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This is a character page for Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it. Tropes relating to specific characters should go below.

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    Shinya Yukimura 
Voiced by: Yūma Uchida (Japanese), Billy Kametz (English)

Height: 177 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Research, writing academic texts
Favourite foods: Foods which allow efficient intake of balanced nutrition
Favourite phrase: "Decisive and resolute"
Idol: John von Neumann
Future goals: Nobel Prize
Research area: Polynomial-time reduction

The male main character, who is a researcher trying to figure out whether he is in love with Himuro.

  • Beauty Equals Goodness: He explained this trope to Himuro when they were children via the Halo Effect. A gloomy and unkempt person studying bugs is considered creepy but a bright and groomed person studying bugs is considered intelligent. Thus, he is a sharply dressed individual.
  • Celibate Hero: He thinks sexual desire isn't rational/clouds the mind/etc. so he tries to suppress his attraction to Himuro as much as possible. This becomes increasingly untenable.
  • The Charmer: He's quite the handsome guy himself and, despite his general emotionless demeanor, he is able to easily charm a random girl that bumped into him.
  • Cruel to Be Kind: Downplayed but he's noticeably much more spartan with Kanade than Himuro is, such as in episode 10 when he was strict with her presentation practice. Kanade's presentation went well because of how prepared she was due to Yukimura's various criticisms.
  • Defrosting Ice King: He cares, it's just that often he expresses that caring by being intimidating. He gets intense when emotional. Naturally, his colour motifs are grey and blue.
  • Insecure Love Interest: His general confidence and stoicism falter when it comes to his love for Himuro. He can't even bring himself to hold her hand when it is part of an experiment.
  • Irony: He insulted himself without even knowing it when Ayame talked about her childhood.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Yukimura can be cold and insensitive but he's never intentionally rude. And even at his worst, he only asks Kanade for embarrassing information. He does care for the people around him such as reassuring Kosuke that there is nothing wrong with his hobbies and attempting to calm down a random high school girl he bumped into.
  • Kuudere: He is invoked type I as he explains to Himuro when they are children. One should approach all things in a dispassionate and intellectual manner. Only his latent love for Himuro can get emotional reactions out of him.
  • No Social Skills: Yukimura has no sense of tact and will unknowingly embarrass others when trying to further his research.
  • Proud to Be a Geek: He experienced the very same bullying as a kid that Himuro did but it was water off a duck's back to him because he was so secure in his interests. In his own words, it's not the pillbugs' fault that his classmates are immature, and the future of a scientist is bright.
  • Silly Rabbit, Romance Is for Kids!: Yukimura admitted in the first chapter/episode that he thought love was only for "idiots who act on impulses and mindless urges" till he realized how love was actually an interesting research topic.
  • The Spock: He speaks with an even tone consistently, only listens to others if they have authorized sources and doesn't care for social norms.
  • The Teetotaler: Yukimura has no interest in drinking, stating that alcohol lowers brain function.
  • Unstoppable Rage: When he saw Himuro being hounded by a pick-up artist, Yukimura was furious. But he truly exploded when the pick-up artist attempted to claim he fell in love with Himuro.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Yukimura admits he's lived most of his life without girls and thus has never fallen in love. This added with his refusal to accept concepts if there isn't creditable proof is the cause for Yukimura and Himuro's research.

    Ayame Himuro 
Voiced by: Sora Amamiya (Japanese), Avrielle Corti (English)

Height: 170 cm
Weight: ?
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Research, reading academic texts, aromatherapy
Favourite foods: Strawberries, sweet foods in general
Favourite phrase: "Two become as one"
Idol: Émilie du Châtelet
Future goals: Fields Medal
Research area: Polynomial-time reduction

The female main character, who is a researcher trying to figure out whether she is in love with Yukimura.

