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Hi, I'm Sylvi, it/she/they pronouns. (Before you ask, only nonconsensual "it"s are dehumanizing.) I like video games and cats.

If you're wondering about my TLP drafts — I have ADHD, so actively maintaining things is hard. I never abandon drafts entirely, but you are free to contribute any effort you like into polishing the description, rolling examples into the draft, or anything else.

My username is in all lowercase letters — please don't capitalize it. No, I don't know why this bothers me so much.


We're plural, and our headmates will be mostly posting on forums as Tempest System, when they do anything at all on this web site, which is increasingly infrequent lately. Non-RP posts with colored text and/or emoji signatures might be one of them; check that page for more details.

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Tropes I threw a draft onto TLP and someone else launched (don't do this):

Tropes I actually launched myself:

Works pages that I started and/or are largely maintained by me:


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Obligatory (incomplete!) list of works I'm into:

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Western Animation

Obligatory list of tropes I like:

... There's more, but for some strange and surely unfathomable reason I feel like stopping there for now.

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Anything not listed here was probably shared from another troper. Or maybe we just haven't gotten around to adding it yet.

    SPOILERS for future murdergame developments 

  • Foreshadowing:
    • She freaks out at anything that reminds her of TM Awe, suggesting that she has had a bad experience with him.
    • She uses Eorzean units of time (bells, moons, suns) and invokes the Twelve when cursing, implying that she originated there.
    • She withholds her name, implying that she believes a player might recognize it.
    • She calls Cinderace "warm bun", just like the Elakhas.

    tropes that apply to us as if we were a character in a work? 
"Why is this here and not on Tempest System?" *shrugs*

the Tempests as a whole

Pronouns: it/they/she
  • Catgirl: Not literally. Yet. But any avatars meant to represent me get cat ears if the option is available.
  • Romantic Asexual: I like to smooch girls (mostly) and I don't really care about sex. The label I use is "grey-ace bi lesbian".
  • Transgender: Genderfluxnote  catgirl. Yes, I consider "catgirl" to be my gender, not just "girl". My pronouns change, but they're always some subset of it/they/she.


Characters that I have:

    the self-inserts 

All of them

  • Author Avatar: They're all based loosely on me/us. That's why they're in this folder titled 'the self-inserts'.
  • Transgender: They (or in plural systems, the main frontrunners) are all trans girls. Some of them have thought about it more in-depth than that, some have not.


Pronouns: she/her
Protagonist of A Decent Self-Insert, Probably. (Don't try copying this to the character page for that fanfic; not everything here is allowable as "has actually confirmably appeared in the work".)

Associated Tropes

the Tempest system (DDR)

Plural system of nine, though only three get actual focus. Sylvi (it/she) is the Ultimate Catgirl, Robin (he/him) is the Ultimate Catboy, and Ana (they/them) is the Ultimate Angel.

Associated Tropes

    Vivi& Elakha 

Vivi& Elakha (Final Fantasy XIV)
A cat on a casual night out.
Pronouns: she/her
A Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te adventurer of all trades.

Associated tropes:

  • Alternate Continuity: Several slightly-different continuities exist depending on what I think is convenient to write in a given context, with the main variant being whether she's the Warrior of Light, one of their convenient adventurer friends ("Scion" timeline), or a random (but still Echo-blessed) civilian who never met the Scions, as well as a secondary variable of a different Alternate Self becoming the primary frontrunner. (There's also a Murderverse continuity, which branched off the WoL-V, civilian-F, and Scion-S timelines.) You may ask us, why make things so damn complicated? ... *walks away*
  • Cat Ninja: A Miqo'te with, as of 5.4, Ninja as her main job (and one of only two DPS jobs she's at all skilled in).
  • Has Two Daddies: Was adopted and raised by two men, a Hyur and an Elezen. (It was not Platonic Co-Parenting, they are in fact gay.)
  • Last of Her Kind: She's the last known survivor of her tribe... unfortunately, since she was an infant at the time, nearly all of the tribe's knowledge — including what their name was — was lost with them. The Elakha name was taken from a friend of her dads', when they realized that she would otherwise lack any connection to her heritage.
  • Mind Hive: In addition to Fray, Myste, and Ardbert (in the WoL timeline only), she shares her mind and body with a Viera boy named Finch and an Au Ra woman named Sariel. In the WoL and Scion timelines, they hypothesize that they're different shards of the same sundered soul, but they're not sure how to confirm that. (In the civilian timeline, they just kinda shrug and decide it doesn't matter where they came from.)
  • Name From Another Species: All three have the Miqo'te surname "Elakha", even though Finch is a Viera and Sariel is an Au Ra. There's probably some kind of in-universe reason for this but we haven't decided what.
  • Renaissance Man: She's at least level 50 in every job available as of Shadowbringers, including maxing out all healers, tanks, crafters, and gatherers. (But the only DPS she's trained that far in are Dancer, Ninja, and technically Summoner.)
  • Retcon: Spent a few years as a self-insert until I decided that all the cool parts of the character were the parts I had made up to fit her into Eorzea, so I changed her name, thereby snipping the last tenuous connections to self-insert-ness.
  • White Magician Girl: Her starting class was conjurer and while she can be pretty rough around the edges, she prefers to express a gentle temperament.
    Charis Spiros
Pronouns: she/her
A mute girl with cat ears, wings, and magic.

Associated tropes:

  • Ambiguously Human: She looks like she's just a human with cat ears and angel wings, but her current body was created by presumed-demonic magic and its origins are unknown.
  • Deal with the Devil: After a lifetime of transmisic and ableist abuse in her hometown, a powerful magical entity appeared with an offer to magically give her exactly the body she wanted, and in exchange, she would be transported far far away from her home, never to see them again. Only much later did it occur to her that being sent away was being presented as the cost of the bargain, which means the whole thing probably ultradoomed them through some subtle machination. But even after she figured this out, she didn't care — her first thought was "fuck 'em, they deserve it".
  • Lady of Black Magic: While she prefers not to resort to violence at all if she can avoid it, once a fight starts, she can and will use her magic to dish out hefty damage. The rune-based magic system means she could theoretically use any kind of attack imaginable, but she prefers energy balls.
  • The Speechless: She's entirely incapable of speech. She can make mouth-noises, and she knows how words work, but connecting the two inexplicably eludes her.
  • Trans Tribulations: Her home town was not at all accepting of her gender, doubly so because she was mute and couldn't very well argue the point.
  • Winged Humanoid: She has a lovely pair of angelic wings.
    Silas Ferris (and his angel)
Pronouns: he/him
A boy marked by an angel.

Associated Tropes:

  • Claimed by the Supernatural: The cat ears are a sign of being marked by an angel for a purpose of great importance. Too bad the angel was being capricious and didn't actually have anything in mind. Too bad for the angel, that is.
Pronouns: she/her
A girl who gained superpowers and decided to do some good in the world by joining a team of heroes.

Associated Tropes

Pronouns: they/he
A boy (ish) who gained superpowers and decided to join a villainous team to further his goals.

Associated Tropes

Pronouns: any (mostly it/he)
A mysterious being, the one responsible for empowering Elise and Adrien.

Associated Tropes

  • Enigmatic Empowering Entity: A mysterious being who has only ever appeared as a voice in Elise and Adrien's head, and is responsible for granting them both superpowers.
  • Painting the Medium: It speaks exclusively in teal text. Which is also why it's called "teal"
  • Playing Both Sides: Originally empowered and is still advising both Elise and Adrien, playing them off each other for its own inscrutable ends.

Uhhh... FYI, don't use these as a template for character pages for works. This is allowed to be a bit sloppy because it's just my troper page; real character pages need at least one trope per character (and ideally several). Do use the floatbox for pronouns and the like, though. That's not a wiki standard, I just personally think it's a good idea.


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