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Like the source material, Sayaka Quest has a diverse cast of characters, both appearing in the anime and entirely original.

    Team Mitakihara 

Sayaka Miki

"Besides...even if your original wish wasn't worth it, you can still find something worth fighting can't give up."

Kyouko Sakura

Homura Akemi

"I really am surprised by how well you are doing. And I really do think that...perhaps we can make it this loop. Even if this loop fails....we still have a better chance now than ever before."
  • Beneath the Mask: Despite her cold facade, Madoka and even Sayaka both managed to get her to smile and admit to enjoying some of the activities. Sayaka's convinced this trope applies to Moemura, and turns out to be right.
  • Determinator: Both in general, and because her response to having her shield arm shredded-outright is to want to try and keep fighting and demand healing. Twice. Even Sayaka realizes this is too much.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Relatively subtle, but over the course of the Quest, Sayaka managed to get Homura to show more emotion, see her as more than a lost cause/liability, and talk to and confess to Madoka rather than avoid her because of the previous timelines.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Believes this by the start of the quest, as the canon Good End never happened and she was forced to continue looping. She says outright that one of the only reasons she's going along with Sayaka is that she's on the verge of giving up. Sayaka's actions manages to give her some hope.
  • Flash Step: One of her powers as per canon, and used in her execution of Mitsuko.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Repeatedly suggests this for Sayaka's magical girl problems. In the case of the Toyko group, she was right.
  • Spam Attack: Implied by Homura herself, during her first encounter with Skadi. She unloaded almost a third of her entire arsenal against the bear Witch, and was so dead set on killing the thing that she didn't have time to fully analyse the Witch's powers.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: If anything, even more than in canon- her reaction to Emiko's attack was to attempt to kill her outright, even with her rendered helpless and Madoka was safely out of the way.
  • The Worf Effect: In the sense that when Nao and later Haruko managed to injure and outmatch her respectively, there was panic from the players. Justified in that Nao had a mind reader feeding her Homura's every thought and Haruko's unique abilities made her outright immune to Homura's arsenal and she had the grief seeds to win a battle of attrition.
    • Seen again during the battle with Skadi, where players called Homura as backup after nearly getting badly wrecked in hopes of getting a strategy from her prior knowledge, only to find that even Homura had massive problems with the Witch and intentionally avoided Skadi in every timeline after first encountering her.



""Oh yeah? Prove it!"

"I-I just w-wanted to help. I-I just wanted t-to help Y-Yoko."


"It gets d-darker...I...m-my soul g-gets d-darker..."

  • Dishing Out Dirt: Her power. This and her fairly small soul gem capacity make her the team's support-role Magical girl.
  • The Quiet One: Hasn't really spoken much since her initial meeting with Sayaka and company, with Tomo usually much more vocal.

Sukuyo/ "Christmas Tree"

"You're encroaching on m-my t-territory! This is m-my part of town!" "

  • Abnormal Ammo: A result of the creative development of her magic, which primarily involves making different types of guns.
  • Expy: Of Kyouko in her interactions with Tomo... Until Emiko gives her the same treatment.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Her power...which led to an interesting reaction when Akane managed to hurt her.
  • Speech Impediment: Tends to stutter a lot, even more so retroactively once it was established as a character trait.


    The Tokyo Six/The Tokyo Group 

The Tokyo Six are a group of powerful magical girls that control Tokyo. Once, they fought much like the Mitakihara group did, aiming for order and justice in the Tokyo area. However, they've gradually descended into one of the most downright malicious groups in the quest, as they are willing to kill magical girls, hold others hostage, and even farm Soul Gems for Grief Seeds.

General Tropes


"Clever. Damn clever."


"What a beautiful tune you have. Wanna share it with me? Don't worry, I'll help you with that."


"You killed one of us. And you hurt her. My body is broken, battered and slashed...but even then...I will make sure you suffer!"


"I help keep order in Tokyo, but I know what I am! WE ALL DO!"


"You really thought you could escape? You are an ant and a thief."

  • A Friend in Need: Was the one who prevented the rest of the Tokyo group from witching out or committing suicide after the reveal.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Thanks to rolls, ended up being a villainous example of this when Akane brutally tore her limb from limb before Sayaka even started to fight her or learned anything about her other than her choice of weapon.
  • Smug Super: Even more than most of the other Tokyo girls, she gloats about her superiority to her victims.
  • Stage Magician: Her outfit's very similar to one, down to the top hat.
  • Whip It Good


"I let them become witches in a way so that less people die. My friends might not have done the same, but I let them become witches so that more people wouldn't die. We're all dead."

     Supporting Characters 

Miho Miki/Miki-Mom

Sayaka's mother, a single parent who cares deeply for her daughter. Friendly, open, and compassionate. Good friends with Madoka's mother. Finds out the truth about Sayaka's contract along with Hitomi when they find her coming out of a Witch's labyrinth.

  • Expy: Arguably of Misato from Asuka Quest.
  • Glamorous Single Mother: Until things start going wrong, anyway...
  • Good Parents: Sayaka certainly thinks so, and has good reason to.
  • Guilt Complex: Blames herself for not being a better parent after she finds out about the contract and then the magical girl system.
  • Like Mother Like Daughter: Sayaka and Miki Mom have very similar mentalities and character quirks.
  • Leave Me Alone!: When she says she needs to be alone, it is inevitably a bad sign.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Tolerates Sayaka and Kyoukos's quirks a lot more than would be expected, trusts her to do the right thing, and is nothing but compassionate towards Kyouko from the moment they meet. She even gets through to Akane more than Sayaka could.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Apple ice cream. Sayaka hates the stuff, Kyouko doesn't.


Sayaka's childhood friend and Homura's girlfriend.

  • Nice Girl: Not unlike in canon series.
  • Hidden Depths: She secretly enjoys listening to loud music, mainly Grindcore. She is very glad when she knows that Homura shares the same taste of music.



Emiko/"Pine Tree"

A feral magical girl from Kyoko's former home, who figured that, with Mami dead, she could go in and carve out her own territory in Mitakihara. And then she got Team Mitakihara's attention while at school...


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