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" the final dance!"

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The Game

  • Selene'snote  odd hat is an unintentional example of this trope, due to its resemblance to a rubber glove. Jokes about chickens and Glove World are inevitable. Eventually, we got to see it from the side and it turns out it's modeled after an anemone, which is just as goofy if not more. It also resembles Kevin's "hat". The end result is the nickname "Chicken-chan" among the fans.
  • The trainer makes the exact same face through most of the game. This can lead to some hilarious moments wherein something serious is happening, yet they are just spacing out. This is quite funny when they are say, being stalked by Totem Lurantis or getting chewed out by Lusamine.
  • The Rotom Pokédex. Just...everything.
    Rotom: Zzzzzrrt! Nice to meet you, pal! Gentle on the goods, OK?
  • The introductory video for several new Pokémon includes Bewear, a Pokémon that looks adorable but is known to be a public safety hazard when excited for any reason, as a result of its immense strength. We see it wind up to punch an opposing Pangoro… which turns out to pound Pangoro flat with Hammer Arm.
  • The protagonists do a small dance before doing a "Super Sentai" Stance for their Z-Moves. It's about as dorky-looking as it sounds, and is also kind of adorable.
  • The animation for Snorlax's exclusive Z-Move, Pulverizing Pancake. First is the fact that the Trainer does their Z-Move pose on top of Snorlax. Second is the mental image of a Snorlax running super fast.
    • In a related note, the trailer showcasing Pulverizing Pancake says that "After 20 years of sleeping...Snorlax is ready to use its own Z-Move!". It took it 17 years to finally stand up, and an extra 3 years to kick your ass.
    • The North American Trailer depicts it using the attack on a Gumshoos. Cue a million "Snorlax will stump the Trump" jokes.
      • The Italian name of that move is even better, and can be translated as "Now I get serious".
  • The reveal that Professor Samuel Oak has a cousin named Samson Oak who studies Alolan Forms. Even the official website jokes that he's Professor Oak's Alolan form.
  • Pikachu's Z-Move has Pikachu copying its trainer's movements while saying its name, followed by the trainer throwing Pikachu at the opponent.
    • An amusing implication is that, much like the Snorlax Z-Move trailer, tossing Pikachu into the air is an Ascended Meme. Specifically, a gif from the anime episode "Pikachu's Goodbye" where Ash catches Pikachu from out of the air that had been reversed to make it look like Ash was shotputting Pikachu away.
  • In the Shady House, one room has two female Grunts arguing like two ditzy sorority girls, one accusing the other of taking her tank top (despite both of them wearing the same one as all the female Grunts) and the other suggesting they use name tags (despite both being named "Grunt"). (This is very much a case of the franchise mocking itself and the tendency to portray the Grunts as Faceless Goons with no identities, something that is lampooned with the Skulls in general.)
  • Most Z-Moves are awesome scenes of destruction and awe-inspiring visuals. Twinkle Tackle, the Fairy-Type Z-Move, however, is pure hilarity. The Pokémon flies around the opponent, then lightly bops them into the atmosphere. The Pokémon slides back and forth as a star twinkles in the sky. It's especially funny if the likes of Xerneas or Probopass use it.
    • Speaking of Twinkle Tackle, even its move description is pretty funny to look at, since it looks like a Valley Girl wrote it.
      The user creates a very charming space using its Z-Power and totally toys with the target.
    • To add to the hilarity, some Z Status moves give very good benefits from healing to buffs, but the most notable one is Splash, which boosts the user's Attack stat by 3 stages.
    • Another bit of humor, in a more ironic flavor: Baton Pass, a move famed for passing boosts to other members on a team, resets stats as a Z-Move.
    • The first time a player will likely see the Flying Z-Move, Supersonic Skystrike, is in their battle with Kahili. The move involves the using Pokémon flying high up into the air then dive-bombing onto the enemy Pokémon. That's not what makes it funny. The funny part comes with the fact that she uses the Z-Move on Toucannon. Which isn't flying at all in battle except for one of its attacking animations, which isn't even used in the Z-Move's animation. So the whole move is made hilarious because her Toucannon flies up into the air, completely still as a stone, before ramming beak-first into your Pokémon. For even more hilarity, the Toucannon has an angry face and steely glare, bringing back the meme of a bird levitating on sheer force of anger alone!
      • The fact that Dugtrio can use Supersonic Skystrikenote  is hilarious in and of itself. It even takes part of the ground with it to conceal its lower body!
      • Wailord can learn Bounce. Bounce is a Flying-type move. Wailord can use Supersonic Skystrike.
      • Same with Magikarp, who can also learn Bounce.
      • Not counting Hidden Power, lots of Pokémon can learn Aerial Ace, including some really heavy ones that aren't even Flying-type. Imagine a Tyrantrum soaring in the sky and crashing down on your opponent, or even better, the weather-controlling behemoth Groudon!
