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  • Though the series is more or less for humorous moments when playing League of Legends, League of LOL has its share of awesome moments.
    • In many episodes, every time Adam Chaos Dunks.
    • Episode 10 had a match in which Adam and his friends are in the Jungle PvP map, and they're up against some tough opponents. With perseverence, they prevailed. What makes this more awesome? Up until now, Adam has usually played in Top Lane or just once, ADC, when it comes to PVP. This is the first time he's saddled with the Jungler role (Xin Zhao). But he still brought victory.
  • This Badass Boast for someone else in his "Top ten Castlevania characters":
    In Castlevania, as in Real Life, there is but one inevitability. No matter where you run, no matter where you hide, Death. Will. Find. You.
    • In the top 30 best video game characters, his reason why Soma Cruz (eleventh in the top 30) is his favorite character in the franchise.
    Fighting Dracula is one thing, but this character has fought a greater foe: his own destiny. And he's done it TWICE!
  • The beginning of his Samurai Shodown Arcade Retrospective video began with a flashback of his Top 10 Most Disappointing Games countdown, where QG lamented that Samurai Shodown Sen seriously killed the franchise with no hope of coming back. And suddenly, the screen got cut by QG. With a katana.
    Boy, am I ever glad to have been proven wrong!

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