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  • Top Thirty Favorite Video Game Characters:
    • The number 11 entry, Soma Cruz, has three moments:
    Okay, Soma's not the most well-known character of the franchise, but as I said, I'm not most fans.
    With the guidance of Aluca-I mean Genya Arikado... (Text : Real subtle here, game... )
    It's a Final Fantasy character. (Crowd goes BOOOOOO!) OH, SHUT UP!!
  • Top Five Best and Worst Bowser Battles:
    Adam: Not gonna quote the meme, not gonna quote the meme, not gonna quotethecakeisa—*slaps himself in the face* OW!
    • "Also, did I mention [Bowser's] attacks [in New Super Mario Bros. 2] are molasses slow? Yeah, he's a turtle, but come on! I know he's faster than this, even at that size! I mean, he can dance, for crying out loud!"
  • Top Ten Cheapest Fighting Game Bosses:
    WiiDude: Heeey, Quarter Guuuuy?
    QG: What?
    QG: G... Grrr...!!!
    QG: Hey, WiiDude.
    WiiDude: What?
    QG: Shao Kahn.
    QG: *sigh* Why did I not see that coming...
    • The end of the Unlimited Hazama segment. QG claims "this is the guy who taught Hades how to troll!", followed by...
    Hades: PIT!
    Pit: HADES!!
    Terumi: Ragna!
    Ragna: Terumi...note 
    • Made even funnier in The Stinger, where the edited dialogue is extended.
    • The King of Fighters segment. WiiDude and QG go through each SNK Boss in the KOF series, giving a brief description of what makes them as cheap as they are. Rather than select a single boss from the series to rip apart, their #2 segment is Every Boss in The King Of Fighters. The way QG words it prompts this hilarious moment:
    WiiDude: OK... how many jokes have you stolen from me now?
    QG: ...moving on...
  • The beginning of the climax of his Top 15 Castlevania Boss Battles:
    Adam: My number one Castlevania Boss Fight combines tension, atmosphere, music and challenge into a boss fight that is complete, satisfying and nothing short of brilliant. It is the final battle of Castlevania II: Simon's Qu—waait a minute! Okay, who jacked my script!?
    Adam: Thanks, Dio!
    • The recap before revealing the number 1:
    Number 15: Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. (Time Reaper, Judgement)
    Number 14: EEEEWW!! (Legion, Symphony of the Night)
    Number 13: Still not cooler than Aeon. (Saint Germain, Curse of Darkness)
    Number 12: I'M GETTING DIZZY HERE!! (Dancing spectres, Super Castlevania IV)
    Number 11: BURN, BABY!! (Aguni, Dawn of Sorrow)
    Number 10: Nightmare Mind Fuck. (Succubus, Symphony of the Night)
    Number 9: Can you dig it? (Shaft, Rondo of Blood)
    Number 8: RWUUAAUUGH!! (Barlowe, Order of Ecclesia)
    Number 7: NIIIISAAAAN!! (Albus, Order of Ecclesia)
    Number 6: This guy's optional for a reason, you know! (Galamoth, Symphony of the Night)
    Number 5: WHY YOU NO STAY DEAD?! (Dracula, The Dracula X Chronicles)
    Number 4: Oh, that's why. (Death, Lament of Innocence)
    Number 3: Chuck Norris? Who's that? (Julius, Aria of Sorrow)
    Number 2: The fight for Soma's fate. (Chaos, Aria of Sorrow)
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  • About Jonathan and Charlotte (Portrait of Ruin):
    These two are just too precious. YEAH, I SHIP IT!! I SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX!!!!
  • The one about Julius gets a Call-Back when he ended up amongst Adam's favorite Castlevania characters.
  • The Blind Let's Play Shovel Knight Fail Montage.
  • Top 15 Worst Mavericks
    Adam: He's just an onion! He's just an onion!! HE'S JUST AN ONION!!! (while this, he's approaching the camera to shout right in front of it)
    (We are experiencing technical difficulty for the moment)
    Adam: (leaning on his sofa powerlessly and whimpering) He's just an onion... he's just an onion...
    (Next in line is Flame Hyenard. Accompanied with a Scare Chord)
    Adam: *Beat* Nope! Nope, I was wrong! I wasn't-I wasn't ready for anything! Nope, nope, I'm done! I'm fucking done! I'm fucking done!
    (Adam looks like he just fell into a warp and sit back down, and buries his head on his palm)
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  • The beginning of the fan match of the League of LOLs:
    The Green Scorpion: My opponent in bot lane is my most favorite champion...note 
    Omega Snake: Oh, that means you'll have to kill your waifu.
    QG: I thought it'd be Ibuki.
    GS: Some people it's Caitlyn, some people say it's Ibuki, some people say it's Lyndis. They can't seem to make up their mind.
    Yumi-Chan: Uh... hey...
