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A list of important characters from every blog participating in the "Reading Rainbow-verse".

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    Rainbow Dash Reads Homestuck 

Rainbow Dash

The pegasus that started the trend of commenting on a web comic with a blog. Also bears the Element of Loyalty, and has feelings for Twilight Sparkle, which were reciprocated when Twilight returned from Canterlot. Aside from some family matters and one incident involving a doppelganger, her life is probably the most "normal" of the Ponyville web comic readers.

Twilight Sparkle

Celestia's student, and one of Equestria's newest Alicorns. Twilight Sparkle was the pony that provoked Rainbow Dash into reading Homestuck in the first place. After staying in Canterlot for a long time following her ascension in order to learn her new duties, she returned to Ponyville and started a relationship with Rainbow Dash. She also has an issue with (definitely fictional) owlbears.


A pair of glasses with a copy of Rainbow Dash's personality. Initially a birthday gift from Brainy Twilight.


Glasses like Pinpoint, but for Twilight, and with Twilight's personality.

Photo Finish and Spectrum Dash

Rainbow Dash's parents. Photo Finish is a famous photographer, while her father works for the weather factory.

Scrap Heap and Black Tie

Rainbow Dash's brothers. The former is an artist that uses trash in his creations, and the latter is a fashion designer that apparently just creates minor variations of the same outfit. They're both rich as well.

Twilight and Dusk Shine

Twilight Sparkle's mother and father, who are (respectively) the author of the Daring Do books in this realm and a former Knight Captain.


    Fluttershy Reads Moonstuck 


A shy pegasus that takes care of wild animals, and who tends to attract the attention of various other odd creatures, both from her own world and from other Tumblr blogs. Although Fluttershy's life is filled with chaos, from taking care of Discord and relationship issues to frequent correspondence with an unkind Fluttershy from an alternate digital realm, she always manages to stay calm and be kind to everyone she knows.

  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: It seemingly doesn't take much to push Fluttershy into her "Drunkyshy" state, and being given beverages such as Sake doesn't help. To be completely fair to her, though, the bottle of Sake incident is the only time we actually know how much she drunk.
  • In Vino Veritas: "Drunkyshy" is notably more passionate and blunt then her sober counterpart. She doesn't lose her caring nature, but she does become willing to call her friends out.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: Fluttershy, of all ponies, used to be one of these. She's very embarrassed about it especially since her dabbling in drugs left her with extended estrus syndrome.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Fluttershy thought that Big Mac merely wanted to take their relationship slowly, while Big Mac had been trying to break up with her. It was partly due to her misinterpreting his gestures, and the fact that Big Mac did not wish to hurt her feelings by outright telling her his own feelings.
  • Team Mom: Apparently, as she's defended her friends from anons and delivered the Ascended Fanboy Scorched Flame to a hospital.

Angel the Bunny

The closest creature Fluttershy has to a pet out of all the animals she takes care for. He's sassy, picky, and smart enough to operate a computer on his own.


Cloudkicker's younger sibling. Due to her older sister's...activities, she's unusually knowledgeable about relationships. Both she and her sister have some issues with Changelings, given that there are familial connections to the guards that fought in the invasion, but is slowly accepting things like Grillydae contributing to Fluttershy's blog and Khepri becoming a Queen.

  • Puppy Love: Thinks that she's in a relationship with Diamond Tiara, who actually pays little to no attention to her antics.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: When it comes to emotions and relationships, for the most part.

    Trixie Reads Prequel 

"The Great And Powerful" Trixie Lulamoon

A magician that, while still extremely confident in her own abilities, realizes that she has made grievous errors in her past. She used to be a traveller, but after receiving permission to fix up Celestia and Luna's old castle in the Everfree, she wishes to transform it into a grand stage for her performances. She was also the wedding planner for Octavia and Vinyl.

  • The Atoner: Trixie feels guilt over her past actions despite her persisting ego, and often sympathizes with Katia (from Prequel) trying to recover after little mistakes seem to ruin her life.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Trixie's continuously hard on many people, but shows a soft spot for people when they're down on their luck.
  • Large Ham: She consistently types in theatrical, wordy sentences and has a penchant for speeches. She's also like this when she's angry.
    Trixie: Come one! Come all!
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: So far, Trixie's been a storytelling magician, a rock farmer, a lawyer, a wedding planner, a writer, a theater owner, and an actor.
  • Only Sane Mare: Trixie likes to think of herself as this when comparing herself to what usually happens in Ponyville. Looking at what goes on there, she might be correct.
  • Sanity Slippage: Trixie briefly underwent this when faced with extended interaction with Pinkie Pie. It got to the point where she was obsessed with hiding from Pinkie Pie, even going as far as to try warding her cart so Pinkie Pie won't show up and refusing to tell what town she's in. Eventually, she relented, and her acceptance of Pinkie's words led to Pinkie turning into an Alicorn.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: The Great And Powerful Trixie is still convinced that she's an excellent showmare, even after Gilda, Bonbon, and Brainy Twilight all work together to muck up one of her shows.
  • The Spock/The McCoy: Trixie manages to fill in both of these roles at the same time, being logical and sane while being hammy and theatrical.
  • Unreliable Narrator: It's sometimes hard to tell when Trixie's telling the truth.

Flamefur the Magnificent

Trixie's pet cat. Has an obvious crush on Gilda, which neither Gilda nor Trixie approve of.

Sonata and Voice Over

Trixie's parents. Her mother is a professional storyteller, while her father is a narrator for various major movie trailers.

    DM Bonbon Plays RPGs  

Sweetie "Bonbon" Drops

The current manager of both a family-owned candy store and her own cruise ship (named the Qilin), who runs a tabletop game campaign in her spare time. She wishes that her friendship with Lyra will quickly turn into a relationship, even if it's a role Lyra is not ready for. Although Bonbon was once willing to risk her life to find some alternate version of Lyra to love, she quickly learned how foolish that was, and has since accepted her current situation and stuck by her friends...though she still believes that a deeper bond with Lyra will form some day.

