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  • All-Star Cast: Just look at the actors who landed roles in the game! Some are reprising their original roles for the first time in decades.
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • The fan-submitted DeLorean from LEGO Ideas appears here, which is also the reason why LEGO had the license in the first place.
    • Some of the brick-built companion cubes in the Portal 2 Adventure World have HUMAN REMAINS inside.
    • Sonic suggests to the Ghostbusters that there's something paranormal about the Tails Doll.
  • Ascended Meme: Some throwaway lines from their respective franchises that got popular are reused in the game, and other memes are mentioned.
    • The... obsessed Space Core channels a certain infamous Shrek meme and the Doge meme by respectively muttering "Space is love, space is life"note  and “Such space, very orbit, such black hole. Wow space.”
    • The Midway Arcade Level is called All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us.
    • Rattmann's infamous graffiti returns, although this time the cake is not a lie. Skilled players can actually catch glimpses of Rattman himself.
    • The Daleks desperately tries to stop the trio from taking their food, shouting at other Daleks to " Secure the unlimited rice pudding!".
    • Sonic occasionally declares "Gotta go fast!" when he enters the game.
    • Two of the quests in the Sonic the Hedgehog world are titled "Big's Big Fishing Adventure 4" and "LEGO Dimensions & Knuckles".
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    • Omochao tells you that the early inhabitants of Carnival Night Zone noted the barrels as The Barrels of DOOM. They then tells you probably the most helpful advice given in the series and suggests you stay away from them because "they sound dangerous".
      • It turns out that Sonic himself didn't like the barrels either, when you face him with a puzzle he can't solve.
    • After helping Big the Cat find Froggy, wait around a little bit and he'll get a phone call from someone named Sanic.
    • Someone FINALLY steps on a LEGO.
      • The pain of doing this in real life is shown horrifyingly as when the character who does this tries to take their foot off one, a slow ripping sound plays while it slowly falls off. He then clutches his foot in agony.
  • Blooper: The end credits misspell Paul Feig's name, calling him, "Paul Fieg".
  • Colbert Bump:
    • The developers invoked this so younger audiences can explore the included franchises like the older ones such as Knight Rider and the more-contemporary ones such as Adventure Time.
    • Since the announcement that DC!Cyborg can become TTG!Cyborg when in the latter's adventure world and beyond, demand for Cyborg Fun Packs shot up and left them sold out for a while. It didn't help that LEGO has discontinued the set on their website.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Some of the male Goonies have female voice actors.
  • Cut Song: The original Vorton hub music was replaced by a longer musical piece sometime after release. However, it could still be heard through the Adventure World jukeboxes until the v.1.3.0 update in January 2016, which replaced it with the new BGM.
  • Development Gag:
    • The trapped Cave Johnson core is a nod to a cut idea in Portal 2 where Cave's mind would be uploaded to a cube, and he begged to be killed, and Chell had to do so to progress. Also, some of his lines from this game were previously found in Dummied Out subtitles in Portal 2.
    • As well as several other gags and references to past Sonic titles, the title for Sonic Dimensions itself is a reference to a working title for Sonic Generations. Other examples in the level include:
      • Sonic taunting Eggman about his moustache, claiming it is fake. A Dummied Out line from Omochao states the same fact.
      • Shortly after, Sonic calls Eggman "Fatty Lobotnik". This was one of the working names for Eggman during the franchise's western transition which was one of the names suggested by former game counselor Dean Sitton.
    • The Goonies Level Pack makes the octopus from a Deleted Scenenote  a recurring character.
    • When Betelgeuse climbs into the flowery Mystery Machine, he declares, "Looks like I'm going Hawaiian after all!", a reference to the oft-delayed Beetlejuice sequel, Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian.
  • Doing It for the Art: It's clear to see that the developers made sure that each of the worlds and characters were portrayed faithfully.
  • Dueling Games: With Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and amiibo. Disney eventually dropped out of the race despite leading at some point.
