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Characters / The Questport Chronicles

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     The Fellowship 


An amnesiac Winged Humanoid with magical powers, Mei came to Questport to search for information related to her Mysterious Past and strange dreams. Instead, she was caught up in the chaos of the Master of Darkness's reappearance and became part of the Fellowship.

Gawain of the Oaktree Clan

An elven ranger who was abandoned by his parents at a young age. He was raised by a human blacksmith; after a plague wiped out the village where he lived, he journeyed to Questport to become an adventurer.

Shadowa Moon

A vampire, and Dracula's niece. After the Master of Darkness destroyed her home, she fled to Questport and eventually became a member of the Fellowship.


An elven assassin who became a member of the Fellowship after being trapped in Questport during the Master of Darkness's attack. Known for smuggling knives into the Questport Temple and always wearing a mask.


A fairy who came to Questport to earn money for her family after a terrible storm destroyed their home. Instead, she found herself caught up in adventures as a member of the Fellowship.


Once a human entrepreneur, Scorpio was transformed into a dragon by an evil wizard. Even after obtaining the crystals that would allow him to change back, he chose to stay in his scaly form and became part of the Fellowship.


A demon transformer who was employed by the Lord of Angels and Demons but was banished from his homeland after showing mercy to a helpless Demon Bunny. Now a member of the Fellowship.


A pixie who came to Questport just for the fun of it. Despite her small size, she's as brave as any of the other heroes in the Fellowship.

     Recurring Characters 

The Lord of the Supreme Council (Sabriel DuLac)

Sabriel DuLac rules the village of Questport as the ruler of the Supreme Council. Under her rule, Questport is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, despite the rash of villains bent on taking over the world. Perhaps her most important decision as the Lord of the Supreme Council was to welcome the eight strangers who wandered into the Questport Temple one morning and suggest that they undertake a dangerous quest...

The Head Scholar

The youngest member of the Questport Supreme Council, charged with recording the exploits of the Fellowship in the Questport Chronicles.

The Lord of Angels and Demons

The sophisticated, manipulative, and annoying ruler of Hybris. The Lord of Angels and Demons is a frequent foe and sometimes ally of the Fellowship, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

  • Butt-Monkey: He seems to be becoming this as the quests continue.
  • The Casanova: Subverted. He seems to be genuinely in love with everyone that he falls for.
  • Psycho Ex-Boyfriend: Erases the Secret Keeper's memory after she dumps him.
  • Running Gag: Every time he escapes from prison, he's missing another article of clothing.
  • Serial Romeo: Falls head-over-heels in love with the Secret Keeper, the Sphinx, and the Queen of Rogues and Robbers.

The Queen of Rogues and Robbers (Lirael DuLac)

Introduced in the second year, the Queen of Rogues and Robbers has since become a recurring annoyance, along with her partner in crime, the Lord of Angels and Demons.

Jaheira and Acre

A pair of druids who first appear in Year Two. In addition to providing the Fellowship with plenty of Healing Potions, they also transform the Yostwell's Light into the Tree of Light.



The Master of Darkness

An evil sorcerer who conquered the world a thousand years ago. He was defeated by the original Fellowship and thought to be banished forever, but returned to menace the world yet again.

  • Dark World: Most of the world becomes this after he takes over.

The Prince of Shadows and Illusions

An ancient, evil being that was defeated by the Yostwell millennia ago and trapped in a mirror. After the Lord of Angels and Demons reversed the spell by mistake, it escaped and vowed revenge against the whole world.

  • Offstage Villainy: Similar to the Master of Darkness, he does not appear until the very end of the quest.

The Mage

A mysterious magician whom the Fellowship encounters on their third quest. Despite his unimposing appearance (at least compared to the previous two Big Bads), he is responsible for the single most heinous act in the entire saga: the destruction of Questport.

  • No Name Given: Neither the Fellowship nor the audience ever learns his real identity.

The Dark Swine (Rodrigo Noire)

A demon summoned from the netherworld by the Fellowship. Constrained within the body of one of the heroes (Ato), it is forced to lead them into the netherworld to recover the soul of the Lost Lady.

Dwayne of the Oaktree Clan

An elf with daddy issues, who becomes the Master of Darkness's top lieutenant in an Alternate Universe where the Fellowship was never formed.


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