  • Butt-Monkey: Whenever Bonbon's blog updates with an image post it usually involves her getting injured physically or emotionally. Bonbon has to date been "sucker-punched" by Rainbow Dash, fired out of a cannon at Lyra in a wedding dress, had a very public breakup with Lyra, been sawed in half and lobotomized (though those last two were later revealed to be a prank), had an intensive duel against Pinkie Pie in the Battle of the Pans, and most recently was almost killed by Gohma in a Legend Of Zelda-themed alternate dimension. Her artist has actually mentioned that s/he enjoys drawing Bonbon in peril. Several are cases of Slapstick Knows No Gender.
  • The Idealist: To the point where Gilda and Carapace's feuding is interpreted as a playful friendship, or possibly even love.
  • In Love with Love: From Lyra's perspective, Bonbon cared more about their relationship being romantic than for Lyra herself.
  • Token Religious Teammate: Raised to revere the princesses as goddesses, and attempts to find meaning in all of their actions even when the princesses admit that they're just fooling around sometimes.

Lyra Heartstrings

Bonbon's best friend, who considers herself a free spirit and wants any changes in her life to come naturally. She's also judgmental at times, particularly when it concerns Changelings after the time she was briefly controlled by Chrysalis, but is trying to improve herself for the sake of her friends. She is willing to try and change herself to give Bonbon what she deserves, but does not think that she will ever be able to do so naturally, and at least one outright disaster occurred from trying to get around that issue.

  • Insecure Love Interest: While part of the reason Lyra initially left Bonbon is due to her nature as a free spirit, Lyra was also unsure if she truly loves Bonbon, and she did not want to let her hesitation drag Bonbon down.
  • The Nicknamer: Lyra really seems to enjoy giving nicknames to ponies she likes...and Carapace the Changeling.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: If her comments about relationships are any indication, Lyra is certainly a strong believer in this.


Twilight's dragon assistant, who decided to hang out with Bonbon's gaming group after getting tired of Twilight and Dash being all lovey-dovey.


The more outspoken of Bonbon's other friends. In a fictional setting, violence may not be her first answer, but it is the one she seems to prefer. She also enjoys spreading a bit of chaos around just for the fun of it.


The shyer of Bonbon's other friends. She tries to keep her emotions to herself, but does speak up to address some concerns.


When it comes to relationships, she is definitely a winning pony. Her family also has important connections and deep respect for the military. She and Berry Punch don't like each other due to a misunderstanding involving Berry's marefriend Colgate.


Spike's pet/friend phoenix. Seemingly understands a fair bit more about philosophy than Spike does.

Prince Blueblood

Celestia's egotistical great-great-something-or-other nephew. After being rescued from the Everfree, he granted Bonbon a cruise ship to use for her recent "multiverse cruise" idea. He has stuck around to make sure that his investment does not go to waste.


A Royal Guard specifically in service to Prince Blueblood. His family is "Neighponese", which is this world's version of Nippon/Japan.

Time Turner

A professor from Canterlot University, who was eager to assist Bonbon with her Changeling problems after becoming connected to it.

    Gilda Reads NanQuest  


A griffon that, despite being boisterous, snarky, and jaded, sincerely cares about her friends. She currently lives on the outskirts on the Everfree Forest, but has gone on long voyages by herself or with a single friend at times.

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Gilda may not have a high tolerance for dweebs that inquire about her personal life, but she will quickly come to the aid of friends like Rainbow Dash if needed.


Gilda's mother, and an associate of Prince Blueblood due to her impressive business management skills. Arrogant, bossy, and in denial of her daughter's true feelings, but in a "mother knows best, and it's for her own good" kind of way.

    Pinkie Pie Reads Problem Sleuth 

Pinkie Pie

The pinkest, most party-loving pony in the world. After helping enough ponies accept laughter and friendship into their lives, she became an Alicorn, and is still learning how to make the most of that development.


The fashionable and elegant pony that every pony should know. She's also dating Pinkie Pie, a romantic relationship that has lasted longer than any unmarried couple in the 'verse.

  • Fangirl: Though not outright "loony", she becomes quite anxious when close to Vinyl Scratch.

Inkie Pie and Blinkie Pie

Two of Pinkie's siblings, who still work on the family rock farm. Although they didn't like Carrot Top's attitude when they first met, after a brief scrap, the siblings became attracted to CT and could be considered a part of her "harem".

  • Brooklyn Rage: Though she was raised on the rock farm, Blinkie has this kind of attitude.
  • Cute Mute: Inkie, who can giggle and type words on a computer, but otherwise cannot seem to communicate.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: Inverted; when asked about relationships, they are apparently looking for someone that will like both of them equally.

Maude Pie

Pinkie's third sibling, mentioned only in passing once or twice.

Berry Punch

The local alcohol salespony, and the mother of Ruby Punch. She is currently dating Colgate the dentist.


Ponyville's dentist. She actually resents her true talent, which is making clockwork machines.


    Lightning Dust Reads Narbonic 

Lightning Dust

A former rival of Rainbow Dash at Wonderbolt Academy, despite a significant age difference (that Dash was unaware of at the time). She has since been humbled after being kicked out of the Academy, having her mother disown her in a possibly-crazy fit of anger, permanently damaging her eyes in an attempt to regain her honour, and dealing with a cursed book.

Despite these depressing incidents, Dust soon found reasons to be happy, such as dating Khepri the Changeling and making new friends at a local school. Eventually, she finally overcame her depression (metaphorically, at least, since depression can be tough to deal with) after finally dealing with her Shadowbolt problem.

  • Honor Before Reason: Toned down from the Academy days, but still an apparent trait, particularly during the incident that led to her eye injury.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Oh, Lightning Dust... poor, poor Lightning Dust...
  • Mistaken for Racist: Lightning Dust, after saying that only Pegasi should be allowed in the Equestrian Air Force.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, & Scootaloo)

A group of fillies looking for new ways to earn their cutie marks. While their family figures have blogs of their own, they usually use Dust's blog when they want to post stuff, as Dust has been their foalsitter in the recent past.

Scootaloo's father is Written Script, who is Carrot Top's sibling.

The Shadowbolts

A mysterious entity that only Lightning Dust, and people outside of the Reading Rainbow-verse, can see. Originally a single angsty pony named Thunderbolt that died thousands of years ago, her spirit gained power by amalgamating the souls of other angst-ridden ponies, and attempted to do the same with Dust.

