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amiibo will be used in Lego dimensions
  • Seems unlikely to me, considering that this would basically lock a set of levels to Nintendo consoles.
    • Seems possible, with Nintendo already collaborating with Activsion with adding Bowser and DK to Skylanders Superchargers.
      • Still seems unlikely. It would still lock an entire adventure world, which seem to be equivalent to hub worlds, to the Wii U. I mean, they have collaborated with Nintendo for LEGO City Undercover, but in a multi-platform game...?
      • Superchargers is also multiplatform and remember that you buying those specific figures are not an necessity to the entire game.
      • Nintendo so far has been pretty adverse to having Lego versions of ANYTHING, possibly due to their collaboration with K'nex. It might be possible to see the third party amiibo (Pac-Man, Shovel Knight, Mega Man, etc...) or even the 2nd party ones (Kirby is owned by HAL) used if the stars were to align properly.

Most or all of the new Doctor Who characters will be voiced by their original actors
Almost all of the previous main actors from Doctor Who have spent their time in a recording booth, so it's not much of a stretch of the imagination for a collaboration to happen between Big Finish & Traveller's Tales.
  • Partially-Jossed. Most of the characters have new dialogue by their respective actors, but the Doctor's previous forms are voiced through archive audio.

There will be characters included based on older Lego Games.
As a way to entice older fans into the game. Imagine, say, a world based on LEGO Island, or having Biker Bob's bike be a playable vehicle, or even using Freddy Fit and the King to take down Ogel's skeleton drones! And, for good measure, characters such as the Super Stationmaster, Professor Voltage, Chief, Max Axel, Reigel, and Rocket Racer as fun packs.
  • Jossed.

Bob will appear
Either as a playable character or some sort of guide.
  • Jossed. Bob is nowhere to be seen.

