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As you would expect, being based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe results in many awesome moments sprinkled throughout Dawn of War.

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    Dawn of War 
  • The opening cinematic can be viewed as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the franchise as a whole. Particularly when the dying Space Marine Brother-Sergeant - the last of his squad - crawls to the top of the hill and defiantly plants the Chapter's banner. That sums up Warhammer 40,000: brutal, violent, awesome, and pointless.
  • There's Gabriel Angelos' shameless, sarcastic mocking of Inquisitor Mordecai Toth when he finds the site of a Chaos sacrifice. The only thing that could have made it any more awesome would be if Toth had actually been present to hear it.
    Gabriel: So the good Inquisitor senses no Chaos on Tartarus. How fortunate for the Imperium that such keen-eyed eagles stand vigil over her gates.
  • The treatment of Chaos sorcerer Sindri towards Isador after he convinces him to betray the Blood Ravens. In typical Chaos fashion, he claims that he could simply betray Sindri and keep the Maledictum for himself. Sindri's response is to effortlessly force him to his knees using only his mind, take the Maledictum, and calmly walk away while remarking that Angelos and the Blood Ravens have arrived, and he must now kill them all, with the strong implication that Isador has only then realised what a horrible thing he's just done. THAT is what a disciple of Tzeentch does.
    • What makes Sindri different from every other villain in the series? He wins. Drive the Orks into a full WAAAGH? Check. Lure in a Space Marine company? Check. Get one of them to betray his brothers? Check. Drown the planet in slaughter and madness? Check. Cover the system in a Warp Storm? Double Check. Dispose of that dead weight Bale without lifting a finger? Triple check. Become an immortal Daemon Prince? Definitely check. Empower the Maledictum and release the daemon within? Undoubtedly check. Not even Eliphas managed to achieve that level of success.
      • Gone Horribly Right: One MINOR detail, considering one line, though. Get eaten by the Daemon he freed? Check. Oops.
  • Gameplay wise The Force Commander can beat a Bloodthirster with his Daemonhammer. When he finally kills the beast he smashes it's knee with his hammer, climbs up it, and smashes it's brains out.

    Winter Assault 
  • The cutscene where a Bloodthirster attacks the Ultramarine Chaplain, who immediately kills him spectacularly.
  • Warboss Gorgutz is a walking, talking Moment of Awesome. This scene is the pinnacle of EVERYTHING Orky.
    Crull: The Titan Dominatus is one of the greatest war machines EVER constructed!
    Gorgutz: WRONG, ya git! Da gratest waaagh masheen is da Ork WAAAGH! We don't need no damn tin contrapshun ta be strong! We IZ strong! Listen to 'em! Screamin' wit' wun voice across da whole planet! WAAAGH!
    • His fight with Crull.
    • He still gets one even if he loses, as all his boyz rebel and descend upon him, while he fights them all and declares he'll kill every single one of them.
  • General Sturnn's simple assessment of a Guardsman's duty in the Imperial Guard ending.
    Sturnn: To each of us falls a task, and all the Emperor requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand the line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best: We die standing.
    • The line just before that one is an incredible tribute to Sturnn and his men. Bear in mind, this is a Space Marine Chaplain speaking: he has seen centuries of combat and insane acts of courage and devotion to the cause are what he does for a living. Yet he pays probably the highest compliment he will ever give to someone outside his chapter to Sturnn's Guardsmen!
    Varnus: Still, it was... an honor to fight alongside you. Barring my Space Marines... I could not have asked for better.
    • Sturnn in general is a walking badass factory. He has no special powers or significant augmentations or supernatural might, he is just an old man who has seen decades of the most horrendous type of warfare and survived. This is a man who has been sent to a frozen rock at the arse end of the galaxy to fight an Ork horde and a Chaos warband to retrieve a weapon that might not even exist anymore, and he treats it like another day at work ("I see only one truth, and that truth is war"). When he discovers the presence of the Eldar he is willing to give them shelter, and just as willing to destroy them if it suits his purposes. And when he discovers the Necrons his reaction is to rally the troops and give them hell, because no Xeno filth is going to drive them from their prize.
    • The Titan gets one in the Imperial Guard's final mission. The rush to get the weapon systems online is brutal and hectic but once they do, everything else on the map dies with contemptuous ease. That includes six Necron Monoliths. And this is a long dead Titan, still embedded into Lorn V. Truly, there is no greater testament to the glory of the Imperium.
    • In fact, the Titan itself deserves a Moment of Awesome of its own - its dormant husk stretches across half the map, and those guns that effortlessly blow away all comers? They're basically the Titan's point defenses, tertiary at best.
  • Crull's New Era Speech in the Chaos ending. It is badass, over-the-top and a very impressive piece of scenery-chewing.
  • Chaplain Varnus and his Ultramarines were badass through and through. The fact that they manage to hold on against hundreds, if not thousands of cultists, until you arrive to save them is pretty impressive. Then after one of his men rushes out to be impaled by the Bloodthirster, Chaplain Varnus beats the shit out of it singlehandedly.
    • Controlling the Ultramarines in the final mission.
  • The final mission allows you to wield 8 Leman Russes and a Baneblade. 8 Leman Russes and a Baneblade. And since it's possible to obtain them before the Necrons come in, you don't even need the Titan's guns to win the Imperial Guard way.
  • Not as awesome as Sturnn's ending speech, but Farseer Taldeer gets a good one as well. The Eldar may be dying out, but they aren't going easy.
    Farseer Taldeer: The Necrons came expecting to find souls for the claiming, and instead found defeat. We can leave now. Go, through the portals, sound the evacuation! We are finished with this world... [...] We have won the day, but the day is not won on battles alone. The Necrons will continue their march. And in every turn of every crooked corner of this universe they will find us lying in wait, and they shall find us unafraid.

    Dark Crusade 
  • Once again, pretty much anything Warboss Gorgutz says or does.
    Gorgutz: LISTEN UP, YA GROTS AN' SQUIGS! They'z comin' for us like we'z some kind o' humie gitz. But we ain't! We'z da Orks and dis here's gonna be one great fight! So get yer choppas and yer shootas ready, boyz, 'cos there's some killin' to do! Headcrushaz, ya ready?
    Headcrushaz: WAAAGH!
    Gorgutz: Footstompaz, yer Squiggoths an' such ready?
    Footstompaz: WAAAGH!