    • Breakneck Blitz, the Normal Z-Move, is the user running at the opponent really fast and trampling them underfoot, complete with Wheel o' Feet and the target being comically squashed flat. Doubly funny when used by Snorlax: normally, the animation covers up the Pokémon's feet to hide the fact that the model isn't actually moving. However, it doesn't cover Snorlax's feet, making it look like Snorlax is levitating towards the target at breakneck speed.
      • Snorlax's animation has nothing on Slaking's, as even at the extremely fast speeds of Breakneck Blitz Slaking is still laying down when using it.
      • Or you can use it with Magikarp, which has him literally levitate towards the target at breakneck speed.
      • Most quadrupedal Pokémon have the same problem, as the animation only covers their hind legs. This includes the Rockruff Professor Kukui uses to demonstrate, which really makes you wonder how no-one caught that before release.
      • Alolan Rattata looks to be using flatulence to propel itself like a rocket.
      • In addition, when you fight Hau in Paniola Town, his second-stage starter will always be holding the Normalium-Z. If you chose Rowlet as your starter, he'll have a Brionne, who doesn't have legs and feet but a tail fin. This creates the most ridiculous mental image of the two parts of the fin whirling around as Brionne charges toward you.
      • Pyukumuku, of all things, can also use Breakneck Blitz via Bide. The mental image is already funny enough, but it's made even more hilarious by Pyukumuku using its guts to form a raised fist, which also happens to be the only part of its body sticking out of the dust cloud.
  • In the Totem Wishiwashi fight at Brooklet Hill, it can use Soak, a move that turns your Pokémon into a pure Water-type… which gets funny when you discover its only attacking move is Water Gun, which you will resist if you get Soaked.
  • The AI may opt to use a Z-Move on a Mimikyu without busting its disguise. This results in a ridiculously overblown fighting animation… followed by Mimikyu taking absolutely no damage.
    • This is still funny if you forget about Disguise and go for the big guns on the first turn against the Totem.
  • The Sightseer trainer class is hilarious. Both of them sport Luminescent Blush as they look towards the player in their intro animations. When they get defeated, the male has black eye bags with a hopeless expression while still browsing with his phone, and the female is being all Adorkable by taking a selfie (which could be interpreted as her having lost because she was distracted doing that).
  • Some of the updated move animations are gold.
    • Wood Hammer is now a gigantic wooden mallet which you bring down on your opponent.
    • Iron Defense has the user kick up a giant steel wall out of nowhere. This invoked a Visual Pun of its Japanese name, "てっぺき Iron Wall".
    • Pursuit has the target Pokémon attempting to back away nervously while the attacker, well, pursues them. Especially funny for stoic or badass looking Pokémon, or Snorlax.
    • Fissure actually shows the target Pokémon falling into a fissure, complete with a cartoony falling sound.
    • Baby-Doll Eyes, Tearful Look, and Mean Look use Espurr's eyes. Considering Espurr became memetic in the previous generation for its Thousand-Yard Stare, it's hilariously fitting.
    • Sucker Punch's new animation has the target start to move to attack, only for the attacker to hit them mid-animation and stop them.
  • Ultra Beasts can be petted just like any other Pokémon in Pokémon Refresh. Especially funny for Guzzlord and Nihilego, who are both surprisingly quite expressive, and Xurkitree, whose happy wiggly dance looks utterly hilarious and adorable at the same time.
    • Buzzwole's reaction to everything is to pose and flex his ridiculously huge muscles. Even its reaction to slapping it is to flex at you menacingly.
  • The QR scanner can also have some funny moments. While most of the time scanning a non-Pokémon QR code results in a random non-Alola Pokémon, scanning the QR code generated by a Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death always results in a Mareep. Turns out androids really do dream of electric sheep.
  • Depending on what the person put, doing certain things in the Festival Plaza can cause the visitor to either say something very fitting or hilariously wrong.
    • Getting a wrong answer:
      Visitor: What move do you use on Ghost-Types?
      Player: Normal-type.
      Visitor: It has no effect. Allow me to express my disappointment. Beat
      Visitor: It's super effective!
    • Introducing someone:
      Visitor: I'll never forgive you! Let me call you my teacher!
    • When walking up to someone:
      Male visitor: I'm really an old woman! (Or vise versa)
  • In addition to the instances mentioned above, the game gives you many chances to be a real smartass.
    • When you climb to the top of Mt. Lanakila to face the Pokémon League, Professor Kukui is there in the ice and snow to greet you. As always, he is dressed in just shorts, hat, and lab coat with no shirt on underneath. You have the choice to respond to his greeting with "Aren't you cold?"
    • In the Hano resort, there is one individual who wants to be known as a singer. After failing to impress, he challenges you to a battle stating that if he isn't to be known for singing, he might as well be known for battling. You can respond to this with "I'm fine not knowing you."
