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Hi, I'm Mintleaf/Sylvi, it/she/they pronouns. (Before you ask, only nonconsensual "it"s are dehumanizing.) I like video games and cats. I'm gay and don't go to bed on time. Reblog if you too are gay and/or don't go to bed on time.

If you're wondering about my TLP drafts... um, I haven't interacted with TLP in a while, huh. I don't know if or when I'll return.

My username is in all lowercase letters — please don't capitalize it. No, I don't know why this bothers me so much.

We're plural, and our headmates will be mostly posting on forums as Tempest System, when they do anything at all on this web site, which is increasingly infrequent lately. Non-RP posts with colored text and/or emoji signatures might be one of them (cause container tabs don't exist on mobile); check that page for more details.

Yes, I'm a mod now, I do mod things.

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    Helpful stuff 
Here's some sandboxes and forum threads for wiki maintenance:
  • Author Usurpation: How exactly is this not an Audience Reaction...
  • Author Vocabulary Calendar: what
  • Canon Marches On and Outdated by Canon: These seem functionally identical; ostensibly one is for fanfic and one is for Expanded Universe official works, but this feels to us like a Distinction Without a Difference. (Also, since both deal with external facts about other works released after the work under discussion, both should be trivia, while only Outdated by Canon actually is.) Check to see if people are in fact using them synonymously, and also check to see if Canon Marches On is being listed as trivia by people assuming it to be.
  • Combos: Overbroad name is causing people to use it for any type of combo attack instead of the one specific meaning the page describes
  • Convenient Eclipse: Despite the name, this trope is not in fact about literal eclipses. Check whether this causes misuse (or disuse, as non-eclipse-related examples get ignored)
  • The Dog Bites Back: This is about villains' underlings killing them, not just anyone clapping back against any mistreatment. Check for misuse, consider a Trope Transplant.
  • Hazy-Feel Turn: Defined as a clear change of sides when it's not clear which side is "good" or "bad", but occasionally misused as an unclear change of sides; check how far this goes
  • How Much More Can He Take?, title completely at odds with description
  • Improv: This is a genre, but the page is written like it's a trope
  • Lost in Medias Res: Is this seriously just "In Medias Res Done Badly"?
  • Mama Bear and Papa Wolf: These are the exact same trope with a completely unnecessary gender distinction.
  • Me's a Crowd: This is a plot trope, but long-standing misuse for the power of Self-Duplication means a rename may be the only solution at this point. 52 wicks to check
  • One-Book Author: this should be trivia lol
  • Pinocchio Nose and You Can Always Tell a Liar: The distinction between these is unclear. The TLP draft seems to indicate that Pinocchio Nose is for character-specific tells, while You Can Always Tell a Liar is for universal ones, but this distinction has never appeared in either page's description (the latter only says the former is about "direct lying") and doesn't seem borne out by the examples. 50 wicks of each to check.
  • The Rant: Check for misuse as literal ranting (apparently people can't be bothered to read the literal first sentence in the description)
  • Single-Precept Religion, title completely at odds with description
  • So Was X: A Stock Phrase trope fixated on the words when there's an actual comparison there to make an actual trope out of; check for usage as the literal phrase vs the whole "X was Y, therefore Z? But W was also Y, which undermines Z." comparison. So Are Wick Checks; 59 total wicks so might as well check em all.
  • Squick: oh god oh fuck this is going to take forever The main page clearly describes a reaction, not a type of content. This is a preexisting term, and the article is mostly in line with that usage. The off-page usage, however, does not agree with either definition. Squick Check will need ~125 wicks checked if we ever actually get around to this.
  • Too Awesome to Use: How is this not YMMV?
  • Useless Item: Description makes it clear this is for the case of "a well-defined function which is not useful to perform" only; double-check Wayback and TLP to see if this was intended, then check for prevalence of use for other types of uselessness.
  • Virtual Soundtrack: As defined, this is fanfic-only. This is probably unnecessary. Check for usage in original works.
  • Wring Every Last Drop out of Him: Launched in 2008 with a complainy description and oblique title, has very few wicks despite its age. Check whether people are using this as what it is.