    Gorgutz: Burnaboyz, you wanna fight?
    Burnaboyz: WAAAGH!
    Gorgutz: Rokkitrangerz, you in it or what?
    Rokkitrangerz: WAAAGH!
    Gorgutz: And what 'bout you'z Quikmekz? You gonna let these other runts get all the good fightin' done?
    Quikmekz: WAAAGH!
    Gorgutz: Dat's right! We're gonna crush 'em! Dis here is a right and proper... WAAAAAGH!
    All Orks: WAAAGH!
    • His own defeat is even a Crowning Moment for him, as he activates a bomb to wipe out both his and the enemy army while he escapes and tells a fellow escapee to shut it.
    Gorgutz: Use da 'splosives!
    Ork: Da wat?
    Gorgutz: Da bomb, ya git! Da bomb!
    • It's possible to solo the entire Necron stronghold in a few minutes with Gorgutz. Just give him the health-boosting wargear, run to the bomb dropoff, and run like frak for the catacombs and then the exit.
  • The Imperial Guard kill an Avatar of Khaine - the physical embodiment of the Eldar god of war - with massed lasgun fire while the Avatar is distracted by a lone Sentinel, should the Imperial Guard defeat the Eldar at their stronghold. Bear in mind that the lasgun is the weakest standard weapon in the setting, being about as effective as a World War II-era 7.62mm rifle in terms of firepower.
  • Eliphas the Inheritor's attempt at psychic communication with the Necron Lord, only to get some hissing/beeping noises from it. Eliphas, the Chaos Marine, who has crossed more Moral Event Horizons than can be counted, reacts to this with surprise and revulsion, and perhaps a tinge of horror.
    Eliphas: Your soul is gone!
    • When the Necrons beat the Word Bearers back, the Nightbringer orders them to purge the entire peninsula of Chaos taint. Suffice it to say, they do.
  • Anytime any stronghold is assaulted, there will be at least one of these. From Gorgutz calling all of da boyz to WAAAAAAGGHH! with each clan replying in return, to the Necrons silently rising from their tombs and the only one capable of speech promising death to all who enter, to Eliphas summoning a horde of monstrosities from the Warp.
  • The Ork base in Dark Crusade is a Moment of Awesome for the entire Ork species; it may be insanely self-destructive, but these are ORKS we're talking about. It's possible, if you destroy the Boss Banners from a safe distance (e.g. with Earthshaker rounds), to leave the Orks almost entirely intact yet implacably opposed to everyone. They can then knock down other people's banners. Basilisk Crew get a Moment of Awesome, Gorgutz blows it up and claims a Moment of Awesome, and all of the Ork clans get a Moment of Awesome for being sufficiently badass to rebel even when the Imperial Guard are in town.
  • Any faction that manages to conquer the Ork stronghold, as they have ensured that the Orks on Kronus will be forever broken. According to the narrator, this is something that even the legendary Tau Commander Farsight was unable to achieve after multiple campaigns, while your commander managed to do so in a just a few battles!
  • Should the Eldar win, they perform seemingly random things that collectively ensure the planet remains a backwater and no major power has an interest in it - creating a civil war between the Tau and their human subjects, wasting the other Imperial bases, destroying the Titan cannon which the Guard wanted, and burning the fallen Space Marines so their gene-seed can not be retrieved. She even leaves a token force to sow discord among the Orks. All of this, incidentally, means that no advanced culture can accidentally reawaken the Necrons anytime soon, which is what prompted the Eldar to come here in the first place. Oh, speaking of which... that Titan cannon she has destroyed? In the Chaos campaign, it is revealed that it holds a bound demon of Nurgle. Just as planned.
  • A Self-Imposed Challenge for players is attacking the Eldar stronghold the "proper" way. Normally one is supposed to capture and hold the giant webway portals to prevent the Eldar from calling reinforcements, since their base is massive, produces units at a staggeringly insane rate and is even allowed to have way more units than the usual restrictions allow, including up to 10 of the game-breaking Fire Prisms. The producers probably thought this would be impossible, but it is actually possible to wittle the base down by destroying the base building after building and even defeat the Avatar of Khaine with its absolutely massive 40,000 health before the cutscene (where he then would apparently die again).

  • In the wake of defeating up to 8 other armies in direct combat, something the Eldar continuously attempt to avoid having to do, they decide to leave the Kaurava system under the tenuous control of the Imperium (though anyone attempting to colonize Kaurava III soon finds themselves ambushed until they get the message), wrecking all the surviving remnants from the war before they vanish. Essentially a system-wide version of "Screw you guys, I'm going home", at the very least a Crowning Moment for Manipulative Bastards everywhere.
  • When the Orks beat the Dark Eldar, they lock them in their own cages and have a throwing competition from the low-gravity moon they were based on.
  • After defeating the Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle, the Space Marines... actually treat the survivors decently, sending the Sisters to their convent worlds and the Guard to other assignments (shame so few survived Inquisitorial debriefings, but that's the Inquisition for you).
  • The entire Imperial Guard campaign is one massive Moment of Awesome for Governor-General Vance 'Motherfucking' Stubbs. Unlike all the other factions, who arrived at the Kaurava system in full strength, the Imperial Guard had been so poorly managed prior to Stubbs' transfer that they have lost control of the entire system, not helped by the loss of half of their entire garrison to the Warp Storm (Not to mention that a shipment of 100 baneblades meant for reinforcing his regiment was transferred to another front with the worst timing possible). At the start of the conflict, they only have control of a single province, Dussala precinct on Kaurava I, which contains their central command. Stubbs not only managed to quickly reorganize and reform the survivors into an effective fighting force, but also fight off 8 other armies at the same time!
  • For those not into Sister-bashing, defeating the Chaos Dark Eldar and Ork strongholds as them is awesome. Through grit, faith and sheer moxy the Sisters fight the enemies of man and cleanse the system of threats the Imperial Guard couldn't handle.