  • Armor-Piercing Slap: To Yukimura. When he chews Himuro for feeling jealous about his hug with Kanade, she snaps and slaps him. Contrarily to the Dope Slaps shown earlier in the show, which is never shown on screen and always for comedy, this time Himuro did it for a serious cause.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: As a child, she was gloomy and had messy hair which leads to other kids mocking her as "bug girl" because they often saw her staring at pillbugs. She tells Kanade that she started looking after her appearance after a proud geek boy explained this to her.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: An amazing aversion with Himuro confessing to Yukimura at the start of the series.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Himuro never likes the idea of Yukimura being close to other women. She reaches a breaking point in episode 11 when she sees Yukimura hugging Kanade to calm Kanade down. To her credit, she never blames or acts mean to Kanade at all.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Kanade. She has noticeably kinder interactions with Kanade compared to Yukimura's stricter approach. She even admits she sees Kanade as a little sister, who sees her as precisely this trope - an elegant and intelligent older girl role model.
  • Crazy-Prepared: In the possibility she's approached by a pick-up artist, Himuro has prepared a presentation of why she refuses to listen to him.
  • Cuddle Bug: When drunk, Himuro is very touchy-feely with the people she loves. As her love deepens, she experiences more frequent urges to cuddle even while sober.
  • Dope Slap: She will hit Yukimura on the back of his head if he ignores too many social norms. This is always played for comedy with an "Impact = x" screen cutaway.
  • Expressive Hair: Himuro's ponytail tends to twitch and wiggle when she's consumed with thoughts of Yukimura, sometimes wagging like a dog's tail. Unlike most examples where it is merely an anime gag, Yukimura actually acknowledges that her hair is moving and questions how it does that.
  • Friendless Background: She was heavily bullied as a child and she admits she never had any female friends growing up, with Kanade being her first.
  • Geeky Turn-On: Part of her initial evidence for why she is love with Yukimura is being "captivated by the sight of him thinking".
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Himuro is actually very insecure about her relationship with Yukimura at times even wondering if she's destined to be alone after spending most of life as such.
  • Hot Scientist: Yukimura admits that she is "2.5 to 3 times hotter than normal" when he saw her in a swimsuit during the Beach Episode.
  • Insecure Love Interest: Due to her inexperience with romance, it's very easy to make Himuro second guess her feelings for Yukimura or her looks.
  • Kuudere: She's an invoked Type 1 example after meeting Yukimura in their childhood, trying to always be calm, beautiful and proud. But despite her best efforts some of her emotions will spill out.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: When she shows up in actual date clothes instead of a lab coat for the dating experiment, Yukimura becomes flustered and unable to speak dispassionately as usual. He enters several tabulations for "times feeling captivated".
  • She's Got Legs: Her long legs are accentuated by her pantyhose and high heels.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Downplayed compared to Yukimura. Himuro can at least guess her feelings for Yukimura are love but she's not completely sure thus her desire to prove that she's in love.

    Kotonoha Kanade 
Voiced by: Natsuko Hara (Japanese), Renee Dorian (English)

Height: 162 cm
Weight: ?
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Making sweets, Shōjo manga
Favourite foods: Snacks, sweets
Favourite phrase: "Halcyon days"
Idol: Mr. Sayama, her middle school homeroom teacher
Future goals: Still thinking about it
Research area: Travelling salesman problem

A researcher girl who acts as the voice of reason for the cast.