  • Executive Meddling: LEGO has decided to retire some packs, such as the Portal 2 Level Pack, before the Starter Pack goes out-of-print.
  • Exiled from Continuity: Due to the fact that the game started around the time Disney Infinity did, Star Wars, Marvel, and Pirates of the Caribbean characters were off-limits due to Warner Brothers and Disney being rival companies, despite the three brands having prominent history with LEGO. Indiana Jones, despite not appearing in Disney Infinity, was also absent because of this, despite again being prominent in the LEGO franchise.
  • Fake Shemp:
    • Inevitable, due to the sheer number of licenses and some actors being dead. Most characters usually have only voices from sound clips in their material.
    • Some recorded material from Year 1 was reused in Year 2.
  • Name's the Same:
  • One Steve Limit: Averted.
    • Dr. Emmett Brown, meet Emmet Brickowski. Doc Brown usually doesn't go by his first name, though, which makes things a little easier.
    • But it does complicate matters when another man who time travels in an impractical vehicle shows up... The Doctor.
    • Doubly averted with two different versions of Batman.note 
    • Triply averted in terms of Claras. We have Clara Oswald (The Doctor's companion from series 7 to 9) and Clara Clayton (Doc Brown's wife), both of whom are the characters in peril for their franchises' respective levels.
    • Cyborg and Robin each have a normal version, and a version from Teen Titans Go! Robin also has his The LEGO Batman Movie counterpart.
  • The Original Darrin: The LEGO Movie's video game adaptation used sound-alike voice actors, but the main characters' appearances here see the return of their voices from the film.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Tom Kane stands in for Ian McKellen.
    • As does Nolan North for Will Ferrell.
    • All of The Wizard of Oz characters had to be recast due to the deaths of the original actors years before. It's a 1939 film, after all.
    • All the Ninjago and Chima actors. Both shows are recorded in Canada, and some bureaucracy/union/money issues likely discourage recording studio The Ocean Group from just directing cross-country via the Internet, preventing the actors from reprising their roles.
    • Travis Willingham voices Lex Luthor in place of Clancy Brown.
    • Scott Menville takes over as Lego DC Robin from Charlie Schlatter.
    • Steve Blum is now Commissioner Gordon, replacing Townsend Coleman.
    • Chris Hardwick takes over as Green Arrow from Stephen Amell.
    • Nolan North replaces Townsend Coleman as General Zod.
    • Ghostbusters characters Janine, Louis, and Vigo have new dialogue recorded by Courtenay Taylor, Mick Wingert, and Andre Sogliuzzo, respectively, as opposed to speaking only in audio of Annie Potts, Rick Moranis, and Max Von Sydow recycled from the movies.
    • In a bizarre case of double-Darrining, Big the Cat is not voiced by Kyle Hebert, his actor from the DS version of Sonic Colors, but by his predecessor Oliver Wyman, who played Big in Sonic X and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.
    • Similar to Big, Brian Bloom and Steven Jay Blum reprise their respective roles of Aquaman and Bane from Lego Batman 2, Darrin'ing their actors from the third game, Scott Porter and J.B. Blanc.
    • Almost everyone from The LEGO Batman Movie has a new voice actor in this game, save for Will Arnett, Rosario Dawson, and Mariah Carey.
    • The Goonies all have new actors, since the ones who played the kids in the movie have all become too old to reprise their roles, and Sloth's actor died several years before this game came out.
    • Betelgeuse is voiced by Christopher Swindle instead of Michael Keaton or Stephen Ouimette. Several of his movie's other characters also have new actors.
    • The Mexican Spanish dub has the similar problem as well, as many of the franchises depicted in the game were dubbed in different countries like Doctor Whonote , their voice actors died like in the aforementioned The Wizard of Oz or they were never dubbed in Mexican Spanish in first place like (Portal, Teen Titans Go!, and Sonic the Hedgehognote )
    • Since most Italian dubs of video games are produced in Milan, many of the Roman voice actors had to be replaced:
      • The Lord of the Rings: Antonio Paiola replaces the late Gianni Musy and Gigi Proietti as Gandalf, and Stefano Pozzi replaces Davide Perino as Frodo.
