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Tao Village Guild Leaders

    PK the Kecleon

Owner: purplekecleon

One of the main focuses of the plot, PK is a purple Kecleon who's known for being hot-headed and impetuous, earning her a fearful reputation among traders around and outside of Tao Village. She's known for being the head of the Merchants' guild, with Shroomsworth as her business partner and Sandy as her personal assistant. Her rash decisions usually result in Shroomsworth having to clean up after her. While she comes off as very intimidating, she will do whatever it takes to save Tao Village from danger.

It was revealed that PK grew up with her sister Anana and her abusive father to learn the strict family business of trade.

During the second arc, after the destruction of Tao Village and Shroomsworth's bitter farewell, PK became horribly stressed and changed from purple to black. Was responsible for awakening Sorbet, leading to the destruction of Tao Village, Shroomsworth absence of leave, and eventually being engaged to Twigs. Currently locked in the past due to a failed Rescue attempt to save Jasmine.

  • Accidental Murder: Her theft of the Thistle Whistle eventually lead to the death of the Elder Shroom, who gave his life protecting Sporegard from the cold. Additionally, her awakening Sorbet in the first place led to the deaths of many Pokemon and the loss of much wildlife in the area when he was under an illusion.
  • Anti-Hero: She's a good person at heart, but she's exceptionally rude, crass, and all too commonly acts in ways that alienate herself from those who care about her.
  • Embarrassing First Name: Papaya Kiwi.
  • Jerkass: While PK may have some good moments, she has her bad ones too. Look no further than the story A Deal with or her treatment of Mike in the final parts of the Dates
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While many days she's bitter and loud, she's always willing to pitch in and help the village. She also has many Pet the Dog moments with Sandy.
  • My Greatest Failure: Failing to save Charles, one of PK's very friends she could trust, from sickness despite her best efforts.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • Preforms this when Sorbet attacks the village under an illusion's influence.
    • Preforms another soon after when she realizes the impact of stealing the Thistle whistle, which causes Shroomsworth to leave Tao
    • She was also horrified when she her conscience comes back in "In a Flash" when she started molesting Rhodes.
  • Please Don't Leave Me:Performs this on Shroomsworth when he is leaving Tao after he learned the death of the Sapling Village. It fails.
  • Sanity Slippage: The combination of Tao's destruction and Shroomsworth bitter resignation led PK to become so depressed and sleep depraved that she started to hallucinate of Sorbet who had recently been sealed away again. she didn't get better until Mike's return from Gambitville and shortly before Jasmine's capture.
  • Sex Slave: Was once one for Tivoli. She got him back for this however.
  • Shopkeeper: Say hello to the owner of the Only Shop in Town.

    Shroomsworth the Breloom 
Shroomsworth is a Breloom who is known as for his impeccable manners and solid business sense. Easily recognized by his exquisite monocle, he is one of the leaders of the Merchant guild along with PK. He speaks with a British accent and tends to be fluent and dignified at all times. Often regarded as somewhat greedy, he has gotten himself into trouble in the past over attempting to maximize profits and minimize losses. He expresses disgust over the idea of using spore-related or dust-related abilities, and as such has none.
  • The Bus Came Back: Returned to Tao Village in the prologue of Mission 7 only to find that PK was gone.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Planned on facilitating it in others for profit.
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen: Prefers fair 1 vs. 1 fights. Even as a Shroomish he refused to use his spores in battle.
  • Running Gag: People constantly allude to the incident involving him, Merlot, a toll he refused to pay, and the resulting punishment he suffered.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: As a Breloom, he is very capable of doing this.
  • Put on a Bus: Resigned as a Merchant leader to succeed Elder Shroom as the Elder for Sapling Village In the Mission 6 Prologue.

    Sandy the Deino

A Deino who lived with in Merlot's castle for most of her life before hitching a ride with Shroomsworth to escape the fate of wearing a maid outfit. While she hasn't offered much in the way of information about her upbringing, she is completely loyal to the merchants for not taking her back to Merlot. She helps PK and the merchants in any way she can, and acts as the guard for the base of the Merchants. Like all Deinos, she is blind and relies on smell and sound to interact with others

As of the second arc, Sandy has become more and more depressed due to PK's negligence of her when PK herself was recovering from the events of Mission 5. She now spends most of her time either playing with Maple to cope or hiding under PK's bed.