    Dawn of War II 
  • Nearly everyone in the trailer gets a Crowning Moment, but special mention must go to the Space Marine sergeant, who is the only member of his squad to survive a skirmish with some Eldar. Near the end of the fight, he rushes an Eldar Farseer, who shocks him with lightning. Despite a fellow Space Marine only withstanding the lightning for a few seconds before going down, the sergeant ignores the pain and then disembowels her with his chainsword, before telling her that the planet is theirs. Her dying response? "No, this planet is theirs..." and the sergeant looks up to see the sky fouled by a Tyranid hive fleet. He is immediately pounced upon and smashed against a stone cliff by a Lictor that emerges from behind him. Looking impossibly weary, he gets back up, grits his teeth, and charges the thing armed only with his bloodstained chainsword, screaming a valiant war cry. Consider:
    1. He's been badly wounded from the Farseer's attack.
    2. Lictors are Tyranid monstrosities, horrifically dangerous in close combat and inhumanly stealthy.
    3. Even if he beats the Lictor, he's almost guaranteed to die fighting against its brethren even if he wins.
    4. He's just some rank and file sergeant and not a Captain, Librarian or Chaplain. Incredibly badass.
    • Actually, he appears to have the face of the Force Commander you play as in the single-player campaign. In fact, it's very likely that he IS the Force Commander you play, having been freshly promoted for the act of resilience and general bad-assery you just witnessed.
    • There was a Dreadnought backing up the sergeant, and it survived, as well as having possibly the best crowning moment of awesome in that trailer: When the sergeant is running towards the Farseer, being chased by two Banshees, the Dreadnought bursts through the rocks near them, picks them both up with its power claws, crushes one, slams her into the rock, and sets the other's head on fire with its flamethrower while saying "I have come to destroy you!" in a badass amplified voice.
    • Appreciation must also be given to the Lictor itself, rising behind the sergeant like some sort of horrific demonic nightmare (which is quite a feat in a galaxy containing literal demonic nightmares), screeching its own war cry as its innumerable brethren descend onto the planet in the background.
    • Some appreciation for the Eldar as well, from the Ranger's Boom, Headshot!, to the Warp Spider who used Teleport Spam to Dodge the Bullet off a Heavy Bolter and pulled a Stealth Hi/Bye, to the Farseer taking out a Space Marine with one blast of her mind-bullets.
  • The final mission, The Last Stand. Your strike force is on a mission to poison the Tyranid hive mind with a deadly biotoxin. They succeed, but their Strike Cruiser has been destroyed as has Martellus's Thunderhawk, they only have a single Force Commander, a four man Tactical squad, a three man Assault squad, a three man Devastator squad, a three man Scout squad, a single Dreadnought and a couple of eight man Imperial Guard Stormtrooper squads from the 85th Vendoland. They seem doomed to a Bolivian Army Ending as thousands of Tyranids of all sizes from Rippers to Carnifexes close in on them. Enter none other than Gabriel Angelos himself, who personally comes down, God-Splitter in hand with dozens of Space Marines, as well as much of the Chapter fleet to bail you out. Then Gabriel himself joins you as the Marines engage the Tyranids to keep them at bay while you mow your way through hundreds of Tyranids to fight the oversized Hive Tyrant Alpha controlling the entire swarm.
    • The best part is easily when you think you're fighting the titular Last Stand, facing down an army of Tyranids with nothing but your squads and a few squads of allied Guardsmen. You've struck the Hive Fleet a terrible blow, but it seems certain that you will fall to the swarm in the process. Suddenly, orbital bombardment strikes down the enemy forces, the music begins to swell, and finally you hear Gabriel's transmission and realise that The Cavalry has arrived.
    Gabriel Angelos: Hear me, forces on Typhon. You shall not fall this day.
  • All the squad leaders have them in their backstories. Tarkus, for instance, during the battle in the Necron stronghold in the Thur'Abis plateau in Dark Crusade, defeated a Tomb Spyder by sticking a grenade into it while he was holding it, allowing the bomb they'd brought into the tomb to go off. He lost his hand and scarred his face, but received Terminator honors for his service.
    • Tarkus screwing up a Farseer's predictions with said honors. Instead of staying behind to defend Chapter relics like she assumed he would, he protected his comrades and the relics. By wearing them. It's amazing how a Terminator squad in the right place can turn back the tide. This moment echoes Davian Thule's own Moment in how it makes a once difficult fight far easier, though you are quite likely to have done a lot more damage to Idranel by the time Tarkus has gotten to you than you probably did to the Hive Tyrant when Thule rescues you.
  • Davian Thule, returned as a Dreadnought, has two things to tell a Hive Tyrant, after which he beats it to death with ease.
  • By the end of Dawn of War II, your Space Marines will have gone from Elite Mooks with standard bolters and chainswords, barely able to fight off the Ork hordes, to veteran heroes of the Chapter clad in holy relics and Terminator armor, wielding plasma weaponry and Thunder Hammers. Your squads will have faced down Hive Tyrants, a massive Ork Warboss, and an Avatar of Khaine all on their lonesome. Chaos Rising makes it even better, such as when you hold off the forces of Chaos attempting to sack the Imperial palace, while the governor rallies her troops by proclaiming that "the Emperor's Angels of Death fight with us today!" or when you defeat the Chaos Lord hounding the sector, a Lord who expects to not be able to take you on and retreats at every opportunity, until the end. The best, if you're pure, is when you unveil the Chaos corruption in the heart of the Blood Ravens by assaulting the Honor Guard's main base without killing a single pure Blood Raven. By yourself. In the process, you slay several Chaos Terminators, use the Chapter's orthodoxy against them to avoid fighting loyalist forces, and hold off the Captain of the Honor Guard, a 400 year old veteran acclaimed by the Chapter Master himself as the finest warrior in the Chapter, while you destroy his main command post. And of course, there's the ending, where (despite taking forever) you eventually defeat a Great Unclean One as the forces of the Litany of Fury defeat the Black Legion.
  • In the Jonah Orion betrayal, the real Jonah gets one, when, too battered and beaten to resist in any other way, he restrains his daemonic parasite's healing powers long enough for his brothers to finish it off. The daemon declares that killing him will only ensure that he pulls Jonah screaming into the Warp, but Tarkus, touched by his sacrifice, answers that the man who has nothing can still have faith.
  • Even the wargear descriptions have awesome moments.
    • One piece of equipment was owned by a Scout that, having tracked an Eldar Ranger for days, snuck up behind it and shot it in the head with his shotgun, while another was owned by a Scout that died after being impaled by a Carnifex, but not before delivering a fatal blow (read: shot it in the face).
    • One set of armour was worn by a Space Marine that halted an Ork advance for seventy days, and at the end his boot prints were firmly embedded into solid rock. Another suit was worn by a Space Marine that ignored several grenades to the face before casually bisecting the Chaos Marine that had thrown them.