  • Most of the attraction signs and route signs in Alola are straightforward with meaningful lines accompanying them. However, the sign for Konikoni City's Lighthouse Point.. deviates from this a bit.
  • The sign outside the Ferry Terminal in Heahea City:
    Ferry Terminal
    "Take a ship - it's surely faster than swimming."
  • If you talk to the Murkrow outside of the Ghost Trial site from left to right, you get an amusing reference.
  • In the Aether office above the Game Freak floor in Heahea City, a Poliwhirl can be seen hogging the water cooler. An Aether Foundation Employee is standing near it telling it that it has had enough.
    Employee: More Fresh Water? Still?! Your HP has to be fully recovered by now!
  • Go to Iki Town in the postgame and you'll see Hau with a pair of Team Skull grunts, teaching them in the ways of Alolan sumo. But the grunts are just facing each other while making their ridiculous gang-banger gestures, so it looks more like a trash-talking contest.
  • Going to the Hau'oli mall at night, the player might find an Alolan Grimer in front of a stage. Walk around it, and you'll end up being reamed out by a janitor for messing up his floor with "Pokémon's....Well, you know!" So you're tasked with cleaning up the mess that he blames you for by finding each unit of uncleanliness and bringing it to the Alolan Grimer, which happily eat waste.note  The descriptions mostly say you're picking up trash, but the fourth says you get "a big surprise from a Pokémon". As a reward, you get a TM for Round, the janitor claiming you can get work done better if you sing a happy song during it. "Follow Me" has been playing the whole time. A Big-Lipped Alligator Moment if there ever was one.
  • While feeding legendaries like the Tapu or the cover legendary in a neighbourhood malasada shop without anyone noticing seems hilarious enough, one has to wonder how you could feed HUGE Pokémon like Wailord, Golurk, or even Celesteela in a tiny building.
  • In Haina Desert, there's an amnesiac old man who asks to see a Pokémon whose name starts with "Sol" (in Sun)/"Luna" (in Moon). The obvious thing players think to do is to show him Solgaleo/Lunala...which turns out to not be the Pokémon he's asking for.
  • An actual comment you can get on the Pokéfinder is "7.8/10 Too much water. ¯\_(`--`)_/¯"
  • After becoming Champion, you can defend your title against several characters, including your rival, captains, reformed antagonists, and… a small boy named Tristan.
  • The fact you can sleep in other people's beds and the player character will comment on the odor has garnered some laughs as people as people have interpreted it as the player character being a Covert Pervert.


  • Dartrix like to flip their "hair" dramatically and look terribly offended if you touch it.
  • Litten's grumpy facial expressions and appropriately cat-like razor-backed stance are more than a little giggle-worthy.
  • Litten's final evolution form, the bipedal Incineroar with a 'belt' made of flames, does a pelvic thrust whenever it does a special fire attack.
    • Incineroar's animation for its Signature Move, Darkest Lariat, is just assuming a T-pose and spinning.
      • While Incineroar is the only 'mon to get Darkest Lariat legitimately, hacking the move onto other Pokémon is the source of much hilarity (especially in the case of Toucannon, as the Darkest Lariat animation plays better on it than the Supersonic Skystrike one, a Z-Move it can actually use).
    • There's also Incineroar using Savage Spin-Outnote  if you can tolerate... inappropriate fluids coming out of anthropomorphic animals.
  • The fact that Popplio's written dialogue in the game is spelled "Bwark?"
  • Popplio's design in general is pretty amusing in itself, due to its large goofy nose and doofy smile.
    • Especially the Fanon idea that if you press its nose, it honks like a clown nose.
  • Popplio's amusingly triumphant, proud "strongman" pose in the battle animation, which comes out of nowhere and is unexpectedly goofy. Especially since its whole line fits the Squishy Wizard mold stat-wise.
  • All of the Alolan Starter Pokémon reach their final evolved form at Level 34. Considering how two of the Starters of the region (Incineroar and Primarina) have aspects about them that have a... certain appeal to them (Incineroar's buff body and Primarina's pretty appearance), it makes you wonder if the required level numbers were actually intentional or not.note 
  • Alolan Exeggutor. It's so long that when you evolve it from Exeggcute, its head doesn't even show, and the fourth head on its tail has a perpetual kissy-face. This also extends to Exeggutor when viewed from the PC.
    • The game itself even lampshades its memetic status. Late in the game, when Lillie is having a heart-to-heart with the player character, the coconut tree they're randomly standing under suddenly attacks. Turns out it was an Alolan Exeggutor.
  • Muk's Alolan form has bright pink and yellow stripes that shift. It's as ridiculous as it is awesome.
    • It is even said to be even more toxic than its Kantonian form, which invokes Truth in Television as the bright coloration is essentially aposematism.