  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Has been known to lash out furiously from time to time. She also claims the first on-screen kill in the main story.
Sandy: If anything new happens, like people caring about me, I'll be under PK's bed.
  • All Animals Are Dogs: Something of an early gag - a few Pokemon assumed she was, and her relationship with PK is not unlike that of a sentient dog and her master.

    Rhodes the Sneasel 
A young Sneasel who used to serve as Slasher's right-hand man in his gang. After his death, Rhodes organized the rest of the Sneasels as "pathfinders" and joined the Merchant's Guild.
  • The Atoner: Serves the Merchants loyally to make up his time as a thief of Slasher's Gang.
  • Children Are Innocent:
    • Not as much as Terra, but it took a long time for him to realize that Slasher's gang was doing bad things.
    • He's also completely clueless about procreation and at a loss for what to do when PK comes on to him.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Going further, his scars (courtesy Slasher) are on the opposite cheek from Slasher's own.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Almost The Dog Bites Back. He tips off PK to what Slasher plans to do with Sandy, and he's stuck with the Merchants ever since.
  • I Didn't Mean to Turn You On: In "In a Flash", Rhodes gives a hug of gratitude to PK (while PK was under the influence of a mystical item, mind you) led up to this.

    Sorbet the Kyurem

Kyurem, an ancient dragon. It is nameless, but PK decided to name it Sorbet. PK and some of her guild members released Sorbet during Mission 3, after fighting with Coliche, a Virizion that protected the altar for the God Stone that PK held. It was located in Icy Cavern. Currently dormant after his rampage in Tao Village.

  • Embarrassing Nickname: Sorbet, as he originally had no name.
  • No Biological Sex: Ordinarily, this is averted among the legendaries in PMD-E, but it's played straight with Sorbert. Possibly to fit its Wuji - the lack of feminine Yin or masculine Yang - theme.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Has lived for many, many centuries. One of the very select few with "Ancient" as his age.

    Malt the Miltank 
A Miltank who used to work on Tao Ranch as an accountant, alongside his sister Ovaltine.

After Sorbet's rampage, Malt went to Tao Village to help with the cleanup, hoping to impress PK and Shroomsworth by getting as much work as possible done. Instead, he found a black, heartbroken PK with her partner nowhere to be found.

After consoling her he became the new Merchant Guild Leader Assistant.

  • The Chick: He's the least combat inclined (that we've seen) and generally the most caring of the Merchants, and works to keep them all together amid the sea of hardship they're stuck floating on.
  • Transsexual: Miltank are always female, but Malt has a male self-identity.

    Devonshire the Sableye

Devonshire the Sableye is the questionable leader of the Rogues. Quiet and ominous, he does little of the gruntwork needed to further his yet unknown goals, trusting the direction of his partner Gunpowder. Shrouded with a past that not even he can completel recall, this ghost he is known as one of the most shady residents in Tao. Smart, cunning, and collected, he is the talk of much speculation in Tao. Strangely enough, his first date of residence within Tao Village is unknown as well; he's been there as long as anyone can remember.

  • Badass Bureaucrat: On top of the Rouges guild, he also runs a lesser known law firm.
  • Intangibility: Passing through him while he's intangible is a really bad idea.
  • Inter Generational Friendship: With a young Merlot in life. She hasn't forgotten him, and even recognizes him despite being an entirely different species, well over a century after his death.
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: Really not that bad of a guy, at least once he properly got his trauma over being undead under control. He's only done one particularly deplorable thing in story on purpose, and that was due to his Rogues' failure. And while he appears to have an agenda of his own and isn't opposed to utilizing illicit means to achieve it, he tends to act with Tao and his allies' best interests in mind, all the same.
  • Slasher Smile: His smiles are rarely pleasant, as a row of gem-shattering teeth can be enough to unnerve almost anyone. That said, he does this often.

    Gunpowder the Gabite

Gunpowder the Gabite is the questionable leader of the Rogues. Sassy and powerful, he does much of the gruntwork needed to further his yet unknown goals, trusting the direction of his partner Devonshire. Being known as quite the liar, his background is as of yet a mystery, with the only certainty being that he was at some point a pirate on the open seas.

He is rather abrasive at the best of times, but as many guild members have discovered, he is especially so about certain topics. One such subject is his back "fin". Some have claimed that a male Gabite should have a chipped fin, but Gunpowder is quick to dismiss such claims, saying "I take good care of meself," and that these claims are without any basis to begin with, due to a lack of other Gabite for comparison. Another touchy subject for Gunpowder, although less so, is the topic of "evolution". Gunpowder has a sort of hatred towards Garchomp in general, and is disgusted by the idea of becoming one, although his reasons are unknown.