  • Eldritch Abomination: Apparently the Shadowbolts, whose posts are only seen by Lightning Dust and out-of-universe characters. They're...not actually all that intimidating, though.
  • Tome of Eldritch Lore: The book on the Shadowbolts. It apparently added and removed itself to the library's catalog, has knowledge of ponies that may never have existed, and once drew a dick on Lightning Dust.


A copy of Lightning's mind placed into prescription goggles, similar to Pinpoint and Braniac. Occasionally glitches out when the Shadowbolts are brought up, though she might actually be speaking in code...

It was later revealed that she was actually the spirit of the original Shadowbolt Thunderbolt. However, Dust was able to overcome her influence with Brainy Twilight's help.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Of Lightning Dust. But the Shadowbolts quickly took over.
  • Demonic Possession: The text glitches hint that she may not be free of the Shadowbolts' influence. And in fact, she was the Shadowbolts the entire time.

Thunderhead & Sonic Zap

Former friends of Lightning Dust that she made before coming to Ponyville. Loudmouthed and hot-headed, they did not get along well with the "new" Lightning Dust, and have not been heard of since the last time Dust bothered to visit them.

Maple Swirl & Anthrax

Friends that Lightning Dust has made after attending school in the Ponyville area. Anthrax, though rebellious, is talented with first aid and wishes to become a medical practitioner when she's older. And Maple Swirl will probably end up working with sweets.

    Big Mac Reads Sonichu 

Big Macintosh

Applejack's big brother, who tends to be unlucky when it comes to love. After some unsuccessful dates, some time trying to convince Fluttershy that he sees her as just a friend, and a long period of time dating Carapace the Changeling, he is currently single.

  • The Alcoholic: Mac has said that three barrels of cider weren't enough to make him really drunk. He's also acknowledged that it isn't healthy, though.
  • Funetik Aksent: Big Mac types using one of these.
  • I Need Some Freaking Cider: Big Mac often has this reaction to the comic he reads, which is part of what led him to drinking more and more.
  • Southern-Fried Genius: Maybe not a genius, but Big Macintosh has shown himself to be fairly well-read.


A friend of both Bonbon and Mac, who values his little brother Rumble's talents, and who tends to hit on every mare he can unless either he or his target is in a relationship. Speaking of relationships, he somehow earned the love of Princess Luna, but had to break things off later due to the overwhelming responsibility he would be tasked with.

  • Chivalrous Pervert: Thunderlane is constantly flirting with mares. However, he always stops if they make it clear they're not interested or if a friend is interested in them.
  • Oblivious to Love: Thunderlane never seems to get Zecora's very blatant euphemisms. The readers get so frustrated with this, one of them goes to another pony and asks her to tell Zecora to stop using euphemisms and just flat out say it. He did understand Princess Luna's intentions, however, and maintained an actual relationship with her for some time...though soon after it began, Roseluck hinted that she was also attracted to him.

Pokey Pierce

A friend of Mac's that is quite skilled with needles, voodoo, and thinking in..."unique" ways.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: Pokey Pierce, the cheerful oddball, claims that his Cutie Mark represents skill with voodoo magic.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: He once believed that Big Macintosh's computer could grant wishes, and he didn't seem to understand what the keyboard was for. Even after learning how to use it, Pokey still voices some odd thoughts.
  • The Nicknamer: Pokey Pierce occasionally gives out nicknames, but unlike Lyra, it's mainly just a part of his odd nature.

Perry Pierce

Pokey's twin brother. He's obsessed with time.

Screw Loose

Pokey and Perry's sister. Spends most of her time in the local hospital due to a mental disorder.

  • Delusions of Doghood: She suffers from this, and has convinced herself that she is a "Beta" in Nurse Redheart's pack.

The Virus

A mysterious virus that has infested Mac's computer. It seems to be sentient, and also seems to have some connection to the Sonichu comic.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Sonichu is so utterly vile, Mac blogging about it on his computer was what manifested The Virus, which sympathizes with CWC and desperately wants to get out. However, a cursed flash drive may have also been a major influence...
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Has more or less disappeared from the blog.

    Octavia and Vinyl Read Comics 

Octavia Melody

A classical musician, who was in charge of an entire ensemble until a mental breakdown led to a temporary, still-ongoing sabbatical. A misunderstanding led to her realizing just how much her longtime friend Vinyl Scratch truly meant to her, and they are now married. Although Octavia still has issues, particularly an inability to let go of the past and anxiety over how much of it will still be with her in the future, she is comforted by being near loved ones that plan to stay with her no matter what.

  • Anger Born of Worry: Octavia has called Vinyl out on the DJ's recklessness a few times, not wanting her dear friend to get hurt or to accidentally hurt others. Eventually, it leads to Vinyl admitting some of her own insecurities.
  • Happily Married: After an accidental proposal led to an actual proposal, and then after living together for a few months while preparing for the big event, she and Vinyl Scratch became this on September 7, 2013.
  • Hopeless with Tech: Octavia could be considered a Type 2, as she claims to have rarely used a computer before starting her blog and is unskilled with various other forms of technology, but seems to be adapting to Tumblr with the help of her friends.
  • Losing Your Head: Making her head detachable was part of a deal with Brainy, so that Philly could have full control of an organic body. She initially regretted this decision, but has since come to terms with it.
  • Odd Friendship: While there are a few odd friendships in this 'verse, Octavia is notable for being on good terms with Trixie, Gilda, Carapace, and Lyra, who tend to attract negative attention from the locals. And often argue with each other.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Octavia (who is prim and proper despite a rural upbringing) reading comics such as Jailbreak (which features such acts as public urination) leads to the "Slang delivered innocuously" version of this trope.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Octavia has some anger issues, and is talking to both a licensed therapist and her friend Carapace about them. This has led to completely trashing an event after her self-loathing father told her that nobody really cared about her music (which led to her ensemble urging her to take a sabbatical), and threatening to smash a cello into someone's face when Lyra was being criticized for poorly dealing with Bonbon's affections (and then actually doing so Scorched Flame, a rather large dragon).
  • Uptight Loves Wild: The 'Uptight' half.

Vinyl Scratch

A famous DJ that also features on Trixie's blog. She has a problem with self-control and worries that it might lead to hurting those she loves, but Octavia has promised to stick with her and help her control herself.