  • Badass Bookworm: Her career path is science but she has skill in physical combat as well. When Himuro yells for her to stop Yukimura from running away, Kanade reflexively performs a martial arts takedown on him, apologizing right afterwards when she realizes she just slammed him into the floor and causing Himuro to wonder if Kanade practices martial arts. She later flips Yukimura again while drunk, and reveals she reflexively does it to people who stand behind her, and is apparently quite sensitive about it, as she just wants to be normal, and she doesn't view it as normal. It's also all but stated that it caused her to do something in high school that haunts her to this day. She puts him in a wristlock at one point, which causes him to comment that she is really strong. Her reaction to remembering an extremely embarrassing memory (where she viewed a club trip with her mathematics professor as a date and started waxing poetic about her love for him) is to start throwing punches.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Kanade hides it but she is jealous that Yukimura and Himuro have each other while she doesn't have a boyfriend.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Kanade desires to be normal and blend in as shown by her drunken rant in episode 7. Episode 10 hints that something happened that lead to her being bullied thus her obsession with being normal.
  • Older Than They Look: Not to the same extent as Ibarada, but Kanade is 21 yet looks like she's in her mid-teens.
  • Only Sane Man: Kanade serves this role in the cast, with her Establishing Character Moment being dumbfounded by Himuro and Yukimura's initial attempts to define "love" through equations. She tries to explain that love is not something easily proven with numbers and facts, but her attempt only prompts Yukimura to try looking for commonalities between her experiences and Himuro's. Kosuke and Ibarada would be this if he wasn't such a huge otaku and she wasn't The Gadfly.
  • Not So Above It All: Her past crush on her teacher can make her come off as odd as the rest of the cast.
  • Platonic Declaration of Love: The experiments into romantic love lead to her admitting to feeling sisterly love for Himuro, and admiring her as such.
  • Precocious Crush: Kanade had one on her math teacher, Takahashi, when she was younger. He'd often put mathematical puzzles up on the board for his students to do for fun, which she liked to do, and she found the way he'd lose himself talking about math to be dreamy, so she ended up working extremely hard in math and even ended up taking Science as her major because she wanted him to notice her. She also considers a club trip she took with him to a science and math fair to be the closest thing she's had to date, as the only other member couldn't make it.
  • Sempai/Kohai: Himuro and Yukimura mentor Kanade through university life and keep her fed.
  • Straight Man: It is her job to react dryly or exasperated whenever Himuro and Yukimura approach love with statistics.

    Ena Ibarada 
Voiced by: Nichika Omori (Japanese), Erika Harlacher (English)

Height: 142 cm
Weight: ?
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: Gaming, manga, novels, subcultures in general
Favourite foods: Japanese sweets
Favourite phrase: "Wearing black showcases a woman's beauty"
Idol: Daigo Umehara
Future goals: To live on an annuity
Research area: Chaos theory

A game-loving researcher girl who loves messing around with the rest of the cast.