  • Transsexual: He looks like a female Gabite, but he identifies as a male.

    Chex the Cubone 
An unusual Cubone who showed up around the beginning of mission one with an unknown purpose, as he's a mute who only occasionally writes his thoughts on a card. Has an amicable relationship with Devonshire, who discovered that Chex came from a graveyard. Almost always seen with a small wagon full of bones. He is raised by his foster mothers, Ivory and Jill. Chex has been known to be very friendly to all Pokemon he meets
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Who keeps the bones afterward, too. To his credit (or not), he and his family usually aren't the ones that kill them.
  • The Voiceless: He communicates with cards and squeaks when excited or agitated, but is otherwise mute.

Dmitri showed up in Tao one day, seeking advice from Sorbet. He tends to be a bit naive and simplistic, and doesn't often converse well with others. He is terrible at writing.
  • Fantastic Racism: His species' hatred of Seviper extends to all snakes for Dmitri, only excluding serpent-like Pokemon (i.e. Dragonair).
  • Friend to All Children: to the point he steals to feed them.

    Chill the Minccino

Owner: crayon-chewer

Chill the Minccino is the founder and original leader of the Rescuers Guild and a member of Team Valor alongside Mike, whom he seems to treat more like a kid brother. He follows a strong sense of justice, causing him to relentlessly help others while punishing what he sees as injustice. On the flip side, he's a known womanizer, avid gambler, and seems to avoid letting anyone get too close to him. Despite this, he always looks cool.

During Mission 4, he was forced to resign after a his nemesis Shiv paralyzed his sister shortly after his seemingly being defeated. He left Mike in charge while he stayed in Snowy Village. On a trip to visit Tao to see how things were and to visit Mike, he was met by Chex requesting his help to save Gunpowder from Blight.

  • An Ice Person: Can use Blizzard and Ice Punch. He can also wield the Icicle Triangle
  • The Ace: Has a huge collection of trophies his partner Mike envies, and is easily the more competent of the original Rescuers.
  • Cool Shades: Over the top, Kamina style ones are a trademark of his.
  • Put on a Bus: Left to look over his family after Mission 4 because Cindi was rendered unable to walk and that their father left.
  • The Bus Came Back: He has finally returned during Mission 8, sans sunglasses.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Always seen wearing his shades. His eyes were closed during the brief period they were knocked off.
    • Up until he came back without them in Mission 8, anyway.

    Michael/Mike the Charmander/Charmeleon
Click here  to see Mike as a Charmeleon.

Owner: crayon-chewer

Mike is the co-leader of the Rescuers' Guild and a member of Team Valor, a hot-headed young Charmander who came from Gambitville. He's not the best at leading, and is often overpowered or taken advantage of by the other guild leaders.

As of Mission 7, he evolved into a Charmeleon.

    Fresnel the Ampharos 

Owner: buyo-baka

After dropping in on the Merchant hut during a heated discussion and finding the atmosphere less than pleasant, Fresnel entered the Rescuer's treehouse looking for quiet shelter. Mike had just received a letter from Chill outlining the events at Snowy Village. As a direct result, Mike lost his temper and left the treehouse, shoving Fresnel out of the way.

Fresnel picked up the discarded letter and read it, realizing why Mike was so angry, but also that the triangle he left on the desk was the Icicle Triangle, a Legendary Instrument. He leaves in order to educate Mike on the importance of the artifact at once. Mike loses his temper with Fresnel again, but Maple overheard and asked Fresnel to return.

Upon learning that Mike cannot play the Triangle and Maple can, Fresnel asked what reason they had for seeking the instrument in the first place. Mike replies that it was something to do with Sorbet, and they convince Maple to play for the Kyurem to gauge its effect on him. An adventurer who came to Tao Village.

  • Straight Gay: Mostly. He has a few flamboyant mannerisms, and his voice actor gave him an overwrought lisp, but he's pretty level about it otherwise.

    Maple the Stunky

Owner: michael2021

Mike's sister, she came alongside Syrup to visit Tao Village on the Rogues' request. She loves both her mother, Syrup, and Mike, so she tries to stay on good terms with both of them.