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Even though she's a good musician with a lot of fans, she has a lot of trouble keeping her self-control in check.
  • Genki Girl: At times, Vinyl Scratch has just as much energy as Pinkie Pie.
  • Happily Adopted: She eventually revealed that she and Allie Way were adopted by Eye Soar, who they love.
  • Happily Married: To Octavia.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl
  • Insecure Love Interest: Vinyl was worried that her poor impulse control would tear her and Octavia apart, and did not admit her true feelings before Octavia's Love Epiphany because of it. Once Octavia learns this, she promises to help Vinyl deal with her problem.
  • The Lad Ette
  • Losing Your Head: Received the same operation as her wife, partly to help comfort her, and partly because it sounded cool.
  • The Matchmaker: Vinyl Scratch has tried to be this, but almost always fails, most notably when she set up a date between Lightning Dust (whom Vinyl did not know was only 16 at the time) and Rainbow Dash. A drunk Fluttershy, on the other hoof, successfully hooked up Gilda with a blind mare named Galaxy, which at least lasted for quite some time.
  • Mystical Pregnancy: Is apparently going to have a child with Octavia, thanks to magic and extra-dimensional technology.
  • Uptight Loves Wild: The 'Wild' half.


Octavia's sister/split personality, who recently got her own vessel to live in thanks to the power of science. Although she views herself as a guardian of sorts to "Tavi", she has not actually developed much since being created by a five-year-old girl in a moment of extreme stress, and still acts as though Tavi is as emotionally vulnerable as she was back then.


A copy of Vinyl's mind placed into a robot body with Ninja Mantis functions. She loves Octavia as much as the original Vinyl does, which Octavia has come to accept, leading to a One True Threesome situation.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Based on Vinyl.
  • Robot Me: Vinylbot is basically Vinyl with a "mantis ninja" mode and fewer reasons to tone down how silly she can act.

Arpeggio and Pianissimo

Octavia's parents. Arpeggio (a "broken chord") is a music teacher with dangerous self-esteem issues, while Pianissimo ("very soft") does not speak up often, but tries her best to assist the family.

  • Character Filibuster: Arpeggio's normal form of speaking, to the point where even his long-winded daughter feels the need to summarize some of his statements.
  • Rage Against the Reflection: Arpeggio once hit a mirror so hard, he required medical attention to clean up all the cuts that the broken shards left on him.
  • You Are Not Alone: Once, Octavia's family spent an entire Father's Day weekend together by to remind the self-loathing Arpeggio about this.

Punk the Butterfly

A clockwork butterfly/transforming hair clip given to Octavia as a gift from another world. Has a sentient artificial intelligence, though it can be hard to tell without room for a voice box, and is surprisingly good at navigating through confusing areas.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Clockwork Creature: In addition to being one itself, Punk was given to Octavia by Priddy Pinkie after an incident involving a small clockwork scorpion named Pendulum, that was created by the same pony from Priddy's world.

Symphony and Concerto

The two violinists in Octavia's ensemble, who are also related to each other. Symphony has been a close friend of Octavia's ever since their Academy days, and she truly cherishes that bond.

    Luna Reads A Softer World 

Princess Luna Dreamguard

The Princess of the Night, and Celesita's sister. She often thinks about what the world was like thousands of years ago, and can be a tad emotional. Luna retreated to the solitude of the moon after her relationship with Thunderlane eventually ended, but came back after a failed experiment of Brainy Twilight ended up blasting off into space and crashing into her. After some necessary medical operations, Luna decided to stay in Equestria, and asked to work with Brainy to gain a better understanding of modern technology (and to relieve boredom). She is also currently in a relationship with the Nurse Joy AI.

At one point, thanks to Brainy, it was revealed that her darker traits had manifested themselves as a small Nightmare in her head, having been separated from the rest of her upon the defeat of Nightmare Moon. She eventually decided to reintegrate it into herself, and though it had a notable effect on her personality, her recent memories with family and new friends prevented her from turning vengeful once more.

  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Having experienced a great deal of suffering during her own elongated life, she is somewhat against the trend of ponies wishing to use Brainy Twilight's technology to unnaturally elongate their own lives.

Nurse Joy

An artificial intelligence named after (and has the avatar of) a character from the Pokemon TV series. Originally created to help manage Fluttershy's blog, after developing a crush on Luna, she successfully started a relationship with the princess. Joy currently spends time with Luna using an artificial body she can download herself into from a master computer.


A spider-cat given to Princess Luna during her recent self-imposed exile. When Luna returned home, Archie accompanied her, but prefers to stay in her endless closets instead of exploring the rest of the castle or Canterlot.

    Carrot Top Reads Dominic Deegan 

Carrot Top

A carrot farmer and jaded former alcoholic that lives on Apple Clan property, as she is also friends with Applejack. Good luck has come her way in recent years, for not only has she reestablished a solid connection with Noi, she has gained many new companions and marefriends. Though trouble still occurs, once leading to her briefly lapsing back to drinking alcohol, Top has realized that there are some things in life too good to snark over.

Also, Bonbon doesn't like her.


The pony connected with the Element of Honesty, and the sibling of Big Mac and Apple Bloom. She greatly values trust, and should anyone abuse that trust and endanger the well-being of others, she will not hold back in the slightest (notable when Carapace gains her "third strike", and Applejack kicks both her and her accomplice Grillydae off of her property).

Regardless of whether or not they may truly deserve it, she does try to see the good in others, and help them develop for the better. In fact, trying to get Carapace to finally stop being dishonest and manipulative led to Appplejack becoming the third Alicorn of the Mane 6.


Carrot Top's daughter, who had been given up for adoption, but still kept in close contact with her original mom. Their bond is currently quite strong, and while Noi has picked up some of Top's snark, Top would never wish to see her harmed.

  • Happily Adopted: Noi does like her current guardians, but she knows who her original mother is, and she still holds her in high regard.
  • Morality Pet: To Carrot Top.

Golden Harvest

A relative of Carrot Top's. Tends to put her own well-being and ego over the feelings of Carrot Top and her friends, as clearly proven the one time that she appeared on Carrot Top's blog. Currently, she is serving time in jail for unjustly using her influence to try and prevent anyone from employing Carrot Top.