Demonstration of a bug regarding too-long page titles:

Demonstration of a bug regarding redirects to nonexistent pages: Sandbox.Redirect Bug Demonstration

    Wiki cred 
Tropes I actually launched myself:

Tropes I threw a draft onto TLP and someone else launched (don't do this):

Images I suggested or otherwise contributed to:

Works pages that I started and/or are largely maintained by me:

    New works pages advice copypastas 

Regular works

Obligatory reminders about how to do this:

* Follow [[Administrivia/ZeroContextExample context rules]]
* Follow [[Administrivia/ExampleIndentation indentation rules]]
* Administrivia/{{Crosswick|ing}} new examples when you add them
* Check out Administrivia/TextFormattingRules if you're ''very'' new
* If you're the creator, [[Administrivia/AutoEroticTroping you can't add YMMV or Moments]] and [[Administrivia/TheFicMayBeYoursButTheTropePageIsOurs you get no special privileges over the page]] (omit this if it's a professional work)
* CharacterSheets need at least one trope (ideally more) for every character they list; characters without tropes will be commented or removed, and pages with too few tropes will be merged into the main works page

Forum roleplays

Obligatory reminders about how to do this:

* Follow [[Administrivia/ZeroContextExample context rules]]
* Follow [[Administrivia/ExampleIndentation indentation rules]]
* Administrivia/{{Crosswick|ing}} new examples when you add them
* Check out Administrivia/TextFormattingRules if you're ''very'' new
* [[Administrivia/AutoEroticTroping We can't add YMMV or Moments cause we're the creators]], though external observers can if they want to (this almost never actually happens)
* CharacterSheets need at least one trope (ideally more) for every character they list; characters without tropes will be commented or removed, and pages with too few tropes will be merged into the main works page

Discord roleplays

Obligatory reminders about how to do this:

* Follow [[Administrivia/ZeroContextExample context rules]]
* Follow [[Administrivia/ExampleIndentation indentation rules]]
* Do '''not''' Administrivia/{{crosswick|ing}} unpublished works
* Check out Administrivia/TextFormattingRules if you're ''very'' new
* [[Administrivia/AutoEroticTroping We can't add YMMV or Moments cause we're the creators]]
* No subpages for unpublished works (Character tropes and Trivia go on the main page, YMMV and Moments are forbidden anyway, and no matter how long a single trope entry gets you can't split it off into its own page.)

    misc info about me i guess 

    Avatar sources 
 Ringo jumpscare 

 Ringo jumpscare 
... yeah we have no clue why that one specific avatar is so big; the code is identical to all the others on the list,

    tropes that apply to us as if we were a character in a work? 
"Why is this here and not on Tempest System?" *shrugs*

"Why is it so short" because I only very occasionally feel like adding anything to it and since it's not part of a real project I have no impetus to make myself feel like it more frequently.

the Tempests as a whole


A genderfluxnote  catgirl. Yes, I consider "catgirl" to be my gender, not just "girl". My pronouns change, but they're always some subset of it/they/she.
Pronouns: it/they/she
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Arising quite naturally from literal ADHD, I tend to be working on like two or three drafts at any given moment out of the dozens I have. *gazes wistfully at Beyond the Borders and the Terraria fanfic* I don't know how to control which ones I'm putting work into,,
  • Catgirl: Not literally. Or, well, only kinda literally. (kin lol) But any avatars meant to represent me get cat ears if the option is available.
  • I Have Many Names: I like to collect names. It's fun. I've gone by "Katelyn" and "Sylvi" and "🐱" and "Mintleaf" and I'm gonna get nine names, like a cat! Probably eventually.

Tropin my OCs

There's a list of them on my purrsonal wiki. Actually I have four lists and they're not equally maintained but that list links to the other ones so it's fine.
    the ones without enough tropes for their own folder 
  • Author Avatar: Several of them (all named "Tempest") are based loosely on me/us.
  • Cats Have Nine Lives: One of Catmint Cookie's defeat quotes is her reassuring the rest of the party that she's fine because she still has eight lives left.
  • Claimed by the Supernatural: Silas's cat ears are a sign of being marked by an angel for a purpose of great importance. Too bad the angel was being capricious and didn't actually have anything in mind. Too bad for the angel, that is.
  • Enigmatic Empowering Entity: teal is a mysterious being who has only ever appeared as a voice in Elise and Adrien's head, and is responsible for granting them both superpowers.
  • Evil Former Friend: Adrien and Elise were close friends long before either of them became supers.
  • Painting the Medium: teal speaks exclusively in teal text. Which is also why it's called "teal"
  • Playing Both Sides: teal originally empowered and is still advising both Elise and Adrien, playing them off each other for its own inscrutable ends. Adrien knows this. Elise does not.
  • Universal-Adaptor Cast: I'll reuse these in all kinds of stuff :D

    Vivi& Elakha 

Vivi& Elakha (Final Fantasy XIV)
A cat on a casual night out.
Pronouns: she/her
A Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te adventurer of all trades.

