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Tear Jerker / Dawn of War

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  • In the Soulstorm Campaign, the ending cutscene for several of the factions campaigns are pretty grisly.
    • If the Dark Eldar win the campaign than their ending cutscene shows them killing or capturing every single human being in Kaurava.
  • In Chaos Rising, one of your squadmates - someone who fought alongside you, who has been with you throughout the struggle to protect the Aurelia Sector from Tyranids - is aiding the Black Legion in killing you. You then have to hunt down and kill the traitor.
    • If Jonah Orion is the traitor then the game makes it clear that it isn't his fault. After you decode the message you receive one from him where he pleads that he was forced to do it.
  • Thaddeus' response to Avitus' contempt for the Chapter and the very notion of hope.
    Thaddeus: Perhaps, but I will cling to hope for a while longer, I think. And if the secrets of the Chapter cost me that? Well, then I will stand stand with my brothers... all of them.
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  • Avitus reveals he fell into despair when he learned Kyras was a Chaos worshipper and is haunted by the memory of all those he has killed; that's why as the traitor, he decided to commit Suicide by Cop. Even at the end of the mission when Tarkus attempts to offer him some comfort, Avitus just shrugs it off.
    Tarkus: No man died in his service that died in vain.
    Avitus: Spare us your empty platitudes!
  • Despite being possessed by a greater daemon, Jonah Orion does not fall easily. With all his will, he fights the control of the daemon just long enough to deprive him of his powers and for his brothers to deal the finishing blow. The daemon also claims that if Jonah is slain, he will have nothing to protect him from being dragged screaming into the Warp. Tarkus replies:
    Tarkus: The man who has nothing, can still have faith.
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  • From Dark Crusade, the ending to the Tau stronghold mission is heartbreaking. After fighting valiantly to protect their planet, Kais sees the Ethereal die, loses hope and solemnly leaves with the rest of his troops.
    Shas'O Kais: We will return Aun'el to T'au for burial... there is nothing left for us here.
  • Also, the ending to the Eldar stronghold mission in Dark Crusade. The Eldar are left stranded on the planet after the destruction of the Webway gate, and Taldeer orders her forces to retreat into the wilderness, but refuses to go along.
    Harlequin: Escape is still possible, Farseer -
    Taldeer: I do not deserve that title, Harlequin. My vision has failed us all.
  • There's also your second mission to Aurelia in Chaos Rising, where you take Captain Thule along because one of the dead Blood Ravens was his second-in-command. Also a Heartwarming Moment, as even when under attack by a horde of Eldar, Thule refuses to leave Endymion's body. Once the last of the war host is killed, he says:
    Davian Thule: There... now Endymion can rest...
  • When you lose a multiplayer game as the Eldar, one of the announcer's possible lines is a mournful "Somewhere we went astray". Most of the defeat quotes are defiant, but this one seems truly sad, especially once Fridge Horror sets in and you remember the Eldar are dying out. A lost battle harms them more than it does any of the other factions.
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  • In Retribution's Tyranid and Chaos respective campaigns, killing Sergeant Merrick and Captain Thule. More than one player has just refused to continue after that happens.
  • The Exterminatus of Typhon. Listen to the unnamed fleet commander as the cutscene begins. His voice is firm and unyielding, but you can hear the sadness in it as he sentences the planet to death. As impressive as it is to watch, the music and narration emphasize how horrible Exterminatus is.
    • It's even more sad when you realise that the next person who speaks is Gabriel Angelos, who exterminated his own homeworld and regrets this. He REALLY knows how horrible Exterminatus is.
  • Upon returning to Typhon after the Exterminatus has been carried out, you overhear a Howling Banshee Exarch describing what they found there: the fallen Craftworld's Infinity Circuit was shattered in the bombardment, and every soul inside lost to the warp. The woman sounds like she's barely holding it together, and running on automatic to keep herself going.
  • A particularly disheartening moment takes place during the final mission: Gabriel Angelos and his Blood Ravens are squaring off against Daemon Prince Kyras when your forces arrive on the verge of pulling off Big Damn Heroes or even a Villainous Rescue... only for Angelos and his buddies to get pasted just as you break through Kyras' forces.
  • From the first installment, Isador asking Gabriel to forgive him, only to be told he's damned himself because of his treason and summarily executed.

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