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Lame Pun Reactions in western animation TV.

  • Adventure Time:
    • At the end of the episode "Loyalty to the King", Finn describes exposing the Nice King as just the Ice King with his beard cut off as "a close shave", which earns a groan, a chuckle, and a Face Palm from Jake.
    • In "Beautopia", Finn asks Jake to make some hazelnut coffee, then randomly wonders what would happen if Jake changed his name to "Zulnut".
      Finn: And then I would be like, "Hey, Zulnut!"
      Jake: That's terrible.
      Finn: Hey, Zulnut!
      Jake: (playfully tackles Finn) Nooo! Stop!
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  • In the Bond-parody episode of American Dad!, "Tearjerker", Stan's boss Avery Bullock meets him in a Japanese restaurant, with both dressed as geishas.
    Bullock: I thought we could be secret Asians.
    Stan: A sixteen-hour flight for a bad pun? [smiles] ...yes. Yes.
  • Animaniacs:
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  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force doesn't always acknowledge bad puns, but the few times they do are memorable...and pointed out by Meatwad.
    Meatwad: I get it. It ain't making me laugh, but I get it.
  • Arthur:
  • In the preview for The Beatles episode "Do You Want To Know A Secret?":
    George: I don't think I'll ever get that gold the leprechaun promised us. No matter how much I wish and I wish and I wish.
    Paul: Well, that's the luck if the "I wish." (groans)
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  • In the Bump in the Night episode "Loss of Face", the bugs that found Squishington's lost face start referring to Squishington as "the foretold one" once he regains his face. Mr. Bumpy, who was being tortured by the bugs for trespassing, overhears this and asks the bugs if they didn't mean "the four-toed one" while pointing out that he himself has four toes. The bugs' leader promptly gestures his men to continue torturing Bumpy.
  • The Butt-Ugly Martians episode "That's No Puddle, That's Angela" has Do-Wah Diddy joke about how being turned into a puddle has wet his appetite. His pun causes the other characters to groan.
  • At least half of the things Numbuh Two says in Codename: Kids Next Door. It really bothered Numbuh Five. (When the kids go to a Negative World, Negative Numbah 2 makes everyone laugh their asses off.)
  • Danger Mouse:
    • In "All Fall Down", this takes place as he and Penfold search for the villainous serpent Mac The Fork:
      DM: (to Colonel K) Don't worry, sir, we'll soon weed out that snake in the grass.
      Penfold: Yes, then he'll be all for-lawn. Hee hee!
      Colonel K: Wha? What's that, Penfold?
      DM: Forget it, sir. he's just having one of his turns. Over and out.
    • This from "Mechanised Mayhem" where Penfold is about to be sucked into one of two sentient vacuum cleaners:
      Vacuum: Ha! This one's in the bag!
      D.M. Don't get taken in, Penfold!
      Penfold: Any more jokes like that and it'll be almost be worth it!
    • Even later in the episode after DM captures the sentient telephone leading a mechanical revolution:
      Penfold: He must be the ringleader.
      DM: (stifling a laugh) "Ringleader!" You complain about the jokes!?
    • In series 10, a bad pun would result in no laughter from either DM or Penfold or a comment of "You don't laugh at mine...I don't laugh at yours."
    • "It's All White, White Wonder" had DM and Penfold tracking down what's been bleaching everything which leads them to an underground path which has been bleached as well:
    DM: Like the bleached vault of a cathedral.
    Penfold: aisle of white! note 
    DM: An aisle of...(long-suffering) Not now, Penfold!!
  • Danny Phantom:
    • In "Shades of Gray", the ghost dog burst into the school and Danny responds with "Who let the dogs in?". Right afterwards, Danny had to explain the joke and decided to save some face to get the dog out. Sam responds with, "Bring better jokes!"
    • When Spectra turns into a snot monster (It Makes Sense in Context):
      Danny: There's a "you blew it" pun here somewhere, but... I'd rather not.
      Spectra: Let's boogie!
      Danny: Ya' see, that was the kind of pun I was trying to avoid with the whole "you blew it" comment.
  • In the Darkwing Duck episode "Tiff of the Titans", Fenton comes in after Darkwing has used his chair secret passage that connects his secret hideout to his house. Fenton asks where Drake has gone.
    Launchpad: Oh. Uh... He went out for a spin. note 
    [Gosalyn and Honker glare at him in disgust]
  • DCAU:
    • The Riddler's hints in Batman: The Animated Series episode "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" are a good example.