    • One of the Dreadnought power claws was worn by a Venerable Dreadnought that killed a Chaos Warhound Titan by itself. It was also all that was left of the Dreadnought after the Titan blew up, which wiped out most of the Chaos forces around it as well.
    • Another Dreadnought used its multimelta to sever the leg of a Chaos Titan, dropping it into a ravine.
  • Retribution sees several characters get CMOAs:
    • The Ancient gets one on the Judgment of Carrion: After learning that Chapter Master Kyras is a heretic, Captain Apollo Diomedes suffers a Heroic BSoD, and the Ancient reveals himself as Sergeant Tarkus and threatens to shoot him to snap him out of it. This being the setting it is, Diomedes is visibly moved that Tarkus would care so much.
    • Apollo Diomedes gets one in the final battle: When Gabriel is seemingly killed by Daemon Prince Kyras, Diomedes leads the remaining loyalist Blood Ravens with this rally cry: "FOR GABRIEL! FOR THE EMPEROR!"
      • Gabriel Angelos gets one at the end: After being crushed and burned by Daemon Prince Kyras, Gabriel survives those injuries, even if he now has enough Cybernetics to put Marneus Calgar to shame. Not only that, he becomes the new Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens.
    • Lord Eliphas the Inheritor has slaughtered every Alpha Legionnaire that pledged fealty to Azariah Kyras, he now stands before the Daemon Prince with his mighty daemon sword, drenched in blood and gore. Fires of rage, a gift from Khorne, engulf Eliphas' body, searing the flesh of his enemies. A sea of corpses surround the Champion of Chaos. The Daemon Prince looks upon Eliphas and offers him an alliance. Eliphas laughs, "Do not be so quick to make foolish offers, Daemon. Araghast once thought that I would be an asset to his cause; look now to what has become of him."
      • Eliphas gets another one at the end of that fight. after Kyras' body slumps lifelessly through the Pit of Maledictus back to the Warp, Neroth comes before him panicking about the Exterminatus. Eliphas calmly answers that he will do nothing; the Exterminatus will run its course. He basically signs off Neroth and all the others to their death, and allows Kyras' sacrifice to Khorne to proceed uninterrupted, while taking credit for it. And thus did the Blood God elevate him to a magnificent example of Daemonhood. The screen closes up on his face, and we have the pleasure of listening to one of the most nightmarish evil laughs in all of video game history.
    • Speaking of which. Although not appearing in the flesh, Abaddon is able to effortlessly reduce Eliphas into practically pissing himself in fear every time he opens his mouth to put Eliphas in his place.
      Eliphas: Oh, but the tribute will be mine, sorcerer. Remember who it is you serve.
      Abaddon: You both serve me and that will not be forgotten! How you do so is entirely of your choosing, but fail me and your choices will narrow to how loudly you scream for the rest of eternity.
      Eliphas: L-Lord Abaddon! Victory is within my grasp! I have intercepted a message from Kyras, he is on Typhon!
      Abaddon: Hmph. Go then to Typhon and witness yourselves how Kyras will destroy the Blood Ravens.
      Eliphas: Kyras is but one man!
      Abaddon: As are you!!
    • The Eldar get one at the end of their campaign, where they finally kill Kyras not just to avenge the thousands of Eldar soulstones lost when Kyras called in the Exterminatus, but also to save Taldeer's soulstone from Kyras himself, with the implication her knowledge of Necron strongholds would help Craftworld Ulthwe stop them from destroying more Eldar. Especially since the three Eldar heroes deliver an epic "And This Is for..." speech before delivering the final blow on Kyras:
    Kayleth: "The daemon is down! Summon the Eldritch Storm!"
    Veldoran: "For the living!"
    Ronahn: "For Taldeer..."
    • Sgt Merrick in the Imperial Guard campaign gets a simultaneous Awesome and Heartwarming (yes, even in this universe) after the destruction of Typhon. He punches General Castor in the face and points his gun at him, calling him out for leaving thousands of loyal Guardsmen to die. He does this right in front of Commissar Lord Bern and Inquisitor Adrastia. Most guardsmen would be shot on the spot for insubordination after pulling that stunt. Merrick? He walks away alive.
    • Kaptain Bluddflag and his krew of Freebooterz defeating Kyras, especialy after Kyras has previously gone into a fit of hysterical laugh about the Inquisition trying to defeat him with Orks.
    • During the exterminatus Bluddflag takes notice of the chaos champion trying to stop them. He doesn't let all literal hell breaking loose stop him from looking for a good fight!
    Bluddflag: "A hummie boss, an it looks like he wants ter fight. Good. ME TOO!"
    • The aforementioned Chaos champion gets a spectacular one as a means of introducing himself. Incensed at the Tyranids attempting to flee the Exterminatus, he goes one on one with a Carnifex, grabs onto the house-sized monstrosities face and stabs it repeatedly until dead, all while bellowing the praises of the Blood God. Carnifexs are notorious for tearing through whole squads of Astartes in moments, and this crazy bastard murders one in a fit of pique.
    • Defeating Kyras in the Tyranid campaign is a pretty awesome moment, sadly unappreciated due to their lack of witty banter. Bear in mind, the Tyranids don't have any Power Armor or psykers or most anything that makes the other races awesome; it's just you the Hive Lord, a warparty of your fellow Tyranids and a potent mix of Organic Technology and ruthlessly efficient evolution a couple million years in the making against Kyras as a massive Daemon Prince and the armies of Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons he commands. Also bear in mind that just before the dreaded Exterminatus Kyras basically laughs in your face, dismisses you as a threat or being in any way scary and tells you the title they gave your species — the Great Devourer — was probably just an exaggeration. By taking him down, you're not just doing your duty for Hive Mind and Hive Fleet — you're also demonstrating to that Smug Snake that when people call you the Great Devourer and other such names, it is not a joke.
    Kyras: I will not be stopped by you! You will choke on me, Great Devourer!
  • The trailer for "The Last Stand" DLC. A Blood Raven is cleaning up some Orks. A Mekboy opens fire on him while a Nob sneaks up from behind. The Mekboy then pumps the Nob full of lead, either by accident or for daring to steal his kill. The Space Marine and Ork face off. An Eldar Farseer emerges from the fog of war, and readies her spear. They stand ready, waiting for the first move. Their attention is then drawn to a large wall of pillars that collapses into the ground, revealing a massive horde of Tyranids. The three immediately realize that the Tyranids are far worse than anything they could do to each other, and proceed to unload upon the horde with everything they have.