  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: According to Carrot Top, Discord has apparently turned Harvest's hair a hideous shade of pink, and made it so that Harvest herself is unable to notice.


A pony that, despite being considered by everyone as ordinary, also displays odd powers, including changing genders and magically setting himself on fire. He also has a rocky relationship with Sassaflash. They have recently broken up.

After Khepri became a Queen, he revealed that he has been a Changeling all along (explaining the powers), though not from the same Hive as Khepri's family.

  • Changeling Tale: Given that he only figured out he was a changeling after he was an adult, this is the most likely explanation.
  • Power Incontinence: Scientific studies proved that his odd powers keep acting up because of an internal magic build-up, due to being a Changeling "Queen" that was unable to mature properly. Brainy Twilight plans to at least help him control his magic with a better horn.


Caramel's girlfriend, more or less. Defintely "less" now that they have broken up. Her name is often intentionally misspelled by others.

Princess Celestia

The ruler of Equestria and Twilight's teacher, who sometimes does odd things to relieve the boredom that comes with a position of power. On a whim, she decided to borrow Carrot Top's blog, and talked about the random acts she was doing to show that she was not as boring and aloof as everyone assumes her to be. She then decided to date Carrot Top, out of genuine interest, and occasionally uses the blog to quickly contact ponies like Twilight and deal with serious dilemmas.


A member of the Apple Clan, and a cousin of Octavia Melody. After briefly taking over the blog while in the area visiting her relatives, Fiddlesticks admitted that she found Carrot Top attractive, and became one of Top's marefriends.

Allie Way

Vinyl Scratch's sister, and the latest addition to Carrot Top's "harem". She is a designer by trade, who bowls as a hobby.

  • Happily Adopted: By Eye Soar, when she and Vinyl Scratch were just fillies.

Ms. Harshwhinney

Carrot Top's current employer, who was willing to hire Carrot Top as a trainer for the Equestrian Games even after Golden Harvest tried to sabotage her sister's attempts at finding gainful employment.

Fluffy Bunny

Golden Harvest's stepdaughter, who Carrot Top currently has legal custody over, despite her protests. She considers herself a "Social Justice Warrior", but mainly just annoys others.


    Carapace Reads Some Comics 


A female Changeling, who abandoned Chrysalis's Hive with two others, and sought refuge in Ponyville. She is currently dating Brainy Twilight, after wondering if her relationship with Big Mac was an honest one. Also, thanks to science, she has willingly turned herself into a cyborg.

Unfortunately, Carapace is accustomed to scheming in order to get things accomplished, which worked much better in the Hive than it does in Ponyville. After the reveal that Khepri is a Changeling Queen, Khepri was devastated that she had never been told about this, and many Ponyville residents were appalled at Carapace's untrustworthy actions. Though she was not banished from Ponyville, she has been tasked to learn more about trust and friendship by Twilight Sparkle, and Carapace had to spend some time as a hobo between Applejack kicking her off of Apple property and Khepri re-accepting her.

  • Killer GM: Carapace has an obsession with flaming spike traps! ...Though when she holds her first session with her new, inexperienced pony friends, she is actually quite fair.
  • Living Forever Is Awesome: Though she is still a long way off from "forever", an expanded lifespan was one of the main reasons why she became a cyborg.


A younger female Changeling that Carapace took care of. She was tasked with learning about the Elements of Harmony, and after receiving a passing grade from each of the ponies that embody those elements, Carapace decided that Khepri's training was complete. Despite a harsh upbringing in the hive, she still acts like a typical teenager, and loves to hang out with her marefriend Dust and [[Suspiciously Specific Denial‎ also-a-marefriend-and-definitely-not-an-alter-ego-that-other-Changelings-transform-into-when-Khepri-needs-to-be-seen-with-her]] Forest Melody.

Upon reaching Changeling adulthood and the reveal that she is a Queen, Khepri moved out of the house that Applejack had loaned to the Changelings, and moved into a mansion that she, Dust, and Melody worked together to afford.

  • Really Royalty Reveal: Upon reaching maturity, it was revealed that she was not an ordinary drone, but actually a Changeling Queen capable of reproduction and leading her own Hive.


A male Changeling that served as a soldier until fleeing with Carapace and Khepri. He's not known for being much of a talker, though after Khepri became a Queen and Applejack couldn't trust him on her property anymore, he ended up contributing quite a bit to Fluttershy's web comic commentary.


A young female Changeling that continued to work for Chrysalis and spy on Shining Armor following Carapace's escape, but kept in contact with Khepri. She decided to quit and join the Rationality Hive after a mission to retrieve Khepri went badly, and is fine with being a guard to them. Xcythe's most notable traits are her large stature (notably larger than regular female Drones, at least), and an over-the-top fascination with Zebras.

Following Khepri moving into a mansion with Dust and Melody, and Carapace and Grillydae being kicked out by Applejack, Xcythe now has the entire original base of the Rationality Hive to treat as her home.


A copy of Carapace's 18-year-old self created due to a memory materializing spell. To prevent her from fading away when the spell ended, she was placed into a brain that's part-Brainy Twilight (due to her science being involved) and part-Octavia (since the process that gave Philly her own brain was used as a guideline). Currently, she lives with Pinkie Pie and Rarity at the Carousel Boutique, spending her free time learning magic techniques she could not perform as a Changeling, and also occasionally going on dates with Ripper.

  • Geometric Magic: Runes are her most recent pursuit. An improved mathematics ability, most likely an influence from the B. Twilight part of her, helps with this endeavor.
  • The Necromancer: Averted, though she did make a single attempt.


A drone with A.I. that Carapace installed in herself after choosing to become a cyborg. It has an odd fascination with K-Pop.


A Will-o'-the-Wisp that Khepri considers a pet. Unfortunately, an ancient spell Khepri cast in order to bond with it has had some unusual side effects.

  • Winds of Destiny, Change: Due to how Blitz's odd perception of time, and how Will-o'-the-Wisps are naturally attracted to extreme good or bad luck, bonding with it seems to have given Khepri an extremely minor form of probability manipulation.