      (Batman and Robin come across a sign that says "Loser's Ahead")
      Robin: "Loser's Ahead?" DUCK!!!
      (the duo turns a corner, two giant shurikens come out of nowhere, and the duo ducks just before the blades lob their heads off)
      Batman: Loses a head. I don't know what's worse: the traps or the puns.
      • Similarly, another episode had the Riddler delivering this clue as to his whereabouts: "If the planet were equitable, I'd still have my old job." Batman deduces he's at the World's Fair Exposition.
        Robin: (long-suffering) "If the World's fair, I'd still have my ex-position." Oh, give me a break...
    • In Batman Beyond "Dead Man's Hand," Bruce explains to Terry how the Royal Flush Gang are old-school gimmick villains, only committing robberies for items related to playing card suits (such as diamonds). Why their heist on a yacht for miscellaneous non-diamond jewelry, then? "It was in a yacht club." They're both disgusted by the pun.
    • Justice League:
      • In "Secret Society", Killer Frost freezes J'onn solid. Flash breaks him free and makes a quip about antifreeze. Annoyed, J'onn says, "Please, no jokes. Just get her!"
      • In "Wild Cards", the Flash ties up King at super speed and quips "That about wraps you up." King grumbles at him through his gag, and Flash admits it was the best he could do on short notice.
      • Green Lantern makes a similar joke in "Kid Stuff", to Clark and Diana's surprise. He apologizes and blames it on hanging out with Flash.
  • Drawn Together:
    • During the episode "The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist, Part II", Xandir tells Strawberry Sweetcake (an obvious parody of Strawberry Shortcake) "You're gonna be spending a CHOCO-LOTTA time locked up behind CANDY bars!". There is a long silence after which Princess Clara whispers to Xandir "God dammit, I hate you!".
    • Also when Xandir makes a Title Drop pun on how they are all "Drawn together". In the film the killer robots all aimed their laser sights at his head when he said that.
  • Duckman: In "Ebony, Baby" (a full-on Blaxploitation mock), we have this exchange:
    Tawnze: Enough shop talk. What do you need?
    Ebony: Information. One of my clients was murdered; Victor Demann.
    Tawnze: ...I shoulda known you was workin' for Demann.
  • In the DuckTales (1987) episode "A DuckTales Valentine", Huey, Dewey and Louie find a chest in a sunken Greek temple. When they wonder what the inscription on the lid is supposed to mean, Launchpad quips "It's Greek to me!" There's an awkward pause, after which Launchpad says defensively "Well, somebody had to say it."
  • The Fairly OddParents movie "Abra-Catastrophe" had a monkey gain access to Timmy's wishing power, and turns everything in the world to monkey versions - including the town name, which goes from "Dimmsdale" to "Chimpsdale". When Timmy notices this he mutters, "When this is all over, I'm wishing for a world without puns..." Later in the episode, during a history lesson, mention is made of the "Declar-ape-tion of Independence". AJ comments along the lines of "If that wasn't historically accurate, I would say it was the most horrific pun ever."
  • Family Guy:
    • Stewie tries to make a few in the episode "The Thin White Line". After Brian has an emotional breakdown because of his drug habit, Stewie makes an attempt at humor, calling Brian first a "melan-collie" and then a "chi-wah wah!". He is infuriated to find that nobody else finds this funny.
    Stewie: I don't have to [bleep]ing impress you.
    • In "Amish Guy":
      Lois: I can't believe we're stuck in Amish country!
      Stewie: I thought something was Amish [pronounced 'uh-mish' (amiss)]. (gets smacked by Brian)
    • In "Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure", Brian comments on Stewie and Chris making up after going back in time to the sinking of the Titanic.
      Brian: Well, looks like one ship was saved today — a relation-ship.
      [everyone in the lifeboat jumps into the sea]
  • From The Fantastic Four (1967), after Reed outsmarts Doctor Doom:
    Thing: I'll bet you we won't see him again until Doomsday! Get it? Doctor Doom! Doomsday!
    Johnny: Yeah, Ben. We get it. Oh, brother!
    [no-one other than Thing laughs]
  • The pilot of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends features Mac yelling "Let's Bloo this!" confidently before taking on Duchess and his brother Terrence. The scene is temporarily halted when Bloo and his new friends chide him for the lame pun. Shortly afterward Mac starts to talk and everyone begs "Please don't!" Mac sighs and says "Let's do this."