Other Characters/Future Franchises
  • Practically any non-player minifig that appeared in the game itself is a possibility.
  • Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, Barney Calhoun, and Adrian Shepard from Half-Life
    • Half-Life 3 confirmed?
  • The Classes and Miss Pauling from Team Fortress 2
  • Steve and Alex from Mine Craft
  • Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat
    • However, it'll be too mature for a LEGO game.
  • Lord Business from The LEGO Movie
    • In addition to other non-playable minifigs, perhaps?
  • Peter, Stewie and Brian from Family Guy
    • Maybe not, as this is a kids game.
      • A quarter of the the roster aren't from kids stuff.
      • Family Guy, believe it or not, has a toy license through K'Nex.
  • Chase Mccain from LEGO City Undercover
    • Confirmed!
  • Duke Exeter, Doc Overbuild, Vanda Darkflame, and/or Hael Storm from LEGO Universe.
  • Ben 10
  • Sonic, Tails, and Eggman/Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Sonic has been Confirmed!
  • General Zod and the Man of Steel incarnation of Superman.
  • Finn and Jake from Adventure Time
    • Confirmed!
  • Rexy from Jurassic Park
  • Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, and Wile E. Coyote from Looney Tunes
  • Mega Man
  • Flain, Teslo, Krader, Gobba, Slumbo, Kraw and Major Nixel from Mixels
  • The Ultra Agents
  • Goku, Krillin, Vegeta, Bulma, Piccolo, Trunks, Frieza and the Androids from Dragon Ball Z
    • However, it'll be hard for Traveler's Tales to call FUNimation for the cast to reprise their roles since this franchise is owned by Shonen Jump whereas that company owns the dubbing rights in America.
    • Also, because the franchise has Loads and Loads of Characters, this would be difficult for LEGO and Traveler's Tales to figure it out how can they get playable characters and same reasons for more Shonen Jump properties like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and more due to licensing issues.
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  • Star and Marco
  • Sofia and James from Sofia the First.
    • However, it wouldn't be the first time a preschool franchise being represented in an epic crossover videogame aimed at an older audience.
  • Ruby Rose from RWBY.
    • Similar reason for Dragon Ball Z but the Warners did distribute that franchise in Japan so meaning Rooster Teeth can make an agreement with them in the future.
  • Usagi/Sailor Moon, Rei/Sailor Mars, Minako/Sailor Venus, Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi-Moon, Ami/Sailor Mercury and Makoto/Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon.
    • However, it would be a licensing problem if they were going to include that franchise for the game like all of the anime and manga franchises being demanded by fans.
  • Indy and Mola Ram since Indy didn't participate in Disney Infinity.
  • Dave Lister and Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf.
  • Danny and Jazz Fenton since Danny is one of the few Nickelodeon/Viacom properties that aren't part of Mega Bloks.
  • Rick Grimes and Clemintine from The Walking Dead since it'll be kid-friendlified for comedy.
  • Gumball, Anais and Darwin
  • Kid-Friendly versions of Max Rocktansty, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus from Mad Max and The Matrix.
    • Morpheus cameos in one level of The LEGO Batman Movie story pack, which may be an indicator that he could be showing up in the future...
  • Pacific Rim with the Jagers and kaiju included.
  • Pac-Man with him being something similar to the Midway gamer by including references and cameos from various Namco includes cameo appearances from: Galaga, Dig Dug, and Mappy.
  • Jake and Elwood from The Blues Brothers.
  • Maxwell and Lily from Scribblenauts.
  • Power Rangers
  • SpongeBob and Patrick
    • The above to have been jossed before the game was even announced (April 2015); Nickelodeon transferred the rights to their licenses from Lego to Mega Bloks in February 2015. That being said, they could easily give them back to LEGO in the future. They did say the game would be updated for years to come.
  • Hogarth and The Iron Giant
  • Steven and Connie from Steven Universe.
    • Might as well also add Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl as well, possibly also Lapis Lazuli and Peridot.
  • The bears from We Bare Bears.
  • George, Lizzie, and Ralph from Rampage (who would also be Midway Games world characters).
  • Shaquille O Neal.
  • J, K, and the Worm Guys from Men in Black.
  • Speed and Pops from Speed Racer
  • Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner from The Fast and the Furious
  • Vault Boy from Fallout
  • Mulder and Scully from the The X-Files
  • Archie, Betty, and Veronica from Archie Comics
  • The Post-SGW Version of Sally Acorn from ''Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog since it would be a subtheme for Sonic's game continuity and it wouldn't be the first time Sally appearing in a console game.
  • James Bond since it's MGM properties.
  • Fry, Bender, and Leela from Futurama
  • Danger Mouse and Penfold.
  • Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck Guy.
  • Hajit and Jonny from Jonny Quest
  • Space Ghost and Brak from Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  • Harvey Birdman
  • Orion and Darkseid from New Gods
  • Snake from Metal Gear Solid.
  • Rocket Racer, Veronica Voltage, and Sparky from LEGO Racers
  • Pepper Roni, Mama and Papa Brickolini, Nick and Laura Brick, the Infomaniac, and the Brickster from LEGO Island
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione from Harry Potter (with the flying Ford Anglia as one of the vehicles)
    • Harry and Hermoine are Confirmed!
  • Snoopy and Charlie Brown from Franchise/Peanuts since Fox did a film based on it.
  • Leonard and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.
  • Clay, Aaron, Lance, Axl and Macy from Nexo Knights
  • The Knights of Morcia and Lord Vladek from Knights' Kingdom
  • Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show
  • Luke and Han Solo from Star Wars
  • Professor Voltage, Jonathan Ablebody, JP the Mechanic, Rosie the Cook, and Bob Longtree the Gardener from LEGOLAND
  • Chief, Docs, Jet, Sparks, Axle, and Bandit from Rock Raiders
  • Sam and Max from Sam & Max: Freelance Police
  • Ghostbusters: Janine Melnitz (in Ghostbuster form, a la the animated series), Kylie from Extreme Ghostbusters, Rookie from the 2009 video game (and the IDW comics), the four female 'Busters from the Paul Feig film (provided it does well financially)
    • The reboot Ghostbusters have been confirmed!
  • Dipper, Mabel and either Wendy or Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls
  • Deadpool (although Disney currently owns Marvel, they don't own Deadpool's film rights, meaning he won't appear in Disney Infinity)
  • Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny from South Park
    • South Park is way too mature for a family game.
      • Like what some other people are saying here about other R-rated franchises, they could kid-friendlify it.
  • Austin Powers and Dr. Evil
  • Joel, Mike, Crow, and Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Leaonardo, Michealangelo, Raphael and Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Same with SpongeBob, their license was transferred from LEGO to Mega Bloks but hopefully in the future, if the sales of the game are good they would revert them right back.
  • Any DC Comics character with their own currently-airing TV series. Green Arrow and Supergirl have already been leaked, Flash and any of the cast members from Legends of Tomorrow seem likely.
    • Green Arrow and Supergirl are confirmed
    • Similarly, characters from the DC Extended Universe, including revamped versions of already-existing characters.
  • A The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies level pack with Bilbo, to make up for the film's own DLC in LEGO The Hobbit being cancelled.
  • Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
    • Confirmed!
  • Fred, Velma, and Daphne, featuring additional vehicles from the LEGO Scooby-Doo sets, like the Mystery Boat, Mystery Jet, or Mystery Bike.
  • Simon the Digger and the Gurren Lagann.
  • Speed Racer and the Mach 4. Hey, LEGO did make sets for the movie, after all.
  • Since Disney Infinity has come to an unfortunate close, any Disney properties, including Marvel and Star Wars, which already have LEGO games, could be on the table.
    • If they do a Star Wars set, a Star Trek crossover could also become a possibility.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy and Eddy's Brother's Car. Cartoon Network is starting to include their properties, so why not?
  • Wayne and Garth
  • Segata Sanshiro
  • Chthulhu
  • Spawn
  • Gru & a minion from Despicable Me
  • Jay and Silent Bob (the Bowdlerised versions from the cartoon, of course)
  • Rayman and a Rabbid
  • Shrek and Donkey from Shrek, since DreamWorks Animation is now owned by Universal.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic can bring us Twilight Sparkle, some of her friends, Starlight Glimmer and, possibly, Chrysalis. And Derpy.
    • Extremely unlikely; My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro, who have Kre-O, their own competing building block line. Simultaneously, this also nullifies the possibility of franchises already covered by Kre-O such as Transformers and Trolls.
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug
  • Doctor Who - 13th Doctor, though it's probably unlikely.
  • Hooper and Quint from Jaws. The game's tagline is a reference to the movie after all.
  • George Jetson.
  • Fred Flintstone.

