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  • No one at the hospital believes Kurosu from Ana Satsujin when he says his wife is trying to kill him. He nearly died so they assume he's confused or still under the medication.
  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts: Nobody believes that Akihisa Yoshii knows how to cook because for those few episodes, we see him only eating sugar. Imagine everyone's surprise when he cooks paella.
  • Bleach:
    • When Ishida first appeared in Soul Society, Mayuri realised that Soul Society was vulnerable to Quincy attack and, because Yamamoto had failed to kill an old enemy in the past, a Quincy attack is precisely what was going to happen. Yamamoto dismissed Mayuri's advice as paranoia, and that was a fatal mistake.
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    • Happens to Ichigo when his futile attempts at trying to tell everyone that Tsukishima is a villain, but because of all the Fake Memories they've been implanted with, they're more convinced that Ichigo is the real problem.
  • In Blue Exorcist, at one point Shura douses everyone in holy water to ward off demons - everyone except Rin, that is. When the others suspiciously question her visible hesitation, she answers that he's allergic to holy water, as ridiculous as that sounds. An episode later, the team is in a sticky situation when Rin unexpectedly announces that he was never good at lying and unleashes the signature blue Hellfire that's supposed to be the trademark of Satan. Another episode later, the kids find out what the audience already knew from episode two: Rin's biological father is none other than Satan himself, making him a half-demon. As Shura put it earlier, pouring holy water onto the poor boy wouldn't have been a pretty sight.
  • Code Geass:
    • One of the most tragic examples comes when Lelouch, having just agreed with Euphie's terms behind the Special Administrative Zone, alludes to his power of Geass, but she doesn't believe him. He persists in giving more insidious possibilities of powers, until he just happens to be looking at her and says the wrong thing the moment Power Incontinence hits.
    • Also in season 2 episode 18 where Suzaku has a hard time warning Lelouch of the FLEIJA due to Schneizel's manipulations having broken their friendship.
  • Light Yagami of Death Note subverts this several times, at one point "admitting" that he might be Kira so he can be locked up in order to prove that he isn't Kira and renounces possession of the Death Note so he can lose his memory, thus playing the role of innocent even more. It is All According to Plan.
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  • "Kid" Conan in the Detective Conan series knows about this problem, and solves it using a tranquilizer watch and a voice-changing bowtie to make it seem like someone more trustworthy in the eyes of the police is making all the deductions. Enforced because he can't afford to gain credibility: if his allies cotton on to his real identity it endangers them; if his enemies do it endangers him.
  • Doctor Slump:
    Senbei: I told you it was me!
    Midori: I'm sorry, but your voice was so quiet that I could barely hear you.
  • Doraemon: Occurs in "Soap Bubbles".
    • Noby tells Big G he'll get into trouble for putting graffiti on the wall, but Big G doesn't believe him until he sees Mr. Rumbleton.
    • Doraemon tells Noby that he shouldn't be trusted with the gadget. In the end, Noby misuses the gadget.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku, Bardock is given the power to see the future. However, he sees their planet being destroyed by Freeza. Naturally, no one takes him seriously.
  • Elfen Lied:
    • As is its fashion, Elfen Lied provides a particularly brutal example between Nana and Cute Mute Nyuu: Nana knows that Nyuu has an alternate personality called Lucy who is an Axe-Crazy mass murderer, but no-one else believes her.
    • Kouta's little sister Kanae risks her older brother's affections by insisting that she saw a horned girl kill people with arms that came out of her head at the Kamakura summer festival. Within about a minute of her saying this for the umpteenth time, Kouta is horribly made to learn that she wasn't lying.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist.
    • When Mustang is looking for some allies in the military brass, he mentions a few "strange rumors" to General Raven, including Scar liking cats and Fuhrer Bradley being a homunculus. Raven brushes it off as a bad joke from Mustang. Then immediately subverted when Raven leads Mustang into the meeting with all the top generals and ominously asks him to continue his "joke". Sometimes not being believed is not as bad as being believed by the WRONG people.
    • Played straight in the first (non-manga) episode where the renegade Freezing Alchemist is trying to destroy Central City to stop a government conspiracy at the highest levels.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, when Sōsuke explains to Kaname that he's a soldier from an elite military unit on orders to protect her, Kaname informs him that he's delusional — even as he's fighting off enemy soldiers and escaping with her across a military base. It's not until he climbs into an outdated Humongous Mecha and kicks a world of ass with it that she realizes he's telling the unvarnished truth.
  • The creator of Gantz actually reveals the entire story of the Gantz operation to a reporter who confronts him for the truth. He then invokes this trope by saying that he told the entire truth because it's so outrageous that no one would believe anyone who exposed the story.