  • In one episode of Garfield and Friends, Binky the Clown is arrested and brought to trial, for crimes that were actually committed by an Evil Twin named Stinky. Garfield steps in to prove Binky's innocence. He lures Stinky into the courtroom and then, as confusion mounts over which Binky is the real one, Garfield hands the judge a script of the show.
    Judge: (reading script) "Order in the court."
    Binky: I'll have a ham on rye! Hold the mayo! (cackles)
    Garfield: (pointing to the Binky who just spoke) There's the real Binky.
    Judge: Arrest that phony!
    Stinky: (dragged away) Hey! You can't do this to me! I'll get you for this, cat!
    Garfield: (looks at the camera) The real Binky could never resist a very old joke.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • Done by Billy after he splits his nose in half to share with a nasal-mancer, or nose wizard, who was using an enchanted scent to lure all the noses of the city to the shopping mall he inhabited to find a replacement nose after he lost his, which was later found by Mandy but blown up during a inflated nose-balloon chase (It Makes Sense in Context).
      Billy: Snot a problem!
      [Billy's half of his nose comes alive and smacks him with a steak in annoyance]
    • The steak hitting his face was actually a running gag in the episode as he made two bad jokes earlier:
      Mandy: Let's try a stakeout.
      Billy: [moving a steak away from his face] I tried that but it didn't work. [tosses it aside, only for it to fly back and smack his face]
      Billy: Why do I have to sleep?
      Mandy: Because, out of the three of us, you have the nose.
      Billy: Oh. I nose that. [steak flies by and hits him again]
  • Harley Quinn: After Condiment King (whom Kiteman calls his nemesis) gets the last available date at the wedding venue that Kiteman wanted for his and Poison Ivy's wedding, Condiment King calls Kiteman and makes a bunch of bad condiment related puns. Ivy says that she's decided that he's her nemesis too.
  • In an episode of House of Mouse, Mickey protests that since Scrooge McDuck bought the club, it's been turning into the "House of Baby Chicks", which Horace doesn't get.
    Mickey: You know, cheap-cheap.
    Horace: Even the writing's gotten cheap-cheap.
  • There was a literal Card-Carrying Villain on Jackie Chan Adventures, complete with puns like, "We have the upper hand." He keeps it up after even his boss tells him to "quit with the card puns".
  • In Jimmy Two-Shoes, while playing a carnival game that involves rabbits, Jimmy remarks "Well then, I'll hop right to it", eliciting a groan from the booth attendant.
  • Jonny Quest TOS episode "Monster in the Monastery".
    Hadji: Yeti...are invisible.
    Jonny: Well, if they're invisible, how can anybody see a yeti?
    Hadji: No one has...yeti.
    Jonny: Oh, come on!
  • Kaeloo:
    • In most cases where a character makes a pun, everyone else pulls an annoyed expression and walks away from the person who made the pun.
    • In one of the season 3 episodes, Mr. Cat and Kaeloo are walking down the street and Mr. Cat drops a Hurricane of Puns, to which Kaeloo flatly tells him "I hate your guts."
  • Kim Possible:
    • When she fought the Mathter, a Riddler expy who specialized in math-themed crimes, he used appropriate math-themed puns, like "Time to subtract you from the equation!", or "Let me throw some numbers at you,"(as he tossed digit-shaped grenades), or "I've left your boyfriend with a new problem to solve." Finally, an irate Kim shouted, "Okay, one more lame-o math reference, and I am going to LOSE IT!"
    • As Kim and Ron raided the headquarters of international thief Falsetto Jones, she noticed a huge pool on the villain's property:
      Kim: Let me guess, Wade. Crocs? Sharks?
      Wade: No, electric eels.
      Kim: And the villain puns just write themselves. "Shocking, isn't it?"
    • This one is thought of as god-awful in universe, spotting Duff's hideout Ron comments...
      "There it is. Killigan's island."
    • Another villain by the name of Gemini, who had numerous weapons built into his robotic hand, delivers a quip before attacking:
      Gemini: Here, let me give you a hand.
      Kim: How many times have you used that line?
      Gemini: And yet, it never gets old!
  • The Loud House has all the Loud siblings doing a Collective Groan every time Luan makes a pun. In one episode, Luan annoys a maintenance man working on an elevator with all the elevator puns she can think of, to which he eventually replies with a deadpan "Please leave."