  • Say what you will about Palossand, but seeing official artwork of it trying to engulf a Pikachu is pretty funny.
  • The people of Alola say that the reason Alolan Raichu took a new form is because it ate too many sweet and fluffy pancakes.
  • While Bounsweet being eaten may be a bit of a Tear Jerker, the fact that the Pokédex says it's running away in the goofiest, most adorable fashion possible from those who eat it becomes quite a bit of Black Comedy when the image comes to mind.
  • Stufful's attack animation has it flailing its front limbs, then falling on its face.
    • Speaking of Stufful, its resemblance to a stuffed animal is so uncanny that it even appears to have a tag sticking out of its rear end. It's a very small detail, but pretty silly nonetheless.
  • Wimpod's ability, "Wimp Out" causes it to automatically tag out if its health drops below 50% and survives the hit. It gains a new ability as Golisopod, called "Emergency Exit" which does... exactly the same thing. It sounds as if the Golisopod went from an honest coward to a bulky beach bully with Feet of Clay and is making excuses for itself.
  • If you take either Solgaleo or Lunala into Pokémon Refresh and feed them a Poké Bean, they have the most hilariously dainty eating animation. Whereas other Pokémon of their size finish the bean quickly, Solgaleo/Lunala take their sweet time eating it.
  • Cosmoem weighs 999.9kg or 2204.4lbs according to the Pokedex. Now look at it again and consider that between the time Lillie got her Character Development and her journey with the player to the shrine where you summon the version legendary, she was happily carrying Nebby around in her bag while in its Cosmoem form throughout Poni island somehow. Granted, the fact that it can levitate might have helped.
    • On a similar note, when you get your own Cosmog, you learn that its Ability is Unaware. This explains an awful lot about Nebby...
  • Buzzwole flexes. Buzzwole always flexes. Flexes in Pokémon Refresh. Flexes in battle. Flexes as it takes damage. It even flexes for when it faints.
  • A happy Pyukumuku in Pokémon Refresh will puke up its innards to flash a peace sign. Amusing, adorable, and kinda Squick.
  • Tapu Lele seems to really like its long and curly bangs, and will give its trainer the most adorable sad face when they are touched, as if it's begging you not to touch them. It's actually pretty funny, and none of the other Tapus react to anything the same way.
  • Alolan Dugtrio is just a regular Dugtrio except all 3 heads have flowing blonde hair. It's as bonkers looking as it sounds.


  • If you juxtapose these Darker and Edgier dex entries with the entries from the earlier generations, it can become a source of Black Comedy and irony in regards to your favorite mons; for instance, your beloved Talonflame is in truth a carnivore that eats Wingull!
  • Magneton's Pokédex entry in Sun:
    When three Magnemite link together, their brains also become one. They do not become three times more intelligent.
  • Similarly, Metang's Pokédex entry in Sun:
    When two Beldum link together, their psychic power is doubled. Their intelligence, however, remains unchanged.
  • Drifloon's Pokédex entry in Sun, in a Crosses the Line Twice kind of way:
    Stories go that it grabs the hands of small children and drags them away to the afterlife. It dislikes heavy children.
  • Magikarp's Pokédex entries in both versions:
    Sun Pokédex: Although weak and helpless, this Pokémon is incredibly fertile. They exist in such multitudes, you'll soon grow tired of seeing them.
    Moon Pokédex: Its reckless leaps make it easy pickings for predators. On the bright side, many Pokémon enjoy longer life spans, thanks to Magikarp.
  • The Moon Pokédex entry for Seaking gives us one of the most bizarre cases of Serious Business in-universe and out:
    Trainers who are crazy for Seaking are divided into horn enthusiasts and fin enthusiasts. The two groups do not get along well.
  • The Moon Pokédex has another one in the form of Turtonator and its… unusual bowel movements.
    "It gushes fire and poisonous gases from its nostrils. Its dung is an explosive substance and can be put to various uses."


  • When you take a nap in your bed at home, the screen fades to black and you hear some inexplicable spraying noises. When you wake up, you're greeted by your Meowth with an Awakening in its hands. Looks like it thought Awakening works on humans!
    • If you visit Hapu's house and climb into her bed, her grandma's Alolan Meowth comes to greet you, at first similiar to how your Meowth did… and then tries to scratch you awake! It then laughs at scaring you and leaves you an Awakening.
  • Lillie takes you to Kukui's lab and you pause outside when you hear a ruckus. Inside he is learning about Rockruff's attacks by letting one attack him. That's not the crazy part, no. The crazy part is he goads the Rockruff into doing it by loudly yelling "My body is ready! Woo!"