  • Any hero in the .hack franchise can't even get to telling their parents or the authorities; despite mass server failures, clear evidence of a conspiracy or two, people trapped in the game, machine problems everywhere and comas, who would believe that an MMORPG was Serious Business?
  • In Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon tells Haruhi about Itsuki, Yuki, and Mikuru's supernatural powers, and she flat-out doesn't believe him and tells him to stop messing with her. Then she makes the movie The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00. It was not a coincidence, guys.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, England can see magical creatures while only a few other nations can (Norway and Romania). Thus nearly every other nation thinks he's gone insane when they find him talking to the air. In one strip, France, trying to get England for a meeting, walks in and sees a mob of fairies, unicorns and gnomes surrounding a sleeping England, and his reaction is hilarious.
  • High School D×D: While fighting Loki, the protagonist Issei accidentally summons a breast god. No one believes him, not even when Ddraig had to explain that yes, he did hear the voice.
  • Poor Rika in Higurashi: When They Cry. She tries to warn Tomitake and Takano, but do they ever listen to her? No; she barely comes up to their bellybuttons. (Actually, at one point Takano does seem to acknowledge Rika's foresight, but that's only because she knows what's going to happen; it's her Evil Plan.)
  • During the Death 13 arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Kakyoin is the only one to recognize the Enfante Terrible Mannish Boy as the stand-user of Death 13. (Death 13 only works in dreams, and erases the victim's memory after they wake up. Kakyoin managed to bypass it by carving notes into his skin, which caused his group to question his sanity.)
  • Kodomo no Kodomo has Haruna confess to her family that she's going to have a baby after having been taught sex-ed in school. They don't believe her, telling her to stop joking, but Haruna has already been pregnant for a few weeks.
  • Konosuba: Hardly anyone believes that Aqua is really a goddess, not even the members of her own religion, even when she demonstrates her powers. This owes largely to the fact that Aqua is very stupid and clumsy, while everyone expects goddesses to be wise and graceful.
  • Kotoura-san is a Romantic Comedy that sets in an universe where... psychics actually exist, but muggles don't know about their existence. Psychics, then, are often subjected to this trope.
    • Haruka is accused of this with her mind reading abilities, particularly when she was younger, when she was said to be a compulsive liar as she innocently blurt out other people's inner thoughts and secrets. This is not helped by the fact Japanese do have a tradition of lying to conform with social norms, and her case of Power Incontinence makes it hard for her to distinguish between speech and thoughts.
    • Yuriko's mother Chizuru was a clairvoyant, but was Driven to Suicide after falsely accused to have faked her powers. Even now, most people see her powers as a fake, with the exception of Yuriko herself and her Childhood Friend Dai'chi.
  • During the Familia War arc of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, one of the Apollo Familia members (appropiately named Cassandra) warns the others that they are going to lose, even prophesizing several key events, but, as expected, no one believes her. They lose. Horribly.
  • One episode of Layton Mystery Detective Agency revolves around the gang trying to catch a Phantom Thief who turns out to be a Child Prodigy who had developed a super-computer that can essentially predict the future. While gathering data for the computer, he had discovered that one of the tunnels beneath London was close to collapse, but when he tried warning Scotland Yard, they refused to listen to him due to his age. His string of robberies had been a last resort: the street above the tunnel was cordoned off as part of the investigation, and when the subsistence happens just as he'd predicted, nobody is hurt.
  • In Level Up Just By Eating, nobody ever believes that Laura is a goddess, even when she performs miracles, for pretty much the same reason nobody believes Aqua in KonoSuba.
  • In Lucky Star, nobody – not even his daughter Konata – believes that Soujirou is actually a hardworking writer who can write wholesome, non-otaku-related topics, has quite a bit of book smarts, has had a relationship with Kanata that was far beyond paedophilia, so on and so forth.
  • In Lyrical Nanoha, one of the known stories about the legendary lead character is how she became a AAA-Rank mage, solved her first Interdimensional Incident, and destroyed a Weapon of Mass Destruction said to be impossible to destroy at the age of nine. Non-fans like Teana, naturally, dismiss it.
    Teana: That just sounds like a rumor. What kind of nine year old was she?
    • Three years later, after Teana being shot down by her instructor Nanoha in a mock battle, Shario shows the Forwards a video documentation of Nanoha's life, showing that the rumor was true, and how Nanoha's high magic power in her young age and her Training from Hell could destroy her body.
  • When Minaha asks for Iris to autograph her game in episode 8 of Magic of Stella, Ayame walks up and signs it. Minaha then tells Ayame off and says not to pretend to be Iris. Iris is Ayame's Pen Name.