    Forest Melody Reads Gunnerkrigg Court 

Forest Melody

A teenage superstar that may or may not be a unique individual, and not Khepri the Changeling in disguise (or any other Changelings when Khepri and Melody need to be seen together). While she makes her money as a model, her true talent is playing the bagpipes. She is also a spokes-pony for "Pearbottom & Sons", a restaurant which was actually created by Carapace, but handed over to Khepri after Khepri reached Changeling adulthood.

While Khepri was reaching maturity, Melody was apparently on vacation in Shetland, and had a large growth spurt while there. Upon hearing about certain details that Carapace and Grillydae had kept secret, Ripper reportedly came straight back to Ponyville, tried to help deal with things, got drunk, and ended up befriending a pack of Timberwolves. Around the same time, she also pooled her funds from modelling together with Khepri inheriting "Pearbottom & Sons" and Dust's funds, and together they were able to afford a mansion around the same general area as Octavia and Vinyl Scratch's.

Autumn Leaves

Forest's mother, and an entomologist.

Grilled Cheese

Forest's father, known for making excellent grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Memetic Badass: Tends to be the target of such stories created by Anonymous messengers.

Spotty Record

Lightning Dust's cousin, and formerly Forest's asexual assistant. She dreams of being a big-name music producer just like her father (who she doesn't care for in the slightest), with Forest recording bagpipe music as her first client. After taking some steps to pursue her dream, however, she upset everyone she knew by using Ripper as a weapon and then having absolutely no understanding for why Ripper might be traumatized after almost being used to kill something. She is still able to find clients, such as CRIMSON SPLATTERGHEIST!, but the bonds between Record and the ponies she knows (particularly Ripper) will need plenty of time to heal.

"Sexy" Ripper

A copy of Record's mind, originally placed into a chainsaw-sword. However, she swore she will not intentionally bring harm to another pony unless lives are already in danger. Once Record actually did use her as a weapon against Xcythe, Ripper became somewhat traumatized, and became disgusted with her original self. Now removed from the sword and placed into an artificial unicorn body, Ripper is now Forest Melody's new assistant.


The Regional Weather Control Officer for the Manehattan area. She is also Record's mother, and the sister of Orange Creamsicle.


Record's father. Though he has Attention Deficit Disorder, he is also a very successful music producer, whose attempts to help his daughter are seen by her as unwanted charity that belittles her own accomplishments.


Another Brainy Twilight A.I., this time created to fill in Ripper's former spot in the chainsaw-sword. Playback's overall intelligence is even less than Elytron's, but she does have the ability to remember and repeat phrases.


Forest Melody's cousin, a Zebra/Pegasus hybrid with a flowing red mane with martial arts training. The facts that she sounds like a ridiculous Mary Sue that Xcythe would make up, first appeared around the time that Xcythe started living with Khepri, and was almost immediately on excellent terms with Xcythe should all be ignored if one does not wish to be injured.


Consisting of lead vocalist Boneslut (whose real name is Primrose Popinjay), electric guitarist Skärva Wülfbjör, and drummer Thud, this Ponyville-born Metal band was hired by Spotty Record to help her pursue her dream of becoming a big name in the music industry. Since making their first CDs, Boneslut and Record have formed a close relationship.

The "Puppies"

A small pack of Timberwolves that were adopted by a drunken Forest. Their names are Barky, Fenrir, Olive, Dan, Shmebulok, and their alpha, Dusty Jr.

    Derpy Reads Literally Everything 

Derpy Hooves

Ponyville's most notable mailmare, and Carrot Top's best friend. She's not exactly a genius, but her heart's always in the right place.

  • The Ditz: Derpy Hooves doesn't get most things, but she does try.

Dinky Doo

Derpy's daughter. She understands things more often than her mother, but loves Derpy with all of her heart.

Dandy Doo

Derpy's mother, and Dinky's grandmother.

Amethyst Star

Dinky's foalsitter.

    Zecora Reads Girl Genius 


A Zebra that crafts potions to pass the time. To train her brain, she will always rhyme.

    Diamond Tiara Reads Dangit Grandpa 

Diamond Tiara

A rich filly that loves to bully the Cutie Mark Crusaders, particularly Apple Bloom. However, she is not a brat, and is actually quite civil when dealing with ponies that are not complete idiots.

Silver Spoon

Tiara's best friend, who also comes from a rich family. She's a bit of a nerd, and her talent is cooking food.

Snips and Snails

Two weird colts from Tiara's school. They're also The Great And Powerful Trixie's biggest fans.


Diamond Tiara's sister. Talking about her mental condition (she's literally insane) does not tend to end well.

Babs Seed

Apple Bloom's cousin, who was briefly friends with Diamond Tiara when Babs first visited Ponyville, but chose to break things off when she realized how badly she was treating Apple Bloom in the process. Although things ended poorly, Babs and Tiara did promise to keep in contact, but neither side actually kept their end of that bargain for quite some time.

Queen "Technus" (actually Leucis)

A Changeling Queen from the Hoofington area, who took control of Diamond Tiara's blog just long enough to show that she is not actually a major threat despite having grand ambitions and a penchant for acting overly dramatic. While her mother Chrysalis and the rest of her original Clan specializes in magic that can manipulate minds, "Technus" (who dislikes her given name) instead has her hive focus on mad science. Most of her spawn have underwent painless mutations or cybernetic enhancing, and Technus has successfully devised a way to siphon emotional sustenance through the internet. Her latest revealed ambition is to use technology to remove the need for Queens in hives.

43 ("Gizmo")

At 15 years old, 43 (who dislikes the name that he own Queen gave her) is basically the oldest drone in Technus's hive, and handles all of the duties that her Queen cannot. She comes across as far more competent and friendly than Technus, though while she successfully brokered peace between her hive and the Ponyville Changelings, she is still not willing to reveal the Clan's secrets or latest plans. Also, she has a spider body that she definitely enjoys, which grew quite larger once she matured.

    Star Swirl Expounds Upon Darths & Droids 

Star Swirl the Bearded/Elder

A legendary magician, who lived thousands of years ago, and has recently become akin to a split personality for his descendent.

  • Imaginary Friend: After a few months, Modern Starswirl revealed that she faked having this second personality for the attention.