    Winston the Whimsicott 
Winston the Whimsicott drifted in from Windswept Woods. Having a peaceful demeanor, he prefers to do as little fighting as possible. He chose to apprentice at the tailor shop rather than join an adventuring guild. At the tailors' he contributed his fibers to make comfy clothes, but Chrys was still teaching him how to sew.

In the Mission 7 epilogue, Winston was murdered by a feral Sneasel.

  • We Hardly Knew Ye: He'd been around for a while, but when the spotlight finally fell on him, Winston didn't get much to do before he was killed.

Tao Village

    Tao Village 

Auntie Kanga the Kangaskhan and Roo

A motherly and kind Kangaskhan who runs the Kangaskhan Storage in Tao Village. She's never lost an item, no matter how insignificant. Carries her daughter, Roo, in her pouch.

Barty the Drifblim

Bartholomew the runs Barty's Bluff, transporting guild members and their belongings anywhere they wish free of charge. He runs the service alongside his two Drifloon brothers, Orville and Wilbur. He commands his "Drifleet," a group of Drifloon who work at the Bluff.

He owns a number of outposts that are scattered throughout the land.

Chrys the Leavanny

The owner of Leavanny's Tailor and Accessories, Chrys is the main Pokemon responsible for distributing accessories to members of the Merchants, Rescuers, and Rogues. His strictly disciplined fashion sense leads him to be very mindful of how his customers wear his carefully hand-sewn products.

Gnasher the Banette

Gnasher is the ghostly spirit of Slasher, reanimated within a Banette sewn by Chrys. He seeks to atone for what he's done in putting his apparent talents as a tailor to work for the village he once antagonized. Though bearing good intentions, his personality is still somewhat abrasive and tends to favor those with respectable talent (as far as he's concerned) over anyone else. He toils to add personal touches to already-existing accessories for the various teams of Tao, and is always proud to show off his work.

Sherri the Cherrim

Sherri was rescued from a pack of Mightyena and brought to Tao Village. Now she works with Chrys, using her extensive knowledge of botany to make dyes for colorful accessories.

Opal the Seviper

A jewel-cutter who worked in Gambitville. She takes in unrefined gems, and cuts them into jewelry to be sold at in Alomomola Bay. She is Guld's daughter. She met Mike when he visited Gambitville. He and Syrup offered to help her collect gems, so she could fulfill her dream of becoming a jewel-cutter. During their journey she started to develop feelings for Mike, which seem to be mutual.

Has currently left Tao due to Frensel's negilence of her and Dmitri's genetic racism.

Michelle ("Missy") the Blissey

Michelle, aka Missy, runs the hatchery at Tao Village and tends to both the eggs and young pokemon that hatch from them, running both the hatchery and a daycare together. Her facilities tend to get crowded with more pokemon than she can take care of. On several occasions, she has requested the help of various guilds in looking after the baby pokemon. Occasionally Missy allows teams to adopt some of the young pokemon, both pokemon eggs and/or baby pokemon. However generally she only allows certain types to be adopted at any given time, and only if the team has completed a mission or so.

Vergil the Patrat

Vergil is the head of the hired security forces, the Patrat Patrol, tasked with keeping the village safe from wrongdoers.

Scout the Patrat

Scout is Vergil's right-hand Patrat and is responsible for apprehending troublemakers in the village. His top priority is maintaining the peace.

Archimedes the Pidove

Archimedes runs the Pidove Post and works feverishly to make sure all the mail is properly delivered. He never slacks off or dawdles.

Cyclone the Swellow

Cyclone is a Swellow who grew up in Creeping Forest. She recently went to Tao Village for the first time and, after getting into some trouble, had to do community service as an assistant mail carrier to Archimedes. After completing this, she decided that she wants to stay in the village and continue assisting him.

Vertigo the Spinda

Vertigo is the owner of Spinda Café. He is known for his distinct speech patterns (often saying things like "A hoi hoi hoi!" and "Ayup yup!" to his customers), his wobbly way of walking, and most notably, how only he can read the unique swirly marks he writes on bills to customers without getting dizzy. Despite his unusual mannerisms and erratic behavior, he has a reputation for running his café very well, making it one of the most popular hangouts in the village.

Hops the Shuckle

Hops the Shuckle works at Spinda Café and is one of the best bartenders ever, talented in both showmanship and taste. He stores berries in his shell and juggles them both in his spare time and while making and mixing his drinks to give a great show.