  • Played for Laughs in Monkey High!. Macharu brings Haruna home, and he introduces her to his mother as his girlfriend. As Macharu is regularly described as looking like a baby monkey, and Haruna is a mature and ladylike Ojou-type, Macharu's mother's response is to give Macharu a Dope Slap and to tell him to stop lying. Haruna then pipes up to tell her that it's true, with Macharu's mother in such shock that she has to run and tell his father - who is so shocked that he digs out a camera to make sure there's photographic evidence of it all, because he can barely believe it even after getting multiple confirmations. Macharu is completely mortified of all of this.
  • Monster. Poor, poor Tenma. Try as he might, barely anyone will believe his story of a ten-year-old child committing serial murders.
  • Umetaro Nozaki, the eponymous "Nozaki-kun" in Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, is a high school student who also works as a professional Sequential Artist. He doesn't treat his job as a secret, but nobody at school believes he is a professional mangaka. It's even worse with his younger sister, who refuses to believe that he's Sakiko Yumeno, even though he's gone to much length to convince her of that fact — even giving her his autograph (she thinks he's making a good counterfeit) and telling her of his manga's future plot (which she could also predict, because his story is too vanilla).
  • My Hero Academia:
    • On the first day of school at UA High, Class 1-A is subjected to fitness tests using their Quirks. When Izuku prepares to throw a ball, Bakugo, his former friend turned bully who grew up with him and knows he didn't have a Quirk, dismisses him as a "Quirkless loser" to Iida. The trope goes both ways here: Iida doesn't believe Bakugo's claim because he saw Izuku use his secretly recently-acquired Quirk during the entrance exam, while Bakugo doesn't believe Izuku has a Quirk due to having know him his whole life... until Izuku shows it off by managing to throw the ball farther than Bakugo did.
    • After the first combat training class, Bakugo, feeling humiliated, decides to storm out of school because he's angry about the humiliation coming at the hands of Izuku, since he assumes that Izuku was mocking him by hiding his Quirk for their whole lives. Izuku tries to stop him by telling him the truth, that he was recently given his Quirk by someone else. As per this trope, Bakugo doesn't believe it, and thinks Izuku is trying to play him for a fool.
      • Later, it's eventually subverted: the confession and the circumstances surrounding All Might's retirement lead Bakugo to put two and two together and realize both that Izuku was telling the truth and who he got his Quirk from. Bakugo later reveals this to Izuku during the trials for earning provisional hero licences.
  • In Natsume's Book of Friends, Natsume was typically regarded as an attention-seeking liar whenever he told people about the spirits and monsters only he could see.
  • In Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Negi Springfield (though it is admittedly his fault) makes a good attempt at warning the other mage teachers about the existence of a Time Machine which could be used to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Somehow, even full-fledged mages refuses to accept the idea of time travel. Also, nobody believes Chao the first time she tells everybody she's in truth "an alien from Mars." And still... Truth be told, Negi himself had it coming since the other mage teachers tried to convince him that Chao was on the verge of causing serious problems and he didn't listen to them.
  • In Nurse Angel Ririka SOS Seiya tries to convince Ririka that the recently revived Kanou is involved with the Big Bad now. Seiya tries to tell his classmates the truth as well but no one believes that Kanou is an alien from another dimension who works with a group of evil psychics.
  • Played for Laughs in Ojojojo when Haru called Tsurezure's house and introduced herself as his girlfriend. His older sister thinks its a prank call and promptly hangs up the phone.
  • One Piece:
    • Happened during the arc that introduced Usopp. The villain was a highly respected person in Usopp's town. Since Usopp was known to be a liar, everyone blew him off. For what it's worth, the villain in question, a master of planning for every contingency, anticipated Usopp finding out the truth.
    • Played for Laughs in the Fishman Island arc when Princess Shirahoshi is "kidnapped" and King Neptune believes Luffy did it. Brook comments he didn't see her leave, only seeing Luffy riding a shark (Megalo). Neptune believes he stuffed Shirahoshi into Megalo's mouth and rode out. The guards all laugh at this idea, but that's exactly what happened.
    • After learning some information on Gol D. Roger and Poneglyphs, 8 year old kid Momonosuke comments that he met Roger once. Usopp calls it a lie as Roger died several years before he was even born. Later on, it's revealed that Momonosuke and four of his retainers were sent forward in time 20 years, making it possible for him to have actually met Roger.
  • Yun from Only Sense Online is an unwilling Cross Player in the titular game, as a result of the game system misidentifying his sex. Despite his consistent usage of masculine speech and repeated attempts to deny that he is a girl, nobody other than his real life acquaintances believe him and assume instead that he is roleplaying as an Ore Onna.
