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The Game

  • Deploying an Elite comes with a triumphant riff in the music and often an awesome visual, such as the Imperial Knight's Ground-Shattering Landing.
    Gabriel Angelos: Let none find us wanting!
    Kill-Team Ironmaw: This hunt will make for a fine saga!
    Assault Terminators: We are the Angels of Death!
    Solaria: I will make a great show of it!
    Diomedes: Your prayers are answered, through me!
    Imperial Knight Paladin: I have come to set this realm to order!
    Taldeer: Taldeer serves you, as fate decrees.
    Ronahn: A subtle hand shall turn the tide!
    Macha: Fate has carried me to the field!
  • Solaria's reply to the Inquisitor demanding her assistance on Acheron. She reminds him already that he refused aid to House Varlock when she needed it, so she has no intent to help him. The Inquisitor points out how dangerous disobeying someone of his position is, but Solaria reminds him that he's been disgraced with the failure of his plan and when his superiors learn of it he will have no power. She calls the bluff of an inquisitor, and got away with it. The Inquisitor only convinces her to help with promise of recusing Gabriel Angelos.
  • Almost anything Gabriel does. He was badass in the original Dawn of War, but he really shows his chops here.
    • At the start of the campaign, the Inquisitor is demanding all Imperial forces stay in reserve and not engage the Orks. Gabriel and the Blood Ravens ignore the order and assist anyways.
    • After fighting to stop the Orks and Eldar from the Vault and a rescue comes at the last minute, he barely has enough time for his men to escape for the Inquistor's orbital bombardment comes down and order them to go without him. And he survives, and on his own, continues to fight to keep the Orks and Eldar from the Spear of Khaine until he's mobbed by Howling Banshees and Wraithgaurd, which would have killed him if not for Solaria intervening with her knight.
    • Speaking of that rescue... Gabriel Angelos is on the ground, taking on both the Eldar and Ork forces on his own to prevent them from reaching their objective. But he ends up cornered and swarmed by forces that look like they're about to cut him down... but then Solaria deploys in her mech from orbit, visibly readies her Knight's weaponry and immediately begins plowing through those enemy forces in her Imperial Knight to get him out.
    Solaria: "Unhand him!!"
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  • The final mission: Gabriel, Gorgutz and Macha joining forces to defeat the Storm Prince, taking on Bloodletters and daemonic clones of Ork Boyz and Ronahn along the way.
  • The Space Marine Drop Pod mechanic often results in these.
    • Dropping a Deathstorm Drop Pod has it admonish the enemy before unleashing More Dakka in all directions
    Deathstorm Drop Pod: Cease living! Comply!
    • Dropping a Dreadnought right into the middle of an enemy formation is immensely satisfying.
    Dreadnought: I HAVE AWOKEN!
  • Starting a Waaagh as the Orks causes the Waaagh tower to start playing heavy rock music, building to a peak before buffing all your surrounding troops so they're ready to charge in and overwhelm any enemy unfortunate enough to be in the way.
    WAAAAGH! tower: Get ready boys! Deze boyz wanna rock. We boyz is made for rockin'. I CAN'T HEAR YOOUUUZ!. IZ YOUR READY!? FOR. A. WAAAAAAGH!!
  • As always, the faction superweapons, with the Space Marines summoning a lance strike from orbit, the Eldar a destructive psychic tempest, and the Orks bringing down a hail of asteroids.
    Space Marine Announcer: Targeting beacon deployed. Commencing fire.
    Eldar Announcer: Release the storm's fury.

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