  • One word: Exterminatus.

    Dawn of War III 
  • From the trailer, Wraithknight versus Imperial Knight. Cue the Wraithknight bisecting the Imperial Knight with a single blow of its sword, before being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by a second Knight's chainsaw.
  • Somewhat meta, but the description of the game itself on Steam reveals that after eight years of being left out, Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter is BACK.
  • The Badass Creed spoken throughout the trailer:
    In darkness... I shall be light.
    In times of doubt... I shall keep faith.
    In throes of rage... I shall hone my craft.
    In vengeance... I shall have no mercy.
    In the midst of battle, I shall have no fear.
    In the face of death, I shall have no remorse.

    Individual Unit Moments 
  • The Space Marine Force Commander's Finishing Move against the Bloodthirster.
  • The Space Marine Librarian's sync-kill on the Avatar of Khaine is brilliant, if only because he isn't much of a melee combatant compared to his comrades.
  • Similarly, on the rare occasions Tau Fire Warriors beat enemies in melee combat, they will dispatch them by placing the barrel of their rifle to the enemy's face and firing. Ouch.
    • Any moment where shooty squads manages a sync kill is an awesome moment and unlike their stabby squad, they make it quick through a point blank execution shot to the face.
  • Both of Gorgutz' Finishing Moves are things of beauty: he either grabs the enemy with his giant metal claw and smashes them repeatedly against the ground like a petulant child, blood flying everywhere, or he forces them into the ground and pounds them until they're paste. It's even better when he uses it against Crull (see above) and before that a random nearby Ork after his fighta-bomba crashes.
  • Any Imperial Guardsman when running headlong towards the enemy position in a suicidal charge, screaming:
    Imperial Guardsman: I DIE FOR THE EMPEROR!
  • Watching a Dreadnought pick up an infantry unit, and blend it.
    • If you equip the Dreadnought with two power claws and let him finish a Wraithlord in Dawn of War II, he strangles it to death. Well, crushes its neck if we are to go into particulars, but still.
  • And let's not forget the Imperial General, who can finish off any infantry unit (including a nine-foot-tall, thousand-pound Chaos Lord) by impaling them with his power claws, hoisting them into the air and then hurling them several dozen feet away. Keep in mind that this is not some power-armored giant, just a normal human looking past his prime. Badass.
  • In Dawn of War II, the Chaos Lord disemboweling an enemy with his Lightning Claws is a thing of sheer beauty.
    • Another Chaos Lord example is him slashing his enemy with both his sword and the bayonet of his combi-bolter, knocking them down, and then bringing down his sword so hard their blood flies everywhere.
    • Another Chaos Lord example involved his Blood Maul, impaling his target in the gut, smacking them down, and then crushing their skulls into dust. Ouch.
  • The Force Commander from Dawn of War II has 2 amazing sync kills, one against a Carnifex, and one against a Warboss. Incidentally, the second sync kill is featured in the ''Dawn of War II'' teaser.
  • Flash Gitz, being the incarnation of More Dakka, rarely get a chance to sync kill their enemies. However, one of them involves the Git sticking the enemy with his bayonet and swinging the gun so the victim goes flying into the air. Then he shoots once, hitting the guy and catapulting him even further. Especially awesome since Orks are kings of A-Team Firing, hitting anything with one shot is an absolute rarity.
  • Grey Knights' Finishing Move against the Horror. A Grey Knight will first shoot the Horror with his bolter before thrusting his halberd into the Horror's mouth. The same thrust pushes the victim down to the ground as well.
  • Wraithlord sync kills a Defiler by pulling Defiler's head off and throwing it away.
  • Tomb Spyder drills its claws into a Dreadnought's body as a finisher.
  • An Ork Nob squad has 4 to 5 Nobz equipped with two-handed choppas or hammers. With all of their upgrades, they can brutally murder anything up to the super-heavy class with just a spiky mallet. One sync kill is the Nob headbutting his opponent to the ground, and then just crushing their rib cage with their hammer.

    Badass Unit Speeches 
  • The Sanctioned Psyker's scream of Witness your Doom! whenever they use the Lighting Arc move.
  • Grey Knights are here to kick ass and aren't afraid to say so:
  • Chaos is filled to the brim with Large Hams:
    Chaos Space Marine: SANITY IS FOR THE WEAK!
    Chaos Space Marine: ENEMIES! WE NEED ENEMIES...
    • Chaos Rising makes them even more awesome, as they gain a sense of subtlety that makes them seem sinister.
    Chaos Space Marine: Mark it in blood and fire!
    Chaos Space Marine: No mercy! No pity! No hope!
    Chaos Space Marine: As Horus did at Istvaan, let none survive!
    • It is made very clear what happens to the Chaos Commander if he loses a match in multiplayer or skirmish.
  • Every single one of Gorgutz' lines when assaulting the Ork stronghold in Dark Crusade is a delicious win cake sprinkled liberally with awesome. No matter their motives or lack thereof, the most any of the commanders succeed in doing with their taunting of the Warboss is mildly annoying him.
    Gorgutz: Took ya long enuff to get to me, didn't it?
    Eliphas: Chaos moves at its own pace, alien, not yours.
    Gorgutz: How 'bout dyin'? Ya do dat any fasta'? I gotz to plan the rest of me day.
    Eliphas: Ah, I shall miss this banter once you are dead, Ork.
    • His quotes against the Necrons in Dark Crusade:
    Gorgutz: You looks like an oomie dats needs some feeding, metal boy!
    Macabee: We exterminated all life on this planet before, and we shall do so again.
    Gorgutz: Dat woz before me Waaaagh! got 'ere. Now, we is da wuns doin' da 'sterminating!
    • His exchange against Shas'O'Kais is pure Ork glory:
    Shas'O'Kais: Ork! You don't have a chance. Surrender, for the Greater Good!
    Gorgutz: You don't know much about Orks, do ya Greyskin?
    • And he's particularly annoyed by Farseer Taldeer:
    Taldeer: Your infantilism is boundless, Ork.
    Gorgutz: And she still won't shut it.