  • The Magic School Bus:
  • Many MGM cartoons, especially those directed by Tex Avery, live on this in a Hurricane of Puns; however, in "Car of Tomorrow" a pun involving "Seal beam headlights" was so bad even the narrator groaned and "X"ed it out.
    • The 1944 short Batty Baseball has a pun that involves the baseball stadium being named W.C. Field. A message then pops up reading "The guy who thought of this corny gag isn't with us any more."
  • The general reaction whenever Cat Noir puns in Miraculous Ladybug — to the point that one villain literally blew him across Paris just because she couldn't stand it.
  • Nina Needs to Go! had this dialogue in the episode "Wedding":
    Nana: We are gathered here today, to celebrate the union of Gladys and Walker. note 
    [Nina gasps]''
    Nana: If there's any reason these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace. note 
    Nina: I can't! I need to go!
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • In the episode "Meet the Beat-Alls", Mojo justifies stealing eggs and other white items because "it's all right as they're all white!" The terrible pun prompts Princess to drop the eggs and groan in disgust.
    • In "I See A Funny Cartoon In Your Future", Blossom finds a tarot card as a clue to a string of thefts, to which she announces that it's the work of a "tarot-ist". Bubbles feels our pain.
  • Robot Chicken: Kim Jong Un has Kim Possible hanging over a pit with alligators. The two proceed to make puns involving their names, while the alligators watch unamused.
    Gator 1: Man, these two should just bang and get it over with.
    Gator 2: Yeah. He should Kimpregnate her.
    Gator 1: You're dead to me, David.
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle:
    • Mr. Peabody would end every segment of his show with a pun pertaining to the era they had visited, to the chagrin of Sherman. In one episode, Sherman pays Mr. Peabody back.
    • In another episode, Bullwinkle discovers a toy boat covered in rubies, with the name "Omar Kayam" inscribed on the side. When Rocky asks, "Do you know what this is?" Bullwinkle waits a beat before answering, "If you're hesitating for me to provide the answer, you're in for a long wait!" (The jeweler they were talking to replies "And I haven't got the guts to say it!") Rocky shrugs and gamely announces (much to Bullwinkle's chagrin) that they now have the Ruby Yacht of Omar Kayam.
    • They even did that in The Movie. For example, when Rocky and Bullwinkle are Squashed Flat by a car.
      Bullwinkle: Looks like this movie's getting...
      Rocky: Don't say it.
      Bullwinkle: Two-dimensional.
  • In the Samurai Jack episode "Jack is Naked", after his clothes get stolen Jack ends up "borrowing" an outfit from a Blatant Burglar who turns out to have stolen a sack of cats. An angry mob of cat owners ends up chasing Jack, with one of their number calling him out, with great reluctance ("Go on, say it!"), as a cat burglar.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In the episode "Pokey Mom" involving Homer, a prison warden, and a painting of a unicorn in outer space, there's this exchange:
      Warden: I mean, look at this! It's a unicorn in outer space! I mean, what's it breathin'?
      Homer: Air?
      Warden: Ain't no air 'n space!
      Homer: There's an Air 'n' Space Museum. (grins like an idiot, and then is thrown out of the prison)
    • There was one emitted by Homer when commencing a roast against Mr. Burns for his birthday (and in case you're wondering why it fits, its because shortly afterwards, he drops his pants and proceeds to moon Mr. Burns and the audience, a caricature of Burns' face is on his butt, and he tries to quote Mr. Burns).
      Homer: Now here's an impression of Mr. Burns that is incredibly... cheeky.
    • There was the one where the Mayor Quimby's nephew gets put on trial for beating the living daylights out of a waiter. Intrepid Reporter Kent Brockman wanted to call the incident "Waitergate", but was shouted down at the Press Club.
    • A Holloween episode had a wall that housed the moaning souls of Lord Montymort's (Mr. Burns) victims, among them the infamously unfunny Krusty the Klown.
      Krusty: I've heard of a wailing wall, but this is ridiculous!
      The souls wail louder.
      Comic Book Guy: I'm so sick of that joke!
