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Literature / The Questport Chronicles

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The Questport Chronicles

"Long, long ago, when the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow, a band of intrepid heroes arose to combat the darkness. The last hope of the free world was an ancient relic known as the Yostwell's Light... but it lay hidden, and the heroes knew not where."
The Legend of the Yostwell's Light

The Questport Chronicles is a Web Original fantasy that recounts the recent history of the village of Questport, a legendary haven for adventurers. The old tales tell that whenever the world has been threatened by the powers of darkness, heroes of Questport have arisen to save the day. But now, as Questport stands alone against encroaching evil, no heroes have appeared, and the sacred relic known as the Yostwell's Light is nowhere to be found. So when a ragtag group of vaguely suspicious strangers show up at the Questport Temple one day, the village's leaders have no choice but to send them on a desperate quest...




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