Associated tropes:

  • Alternate Continuity: Several slightly-different continuities exist depending on what I think is convenient to write in a given context, with the main variant being whether she's the Warrior of Light, one of their convenient adventurer friends ("Scion" timeline), or a random (but still Echo-blessed) civilian who never met the Scions, as well as a secondary variable of a different Alternate Self becoming the primary frontrunner. (There's also a Murderverse continuity, which branched off the WoL-V, civilian-F, and Scion-S timelines.) You may ask us, why make things so damn complicated? ... *walks away*
  • Cat Ninja: A Miqo'te with, as of 5.4, Ninja as her main job (and one of only two DPS jobs she's at all skilled in).
  • Last of Her Kind: She's the last known survivor of her tribe... unfortunately, since she was an infant at the time, nearly all of the tribe's knowledge — including what their name was — was lost with them. The Elakha name was taken from a friend of her dads', when they realized that she would otherwise lack any connection to her heritage.
  • Mind Hive: In addition to Fray, Myste, and Ardbert (in the WoL timeline only), she shares her mind and body with a Viera boy named Finch and an Au Ra woman named Sariel. In the WoL and Scion timelines, they hypothesize that they're different shards of the same sundered soul, but they're not sure how to confirm that. (In the civilian timeline, they just kinda shrug and decide it doesn't matter where they came from.)
  • Name From Another Species: All three have the Miqo'te surname "Elakha", even though Finch is a Viera and Sariel is an Au Ra. There's probably some kind of in-universe reason for this but we haven't decided what.
  • Polyamory: In the WoL-V and Scion-V timelines, Vivi gets together with Y'shtola sometime before Shadowbringers, and starts dating G'raha sometime after that. There's also some timeline somewhere where the polycule includes K'lyhia (from the Arcanist class quests) and Qeshi-Rae (from the Facet of Gathering role quests).
  • Renaissance Man: She's at least level 50 in every job available as of Shadowbringers, including maxing out all healers, tanks, crafters, and gatherers. (But the only DPS she's trained that far in are Dancer, Ninja, and technically Summoner.)
  • Retcon: Spent a few years as a self-insert until I decided that all the cool parts of the character were the parts I had made up to fit her into Eorzea, so I changed her name, thereby snipping the last tenuous connections to self-insert-ness.
  • White Magician Girl: Her starting class was conjurer and while she can be pretty rough around the edges, she prefers to express a gentle temperament.

    Charis Spiros
Pronouns: she/her
A mute girl with cat ears, wings, and magic.

Associated tropes:

  • Ambiguously Human: She looks like she's just a human with cat ears and angel wings, but her current body was created by presumed-demonic magic and its origins are unknown.
  • Deal with the Devil: After a lifetime of transmisic and ableist abuse in her hometown, a powerful magical entity appeared with an offer to magically give her exactly the body she wanted, and in exchange, she would be transported far far away from her home, never to see them again. Only much later did it occur to her that being sent away was being presented as the cost of the bargain, which means the whole thing probably ultradoomed them through some subtle machination. But even after she figured this out, she didn't care — her first thought was "fuck 'em, they deserve it".
  • Lady of Black Magic: While she prefers not to resort to violence at all if she can avoid it, once a fight starts, she can and will use her magic to dish out hefty damage. The rune-based magic system means she could theoretically use any kind of attack imaginable, but she prefers energy balls.
  • The Speechless: She's entirely incapable of speech. She can make mouth-noises, and she knows how words work, but connecting the two inexplicably eludes her.
  • Trans Tribulations: Her home town was not at all accepting of her gender, doubly so because she was mute and couldn't very well argue the point.
  • Winged Humanoid: She has a lovely pair of angelic wings.

    Hallie Mathews
Pronouns: any
An Enforcer, arsonist, and bearer of the chainsaw of friendship.

Associated Tropes

Uhhh... FYI, don't use these as a template for character pages for works. This is allowed to be a bit sloppy because it's just my troper page; real character pages need at least one trope per character (and ideally several). Do use the floatbox for pronouns and the like, though. That's not a wiki standard, I just personally think it's a good idea.

    "Our avatars are posting on a forum thread" reference 
All our characters have their own account; we don't do the "every avatar gallery is posting on a single shared account and they just change their gingerbread a lot and none of them know what's up with that" interpretation.
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