  • Persona 4: The Animation has Yukiko and Rise telling Naoto all about the world inside the TV and Personae. Naoto doesn't believe them. Though admittedly, they were "drunk" at the time. Later on, Yu tells the police chief the same thing, and once again he isn't believed.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica has a tragic example in which Homura in the third time-loop tries to explain that Kyubey had been lying to the girls and has been orchestrated their transformations into witches. Not only does everyone not believe her, but when Sayaka finally does turn into a witch, the consequences lead to one of the worst events of all the loops.
    • In Episode 3, Homura tells Mami that the witch Charlotte is not like the other witches she's faced before and that she should avoid fighting it, but Mami disregards he and uses her magic to tie Homura up so she can't follow her. Homura is a time-traveler and knows that Charlotte will kill Mami, which is exactly what happens.
  • Satou Kashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai:
    • Nagisa doesn't believe her friend Mokuzu when she tells her that her father killed her dog. Turns out she's not making this up for a change.
    • Later on Nagisa's teacher and mom don't believe her when she says Mokuzu's dad killed her. They just think she's playing a prank since Mokuzu is known for lying. Her brother does believe her, however, even leaving the house after years to help her out. Then, they find Mokuzu's corpse...
  • Serendipity the Pink Dragon: Without proof of the island's existence, Smudge is reduced to ranting which is promptly ignored by the other humans.
  • Comes up twice in Shiki. The first is when Ikumi Itou, the village's shaman, becomes aware that the vampire family that moved into town is nothing but trouble, but everyone dismisses her as a crazy old woman. The second is when a housewife named Motoko Maeda tries to get help for her family as they're slowly killed by vampires, but none of her other family members believe her until they themselves are killed. The former case is a bit complex, though, since at the time Ikumi is trying to rally the villagers, Dr. Toshio Ozaki does know about the vampires but doesn't want the truth getting out, so he pretends not to believe her and tries to discredit her.
  • Shimoneta uses the same gag in manga chapter 10/anime episode 9 respectively, though it differs in how it plays out:
    • The manga version has Ayame walk-in on Tanukichi and Oboro in the girls' locker-room and finds them in a compromising position. So Ayame jumps to the obvious conclusion and ducks back outside. Tanukichi goes after her to explain what really happened, but she doesn't believe him.
    • In the anime, Anna is the one who walks in on them, causing Tanukichi to flee the locker-room to escape her. When he reports back to Ayame to explain why he hadn't caught the underwear thieves, he mentions that he found out Oboro is really a guy. Ayame dismisses it as a lame excuse, saying there's no way that could be true.
  • In episode 46 of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, Nandetchi thinks Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi are the mysterious Tamagotchis who pop up as girls of different occupations. He's right in that they are, but Mametchi and his friends don't believe him when he says this to them, so he sets off to expose their identities - which is bad news for Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi because the lady who gave them their Yume Kira bags, which is what gives them the power of different jobs in the first place, told them that they must not let anyone know it's really them. When Nandetchi gets stuck inside a giant robot and is saved by the girl duo, he decides to be nice to them and destroys the photos he got of them transforming.
  • With thanks to the Rabbit of Truth, Alice from The Voynich Hotel can see past glamours and illusions for what they really are. Fortunately, mere mortals need never bother with solving supernatural problems, most of the time.
  • Quent in Wolf's Rain repeatedly fails to convince people that wolves are adopting human disguise for sinister purposes. He's right about the disguises, but wrong about the wolves' motivation.
  • In the third episode of Yo Kai Watch, Whisper insists that nobody's ever seen a Noko and never will, even when Nate has one right next to him that eventually escalates to a whole bunch of them in his room, because they immediately disappear everytime Whisper turns around. Whisper even grabs one of them instead of his Yo-Kai Pad and still can't see that he did because he closed his eyes.
  • During the Synchro dimension arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, nobody outside of Jean, who is from the Fusion dimension, and the Executive Council, who have been trying to manipulate him in order to maintain their own security, believes that the inter-dimensional war is real. Attempts to explain it to people have been ignored, even after Jean and the Council admit the truth in front of a handful of Synchro characters, said characters have varying opinions on what's "really" going on.
  • Tetsuo from Yuureitou tells Taichi that he was Reiko, a woman who murdered her mother in a gruesome way two years ago and supposedly died. Taichi doesn't believe him because he's a trans man.
  • The Knights of Hanoi from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS are a Cyberterrorist group willing to kill a race of AI, but nobody heeds their warnings about what the Ignis are really up to. As revealed in the second season, Lightning and Windy are both working together to rule over humanity from a Cyberse World beyond human reach, and Revolver instigating a Duel against Windy only adds fuel to the fire, regardless of the outcome of the Duel.


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