Jones the Scolipede

A sort of bum-looking Scolipede who plays the piano in the cafe. Doesn't talk much. He is dating Chrys.

Pal the Smeargle

Pal is a young painter who dreams of becoming the best artist in all of Tao Village. He works alongside Palette and with the Merchant's Guild often to find work painting on walls and doing frescoes.


A painter who works alongside Pal, Palette the Zoroark is a former Rogue who swindled rich clients by imitating beautiful pieces of art that faded after she left with the payment. She now works as an honest painter, sometimes working at a steep discount, or even for free, due to her past as a rogue. Having worked with Pal extensively, she ended up learning Sketch from him.

Master Foo the Mienfoo

He runs the Mienfoo Dojo in Tao Village where Pokemon can evolve, and will give an Evolutionary Scroll to deserving teams that have earned the rights to the secret of evolution. He is the grandson of Master Shao. He says that he will never evolve until his grandfather has passed away; he has a strange respect for him, but refuses to talk about it.

Master Shao the Mienshao

Master Shao is an old and extremely wise Mienshao and the grandfather of Master Foo. He's a tutor for all sorts of moves a Pokemon might not normally be privy to. He has a hut out near Snowy Village and has been a hermit for a while. He's known Zhu for a long time and finds delight in the fireworks shows his friend puts on display. He is rather hard of sight and hearing in his old age, but is still a master in combat. He has an unfortunate fondness for puns.

Callahan the Ninetales

Having come from Dusty Woods, Callahan is rather foreign. Everyone is unsure if he's shiny, or just gray and scruffy from old age, but it's impossible to tell because his tail tips are stained with black ink. He's taken it upon himself to help relieve the guilds of filling out paperwork concerning their guild members. His records are accurate and precise, saving the guild leaders a lot of time that might have been wasted on filling out forms.He quite enjoys heckling, and is always in the mood to hear or tell a story.

  • Badass Bookworm: Enjoys reading, storytelling, and secretarial work, and is probably one of the most dangerous Pokemon alive in Tao.
  • Blood Knight: To the point that, with the knowledge that he would not be killed in the attacks on Past Tao, he requests that the visitors from the future fight him to as close to death as possible, just for kicks.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Happily eats other Pokemon, or so he says.
  • Jerkass: One of the most prominent, which is saying something considering his boss, PK.
  • Jerk Ass Has A Point: Calls out Shroomsworth for exploiting the troubles in Tao and Alomomola for profit.
  • Loners Are Freaks
  • Pet the Dog: Taking in Zaru, which is almost subverted when he rebuffs her interest in him harshly. He gets another with Shroomsworth by snapping him out of Anana's Attract.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Really a little over 300. 150 years in the past, he hardly looks different other than the color of his coat!


Callahan's assistant; Zaru spends her time helping the Ninetales with various tasks, improving her reading skills and, whenever she has some spare time, hanging out at Sleepytime Books.


She came to Tao Village some time during Mission 6 to help PK create designs for the new buildings.

Dr. Kaiser Quack the Golduck

A doctor who seems to be obsessed with studying disease and sickness, more so than helping Pokemon. Of course, he'll still provide medical treatment, for a price.

Poppy the Happiny

Poppy is a nurse who hopes to become a doctor.

Remedy the Audino

Remedy is a surgeon who has worked tirelessly to help Pokemon. She has trained to know the inner workings of every body type and often works for free.


Owner and proprietor, Sleepytime Books LLC. A fellow who originally came from the bay area with his companion Vic; they bought a little piece of Tao to sell books at. He likes to run self-help courses using Hypnosis alongside Vic.


Gerard's childhood friend and employee. Generally totes around the books by means of a cart, but is knowledgeable about much fiction and nonfiction alike.

Charles the Smoochum

PK's childhood friend.

Castle Draclugia

    Merlot the Lugia

Merlot is a Lugia, the lady and caretaker of Castle Draclugia. Like most legendary Pokemon, rumors abound about her: from her age, weight, and dietary habits to other more scandalous secrets involving her servants and backroom deals with the local guild leaders, Merlot is a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a fashionable velvet cape. While all rumors about her being a vampire have been confirmed as false, it is true that she loves Dragon-type Pokemon and dressing her servants up as maids, for whatever reason.