  • As of October 23, anything that hasn't been confirmed has been Jossed.

Rather than skill trees and levels like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, character customization will be attached to the figures RFID chips
Each character will feature their own customization menu, and all of the pieces would be taken from their alternate outfits in previous LEGO games or from other costumes in their source material (For example, Marty and Doc could have their many other outfits from Back to the Future, or Gimli and Legolas could evan be able to be turned into other dwarves and elves from Middle-Earth). Similar to the levels and skill tree unlocks from Skylanders and Infinity figures, these customization unlocks and settings would be saved directly to the figure's RFID chip, so you could take your very own custom Batman to your friend's house and play with him.
  • Jossed. It's the vehicles and gadgets that have this element; the minifigures are read-only RFID chips and therefore have no in-game customization element whatsoever.

Similar to the Lego Movie, Lord Vortech is actually an alternate version of someone
  • Jossed. He's just evil.

The various level packs will have their own self-contained crossovers, using unrepresented LEGO properties
These could be either old or new. Hill Valley could be visited by the Time Cruisers, with Dr. Cyber tracking down the same thing Wyldstyle and co. are. The world of Middle-Earth could find itself involved in a stuggle between the Toa and Skull Spiders. Springfield could have to deal with a swarm of Nixels. Jurassic World would have Johnny Thunder and his allies studying the dinosaurs. GLaDOS could be trying to stop a hacking attempt by Ultra Agents foe Terabyte. And the Doctor could possibly be forced to confront one of LEGO's multitude of alien villans, maybe even something like Gorm.
  • Jossed. The level packs only feature characters from that universe.
    • Although Simpsons have ways to travel to the Flintstones and Jetsons. So, this is not impossible.

When the game is completed, a collector's edition combining all the level packs into one game will be released
  • Jossed; no collector's edition.
    • Technically, the game isn't complete; a few of the announced level packs haven't been released yet, and there's more unannounced stuff to come.
      • That's what I meant; when the game is free of forthcoming updates, a special edition will be released containing all the expansions in one.

The herofig versions of the characters from Hero Factory will eventually be playable, as well as any possible future minifig versions of the Toa from Bionicle

Alternatively, CCBS will be introduced to the game in a later version and there will be Bionicle/Hero Factory expansion packs.

The Ninjago level will contain a crossover with Legends of Chima, probably in the same vein as the DC Comics and Lord of the Rings levels having crossovered antagonists

This based off of there being an achievement for a Ninjago level ("Of Mice and Chen") but nothing for a Chima level despite that series having character packs.

  • Unfortunately, jossed. No Chima level, and Ninjago features Saruman and Lex Luthor as the outsiders.

"Year Two" will be based more around LEGO's original themes than licensed
Star Wars will probably be one of the exceptions
  • Jossed. The only original theme in Year Two is Lego City Undercover.

Homer is one Aperture Science's Test subjects.

  • Jossed. It's been stated that this is the first time GLaDOS has met any of the game's characters (excluding Chell), and in gameplay of the Portal level, you can see Homer arriving through a gateway portal, not an Aperture portal.