  • Ambiguously Lesbian: There's no confirmation either way, but there are a few hints that Ibarada prefers women.
    • There's a shot of her hugging Himuro in the opening.
    • In Episode 5, Yukimura is proposing a controlled experiment where people's reactions to Sweetheart Sipping are tested via all 15 possible combinations of the 6 people in the room. Now, pay close attention to the combos featuring Ibarada, her expression is normal when paired with the boys, but when paired with the girls, she's lightly blushing.
    • She finds kissing to not be a big deal, and proves as much by kissing Himuro. While everyone else is shocked, she's completely nonchalant about it.
    • She was the one to introduce Kosuke to dating sims in the first place. The dating sims that predominantly feature women. Hmm...
    • When a pick-up artist and his friends approached her in an attempt to score, it somehow turned into them playing Pakemon Do, with everyone present denying any ulterior motives when Kosuke gets the wrong idea.
    • Most of her ship-tease moments with Kosuke only seem romantic on his side, with her finding his actions humorous, ridiculous, or sometimes kind-hearted.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Ibarada is the smartest student in the lab but spends more of her time sleeping and playing video games rather than researching. Her goal in life is to live off of annuity compared to Yukimura and Himuro's goals of winning prizes. This and being a gadfly annoy Yukimura immensely.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Whenever they appear, they're often an indicator of her mischievous streak.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Ibarada usually wears frilly dresses and lacy collars in shades of purple. A flashback to her and Kosuke as kids shows she started to dress this way in middle school.
  • The Gadfly: She likes messing with her lab fellows. Her response to the head petting experiment is to grab Yukimura's hand and nuzzle it while going "nyaa~" just to mess with him, her response to finding out his heart rate was about the same for all three girls is to start laughing, her definition of a date is simply an excuse to go into a long, overly thought-out story about the love between Yukimaru and a male version of Himuro, and she demands Yukimura and Kosuke do the Wall Pin of Love experiment together, simply because she finds their discomfort hilarious.
  • Gamer Chick: Ibarada's first scene in episode 2 features Kanade walking into the lab and seeing her playing with a handheld game, a game console, and a smartphone game all at once, and she's been doing so since waking up the previous night, which was the final scene of episode 1. She continues to play the handheld while explaining to Himuro and Yukimura the need for control in their experiments.
  • Hot Scientist: She's more cute than sexy, but Ibarada isn't without admirers either. She runs into the same pick-up artist Himuro previously encountered, who tries to hit on her as well.
  • Male Gaze: Episode 2 features a fairly gratuitous close-up of her thighs.
  • Not a Morning Person: A self-admitted case, as she frequently dozes off in the morning due to spending entire nights gaming.
  • Older Than They Look: Ibarada is nearly a head shorter than Kanade even while wearing heels and is rather small in other areas, but is actually Himuro and Yukimura's senpai, being 24. Interestingly, she was actually taller than Kosuke, the tallest of the students, when they were kids.
  • Ship Tease: Her relationship with Kosuke gets secondary focus after the leads. Given her teasing nature, it can be tricky to distinguish when she's being sincere.
    • Kosuke bridal carries her in both the opening and ending themes.
    • She is the one who brings up his Childhood Marriage Promise and other events from their childhood and, in her own words, she can't forget them because she has so much emotion invested in them.
    • She memorized the lines where Kosuke's dating sim "girlfriend" confesses her love to the player (i.e. him), and there is no indication that she memorized other scenes or the whole game.
    • Her normal stoicism temporarily vanished when Kosuke came to her (unnecessary) rescue on the beach. While laughing about it later, she says that she will never forget what he did for her (he thinks this a "Never Live It Down" sort of thing).
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: She's one for Yukimura due to her laziness and trolly nature.
  • The Stoic: Unless she's being The Gadfly, her default expression and tone of voice is that of monotone disinterest.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: When she, Kanade, and Kosuke are explaining what they view a date to be, hers starts out the same way Kosuke's ends, just with Kosuke and Aika replaced with Yukimura... and a male version of Himuro. When Kosuke and Yukimura call her out on this and ask who the guy is supposed to be, she launches into a massive backstory for "Himuro-kun" and his love for Yukimura. Downplayed in that part of why she came up with it was to mess with people.

    Kosuke Inukai 
Voiced by: Jun Fukushima (Japanese), Jeff Schine (English)

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Dating sims, football
Favourite foods: Ramen, hamburg steak, curry
Favourite phrase: "Event horizon"
Idol: Shinya Yukimura, Cristian Ronaldo
Future goals: Game developer, erect a bronze statue of Aika
Research area: Undecided; eventually chooses longest path problem

A game-loving researcher boy who often acts as the Audience Surrogate for showing how science works.