  • Hiki Komori: She has never been outside the Creeping Woods, and has rarely ever personally ventured outside her own castle because of two Father figures promised to return and never did. Well, at least not alive
  • Hypnotic Eyes: Merlot is able to hypnotize unwilling pokemon to become her servants, she has stopped the practice though.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Merlot mostly grew up alone surrounded by her castle guards and servants.
  • Wine Is Classy: Not only is she named after it but Merlot is often shown to be drinking it.


  • Ninja Maid: She serves as the muscle amongst Merlot's servants and will not hesitate to take objectives by force if it means making her mistress happy.

Merlot's chef.
  • Anything That Moves: Goes from getting very affectionate with Shroomsworth, to dropping him and perking up when Dmitri is seen. Also implied to have a thing for Udon.
  • Camp Gay: Despite being bi. Since he didn't act that way when he was a Dratini, one can assume he picked it up from Merlot's... eccentric... body of servants.

Merlot's crass but well-spoken and well-read librarian. Maintains a prototypical Pokedex as a pet project. One of the few Pokemon exempt from Merlot's dress code, due to tirelessly resisting it.
  • Worthy Opponent: He's fond of finding others that can match or best him at games of wit - it was how he agreed to take on Caldera as his assistant, and the (suggested) method of acquiring a library card.

Lexy's assistant. Also exempt from the dress code, as a body of flames is less than ideal for clothing.
  • Badass Bookworm: Incredibly smart, and the one you really need to look out for if you plan on stealing from the library.
  • Battle Butler: Guards the library as much as he curates it.
  • Satellite Character: More or less exists as a slightly more polite add on to Lexy. That can fly and burn things.



  • Ambiguously Gay: Only shows up briefly during the second doujin, but he acts very flamboyantly.

Alomomola Bay

    Anana the Kecleon

Anana is PK's twin sister, a Kecleon who takes after her sibling (or is it the other way around?) and runs the Alomomola Bay Merchants' guild. Despite the sibling resemblance, her personality contrasts quite a bit with PK's sometimes sour disposition. She's known to be incredibly kind and caring to those around her, lending her a great reputation in the Alomomola Bay area.

Anana has been known to donate to a great many causes, including shelters for the poor and hungry. Ever since her parents left her in charge of Alomomola City's Merchant' guild, she's economized the entire city. Nearly every establishment is a subsidy of her guild. She manages a great many Pokemon, orchestrating the city's fantastic success since her take over.

Recently, she's been under a lot of stress, as many of the Bay's overseas suppliers have been cut off by a mysterious storm. In addition, there have been an inordinate amount of dead bodies that keep showing up...

  • The Dark Side: Anana has on different occasions either tried or succeeded convincing others that her way was the best way by temptation and manipulation.
  • Shock and Awe: Her bright yellow coloring indicates she is a electric type.

    Terra the Bagon 


A friend of Anana. She came under her apprenticeship after being rescued from the waters of the Bay. After being fully healed by the Bay's resident Witch Doctor, Lamia, Terra revealed that she arrived in that state after a failed attempt to fly off Prosphora's Cathedral Drop. When Terra concluded that she would not be returning to the cathedral due to her lack of wings, Anana made Terra her shop assistant.

Although honest to the point of bluntness, she has good intentions and does whatever she can to help Anana out.

  • Ironic Name: Her name is Terra, referring to how she's stuck on the ground due to a lack of wings as a Bagon.



A foreigner from a continent called Velle. He left with Viktor and Lillum for the Bay, but their ship was destroyed in a violent storm. Appears to be a cartographer.


The second of the Velle foreigners; he seems to be an architect.


The last of the three foreigners who survived the storm, Lillum only speaks Vinglish. Seems to be a painter of some sort.

Prismatic Jungle

    Prismatic Jungle 

Tivoli the Tyranitar

A tyrant leader of the Prismatic Jungle, he enforces only one law in the land: The weak die and the strong live. He used to hold power over many Dragon and Dragon-like Pokémon through the exploit of the Draconicello, but after its theft, relies on brute force. He forces all girls residing in the jungle to wear ribbons identifying them as such and has a special hatred for Charizards.

Ribbons the Larvitar

Treasured dearly by her father Tivoli. It is claimed that Ruben used to be her surrogate mother, before she left the Prismatic Jungle. Tivoli will not allow any other shiny Pokemon to be in the jungle, as she is the most precious.

Ribbons had an unfortunate encounter with Devonshire, who tried to enter the Temple unsuccessfully. She fell into a relentless nightmare from which she can't wake.