  • Kukui's lab itself. Most labs you've seen up to this point are formal, state-of-the-art buildings located in the middle of town. Kukui's lab is a run-down shack in the middle of nowhere. And after the Rockruff incident, it's not hard to imagine Lillie letting out a long-suffering sigh as she talks about how they're going to have to patch the roof. Again.
  • The Running Gag of Lillie's Cosmog, Nebby, escaping from Lillie's duffel bag. At one point after your first battle with Hau, she says she's going to try and keep a better eye on Nebby...and then Nebby creeps out from behind her.
  • After defeating four trainers at the Trainers' School, there's an announcement over the intercom asking for you to go to the office. Lillie asks you what "terrible thing" you did to get called to the office on your first day. You can reply with "Nothing!" (which is the truth), and her only response is a skeptical "That's what you say..."
  • The first time Team Skull challenges you, not only does Captain Ilima not take them seriously, but you can just walk away and ignore them too.
    • Especially funny given that the Team Skull Leitmotif starts up when the grunts approach… and then cuts out when Ilima turns away before starting up again when the grunts talk.
    • At one point, the same two grunts that accost you and Ilima are holding up a Berry farmer, who flat-out tells you to ignore the two guys robbing him. This should speak volumes about what Alola thinks of Team Skull.
    • When those same Team Skull grunts challenge you again in Verdant Cave, you can respond with "Sorry, who were you again?"… which leads to the grunts thinking you don't recognize them because they've switched places, causing them to swap places with one another before fighting you. Bear in mind that they're both male grunts, meaning they use the exact same character model. Any time the player character gets to be a Deadpan Snarker leads to comedy gold.
      • If you tell the two Grunts that you do remember them, one of them breaks character to admit he's impressed that you could tell them apart even though they look identical.
  • Team Skull in general. They cement themselves as easily the silliest villain team ever seen in the entire series with their first appearance.
  • During your first fight with Ilima, if you pay attention, you'll notice that his Pokémon are in Ultra Balls. As a reminder, his Pokémon are a level 9 Yungoos and a level 10 Smeargle. Guess he just really wanted those Pokémon.
  • Visiting the only cemetery in Melemele Island has an office worker trainer — the first you ever fight — talking about how depressed he feels visiting the place right before entering the battle. Come his intro animation, he shows you a bright smile.
  • Try asking Hau "It was supposed to be funny?" when he asks you to back up his joke after you dock on Akala island; his reaction can only be described as a non-verbal Flat "What".
    • Lillie also briefly sports a blank look in response to his joke.
  • Shortly after that, you can encounter Lillie in front of the clothing store, telling Nebby to get into the bag as usual. When it declines, Lillie puts up an adorable pouting face and shakes her head. This wouldn't be the first time she makes that face.
  • After finishing Lana's trial, you run into a blockade of Sudowoodo. Unlike the other past instances of needing a watering can, they outright run away when they see you have a Waterium-Z. Talking to the NPC near the blockade explains the reason why: In the past, Lana once dealt with this same problem, but decided the best solution was to use her Z-Move. For reference, the weakest a Z-Move can get is 100 BP, and factoring in STAB and Super Effective modifiers will triple that number. Also, when you get to battle her later on, her Z-Crystal is equipped to her Araquanid, whose only Water-type attack is Bubblebeam (65 BP, 120 BP Z-Move) and whose ability doubles the power of any Water-type move, meaning she hit the Sudowoodo for a grand total of 720 Base Power. Keep in mind that this is Sudowoodo, who can't take special attacks in the first place, let alone special attacks with type advantages like Bubblebeam. Lana decided the best approach to a roadblock was to outright nuke it.
  • Gladion's entire involvement at the Battle Royal, starting with his expression when he's first called over by the Masked Royal.
    • One of your responses to the Masked Royal first approaching you is to bluntly ask if he is Professor Kukui. We then get a close up of his face with a huge frown as he restates his identity.
    • Also, Professor Burnet (Kukui's wife) doesn't seem to know that Kukui is the Masked Royal! (She could be in on the act, though.)
  • Kiawe's trial requires you to watch a trio of Alolan Marowak dance twice and identify what was different between them three times in a row, each time having a funny outcome. It's even better because up to the point the trial begins, he's extremely straight-faced and dramatic in all of his appearances, making it that much more of a shock when the trial itself turns out to be rather silly:
    • The first time, the outlier Marowak holds its bone in front of it like it's trying to thrust, and then it fights you.
    • The second time, the outlier is… a random Hiker who appears from nowhere, jumps in front of the camera, and then fights you. Kiawe explains that you have to fight in the exact same way he told you you had to fight the Marowak.
      "My Hiker friend was so pleased by your right answer that he simply had to battle you! Come, my fine Hiker!"
      • There's also the fact that Hiker David apparently shouts "Alola" loud enough to shake the ground (or at least the camera).
