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  • In the first part of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, the players vote Arin and Barry to be lynched. Arin was a Werewolf, while Barry was a Hunter...who votes for Ross to be killed, and he turns out to be a Werewolf, netting a win for the villagers.
    • To clarify they only needed to kill one Werewolf to win. They already had it with killing Arin. Barry's Hunter vote to kill Ross, who is the second Werewolf, as well is icing on top.
  • During the entirety of Poker, it gradually becomes a Curb-Stomp Battle with Ross completely winning out of dumb luck. Eventually, it's him vs. Danny, with the latter slowly gaining ground against the former. At the end, Danny beats Ross, earning him a Slow Clap from all the other defeated players.
    • For the more Poker-savvy, Danny's pocket cards in the final hand are an offsuit 2-7. To the less-informed, this set of pocket cards is known as the "Worst Hand In Poker" note  due to having the least potential out of any combination of pocket cards in Texas Hold'em: they match in neither suit nor rank so they won't help you towards any sets or flushes, the lower card is the lowest non-Ace rank possible, and the higher card is also as low as it can be without being close enough to the lower card that the two could help form a straight. You are very likely to lose with these unless you can either bluff your way out or - by some statistical miracle - the table cards happen to form a better hand with them than anyone else's pocket on the showdown. These are the pocket cards Danny used in the showdown that won him the tournament.
  • The final turn in Cards Against Humanity: Rando Edition: after intentionally making the game hard for Arin by doing things such as changing his decision after calling it, Ross' cards mysteriously disappear.
    Arin: Well, where did your cards go, Ross?
    Ross: What did you do?!
    Arin: I guess you can't participate in this round!
    Ross: What did you do?!
    Arin: I did nothing of the sort! Why, this is a fair game played by fair men who play by fair rules! How dare you accuse me of the cheat!
    Ross: You're not playing by the rules...
    Danny: Oh...shat!
    • Though we never find out what exactly Arin did, the fact that he somehow managed to remove Ross' cards from the table without anyone noticing (note that he was the card czar for the final round, so all the attention was on him) is very impressive.
  • In Shadows over Camelot Markiplier does a great job of keeping things subtle with his actions. It's so great that by the time the catch him as the traitor, he's done so much damage that he wins not long after being found out. Various things he does include: purposely accusing three people as the traitor, winning the Holy Grail and using it on himself, and purposely failing the Lancelot quest.

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