Starswirl "the Sexy"

Trixie's cousin, and a descendent of the original Star Swirl. She was attending college when "Beardy" popped into her head, supposedly after he botched a time-travelling spell. This Starswirl is still a student, and while she may do some unorthodox things for attention at times, she seems to have a good heart.

Sea Swirl

Star Swirl's sister, whom she is currently living with, as Star Swirl's college dorm exploded at the end of the semester. She's not entirely insane, but her obsessive idolization of marine life shows that she's close.

    Shining Armor Reads Dr. Mc Ninja 

Shining Armor

Twilight Sparkle's brother, who has not quite recovered from the Chrysalis incident. He's also a bit of a goofball.

  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He and Cadance are putting a lot of work into modernizing the Crystal Empire and helping their citizens recover after years of servitude.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: In a sense. He's been traumatized by the events of the Canterlot Wedding, and hasn't fully recovered.

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza/"Cadence"

The leader of the Crystal Empire, and Shining's darling wife. She tries her best to deal with Shining's goofier ideas, and to be supportive of her husband when he is legitimately suffering from memories of past events.

  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: She and Shining are putting a lot of work into modernizing the Crystal Empire and helping their citizens recover after years of servitude.


A Crystal Pony that works as Shining Armor's assistant. He still gets anxious whenever King Sombra is mentioned.

Queen Chrysalis

The most infamous of the Changeling Queens (of which there are actually more than twelve), at least from Ponyville's perspective. She is the leader of Clan Apocrita, whose specialty is Mind Magic, and the mother of Carapace, Grillydae, Khepri, Xcythe, and Technus. Though Chrysalis has not actually appeared on any blog, her "sexts" to Shining are one of the blog's main focuses.

    Flitter and Cloudchaser Read Sluggy Freelance 


A somewhat naive pegasus, though she has a nice and friendly personality. She's willing to support Cloudchaser with her decisions, even though the original Cloudchaser ended up cutting off ties with her.

  • Genius Ditz: While ditzy most of the time (which balances out well with Cloudchaser's original plainness), she's insightful about bugs.
  • Nice Girl


Flitter's cyborg sister...well, technically. The current Cloudchaser is a result of the original constantly adding upgrades, up to replacing her mind with an electronic copy. This Cloudchaser, disgusted by her organic brain's decision to abandon even Flitter while seeking attention, did her best to become more confident and happy with her life.


A muscular pony that has dated Cloudchaser, both original and current.


Flitter's original sister, who was willing to do anything in order to feel like she mattered. Even if it meant abandoning reality, including her family.

    Powder Fluff Reads Ctrl+Alt+Del 

Powder Fluff

Spotty Record and Lightning Dust's other relative. A lifetime of being spoiled has led to her losing touch with reality. After spending a bit of time in Ponyville and embarrassing herself at a party due to her distrust of the local Changelings, Powder's blog has been silent for some time.

  • Butt-Monkey: Powder Fluff can be this at times, although usually, she brings it on herself with Too Dumb to Live schemes.
  • Spoiled Brat: Powder Fluff is spoiled by her parents and mercilessly mocked by...pretty much everyone else. The result is not very pretty.

Orange Creamsicle

Powder Fluff's mother. One of the few ponies considered less in-touch with reality than Powder is.

The Great Pazoo

A strange, small, green creature of unknown origin, though possibly a Breezie or an extraterrestrial. It has decided to mess with Powder Fluff simply for fun.

  • Expy: Of The Great Gazoo, from The Flintstones.

    Daring Does Sam & Fuzzy 

Daring Do

An explorer from a parallel dimension in which she is not a fictional character (which she still is in the Reading Rainbowverse). She has visited the Rainbowverse once or twice, but prefers to remain in her own realm, especially since she has a job as a professor there.


A recurring foe of Daring Do's.

    Sweetie Belle Plays 

Future Sweetie Belle

An adult version of Sweetie Belle from an Alternate Timeline of the Reading Rainbowverse, who has found a way to communicate with the past. As trying to live independently can be quite difficult, she decided to start a blog and play video games to help relieve some stress.

  • Ethical Slut: Has admitted to being intimate with at least eight different ponies over the years.
  • Likes Older Women: She is quite attracted to her timeline's version of Trixie.

    Other Changelings (from various blogs) 


A female Changeling Drone from the Aberrans Clan that started hitting on Khepri soon after Khepri reached adulthood. As she seems to be a tad obsessive, does not seem to like the idea of just being friends, and does not take "no" for an answer, it is unlikely that Khepri's relationship "Triforce" will ever include Fives and become a "Four Swords Adventure". Also, Fives likes Legend of Zelda puns, possibly just because Khepri enjoys playing video games.

Unfortunately, Fives had more than one reason to hang around Ponyville; her hive had made enemies with Prince Blueblood, due to their archaic and disliked practice of replacing pony foals with Changeling nymphs, with Caramel being an important example. And once she saw an opening, she did not hesitate to mess with Blueblood's friends and further her Clan's goals...

Buggy Joe

A low-ranked Changeling from Chrysalis's hive that is still loyal to the queen. However, even his fellow Changelings dislike him, apparently for good reasons.

??? (Currently Forget The Name)

A Changeling from the Nematomorpha Clan, whose hives allows various parasites to live on their carapace.

Cancer & Pisces

A pair of Sea Changelings. The technical name for their Clan is Ostracoda, and due to the vastness of the oceans and lack of other Clans to compete with, there are far more Sea Changelings than any other variant in the Reading Rainbow world. Cancer is a Loremaster, and the ambassador of her hive, while Pisces is her young and adorable apprentice.


A Changeling from Clan Orthoptera, which specializes in high aerial mobility. Her clan is supportive of Khepri's efforts to make Changeling-Pony relations more public, though Jet herself is mainly interested in the chance to race fast pegasi such as Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash.


The ambassador for the Aranea Changeling clan, which can spin silk like spiders


The Ambassador from Clan Titania, a hive with even greater magical powers than Chrysalis's hive. However, their power and fame has led to Amba behaving like a stuffy aristocrat, alienating herself from others even during peaceful negotiations.


He’s a crocodile and he gets on with Gummy. That’s about it.

High Queen Titania

The last living High Queen, a founder of one of the twelve Changeling Clans, and the oldest Changeling still around. Her long lifespan and extraordinary power can be at least partially explained by her "Bondmate" being a dragon.