    • The third time, the Marowak and Hiker pose like they're taking a photo, one of the Marowak is even pantomiming a camera, the outlier in the second dance is… the Totem Salazzle. The icing on the cake is that all of the possible options are only her, and then you fight her. Morton's Fork at its finest.
    • What makes the last two dances even funnier is that the Hiker and Salazzle respectively look as if they're performing a photobomb.
    • The best part is how Kiawe is completely flabbergasted at you guessing correctly.
  • After battling Gladion the first time, you'll be able to visit the room he's staying in later on. Talking to him earns you one of the most blunt lines in the series' history.
    Gladion: Get out.
    • Amusingly, unlike what one would expect from similar situations in the series (think of the when the player talks to Silver outside of Prof. Elm's lab in Gold and Silver), he doesn't kick you out of his room automatically.
  • In Mallow's trial, she asks the player to fetch ingredients for a recipe she's making. After the Totem is done away with, Lana and Kiawe (who were invited for the feast) taste Mallow's concoction. Oh, if only they could animate Fire-Breathing Diner
  • After Professor Burnet brings Lillie to the Ruins of Life, she leaves, saying that the Masked Royal has a match, and there's no way she's missing it. As she does so, she wonders what he looks like under the mask. Then she walks away, and her blushing face suggests she knows exactly who is under the mask.
    • At the celebration after you become the Champion, a Battle Royal starts up that involves the Masked Royal, who waves to Professor Burnet, who imagines seeing her husband in his place. She then turns around and shakes her head as if saying "I must be seeing things!", she has no idea it's him!
    • The photo of Burnet and Kukui shown in the closing credits shows the Royal's mask hanging on the wall behind them. Either Burnet puts on a really good act or she's rolling a lot of ones on her spot checks.
  • Olivia's teaching of the Rock Z-Move pose. First, she says "Watch carefully, because the hip movement is crucial!", then she performs the pose (which accentuates her posterior). The player, regardless of gender, makes no reaction. Then the camera cuts to Lillie, who is watching with a broad smile on her face. Doubles as Les Yay.
  • At the Hano Grand Resort, when you first arrive there is a gentleman with a Pikachu implied to be a celebrity.
    Gentleman: Master Chuuster... This is your first vacation in three years! Please forget that you are a famous star, and just enjoy being a regular Pikachu for once!
    Player talks to Chuuster
    Chuuster: Pika... shoo, shoo.
  • There's a pretty funny scene when the player and Hau meet Lusamine for the first time.
    Hau: Wow Ms. Lusamine, I don't know how you do all of this. You're, like, not even that much older than us.
    Lusamine: Oh you sweet boy. I'm already over 40.
    Hau: You are?
    Hau: Wait, WHAT!?
  • After the end of the visit at the Aether Foundation, Wicke gives Hau and the player some farewell gifts. Hau gets some big malasadas, while the player gets the TM for the move Psychic. Not that Hau would actually need it at the moment, since he already has a Pokémon who knows the move, the blatant favoritism in this game is pretty hilarious.
  • After meeting Samson Oak, but before going to the Malie Library, you can explore the routes outside of town. There are a couple amusing scenes you'll see if you do.
  • Try giving the wrong answers in Sophocles' trial. The poor guy will get zapped.
    • The trial itself starts with Sophocles using a device to summon the Totem Pokémon. Except it knocks out the power to Hokulani Observatory as soon as he flips the switch, resulting in the "Trial Start" banner appearing over a black screen.
  • After Guzma first appears, he'll get into an argument of sorts with Professor Kukui, who'll go off on a tangent about using moves. He then notices you behind him and asks if you agree with what he said. You can either say "Of Course!" or, perhaps more appropriately given your default expression, hint you didn't get any of what he said and simply reply with "What?"
  • A small one is in Tapu village where by the oasis there's a hiker who claims that he feels like he's being watched by someone or something. A look by a caravan that's behind him reveals that the "watcher" is a random Oranguru.
  • After the Ghost trial in which you face off against Totem Mimikyu in a small, hidden room, the until-now laid back trial captain tells you that there is no small room in the building, and stop pulling her leg! Then she complains that she's getting goosebumps and leaves in a hurry… and when you cut back to your trainer, you can see Mimikyu casually sauntering off in the background.
    • If you go back into the trial site — say, to catch the Ghost-types there — try navigating your way to the back of the area again. The back room is actually gone.
  • One NPC trainer standing in the Route 16 Pokémon Center mentions Mareanie and Toxapex's ability Merciless and how mean it is. When talking to the Stufful next to her, it responds "Meeean!"
  • The Pokémon Center in Po Town isn't run by Nurse Joy. Instead, it's run by two Team Skull grunts and their beatboxing Spindanote , who rap at you every time you pay them to heal your Pokémon.
  • In Po Town, you see two Team Skull thugs posing on opposite ends of a hedge. The near thug is exasperated because the other one isn't doing anything about the intruder (you). Later, you can reach the far thug and he thinks the other one is trying to give him compliments.