  • The exchange between Shas'O Kais and Davian Thule in Dark Crusade when the Tau assault the Blood Ravens' stronghold is awesome, both for O'Kais, showing compassion even for his merciless enemies, and for Davian Thule, showing defiance in the face of the Xenos onslaught.
    Shas'O Kais: Surrender, human. If not for you, then for the Greater Good.
    Thule: The Greater Good is coming to you from my bolter, alien!
    Shas'O Kais: Do the deaths of your men mean so little to you? Are you that mad?
    Thule: Do the deaths of yours mean so much to you? Are you that weak?
    • Shas'O Kais also gets a comeback himself later on.
    Thule: You will not squelch our faith so easily, alien.
    Shas'O Kais: The Tau Empire will respect your faith, human, if you would only see reason.
    Thule: Our faith is in the Emperor of Man, alien. To bow to you is heresy.
    Shas'O Kais: Then you follow the path to destruction.
    Thule: Better destruction than bondage.
    Shas'O Kais: So says the slave to the free man.
    • Kais brings down Eliphas the Inheritor in a storm of shame when attacking the Chaos Stronghold. Eliphas tries to contact him through telepathy, apparently unaware of the fact that Tau have an innate resistance to the Warp.
    Eliphas: Alien, you come here to your doom.
    Shas'O Kais: I've got a buzzing in my comms. Switching channels.
    Eliphas: I am no static, alien, I am... Alien? Do you hear me?

    Shas'O Kais: Fire Warriors, move forward. I want these Gue'la maniacs eliminated.
    Eliphas: You come to your death, Tau.
    Shas'O Kais: And shut down that comm chatter!
    • Kais is doing possibly the most insane, insulting thing possible to the forces of Chaos, whose machinations have led to the ruin of the galaxy: he's ignoring it.
    • Hell, ANYTHING involving Kais qualifies. This is a commander who will accept your surrender gracefully even if you've just raped the Moral Event Horizon. Of course, this being 40K, he never gets the chance to demonstrate this.
  • His Ethereal buddy Aun'el is no slouch himself — his Rousing Speech at the start of the Tau stronghold is magnificent.
    Aun'el Shi O'res: Soldiers of the Fire Caste! Kroot and Vespid allies! Today, we stand as a bulwark against the selfish, the soulless and the mad! Today, we must drive our enemies from our city and our world! Today, more than ever before, we fight for the Greater Good! And we, will, TRIUMPH!
  • Speaking of assaulting the Blood Ravens stronghold, there's also Eliphas taunting Thule.
    Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien! Certainly not on this forsaken world! All we have seen here are deluded tyrants, heretics, and alien scum!
    Taldeer: You should have looked beyond your mirror, then.
    • Can't let Macabee and the Necrons go unmentioned, either.
    Thule: We will drive you from there, Necrons!
    Macabee: You will only follow your Emperor into death.
    Thule: The Emperor protects us! We will not fail!
    Macabee: You will.
    Thule: This fight isn't over yet!
    Macabee: But your life is.
  • When the Necrons assault the Tau:
    Ethereal: Return to the graves that spawned you, monsters!
    Macabee: Gladly, but first we must help you to yours.
  • When the Necrons attack the Imperial Guard:
    Governor-Militant Alexander: The Necrons are here! Drive them back to their tombs, men!
    Macabee: It is your men who go to their tombs, Governor.
  • The exchange between Eliphas and the Chaos Sorceror when attacking the Eldar stronghold.
    Chaos Sorceror: Lord Eliphas of the Word Bearer Legion! Your forces will march for me once you lay slain.
    Eliphas: You truly think your tiny cult can overcome my Legion? The thousand years of torment I suffered will seem gentle when you receive your sentence at my hands.
  • The Basilisk crews give some pretty good lines when ordered to use their "Earthshaker Round" ability.
    Basilisk pilot: SHATTER THEIR SKY!
    Basilisk pilot: MAIN GUN READY! FIRE!
  • Basically anything a Relic Unit says if they can talk is always awesome.
    Avatar of Khaine: I am Khaela Mensha Khaine.
    Avatar of Khaine: I walk again... A God among mere mortals...
    Avatar of Khaine: By my bloody hand, the enemy shall not live past this day.
    Living Saint: By my light, we will purge this wretched, tainted land!
    Living Saint: Battle Sisters, follow me! We shall march... TO GLORIOUS VICTORY!
    Living Saint: I died for the Emperor... and by His will, rose again!
    Living Saint: Lift up the hearts of the righteous!
    Living Saint: I SMITE the terrors of darkness!
    Living Saint: I bring salvation... through ANNIHILATION!
    Asdrubael Vect (Dais of Destruction): BEG FOR MERCY!!! Not that it will help you...
    Baneblade pilot: Ready to unleash ELEVEN BARRELS OF HELL!
    Baneblade pilot: All guardsmen! FOLLOW ME TO GLORY!!!
    Baneblade pilot: FAILURE is the WEAKNESS of the enemy!
    Baneblade pilot: Doubt is for the dying!
    Baneblade pilot: All guns ON MY MARK!
    Baneblade pilot: Who's DYING NOW?!
    Baneblade pilot: Keep firing till they see the glow of our barrels!
    Baneblade pilot: I think some fool just shot at us!
  • Also, pretty much anything the Commissar says.
    Commissar: If you will not serve in combat, then you will serve on the firing line!
    • He also says it during the assault on the Imperial Guard stronghold in Dark Crusade, shooting a Guardsman for speaking out of turn.
  • Lukas Alexander's speech when you attack Victory Bay, the Imperial Guard stronghold.
    Alexander: Enemies of the Imperium, hear me. You have come here to die. The immortal Emperor is with us and we are invincible. His soldiers will strike you down. His warmachines will crush you under their treads. His mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you. You cannot win. The Emperor has given us his greatest weapon to wield. So make yourselves ready. We are the first Kronus regiment, and today is our VICTORY DAY!
  • Gabriel has so many it would be futile to list them all, but this exchange with the Daemon of the Maledictum counts:
    Daemon: Yes... Flee, and know that I will soon come to claim you all!
    Gabriel Angelos: Then come and find your judgement waiting. You have escaped captivity, only to face annihilation. I know you now.
  • Jonah's entrance, wherein he slaughters an entire company of Eldar guardians with his psyker abilities.
    Jonah Orion: No more Blood Ravens fall this day. NO MORE!
  • Commissar Lord Bernn roaring this "Faster, Harder, MEANER, Better!"
