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Hi, I'm Sylvi, it/they/she pronouns. (Before you ask, only nonconsensual "it"s are dehumanizing.) I like video games and cats.

If you're wondering about my TLP drafts — I have ADHD, so actively maintaining things is hard. I never abandon drafts entirely, but you are free to contribute any effort you like into polishing the description, rolling examples into the draft, or anything else.

My username is in all lowercase letters — please don't capitalize it. No, I don't know why this bothers me so much.


Here's some sandboxes and forum threads for wiki maintenance:
Tropes I threw a draft onto TLP and someone else launched:

Tropes I actually launched myself:

Works pages that I started and/or are largely maintained by me:

Obligatory (incomplete!) list of works I'm into:

Fan Works



Live-Action TV

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation

Obligatory list of tropes I like:

... There's more, but for some strange and surely unfathomable reason I feel like stopping there for now.

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