Teacher's Glory. As she says, she's charged with not just teaching her students ninja skills, but proper behavior as well.
  • Koharu and Homura in The Scorned Son (unlike most portrayals that paint them as corrupt and/or jerkasses) calmly listen to Sasuke's well reasoned and thought out argument of why he shouldn't be teamed with certain people (Naruto, Sakura, and Ino chief among them) then investigate the academy themselves to see if his argument is valid. As a result, they not only change the planned team structures but also advise the Hokage to restructure the academy in general due to slipping standards.


  • Ths US and Canadian governments get this portrayal in Emergence. After learning about the existence of four superhuman teenage girls from another world, they aren't eager to dissect them, and are willing to help them find new identities and learn from them, even if one of them butchered several NAVY Seals.
  • White Sheep:
    • General Ironwood. He does the best he can with the facts presented to him, and would be perfectly happy to give up Yang Xiao Long (who he semi-accidentally kidnapped), and he would be even happier to give her up when he is told that this would prevent the Grimm from ever attacking Atlas again. Unfortunately, propaganda about Atlas' invincibility means that the Council can't capitulate without looking weak to the people. He finally finds a way to fake a war with the Grimm to allow Atlas to save face while also getting peace in the end.
    • Jacques Schnee, Weiss' father, surprisingly. Yeah he's an asshole, but he's a predictable asshole. As long as your plans increase his profits, he doesn't particularly care what your goals are. The heroes get him onboard by offering him mining rights in the dust-rich Grimmlands, and when world peace is declared he retires, leaving the company in Weiss' hands.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • In The King Nobody Wanted, King Stannis tries to be this. How successful he is varies greatly depending on who you ask.
  • In Robb Returns, Eddard Stark, upon learning about the incoming threat of the Others, is willing to make a deal with the Wildlings/Free Folk so that they can settle south of the Wall, even though he knows every of his northern bannermen have a great dislike (if not hate) of them.
    • Similarly, Mance Rayder, who intended to bring his people south of the Wall in order to better defend it, is willing to kneel to Eddard just so that he will help them.

Steven Universe

  • In Crystal Gem Academy, Rose does not blame Steven's handler when the boy gets into a nearly fatal accident, and reassures her that she won't be punished.


  • In the Uplifted series Erwin Rommel qualifies. As does Gerald Langer. Rommel is self explanatory, especially in regards to his real life actions, while Langer quite successfully manages the quarians and the first contact.
  • Enemy of My Enemy gives us two: Administrator Amanda Jennings and Shipmaster Vtan 'Arume. Helped by the fact that the latter saved the life of the former's young daughter.
  • In the fanfic Co-op Mode, the coach at Winslow is an odd variant of this, as he's not actually a good coach, being more interested in self-gain and personal success than his actual job - the man asked James if he would pass a Tinkertech drug test just in case he could enter the team for crying out loud - but as James is conducive to his goals, he ends up looking like this.
    Coach Shane: I'll be honest here. I don’t approve of steroids. But with the girls' track team bringing home medals, Blackwell wants the other teams to earn some trophies. If our football team doesn't start winning games, she’s going to make me do weekend training for the guys. And that would cut into my weekend plans. I think I can turn you into a decent running back or a passable lineman, but there's no point if you're going to get disqualified. So. Can you pass a drug test?
  • In The Tainted Grimoire, Judgemaster Cid waits for proof of Vaticus' crimes before taking action against him.
  • In the Mai-Otome fanfic, Oneesama, Miss Maria comes off as one. When Shizuru kicks off the plot by giving a Skinship Grope to her prospective room attendant Natsuki, Miss Maria tells Shizuru that she could expel her if she felt it necessary, but she won't because she believes Shizuru is a better person than that. Her alternative punishment- not allowing Shizuru to select a room attendant until she gains Natsuki's forgiveness- is meant to humble Shizuru, teach her a lesson, and get her to approach Natsuki as herself, not under the persona she's adopted as top student of her grade.
  • Surprisingly, in Soulless Shell, Leif is one. When a girl is accused of trying to kill one of his advisors, Councilman Arnold, whom she says raped her, he hears her out, tricks Arnold into confessing his guilt, and sentences him to death while exonerating her.
  • Most of the Angel leaders in Sonic X: Dark Chaos, except for Metatron. They don't want the Metarex war to escalate, and immediately realize that Dark Tails is the biggest threat to the galaxy.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Governor Cochran and Governor Deacon, as well as President Henry, have helped and are helped by Mega Man at times.
  • In the Saki doujin, So Hold My Hand One More Time, Masae Atago, coach of the Senriyama mahjong team, is this. In a flashback, she's understanding of Toki's decision to withdraw from the individuals because of her health, saying that it's common for school aces to not go on to the individuals. Masae then tells Toki that she's mistaken if she thinks herself weak, advising her to believe in her strength, a lesson Toki comes to realize over the course the doujin.
  • In Origin Story, after Alex and Louise Harris are asked to leave a diner for picking a fight with a homophobic customer, the Sheriff's Deputy outside walks them to their car and advises them to get a hotel at the next exit so they won't have to deal with more bigots.
  • The mayor of Luffy's village in A Different First Crewmember holds off on calling Garp when the Red Hair Pirates first show up and instead offer them all the village's money if they'll leave peacefully. Luckily, Shanks and the rest just want to unwind for a while and are even willing to pay for all the food and alcohol they consume.
  • In the Worm fanfic Recoil, Taylor has encountered few enough Reasonable Authority Figures in her own time. When she comes back to the past, she finds:
    • Nina Veder, part-time ship's doctor and psychiatrist, who takes her under her wing and sees about trying to find out who she really is (not going to happen) and fitting her back into society.
    • Principal Woodbine of Winslow High School, a direct contrast to Principal Blackwell of her own time.
    • Major (and then Lt Col) Brian Hamilton of PRT Intelligence, her boss and father figure.
  • A Brighter Dark: Garon can count as one as, given his genuine affection for his children and his willingness to be up-front and honest to any and all questions. Despite many uncomfortable things about his actions, it is clear that he always has solid motivation for what he does.
  • In This Bites!, Iceburg quotes the trope by name as part of why he worked with the World Government.
  • In Supernova, one of the Marine officers is notably reluctant to assign bounties to the Straw Hat crew given that so far they'd only gone after other pirates or horribly corrupt marines.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
  • In The Outside, Aikuro (a tutor) slides between this and the closest thing that Ryuuko has to a Parental Substitute. He cares for her well-being and is worried about how much of an effect Satsuki's care has on her but does put his foot down when he feels need be, however, he did let plenty slide before that (i.e not reporting Satsuki to social services sooner).
  • Haruka in Love Hina: Like It Could Have Been initially tells Kitsune that she'll be evicted if she doesn't have her rent paid by the end of the month, including the three months back rent she owes, but when the due date comes and Kitsune is only a little short, she gives the younger woman an extra month to pay it off, knowing she'd been working her ass off.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic Resurrected Memories: Both Mr. Lancer and Mrs. Murray's seem to be good at their jobs and only want what's best for their students.


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