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Fanfic / Crystal Gem Academy

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But he wasn't at home, he was in an alien ship heading towards an alien school where he would be the alien.

Crystal Gem Academy is an AU Steven Universe fic by MadeofLove14. It follows an Earth where Gems and humans peacefully coexist- and some even have children together. Most of these children are born defective or mutated.

Steven is one of the few exceptions. The Diamond Authority is fascinated by this, and 'encourages' Greg to send Steven to the titular Gem Academy. There, he learns alongside other Gems about his powers and alien heritage.

This fanfic contains examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: If it wasn't clear, one of the main story points is that the Gems are mostly at peace with humanity.
    • Also, unlike canon, Gems have a life cycle similar to humans, with "gemlings" being Gem children, though it's also hinted that Kindergardens can still be used to make new gems.
  • Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome: Gem tech can apparently be purchased by humans, though it is noted as being very expensive.
  • Barefoot Poverty: Steven. He actually feels uncomfortable in shoes.
  • Composite Character: "Pink Diamond" is just Rose Quartz's title. Subverted, with the later in-canon reveal that Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond are actually the same person.
  • Decomposite Character: In the original show, Garnet is the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Here, Garnet exists separate from them as their daughter.
  • Exact Words: Rose tells Steven that she doesn't have any children at the Academy. Since they're currently flying towards the Academy, this statement conveniently conceals her true relation to him.
  • Extranormal Institute: The Gem Academy, a school for aliens and the few human-gem hybrids with stable powers. Its students can shapeshift, summon various weapons, and possess various superpowers.
  • Fish out of Water: Steven is very confused by the Academy, and somewhat panicked by the thought of being around so many Gems.
  • Happily Married: Ruby and Sapphire, like in canon, sort of. (though they can't stay fused as Garnet, Garnet is apparently their daughter here).
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: In this fic, Steven grew up entirely around humans and barely knows what Gems are. When he is forced to leave Beach City to train in a Gem school, he is noticeably unhappy.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Rose reassures Jade that Steven's accident wasn't her fault and she won't be punished for it.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Rose, sort of.
  • Sympathetic Adulterer: Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond is married to White Diamond, but still had Steven with Greg. The fact that Rose's cheating was provoked by an Awful Wedded Life makes it more understandable.