Some of the worlds features may be part of the 16 Realms from the Recent Ninjago season.
Since Chima is one of them, it confirms more or less there's a mutli-verse.

The Wicked Witch killed the Wizard of Oz.
In the first stage, we see her flying in from the Emerald City. In the aftermath (the open worlds take place after the game) The Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman are living in the area, but still thinking they don't have a heart, brains or courage. After she was rescued, Dorothy was escorted home by the cast, who had no reason to tell her she couldn't.
  • This leaves a "power vacuum" but Oz operated like that for centuries.
    • Semi-Jossed. The Wizard of Oz is the "Rescue Character" available if you have a Ghostbuster and ghost trap in the woods. He was attacked by a tree while in his balloon. However, this happening before the Wicked Witch is defeated still raises questions.

Many of the characters will get an alternate figure, potentially with a special perk.
Skylanders and amiibo both have 'em, so why not this game, as well?
  • Batman: Batman '66 or Batman: The Brave and The Bold (Adam West or Diedrich Bader), Batman: The Animated Series and/or the Arkham games (Kevin Conroy)
    • Why not a playable version of the Lego Movie Batman (Will Arnett)?
  • Aquaman: Jason Momoa appearance from Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice
  • The Joker: The Killing Joke tourist outfit, Suicide Squad movie outfit
  • Harley Quinn: New 52 outfit, Suicide Squad movie outfit, Batman '66 Dr. Harleen Quinzel outfit (or just her original psychiatrist outfit from The Animated Series)
  • Back To The Future: Doc and Marty's outfits from the second and third movies
  • Ghostbusters: The Real Ghostbusters appearances, which might allow the characters to speak more- for one thing, Dr. Egon Spengler's actor, Harold Ramis, sadly passed away, but his cartoon voice, Maurice LaMarche, is very much alive, and still working.

A new "Classic game Collection" level pack, a la the Gamer Kid, will be featured in each new iteration of the game.
Possibilities include
  • A Namco collection with Pac-Man, as mentioned above.
  • Street Fighter or other Capcom games, with Ryu.
  • A Sega collection will inculde: Outrun, Space Harrier, and Altered Beast.
  • The original three LEGO Island games, with Pepper Roni
  • The old LEGO Racers games, with Rocket Racer

Missy will be a player character.
Why? Well, Michelle Gomez is reprising her role, she's a fairly important character in the level pack, and her grandfather clock TARDIS appears in the Black Vault in the level. But the most convincing piece of evidence is the wording for the TARDIS-corner hint boxes. "Special vehicles such as [The Doctor's TARDIS] are able to teleport from these spots with their TARDIS Travel ability." This implies that there is another vehicle, i.e., TARDIS that can be used, and Missy's is shown in-game, complete with TARDIS animations. If this wasn't happening, then the box would probably tell you "Only [The Doctor's TARDIS] can teleport from these spots using its TARDIS Travel ability."

There will be Disney Infinity x LEGO Dimensions figures
To counter the amiibo x Skylanders figures, LEGO and Disney will produce minifigs of characters that can be used in either game. They could even come packed with both a LEGO build vehicle for use in Dimensions and a Toy disc of the same vehicle for use in Disney Infinity.

Examples include:

  • Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl
  • Elsa and Marshmallow
  • Spider-Man and the Spider-Mobile
  • Hulk and a Hulk Tank
  • Iron Man and a Stark Jet
  • Captain America and a Cap-Themed Humvee
  • Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon
  • Darth Vader and his Advanced TIE

  • Unfortunately, this should all be considered Jossed, now, as Disney Infinity has met an untimely end. However, Jon Burton expressed interest in making ''Star Wars'' figures for ''Dimensions'' in a tweet.note 

After the untimely cancellation of Disney Infinity, Disney-owned properties will start appearing in Lego Dimensions
Potential properties would include:
  • Marvel (either comic or MCU based, though I feel the latter's more likely due to the recent Lego Avengers)
  • Star Wars (though this might wait for a bit to not cannibalize sales of the upcoming Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Indiana Jones
  • A long shot, but a potential "Disney Parks" set, based on their various lands, allowing for lots of different characters to intermingle, such as Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, or Elsa.

Future Adventure Worlds will represent multiple franchises.
Based on a reliable leak that has been all but confirmed at this point, we pretty much know we're getting characters from The Goonies, Gremlins, and E Tthe Extra Terrestrial. All of these are iconic 80s family films that have involved Steven Spielberg in some way shape or form. Since they all share a similar aesthetic, it would make sense to put all of these franchises in to a single adventure world that features characters and locations from all three films. Bonus points if there are shout outs to other Spielberg films, such as Jaws or Poltergeist.