    QG: Some people confuses who my waifu is. Some people say it's Lux, some people say it's Heart, some people say... I dunno.
    OS: It's Lux.
    GS: I think it'd be Heart.
    OS: What were you saying, sis?
  • Top Fourteen Castlevania: Judgment characters has QG call upon help to collab with the countdown... only the collab is with The Green Scorpion, while ZMurcielago was stuck in an area in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.
    • After three characters on the bottom, which was wracked with characters that got some questionable personality changes (Maria, Sypha, Eric), this exchange occurs before Carmilla:
    GS: All right! Time for a character that we can be a little more positive about!
    QG: What, starting with Ms. Fanservice?
    GS: Oh, you're one to talk, Mr. I-Love-Arcana Heart!
  • Of course, the bit in Underappreciated Gems when Quarter Guy makes an offhand comment that the fandom liked to mistake Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage as a Dynasty Warriors-like Button Masher...
    static interrupt!
    Quarter Guy: *raises his hands up* I'm not one of those people!
    Josh Scorcher: Good! *slowly draws sabre* Keep it that way.
    Quarter Guy: *Loud Gulp* Yessir...
  • Top 10 Worst Games To Live In
    • At #4, Quarter Guy lands in Ancient Greece. He's happy at first... and then Hades shows up.
      Hades: "Yoo-hoo! Pocket change!"
      QG: "Hades?! What are you doing in my video?!"
      Hades: "'What are you doing in my video?', he asks. Well, I should be asking you: what are you doing in my game?"
      QG: "Ohhhhh ffffffff-"
      • And then he teleports out at the end.
      Hades: "...Killjoy."
    • At #3, Quarter Guy lands on the Mega Man universe. After seeing it to be bad under Dr. Wily, he attempts to jump to the future many times, only for things to get worse and worse. And not even jumping to alternate universes help.
  • One Patreon video has him along with Heroforlife and DJ Mix Doctor play Duck Game. Hilarity and "You damn dirty duck!" ensue. A counter was kept for each time one of them said "You damn dirty duck!" Final count is 144.
  • Top Ten Least Favorite Boss Battles has QG giving a tutorial on how to "screw over a good villain".
    1. Make the arena annoying.note 
    2. Give the boss attacks that mess with you in the worst ways possiblenote 
    3. Make the boss impervious to all your attacksnote 
    4. Have the boss be inconsistent in how often you have the chance to actually damage himnote 
    5. Give him an attack that limits your options even furthernote 
    "Follow all these simple steps, and you too can piss me off !"
  • During the Top 10 Cryokinetics in Video Games, during the Monster Hunter segment (though not on the entry itself, Barioth).
    (picture of a normal bunny) "Aww, cute bunny..." (picture of Lagombi with Scare Chord) "AAAA!!! SCARY BUNNY! RUUUNN!!!" (QG runs away accompanied with Goofy Holler)
  • During his Number 4 segment on Top Fifteen Favorite Normal Boss Battles (Alice Twilight), QG refers to Jasper Batt Jr. as Windows McSidequest.
  • Top Twelve Friendship Killing Games with The Flamicon has has some amusing moments, with the opening scene being one of them:
    Flamicon: (sighs) I swear, I am never reviewing anime again. (tosses the DVD box to the side)
    QG: What's the problem?
    Flamicon: I don't even wanna talk about it.
    QG: It was Blood-C, wasn't it?
    Flamicon: No.
    QG: Bet you I'm right...
    Flamicon: Bet you you're wrong.
    QG: Bet you're a dick...
    Flamicon: Bet you you're an asshole.
  • Some moments in his Top Ten Worst Monster Hunter Monsters list.
    • When he finds out that Number 7 is Yian Garuga.
      QG: So uh, what's nex- (he stares in shock for a while) Why do I get the feeling that my shower was just wasted?
      Regnilla: Yian Garuga.
      QG: You mean the bastard love-child of the Rathian and the Yian Kut-Ku? (sighs) Yare yare... Time to dig into the antidotes again.
      Regnilla: Don't kid yourself. You're gonna run out.
    • Adam getting hip-checked in real life when going to get a snack before number 1.
    • When Adam says that if it were 2013 he would've gone Super Saiyan from all the rage, Regnilla just stares at him until he realizes what Number 1 is.
      QG: What's with the... oh. Oh. OH!
    • "Brutality incarnate, thy name is Rajang!"
  • At one point, QG did a Road to Mega Man 11, in which he plays all 10 main classic games in the series to prep himself for MM 11's release. When he did Mega Man 8, the game infamous for its voice acting, he put subtitles at the bottom of the screen to let us know what the characters are saying. During the opening cutscene, particularly the instances in which Mega Man mispronounciates Bass' name, QG replaces Bass' name in the subtitles with a picture of the actual bass fish.

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