Syrup the Skuntank

Syrup is Mike's and Maple's mother, a now a retired, but well-known rogue. She now lives on the outskirts of Gambitville. Having grown up a harsh environment, Syrup had to learn how to be a rough and tough Pokémon in order to survive. She has no qualms eating other Pokémon, or in doing what she wants, regardless of what others may think of her.

While she usually resides in her home, she gets the drive to adventure from time to time and leaves her hometown for long periods of time.


Owner of The Goldglug Saloon in Gambitville. He's seen all sorts of Pokemon enter his doors, and tolerates them as well as he can, whether they have good intentions or not...

Based on his cooking and mannerisms, Donahue seems to be of foreign descent.

Savannah the Cacturne

The desert rose of Gambitville and Donahue's precious daughter. She performs in the Goldglug Saloon as a singer, her songs sending weary travelers into a blissful sleep.

Guld/Gold the Seviper

Guld was a mean-spirited Seviper who had a knack for causing trouble, until he crossed paths with Syrup and became her dinner. Now deceased and believing his name is "Gold", he searches for his daughter Opal, who he calls "Pearl", in order to possess her body.

The Boneyard Residents

    The Boneyard Residents 


A Mandibuzz who is the owner of The Boneyard. She is Chex's foster mother along with Jill. She has tutored him in the role of being the gravekeeper for the land. While somewhat intimidating at first, Ivory is actually very friendly.


Jill is an Aerodactyl who personally delivers the dead to The Boneyard to be laid to rest, and can be called upon by grieving friends and family to do so. Has previous experience serving under Tivoli in the Prismatic Jungle. She is Chex's foster mother, along with Ivory.

Past Tao Village

    Past Tao Village 

Micle Nomel ("Grand Kec")

In the past, Micle was in charge of the Merchant Hut in Tao Village and is the great-great-grandfather of PK and Anana. He is currently defending Tao Village from the Dark Moon Clan, with help from Brooke.

He is sexist, prideful, and chauvinistic, and his views are brutal and old-fashioned. Is always on the lookout for "cute girls", to create more heirs to his fortune.—-

  • Kick the Dog:
    • He gives a couple of ponchos to PK to help with her camouflage (since her body stripe was still visible whenever she camouflaged) and defend herself against the Dark-type Zoroark. What did he make them out of? The tails of his wife and one of his sons.
    • He gleefully murders Ceylon in the most gruesome way possible, then skins his pelt off.
  • Stepford Smiler: Almost everything he does he does with a gleeful smile, whether it's greeting people, talking about battle plans, skinning the pelt of a dead Shaymin...


Ceylon the Shaymin

The leader of a tribe of Shaymin shamans residing on a tree. Ceylon has red eyes, an unusual trait in Shaymin, which usually have green eyes.

  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: He identifies as male despite Shaymin not having any gender.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Micle kills then skins him.
  • Sadistic Choice: He is the subject of one. Mike and Micle need the sap from his people's tree to cure a Rattata as well as Percy, who are inflicted with never-ending nightmares due to a Zoroark. However, the tree will only sap if Ceylon's blood is spilled... Though some members of the group tried to use Exact Words logic, the administrators clarify that the tree does mean that Ceylon must be killed. Micle ends up killing him in canon.
  • Take a Third Option: Some members of the group proposed an alternative solution to having Ceylon's blood be shed in order for the tree to give its sap: Ceylon just needs to make a non-lethal cut and drip some of his blood on the tree. The administrators overruled that possibility.


Perry keeps track of inventory and also defends inner Tao Village from intruders. He lost his wives in one of the most recent attacks from the Zoroark Tribe. He is Auntie Kanga's father.


In the past, Brooke worked under Micle. She introduced herself to PK and Rhodes as a Banded Dragon of Loire, third generation. She was in charge of leading a resistance group to fight and kill members of a tribe who tried to chase Micle and other villagers off the land.

  • Plot Hole: Percy is afflicted with a nightmare, but Brooke, someone close to him, doesn't catch it.

Dark Moon Clan

    Dark Moon Clan 

Shade the Zoroark

A mysterious Zoroark with unknown motives. It is said that with a legendary instrument known as the Twilight Clarinet, she can create extremely powerful illusions. She was the one who was behind many major attacks on Tao Village in the past and in recent events.


The firstborn of Shade's children. Rather rude and hard to get along with, and disrespectful to those he deems insignificant.


The second child of Shade, and the only female of the litter. Somewhat quick-tempered and emotional, but easier to talk to than Hatch.