  • Audience Surrogate: Even more than Kanade, he compares to the audience because he has Otaku interests and, despite being in a science-focused college, he asks even more basic science questions than Kanade. Proof 18 and the respective episode 8 has him outright annoyed by all the scientific terminology.
  • Butt-Monkey: He is the one most likely to suffer comedic misfortune, such as being photographed kissing Ibarada's foot for losing a bet.
  • Catchphrase: Kosuke tends to repeat the phrase, "I'm a man that lives for love", episode 9 reveals he even used the phrase even before he got into dating sims.
  • Cute Little Fangs: He's sometimes shown with one, which may be a reference to the "Inu"note  part of his name and his playful personality.
  • Closet Geek: Kosuke attempts to hide his otaku interests but is incredibly bad at it. Admittedly he doesn't look like a stereotypical nerd and instead dresses and talks like a jock, he just never notices the people around him thus leading to him nerding out in front of others.
  • Declaration of Protection: He promised to protect Ibarada when they were children and he saw her wearing numerous band-aids. He still takes that promise seriously in the present, as the pick-up artist found out the hard way.
  • I Know Mortal Kombat: All of his dating experience comes from dating sims, but it still makes him a useful frame of reference for the love experiments, and it is the closest anyone else has to date experience.
  • Kiss Me, I'm Virtual: It is pointed out that his dating sim "girlfriend", Aika, is basically a digital version of Ibarada. She does not miss an opportunity to exploit this for teasing or trolling him.
  • Lovable Jock: Kosuke used to be on the soccer team but is kind and respectful to others around him except Ibarada, who gets a Declaration of Protection instead.
  • Otaku: Kosuke is a huge dating sim fan, admitting that he spent plenty of money on character goods. His research topic is even based on dating sims.
  • Ship Tease: The romance teasing he gets with Ibarada is heaviest on his side, from Childhood Marriage Promise to Declaration of Protection, to his vital signs sparking more when she was reminiscing about their childhood together than when she was pretending to be Aika, who happens to be a digital duplicate of her.
  • Wardrobe Flaw of Characterization: Kosuke wears a Labcoat of Science and Medicine like the other characters but also wears a sports jersey and shorts. This is meant to show his lack of interest in science compared to the other characters.

    Professor Ikeda 
Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese), Aaron LaPlante (English)

Height: 185 cm
Weight: 102 kg
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Triathlons, free climbing
Favourite foods: Protein, alcohol
Favourite phrase: "Accomplished in study and athletics"
Looks up to: Michiya Taniyama, Takaomi Kuze
Future goals: Own and operate a café

The incredibly buff professor of the group, who can often be found sleeping.

  • Genius Bruiser: Professor Ikeda is a man of science and the leader of the Ikeda labs. He is also extremely fit, able to crush a pen with one hand and lift a whiteboard taller than an adult above his head with one hand and grip it hard enough to crack it.
  • Hulking Out: When angered, Professor Ikeda goes from an average looking man of average height to an extremely muscular giant with fists the size of a human head, towering over a standing Kosuke (the tallest of the students) while sitting down.
  • The Mentor: It is his task to lead the students of his lab in their development as scientists. This most prominently takes the form of helping Kanade and Kosuke to choose subjects for their summer presentations.
  • Sleepyhead: Professor Ikeda has a tendency of dozing off.

Voiced by: Momo Asakura (Japanese), Tara Sands (English)

A bear mascot who explains certain complicated science details for the audience.

  • Mr. Exposition: He usually pops up to explain certain complex science terms for the audience.
  • Shout-Out: Appeared in an episode five skit dressed as Yoda from Attack of the Clones.
  • Verbal Tic: Rikekuma the Science Bear says "kuma", Japanese for "bear", at the end of his sentences.

    Arika Yamamoto 
Voiced by: Yui Ogura (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)

An aspiring mangaka and former student of Professor Ikeda's, who starts basing a manga around Yukimura and Himuro's romance.

  • Author Avatar: The mangaka of the series is Alfred Yamamoto who also graduated from a science college and became a mangaka. The manga makes it even more obvious since Arika is shown with the avatar Alfred uses in the extras.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Episode 12 reveals that Arika intentionally damaged Himuro's gift to Yukimura for the drama of it. As a result, Ibarada intentionally ordered extensive room service that Arika has to pay for as punishment.
  • Meganekko
  • Melodrama: Arika justifies her actions by saying she only did what she did to make the story more interesting.
  • Spanner in the Works: Arika sabotages Himuro's attempt to apologize to Yukimura in order to prolong the tension between them and orchestrate a dramatic resolution. After Yukimura calls her out on it, she reveals she had no malicious intent, and simply swapped the spectacle case that was intended to be his gift for an identical damaged one that she purchased herself. She then nudges Yukimura in the right direction to help him settle things with Himuro.
  • Write Who You Know: In-Universe — Arika uses Himuro and Yukimura as the basis for her next romance story.

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