    • Made even better by the second grunt's wording; he specifically wonders if the other grunt realized "how hot" he is.
    • Another male Skull grunt can be seen posing dramatically on top of a broken-down car. He looks like he's posing for a dramatic shot in a music video!
  • After you defeat Guzma in Po Town, he leaves his room. You can then proceed to sit on his chair. Suddenly, the Team Skull Theme plays out (as if you just took over it) and a grunt runs up to you to report something. It takes the grunt about half a minute to realize you're not his boss, before he runs off to look for the real one.
    Team Skull Grunt: You're not the boss of me!
  • At one point, a Skull Grunt will tell you that Team Skull stole all the Buginium-Z crystals in Alola so that Guzma can become the strongest Bug-type trainer. Amusingly, you can see the crate full of Buginium-Z when you enter Guzma's room. After defeating Guzma, you can even walk over there and claim one piece for yourself. Of course, given the way you've solved some puzzles and fought through the entirety of Po Town and Team Skull to reach that chestful of Z-Crystals, you might as well have completed a Trial in itself. Doubly so as the barricade you have to get around when you enter Po Town is a Trial Gate.
    • Another amusing thing about this: Collector Andrew, the "Route Boss" of Route 12, also has a Buginium Z. In other words, they missed one.
    • Even better: Guzma doesn't even have a Z-Ring to use it with. And when he does get one in the Battle Tree (Moon-only), he doesn't even use the Buginium Z.
  • The long, awkward silence after Nanu shows the protagonist (and Gladion, who happened to be watching the battle) the pose needed to do Black Hole Eclipse. Gladion's horrified face just screams, 'Man, that looks so damn embarrassing.'
    • The above becomes Hilarious in Hindsight in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, where Gladion himself uses a Darkinium Z, therefore requiring him to do that exact same pose.
    • While Nanu is showing you the pose for Black Hole Eclipse, he keeps his bored expression the whole time.
    • Even before this is Nanu approaching you out of nowhere, just before you go to rescue Lillie at Aether Paradise, tells you that he's the Kahuna and challenges you right there as though the whole thing is a huge pain, and without the usual ceremony that the two other grand trials had. His battle pose even shows him lazing about.
    • During the championship celebration festival, all of the trial captains and kahunas get together on stage to show-off their Z-Move dances except Nanu...who's hiding in the bushes busting out his Z-Move for his own enjoyment.
  • Nanu's more cynical moments can be pretty funny, too. For instance, he doesn't mind living in a really trashed area simply because the rent is cheap, and, after the player catches the version mascot, Nanu shows up out of nowhere and complains about how long it took to get there before offering to take the protagonist back down the mountain.
    • Also his house is full of Alolan Meowth, making him a Crazy Cat Lady.
  • The first Team Skull Grunt in Po Town's defeat quote:
    Grunt: I want to go back in time and tell myself to not battle you.
  • When about to go to Aether Foundation to save Lillie, Gladion asks the player if Hau will be tagging along with them as well. He then admits that he considers Hau an “interesting kid” and that it’s surprising how he doesn’t feel overshadowed by his famous grandfather. Then Hau returns after some time and Gladion is back to berating him as usual.
    • Also, from the same scene, as soon as Hau appears, Gladion immediately warns Hau not to make another joke…… note that Hau wasn’t even talking to him in the first place.
  • During the infiltration on the Aether Foundation, one of the Employees has this to say upon defeat.
  • When you go down to the lab at the Aether Foundation to save Cosmog and Lillie, you have to defeat three scientists before proceeding. Upon defeating them, two of them run off in fright. The third one… just shrugs and casually walks off, like it's no big deal. To make it even better, the player calmly steps aside to let him pass.
  • When confronting Faba at the Aether Foundation, Hau asks if he has the key to the locked door, which he promptly replies with a yes. This prompts a huge Oh, Crap! reaction from Faba, while Hau happily states that had he kept his mouth shut, he could have easily trapped them. The scene promptly alternates between Hau's adorable smile, Gladion's scathing Death Glare… and the player just smiling at him.
    Faba: "This is why... This is why I can't bring myself to like children."
  • When Faba & an Employee are defeated, they get this in:
    Faba: “Aiyee!”
    Employee: “Here’s an impression for you - Aiyee!”
  • After Team Skull infiltrates Aether Paradise, you see Grunts lined up in front of you, itching for a Pokémon Battle. Two Grunts pick a fight with you, but the third and last Grunt knows when he's facing a losing battle and lets you pass.
    • The second grunt deserves some mention as well. He first mentions his battle is for the sponsors who support Team Skull. Talk to him when he’s defeated, and:
    Grunt: “I’ll do anything if you pay me for it! Like, let’s see...Wanna see me get hit with Hyper Beam?”