  • In "Osama Bin Laden has Farty Pants", the first episode of South Park to air after September 11th, Towelie makes a cameo appearance. Discovering the kids don't want him around, he asks, "Am I to understand there's been a... Towelie ban?" Everyone else groans, once they figure it out.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Wet Painters", SpongeBob and Patrick have to disguise the fact that they got a spot on Mr. Krabs' first dollar. They hang several paintings in front of it, which Mr. Krabs take off one-by-one. Eventually, Spongebob himself is hanging on the wall.
      Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, what are you doing?
      Spongebob: Oh, you know ... just hanging around!
      Patrick: Boooooo!
    • In "Rock-A-Bye-Bivalve", SpongeBob gives his pants to the scallop for a place to sleep, and he finds the time to crack a joke.
      SpongeBob: There you go. (points to his backside) It's the best seat in the house.
      (cut to Gary doing a rimshot)
    • At the end of "Shell Shocked":
      SpongeBob: I guess all's shell that ends shell!
      Gary: (locks SpongeBob out of the house)
    • In "Pre-Hibernation Week":
      Sandy: (Tosses a fishing pole to SpongeBob, who has melted into a puddle) Wake up, slowpoke. (pan to a plane) We're going fly-fishing!
      (cue cut to a live-action guy doing a rimshot)
    • In "Pranks a Lot", a barrage of them between SpongeBob and Patrick eventually ended with the narrator saying "Several bad puns later."
    • In "Fear of a Krabby Patty", Spongebob goes to see psychotherapist Peter Lankton about his fear of Krabby Patties.
      SpongeBob: You're a bit smaller than I imagined, doctor. I guess that's why they call you "shrink"! (cue awkward silence as Plankton gives an Aside Glance)
    • In "Giant Squidward" SpongeBob sprays a penny Mr. Krabs is tossing in the air and catching repeatedly with Squidward's Kelp Grow Juice and the giant penny comes back down to crush Mr. Krabs and also surprise him.
      SpongeBob: You always said you wanted to make big money! (cut to old looking live action footage of an audience booing)
  • Steven Universe:
    • In "Together Breakfast", Steven cracks a joke about his stack of waffles being a balanced breakfast to Garnet. Cue an awkward pause that lasts long enough for Steven's cheesy smile to slip.
    • At the end of "Cat Fingers", Steven returns to normal from becoming a conglomeration of cats that have formed all over his body. Upon being asked by the Crystal Gems how he was able to find a cure all by himself, he responds by going off on a long list of cat puns that even Garnet couldn't stand to hear.
      Steven: That would have been a total cat-tastrophe!
      [cue awkward laughter from Amethyst and Pearl]
      Steven: But I'm feeling much better meow!
      [cue groans]
      Steven: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
      Garnet: Okay, that's enough. [she and the other Gems walk away]
      Steven: Wait, I've been coming up with cat jokes all morning! You guys, I'm feline fine! Everything's purr-fect! Aw, c'mon, I'm just kitten around...
  • Beast Boy from Teen Titans frequently makes jokes which his teammates hate. There are too many to list here, but here are a few:
    • He throws the Brain into a freezing machine saying something like "Dudes check it out! BRAIN FREEZE". The entire hero cast (plus some extras) groans in dismay.
    • Or:
      Blackfire: Hey, Beast Boy, what's up?
      Beast Boy: Nothing but the ceiling! (Blackfire laughs) See, Raven, she thinks I'm funny.
      Raven: Statistically, I suppose somebody has to.
  • Occasionally used in The Tick. One of the more painful ones is:
    El Seed: Soldiers of corn! Lend me your ears!
    Tick: Ooh, that's bad.
  • Transformers: In the third season premiere of Beast Wars, the Maximals arrive in the Ark to discover Silverbolt and Blackarachnia with the nearly-dead body of Optimus Prime:
    Optimus Primal: [gasps, then dejectedly] Well, that's just Prime.
    Rattrap: Ohh, what's left of him, anyway. [Rhinox delivers a Dope Slap] D'oh!
  • The narrator on Wacky Races does this when Rufus Ruffcut uses his buzzsaw wheels to burrow through a mountain:
    Narrator: Gosh...can anything stop you, Rufus?
    Rufus: Just my brakes! Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!
    Narrator: Well...yuck anyway.
  • World of Quest is full of these with too many to list. Worth mentioning is the time the titular character attempts this. After throwing away a couple of rocks the group had been carrying around the entire episode, he comments "let's rock and roll", cue rimshot. After being told he should just leave the puns to everyone else he delivers "and we shall leave no stone unturned"(groan).


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