  • When Captain Diomedes fights through Kyras' army he basically tells the almost godlike Daemon Prince to shut the fuck up and delivers this speech:
    Apollo Diomedes: No more talk, Kyras. You have much to answer for; for all you have done to the Blood Ravens much shall be avenged this day! FOR GABRIEL! FOR THE EMPEROR!
  • Azariah Kyrus might be a Chief Librarian and thus a bad choice for a Khornate, but in the pre-mission brief to the final level of Retribution he absolutely owns his reciting of the Khornate battle cry at the end.
  • Gabriel's battle cry at the end of Dawn of War II, when you spot the Hive Tyrant Alpha that serves as the Final Boss.
    Gabriel: There it is! TO WAR!
  • In Retribution's Eldar campaign, Autarch Kayleth's speech to Azariah Kyras as a Daemon before the final battle counts.
    Ascended Azariah Kyras: Ah, the Eldar. Slaanesh sends his regards. I might have known you would escape Typhon. A plague of Orks is simpler to stamp out than a handful of your slippery kind. So why come here, then? Why not run and hide in the corners of your webway? So eager to die in the name of holy vengeance?
    Kayleth: Your ignorance is astonishing, Daemon. Our kind evolved past your petty grudges and childish zealotry millennia ago. We slay you for the sake of our kin. You are nothing. You merely possess something of ours. And we have come to reclaim it! [...] The Daemon is down! Summon the Eldritch Storm! For the fallen!
    Veldoran: For the living!
    Ronahn: For Taldeer...
  • Near the end of the Tyranid campaign, the Hive Mind summons the Swarmlord to fight beside you. This is the Tyranid equivalent of one of the Primarchs returning.
  • Gabriel Angelos sets the tone for Retribution with a speech of manly awesome. And this is just setting the scene! Also worth noting is that the last sentence is narrated over Gabriel charging at Ascended Kyras and swinging God-Splitter into his face.
    Gabriel: I am Gabriel Angelos, Captain of the Blood Ravens. My chapter is in ruins, the sector is at war. Its worlds under siege. Chaos spreads, consumes us all. Here, we will make our final stand. Here, there will be... Retribution.

  • There's the possibility of a player-generated Moment of Awesome when assaulting the Eldar stronghold in Dark Crusade. At the end, there's a trio of giant warp gates surrounding an absurdly well-fortified plateau accessible only by narrow, tactically suicidal ramps. The intended objective is to destroy the gates while fending off a constant stream of reinforcements from what the story sells as an utterly impregnable fortress. However, for a player in the mood for a serious Self-Imposed Challenge, it *is* just possible to slug your way onto the plateau itself and wipe it out. (Wiping it out DOES end the mission in success right there). It's quite a thrill watching the damn space elves finally ground under your troops' boots.
  • This troper has managed to produce a Failure Is the Only Option level in harder difficulty skirmish mode. The cool part? Because the armies involved are Orks and World Eaters, neither of them cares that they're in a neverending war. Indeed, they'd both be quite cheerful about it. Currently, the score is at 6000 daemons/cultists/Marines to 3000 orks/gretchin, after six and a half hours of mutually assured destruction. A beautiful game.
    • Update - Orks won.
  • The Eldar stronghold in Dark Crusade developed into a Moment of Awesome on this troper's last playthrough, as I played the Orks. Once I managed to clear out both the Chaos and rogue Ork bases, I built a collection of Boy Huts and Settlements around the Eldar plateau, and then proceeded to launch endless waves of Slugga Boyz at the Eldar. Keep in mind, this was after I had the "More Sluggas" research completed, so said Sluggas were free. I spent four hours doing nothing but cranking out Sluggas and sending them up the ramps while also sending out Nob Squads, Killa Kans, and having Looted Tanks provide artillery cover. The Eldar held out for four hours straight before the WAAAAGH! finally, inexorably ground them down. Thousands of Orks and Eldar died in a prolonged, psychotic orgy of explosions, dakka, choppas, and flying space elf body parts, but that was fine, because there's no Orkier way to win.
    • The Ork upgrade "More Sluggas" is basically this in game format. What it does is make the basic Ork Slugga Boyz squad free for recruitment, but not reinforcing (neither with weapons or additional squad members), but lets you more or less infinitely pump out boyz. In true Ork fasion, literally pointing and clicking at a target, then have at least 5 huts producing boyz will result in victory, no matter what the enemy has. This is in spite of all common sense (Ork boyz should not be effective against anything beyond infantry, and a 4 member squad can be wiped out easily) you're tossing out the window, and it works.
  • I ran the Dark Crusade campaign as Chaos and saved the Eldar stronghold for last. Daemon Prince Eliphas against Avatar of Khaine.
    • Hell, any time two epic units get into a fight. In Dawn of War 2, Avatar plus Farseer against Great Unclean One plus Sorcerer (the Eldar won).
  • This is a bit of Fridge Brilliance and a bit of Fan Wank, but it could be a great Crowning Moment of Awesome. Whenever you fight Orks, you'll soon realize their morale is extremely hard to drop. But when it does, you can hear the Orks scream "We're gonna DIE!". Now, in the 40K universe, the C'tan instilled the fear of death in every mortal race but the Orks (because they were the youngest race). So basically, your units have instilled the fear of death in a race that hasn't had it for millenia. Bonus points if it's a squad of Imperial Guardsmen or Tau Fire Warriors who pulled it off.
  • This troper was playing a co-op campaign as Chaos in Retribution and was controlling Neroth and Kain. In the final mission, near the beginning, we got put into a chokepoint against what appeared to be nine squads of enemies; we had nothing but Eliphas, Neroth, Kain, and a squad of plague marines. Eliphas, whom the wargear gods had been unkind to and who happened to be in front, got mowed down in less than a second, followed by Neroth (attempting to get into position for a Doombolt) and the plague marines. This left just Kain and his anti-vehicle lascannon against nine full squads of everything from Chaos Heretics to Bloodletters, all infantry. Kain with his damage upgrade and life-stealing lascannon. He was quickly knocked down to 10% HP and it looked like a restart... then he fired once and gained all his health back. Both of us sat there speechless as he proceeded to kill every single squad man by man over the course of at least five minutes because they couldn't do enough damage fast enough to kill him through his absolutely ridiculous life-stealing. He then calmly revived Eliphas and Neroth and we carried on with the mission. It made his earlier feat of solo-killing the Land Raider Redeemer land-battleship look trite.