In addition, that same leak also stated that the next slew of packs is going to involve The A-Team, Knight Rider, and Mission: Impossible. Since all three of them are classic action TV Shows, it would also make sense for them to be represented in the same Adventure World.note 

Villains for Lego Dimension's 2nd Story Mode

Just because they are a villain in the story doesn't mean they have to necessarily be playable, as was seen in the first story.

There will be a race between The Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog

C'mon, you know you want it - seeing the two fastest things around racing each other!

LEGO City Undercover 2 will be a Story Pack

LEGO City Undercover sold really well for a Wii U Exclusive Game and also had a Sequel Hook towards the end of the Game's Main Story so what better to release a Sequel Game.

The DC Extended Universe, specifically Justice League (2017), will be the focus of a Story Pack
While that would bring us up to 4 different versions of the DCU (Alongside the "classic" version, The LEGO Batman Movie, and Teen Titans Go!, it would be a good way for DC to compete with LEGO Marvel's Avengers, and would fit in with WB using Story Packs to promote big upcoming movies. Characters included could be:

  • The Flash: The "main" minifigure, as it's been confirmed Story packs will have multiple characters attached to one figure. He's the only "Big" DC hero from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to not have a Dimensions figure yet.
  • Lois Lane
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Lex Luthor
  • Mera
  • Nudis Vulko
  • Darkseid: A separate figure from the others.
  • The vehicle will have builds as the Knightcrawler and the Flying Fox

In addition to Cyborg, many other DC characters will change into various Alternate Selves when taken into a "different" DC Universe
It's been confirmed that the normal DC Cyborg figure will change into his Teen Titans Go self when used in the TTG Adventure World. It would make sense (And possibly convince people who don't like TTG to drop money on the figures), if this worked in other directions as well. Examples:

  • Having the TTG characters become their "normal" selves when used in the DC Adventure World or Painting the Town Black (Or even The Phantom Zone or Riddle-Earth). Robin already has a model in the game, and you could easily pull Raven's (And potentially Starfire and Beast Boy's) character models from LEGO Batman 3.
  • Having traditional DC or TTG characters become their The LEGO Movie-universe selves in the LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman Movie Adventure Worlds and Levels, complete with alternate voice actors and Limited Animation.
    • Confirmed with the starter pack Batman figure, but only in the Lego Batman Movie world and story pack.
  • In the case of a potential DCCU world, as in the WMG above, you could have the "regular" DC characters switch to their DCCU designs. This makes sense when you consider that, aside from Bane, every DC characters from the first year was either in Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad (2016). This could work the other way for any DCU figures too, of course.
  • And finally, while many "big" DC heroes don't have counterparts in Teen Titans Go outside of minor cameos, it could be pretty cool to be able to put your Green Arrow figure down and recieve the TTG version of Speedy instead, or using you Aquaman figure to play as Aqualad.

DC characters (And possibly LEGO Batman Movie characters) will have a number of Take Thats toward the Teen Titans Go characters
As a reference to the show's highly-polarizing reputation.

In The Ghostbusters Story Pack Rowan North will be replaced by Lord Vortech.
They would do that it would be more fitting with the addition of the Key Stones in the story.

Alternatively Rowan will be Working for Vortech.
So they can stick to the film's story while having the Key Stones added in.

Alternatively alternatively, Rowen became corrupted by Vortech.
Remember that minifigure with the red sleeve picking up the piece of Vortech? That could have been LEGO Rowan who became corrupted, went crazy and tried to destroy his dimension through "The Fourth Cataclysm" under Vortech's influence. His Destroyer form also uses a shimmer effect on his main body similar to Vortech's.

KITT's Alts will be based off KARR and Knight 4000 from Knight Rider 2000
These seem like reasonable choices considering how many of the vehicle alts use designs based off other material of their respective franchise such as how the classic Ecto-1's first alt is based of the Ecto-1a from Ghostbusters 2.
  • Jossed.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie will receive a Story Pack for Year 3
With the film confirmed to be receiving a release date in September 2017, a Story Pack will be the perfect way for Traveler's Tales to release a tie-in game for it. If so, it may have a similar feature to having DC Batman becoming Lego Movie Batman, where some Ninjago figures from Year 1 will become their Ninjago Movie selves.
  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie will get its own game.

An In-Universe explanation for the Aborted Arc
Every scene with Lord Vortech and/or a dimension neither seen nor referenced in The LEGO Movie, or its successors, was actually at least one of the Man Upstairs' children playing LEGO together with a friend, who moved away before they could finish the story.

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