      • The LEGO Movie: Katia Sorrentino replaces Barbara De Bortoli as Wyldstyle, and Pietro Ubaldi replaces Edoardo Stoppacciaro as Metalbeard.
      • Back to the Future: Simon Lupinacci replaces Teo Bellia and Sandro Acerbo as Marty McFly.
      • Scooby-Doo: Jenny De Cesarei replaces Rachele Paolelli as Velma.
      • Ghostbusters: Luca Semeraro replaces Sergio Di Giulio as Ray, Benedetta Ponticelli replaces Emanuela Giordano and Cristiana Lionello as Janine, and Matteo Zanotti replaces Oreste Lionello as Louis Tully.
  • The Other Marty: Early demos of the Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack reused voice samples of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon from the movie. The final game replaced them with impersonators.
  • Product Placement:
    • The billboards depicting Stay Puft Marshmallows in the Ghostbuster levels are nearly identical to the Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows brand you can buy in real-life.
    • In true fashion, the DeLorean is mentioned by name.
    • The paradoxical LEGO store reappears in LEGO City.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, and Troy Baker all usually show up together, and here, as in the Lego Batman games, they're playing DC Comics' Trinity (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman), fittingly enough.
  • Release Date Change: Wave 8 (including the Goonies Sloth Level Pack, the LEGO City Chase McCain and Harry Potter Hermione Fun Packs, and a general release for the LEGO Batman Movie Excalibur Batman Fun Pack), got pushed back from March 2017, to May 2017. This also threw off the date of Supergirl coming to Hire-A-Hero, to late April.
  • Role Reprisal: In the Mexican Spanish dub, Humberto Vélez is back voicing Homer Simpson after not having voiced him for over ten years.
    • The Italian dub has most of the voices replaced, since videogames are usually dubbed in Milan and most of the franchises covered by the game are dubbed in Rome. The only voice actors reprising their roles are:
      • From Batman: The Animated Series: Marco Balzarotti as Batman, Davide Garbolino as Robin and Riccardo Peroni as Joker.
      • From The Batman: Daniele Demma as Riddler.
      • From The Simpsons: Massimo Lopez as Homernote  and Fabrizio Mazzotta as Krusty.
      • From any Scooby-Doo production since the first live-action movie: the Baldini brothers (Oreste as Shaggy and Nanni as Scooby).
      • From The LEGO Movie: Massimo Triggiani as Emmett and Claudio Santamaria as Movie!Batman.
      • From Adventure Time: Alex Polidori as Finn, Alberto Angrisano as Jake, Alessandra Chiari as Marceline and Valentina Mari as Princess Bubblegum.
      • From Mission: Impossible: Roberto Chevalier as Ethan Hunt.
      • From Sonic the Hedgehog: Renato Novara as Sonic.
      • From Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Davide Perino as Newt Scamander.
      • From the 1985 redub of The Wizard of Oz: Raffaele Fallica as the Cowardly Lion and Silvano Piccardi as the Scarecrow.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Possibly why Metalbeard and his treasure are taken rather than Emmett and the Piece of Resistance. Metalbeard has no easy way to make him small enough to work with the whole toys-to-life thing, so he was written out to justify his absence.
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy: An unusual case, as the toys are directly used in the game. Several of the vehicle/gadget builds look different in-game, either because the physical models are too small, or have omitted filler parts that are used in the upgraded models. Some of them are just different for no reason, like Cragger's Swamp Skimmer's final build.
  • Talking to Himself: Chris Pratt as both Emmet and Owen. Lampshaded, of course:
    Emmet: Hey — you seem familiar, have we met?
    Owen Grady: I dunno, did you work on the park?
  • What Could Have Been:
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