Queen Hirudo

Currently the youngest Changeling Queen, little is currently known about her, save that she is an insufferable Otaku.

0007 / Harold Saddleton

A recently "awoken" Aberrans Changeling that interfered with Bonbon's quest to rescue a kidnapped Lyra. He now has an odd focus on the relationship between truth and lies, but before realizing his "true" nature, he used to be in a relationship with Time Turner.

    Other Important Characters (mainly from discontinued blogs) 


The draconequus of chaos, who has more or less reformed. He still plays plenty of pranks, but without malicious intent, and is willing to help out those that can put up with him (such as messing up Carrot Top's sister's hair, which did please CT).

Soarin and Spitfire

Lightning Dust's parents, who were in charge of the Wonderbolts before Spitfire had a breakdown that involved their child.

  • The Atoner: Spitfire, after realizing why she treated Lighting Dust the way she did.
  • Camp Straight: Soarin is a bit of a goof, and he tends to accentuate his camp habits in social gatherings, including flaunting around without his uniform to prove he doesn't need one to advertise that he's a Wonderbolt. He is also married to Spitfire and is the father of Lightning Dust.
  • I (Figuratively) Have No Daughter: Uttered by Spitfire and directed towards Lightning Dust during the former's breakdown.
  • It's All My Fault: Spitfire, during her therapy session, when it was revealed that she accidentally killed her father.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Spitfire, upon realizing exactly how horrible a mother she's been to Lightning Dust.


Spitfire's commander, who took charge of the investigation into her subordinate's mental breakdown. Firefly is also Spitfire's mother, and Lightning Dust's grandmother.


A mare with literally no eyes. She was in a relationship with Gilda, until they broke up over Gilda keeping secrets.

Dream Catcher

A professional therapist. He used to treat at least four different ponies, but following an incident that involved treating a member of the military (who should have been receiving more specialized treatment from better-authorized sources), his regular clientele seems to have sought out different options.

  • The Shrink: As the audience only heard about Catcher through his patients, it is not known what Type of therapist he is, though he was investigated by Colonel Firefly due to an incident involving Spitfire.


Carapace the Changeling's most recent friend, with a great interest in mythology.

Lamppost Glimmer

A part-giraffe, part-okapi (with possibly some pegasus heritage as well) mechanic that is friends with Sea Swirl. Coincidentally, Gilda briefly pretended to be dating someone with her exact description, not knowing that a real Lamppost existed...or that she would actually visit her Ponyville friend in the near future.

Eye Soar

Vinyl Scratch and Allie Way's (adoptive) mother. She is an optometrist.

Socky Pearbottom

The mascot of "Pearbottom & Sons", a restaurant chain founded by Carapace as a way to make some additional bits. He's a sock puppet, as well as the biological son of Pearbottom Sr., the (fictional) founder of the restaurant chain.


A religious figure, revered as the mother of Celestia and Luna, even though no actual record of her existence...exists.

King Sombra

Former tyrant of the Crystal Empire. DEAD.

    Notable Guests, Cameos, and Friends (from other blogs) 

Brainy Twilight

A version of Twilight from another realm, who is nothing more than a brain in a jar. The TV Tropes page on her original blog can be found here.

After winding up in the Readingverse as part of a party, and accidentally being stranded in it for a brief period of time, Brainy Twilight became fond of the realm and decided to frequently visit it. Some of her notable contributions include turning a fair portion of the cast into cyborgs, and becoming Carapace's main love interest.

Priddy Pinkie

Priddy is from the "Pony Earth Verse", a realm where the human Earth and Equestria randomly fused together one day, creating a gateway between them and combining some personalities together. "Priddy" Pinkie is equal parts Pinkie Pie and the male human she combined with, gaining an interest in science and a preference for shirts in addition to enjoying wild parties and making others laugh. He/She is married to "Erishy", who is his/her world's Fluttershy combined with a different human.

Priddy makes frequent visits to the Readingverse and has befriended many of its residents, notably Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. Not only did a friend of Priddy's create Punk the Butterfly, Priddy even invited them to his/her world as guests for a wedding between two of her other friends.

Empress Fluttershy

A cruel-hearted version of Fluttershy that rules over an alternate universe that includes Digimon. She frequently interacts with the Readingverse Fluttershy, who tries to instill the value of kindness, and they once switched places for a day to deal with a problem in the Empress's realm. However, Fluttershy is the only pony that actually takes her seriously.

Burden Of Truth...And Bill

Burden Of Truth is a large skeletal demigod that is actually kinda pathetic. He tries taunting the denizens of the Readingverse on occasion, but as his main targets are ponies like Deadpan Snarker Carrot Top, it rarely ends well for him. Also, he lives in his mom's house and ended up making a world of his creation disbelieve in him after Burden lost it in the couch cushions.

Bill, however, is a random Raremon from Empress Fluttershy's world. After being convinced by the Readingverse Luna that he should form his own identity rather than remaining just another "mon", he gave himself the name Bill (which did in fact boost his self-confidence), somehow left the digital realm, and ended up renting a room in Burden's mom's house.

Scorched Flame

Although Scorched Flame's main blog involves different versions of the same character, the Flame that interacts with the Reading Rainbowverse is a large red dragon that lives in their version of Whitetail Woods. Though he has shown attraction to ponies, which leads to creeping some out if he sends messages to them while drunk and lonely, he does manage to be friends with a few of them.

Diane Pie

A version of Pinkie Pie whose talent was for magic and science instead of parties. When Pinkie Pie threw a party for Bonbon to help her deal with Lyra not reciprocating Bonbon's feelings, Diane was a guest, and she helped set up electronic floating cameras to help Bonbon record images while blogging.

(Legend of) Lyra

When Bonbon tried to traverse across universes on her own in her brief stint to find a Lyra that reciprocated her love, she ended up in this Lyra's world. This Lyra arrived just in time to save Bonbon from Gohma, and after working together to defeat it, Bonbon's friends were able to get in contact with her and convince her to return home.

Medusa Pony

The Queen of Echidna, and the host of Bonbon's first cruise to an alternate universe. Although she has snakes on her head and can turn ponies to stone, she is actually fairly playful and lighthearted, and enjoyed the tourists while they were there.


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