The youngest of Shade's litter, and the quietest one. He's very somber most of the time, preferring to be alone while his siblings cause trouble.

Blot/Blight the Zoroark

A skinless Zoroark who lives in constant pain. Wishes desperately to serve a master, although he hasn't specified who. Devonshire found his bandages on the way back to Tao, confirming his death. Has returned as a Cofagrigus named Blight.

Gleam the Zoroark

A Zoroark who sacrificed his mouth to gain strength from a Savior.


Gleam's mate. Blind from sacrificing her eyes to a Savior to "sense greatness."


Offers his body during the day on a new moon as a vessel for Darkrai.


Offers her body during the night on a new moon as a vessel for Darkrai.

Order of the Sun

    Prosphora the Ho-Oh 


A shiny Ho-Oh who lives a life of solitude within Cathedral Drop. He prefers not to meddle in trivial affairs of others. If he ever was to leave the cathedral, residents of Alomomola Bay wouldn't miss him, his exit being made known by the rainbow trail he leaves behind. Many Pokemon have come to call it "Prosphora's Blessing."

As the Pope, Prosphora has many duties, however his most pivotal being placatel the war between light and darkness. To him there always has been war and always will be, however this does not disuade the Ho-oh from completeing his task. The cause of this war is unknown to him, however it's influence is not. Acorridng to him "There is a pervasive sort of cloud that has been resting over the land for centuries, causing more and more Pokemon to commit vile acts against others for no reason whatsoever. It’s caused much extra work for my paladins and for the musketeers. Pokemon’s lives are becoming more jumbled and chaotic."

Prosphora is immortal, and has been reborn many a time. With each reincarnation, he loses some of his memories, but has them restored with a reading of his previous life's memoirs. Before this life cycle, his colouration has been that of normal scarlet-hue. However this time, he is golden. Prosphora's alternate colouration may be only a spectacle to regular Pokemon, however to Prosphora and his followers, it symboloses something on a much grander scale. The Ho-oh himself claims that his colouration denotes a more significant purpose—that his actions will directly beneift and influnce the "Creator" more closely.

It seems that Prosphora has the power to sense when evil looms over a particular place.



A disciple of the Order of the Sun. After the Sorbet incident in Tao Village, Gabriel was assigned by Prosphora to set up a mission there, along with Ezekiel.


Along with Gabriel, Ezekiel was assigned to set up a base in Tao Village called the "Missionary of the Divine Arc" by Prosphora after the Sorbet incident.

  • Meaningful Name: In the Bible, Ezekiel is a prophet in the Old Testament and has a book named after him, the Book of Ezekiel.

The Periy Family

    The Periy Family 

In General

A family of Kecleons.

  • Awful Wedded Life}} Lychee and Cheri are not completely satisfied with their lives with their respective husbands, Micle and Augave.
  • It Runs in the Family: Lampshaded by Callahan when he asks Anana why her family is always trying to upstage each other for Tao Village.
  • The Unfavorite: Salac, because of him being gay and lack of interest to produce heirs, and PK because of her attitude and not contributing to her parents' business as well as her sister.
  • Theme Naming: Micle, Lychee, Topo, Salac, Persi, Peach, Melon, Augave, Cheri, Payapa, and Anana are all named after fruit and berries. Interestingly, Ava is the only one that doesn't fit the theme.

    Lychee Pinea Periy 

PK and Anana's great-grandmother, the wife of Micle Nomel, and mother to Topo, Salac, and Persi.

  • Broken Bird: She is very quiet, and less than happy with her marriage with Micle Nomel. Fittingly enough with the trope name she's a Flying type.

    Topo Loquat Periy 
Micle and Lychee's first-born.
  • Blank White Eyes: Because of an illness that caused him to lose his sight.
  • Born Unlucky: Let's see: he got his tail chopped off as a child, got sick, went blind, and died young.

    Salac Lime Periy 
Micle and Lychee's second son, he does not have a good relationship with his father. Originally he was supposed to inherit Almomola City and Tao Village but he got disowned.
  • Friend to Bugs: Salac is a Bug type enthusiast and wants to become one himself.

    Persi Current Periy 
Micle and Lychee's third son, and PK and Anana's grandfather. He inherited Tao Village and Alomomola City from Micle. He is married to Peach.

    Persik "Peach" Periy 
PK and Anana's grandmother, and wife to Persi. She came from overseas and she enjoys baking.

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