  • You may not notice it due to the shock factor of the cutscene, but when you look at all the Pokémon Lusamine has kept frozen, one of them is a Pyukumuku. Yes, the Pokémon that is only considered cute by Alolans and disgusting by most tourists.
  • The last Poké Ride you can get is Machamp Shove, which is a Machamp that carries you in its arms. It's even got special gloves on its lower arms to hold you with.
  • You find Guzma pretty soon after entering Ultra Space, whereupon he decides to give you advice.
    Guzma: I'm the Team Skull boss, and I've never been scared of nothing or nobody. Heck, I live my life making people scared of ME! So listen to what big bad Guzma has to say...Y'all are stupid!
  • Lillie berating her mother for being a terrible person would be a pretty badass moment… if not for the fact that she makes the same adorable angry face she makes when Nebby breaks out of the bag.
  • When battling Mother Beast Lusamine, all of her Pokémon take on an angry expression… except her Bewear, who has the same emotionless expression his kind always has.
  • Lillie's lecture to Nebby as they part ways after you catch the latter is equal parts funny and heartwarming, as she is treating the borderline deity it has evolved into as if it's the same helpless baby that travelled around with her. In particular, she tells Nebby not to leave your Poké Ball the way it kept leaving her bag, to remember to restrain its own newfound power, and not to jump into Ultra Wormholes without your knowledge.
    • Even funnier if you sent your Solgaleo/Lunala to the PC Box System.
  • During the end game festival, the Masked Royal initiates an impromptu Battle Royale with Hala, Olivia, and Hapu. The latter three all use their signature pokemon. The Masked Royal uses the protagonist's mother's pet Meowth.
  • During the Creative Closing Credits there's something both hilarious and adorable about Gladion's Silvally acting like a giant puppy and licking his face. And by giant we mean that Silvally's mouth is bigger than Gladion's head.
    • The Aether Foundation group photo, which shows Faba being smothered by a Bewear while the employee next to him has the most hilariously bemused expression and everyone else ignoring it. And on Faba's other side is Wicke, who appears to be holding Faba's arm in a death grip as she smiles sweetly for the camera.
    • We see Lana fishing up a School Form Wishiwashi, which is mostly hilarious due to how big it is and how small she is. It gets better when Fridge Logic kicks in when you remember that the School Form is actually a bunch of little Wishiwashi; how did she manage to fish it up when it doesn't technically have a mouth of "its" own?
    • Olivia tastes Mallow's cooking, while Olivia's Lycanroc watches. The hilarity is in trying to interpret Lycanroc's expression in this scene: either it wants what its trainer is eating, or Lycanroc already had a taste, and immediately regretted it.
    • Hau having a Tauros race with his grandfather. Hau is in appropriate Ride Gear, but Hala is standing on top of his Tauros, grandiose pose and all. And Tapu Koko's out of nowhere photobomb.
    • That last one becomes even funnier if you assume that all of this takes place in, most likely after the player has caught Tapu Koko. Meaning that either the player let Tapu Koko out to race Hala and Hau, or Tapu Koko busted out of its own accord to photobomb its chosen kahuna.
  • A tourist in the postgame challenges you to battle just to show off his shiny Exeggcute. When you beat him, he wants to give you something equally shiny, so he gives you six nuggets. One at a time. With the animation and "Item Get" jingle playing each time.
  • During the Ultra Beast quest during the postgame, Looker constantly says "It's a disaster!" in different languages. Anabel's response to all of this is to just tell him to speak in English, implying that she's dealt with this before.
  • In the unlikely event that you've completely filled your PC boxes to the point of being unable to obtain more Pokemon, and then talk to Gladion when he wants to give you Type: Null, in a bit of Developer's Foresight he'll call you out for catching such a ridiculous amount of Pokemon.
    Gladion: I can't even believe you...
  • When Anabel and Looker introduce you to the Ultra Beast quest, the first target is UB-01 Symbiont. The player character does not understand a thing, so they try to put it into Layman's Terms and tell you it's better known as Nihilego. Unfortunately, the player still does not get it, so they have to explain outright that it's the Ultra Beast Lusamine brought in Aether Paradise. For a moment, one could feel like the player character was Homer Simpson.
  • When facing off against the Elite Four, most of them make a point of looking intimidating, or at least prepared to put up a good fight against you - this is reflected in their battle poses (Hala, Olivia, Kahili). Acerola, on the other hand, isn't even trying to look scary and has a huge grin on her face. This carries over into the pre-battle animations as well, as she jumps up and down with a smile on her face when the barriers surround the battlefield and she does a few twirls right before the battle starts.
  • Gladion's reaction to Hau telling Lillie she looks fantastic. If you look at him in the background afterwards, you can see he spends the rest of the scene glaring at Hau.
    Gladion: What was that?!