  • I play a Chaos Lord, and there was this one time I was up against Tyranids. So, anyway, I'm using the Lord as an assault beatstick if you will, and he's doing pretty well. Takes out the guy's Hive Tyrant at every opportunity and even managed to come out up on top of upgraded Warriors and even freaking GENESTEALERS alone in CC. But the true awesome moment came when the Swarmlord came out. He absolutely slaughtered my Marine squads and even the tanks I had. So I guess I might as well go out with style, so I send out the CL with his Dark Halo, Lightning Claws and a Harness of Rage and the Swarmlord barely gets the bubble off and all the while the Chaos Lord's sliced him near death!! The SL tries to make a break for it until the Lord finally corners him at his HQ, and by the Blood God, my jaw dropped when I finally see the Chaos Lord strike the final blow and the Swarmlord falls at last and explodes in a spray of gore! The Chaos Lord then rallies my surviving units and we destroy the enemy HQ, carrying the day! Needless to say, I thanked Khorne for standing with me in that battle. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!
  • This trooper recently had one of his own when he assaulted the Eldar stronghold as the Blood Ravens. After sitting on one side of the map and dealing with attacks by both Ork raiding parties and Eldar wraithlord trios, we finally managed to wipe out every visible Webway Gate outside of their base with a series of surgical strikes, in addition to destroying the Ork base with a pair of Predators aided by Captain Thule, and the Chaos base with a group of Space Marines also aided by Thule, who dueled and killed the Sorcerer in charge in single combat. After that, I massed the sizable army I'd put together over the course of the match at the head of the long bridge that divided the rest of the map from the Eldar base...then had them charge. The Blood Ravens charged into a maelstrom of fire from Falcon tanks, Fire Prisms, Guardians, Warp Spiders, Dark Reapers, and Fire Dragons, with a quartet of Predators and a Whirlwind spearheading the assault, supported by two squads of Terminators, a group of Grey Knights, along with Tactical and Assault squads. Then we got to the ramp that went up into the actual base. There, the Blood Ravens charged into a killzone and came face-to-face with the Avatar of Khaine, who was promptly engaged by every unit that could. Amidst explosions and gunfire and orbital bombardments, the battle lasted for at least fifteen minutes before the Avatar finally fell, after it and the prepared defenses had slaughtered a good portion of my forces. All this time I had my Chapel-Barracks and Machine Cult on auto-build, sending Predators, Dreadnoughts, and Land Speeders at them along with regular Marines. Eventually, even as we finally broke past the kill-zone and moved into the base itself to begin slaughtering what was left of the Eldar resistance, a squad of Tactical Marines supported by a Dreadnought moved up the right flank to capture the Webway Gate there as a group of Terminators, Assault Marines, and another Dreadnought moved left to do the same, as the center gate had been captured early in the assault. The maelstrom of war kept going on even as Captain Thule charged Farseer Taldeer, engaging her in single combat as the final two gates fell, triggering the ending cutscene. In short...most epic moment I've ever played in a game. Ever.
  • As Sisters of Battle, on the Jungles of Rhea map against all AI. Used six Seraphim squads and the Saint to jump the walls and take out the enemy bases with much abuse of Angelic Visage (with the base defended by the heroes, Lightnings, Engines and an Exorcist). Finally, the only remaining army is the Dark Angels, whose base on the other side of the map I'd just started to attack, and of course, they show up on my doorstep with a Land Raider. I figured I might as well go down the way the Emperor intended, and attacked what I thought were only a few of their buildings (the AI having an annoying habit of setting up buildings all over the place). Just as the heretical Dark Angels were attacking the final bastion of the righteous Sororitas, the last building in the base collapsed, and to my great surprise the victory message showed up. Needless to say, much praise was given to the Emperor, who provided His faithful daughters with a much-needed miracle.
  • On my last playthrough of Dark Crusade, I was leading the Space Marines against the Eldar Stronghold. After purging both the Ork filth and the taint of Chaos, I had their base encircled and had entrenched myself firmly at their entrances. The first attack, a combined force of Marine Squads, Terminators, Dreadnoughts and Predator Annihilators was thrown at the Eldar central base from a staging ground in the former Ork base. Amidst the general chaos of Fire Prism bombardment, Orbital Strikes, and desperate attempts to break down the Eldar buildings, the Dreadnoughts were all lost and the Predators suffered heavy damage, but my infantry squads all survived with minimal losses and managed to withdraw, even if Reclusiarch Mikaelus fell in battle. Then, forces were rallied, Apothecaries applied treatment for their wounds, new vehicles were brought in, and another attack came, this time from two fronts. The southern end of the pincer maneuver ended up engaging the Avatar, which was another hellish fight, even as the Eldar western flank collapsed from the pressure that the Marines were putting on it. As the western force rampaged through the base, the southern force brought down the Avatar with concentrated fire while a pair of Dreadnoughts held it in melee. After that it was just a question of quickly mopping things up, and the Emperor's Space Marines had secured Kronus from the heretics and aliens that had infested it.
  • Scene: this troper as Eldar, going head to head against Brutal AI Chaos for the first time. Seven minutes in and Chaos tanks were knocking on my doorstep; ten minutes in and the Eldar were reduced to nothing but the Webway Assembly, an Aspect Portal, a Webway Gate in the corner, two squads of Guardians, and one Howling Banshee (one, not one squad). Closing in are four Chaos Marine Squads backed by cultists and Defilers - the end is inevitable, but then something happens. The Guardian squads don't die in seconds. It takes a full minute, during which the bonesinger escapes and starts a hidden Webway gate that the last Banshee goes into. Cue a two and a half hour long game of guerrilla warfare, as it was always meant to be - the dying Eldar having to rely on small, surgical strikes fighting against the endless hordes of the Warp. A Bloodthirster and a Daemon Prince show up. Three Warp Spider Squads slowly whittle both down while the Banshee survivor, now with a full squad and a Seer Council beside it, keep them in place. Enough time is bought and enough gates have been placed that there is no longer any safe place on the map for Chaos; no heretics can run and rebuild for everything is visible and accessible, and finally, after painting the brown map almost entirely red, the Eldar secure a victory. Neither the lone bonesinger or the lone Howling Banshee from the beginning die, and are at the front at the end, just to rub it in: "You could have stopped this."

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