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  • GLaDOS gets a new credits song.
  • The Ghostbusters theme, "Savin' the Day" and "Cleaning Up the Town" are all used in the Ghostbusters level. The first of those also appears in the reboot's Story, replacing the controversial Fall Out Boy cover that the developers apparently didn't secure.
  • "The Power Of Love" is used in the 1985 section of the Back to the Future adventure world.
  • The original Justice League theme is used for the Aquaman and Cyborg showcases.
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  • The Robotron 2084 theme that plays during the final portion of "All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us" starts out normal but slowly turns into a foreboding techno remix as the fight escalates. This gets better for fans of the original arcade classic: This song was written from ONE song-worthy soundbite that's about 10 seconds long.
  • Murray Gold's epic Twelfth Doctor theme, "A Good Man", is heard during the Doctor Who level pack. Nearly every version of the Doctor Who theme dating back to 1963 can be unlocked with the Doctor Who level pack. There is also a Red Brick upgrade option to replace all the music in the game with Doctor Who themes and incidental music.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog series is already renowned for its incredible soundtracks, and while none of the original Genesis-era songs could be used due to licensing issues, several stellar Dreamcast-era songs still managed to make it in:
  • The John Williams Superman theme plays whenever Superman flies, making a truly immersive feel whenever he takes flight.
  • The incredibly funky Knight Rider theme plays during Michael Knight's showcase. A Red Brick from his world unlocks the ability to play it every time a character enters a vehicle.
  • The Beetlejuice Theme. While the original iconic theme didn't make it in, the newly-composed theme really captures the chaos and spookiness Beetlejuice had to offer.note 

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