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Drinking Game / Pokémon Sun and Moon

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  • Take a shot each time Hau starts smiling. Take a drink if it is unprecedented.
    • Finish your drink every time Gladion smiles.
  • Take a drink each time a Pokémon calls for backup, and they succeed. Take an extra drink if you were planning to throw a Poké Ball.
    • One more if you take out one of the two Pokémon only for the survivor to immediately call in more backup.
    • Take two drinks if a Pokémon calls for help at the end of the first turn of battle and has full health.
  • Take a drink if through Wonder Trade, you receive one of the following freshly-caught first island Mons: Caterpie, Ratatta, Meowth, Abra, Wingull, Yungoos, and Pikipek.
    • Take an extra drink if the Yungoos' name references the 2016 Presidential Election, namely Donald Trump.
    • Take a drink if you receive a male Salandit from the Wonder Trade.
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    • Take two drinks if you receive a suspicious-looking Pokémon that is most likely hacked. (Signs include a combination of perfect IVs, shiny, Level 100, and holding rare items. Doubly so if it's a Pokémon that can't breed, like a legendary.)
  • Take a shot each time you meet Boldore or Dugtrio while walking around in a cave.
  • Take a drink any time the word "malasada" is mentioned.
    • Take two if it is said by someone other than Hau.
  • Take a sip every time Lillie appears. Take a drink each time Hau appears. Take two if it was completely out of nowhere and during a serious scene.
  • Take a drink each time the word "Z-Move", "Z-Power", or "Z-[insert word here]" is brought up outside of battles.
  • Take a drink if an Island Kahuna or other major Trainer commands their signature Mon to use their Z-Move.
    • Take another if the Z-Move faints your Mon.
    • One more if you were playing a Nuzlocke run.
    • Down the bottle if the Z-Move was used by a generic Trainer.
  • Take a drink every time Professor Kukui says "yeah" or "cousin".
  • Take a drink if you encounter a Shiny Pokémon.
    • Take another drink if it calls for help.
    • Down the whole bottle and cry if the ally ends up fainting the shiny.
  • Take a drink whenever an ambiguously lewd comment is made. Especially during Mallow's trial.
  • Take a drink each time Lusamine gives a Slasher Smile. Take two if she is describing something as "beautiful" or "worthy of her love".
  • Take a drink whenever you find a Kanto Pokémon that isn't the Alolan variant or a Pokémon that is normally unobtainable in your version.
  • Have an imported drink when a character from an earlier game shows up out of nowhere, hands you an item or otherwise helps you on your quest, and leaves for the rest of the game. Have another if that character later appears in the Battle Tree.
  • Whenever Gladion puts his fingers to his forehead, do the same with your drink. And then drink it.
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  • Take a shot whenever you receive medical item(s) or more Poké Balls during a story event.
  • Take a shot whenever your Pokémon get healed right before an important battle.
    • If you healed your Pokémon right beforehand, take a shot for each item you used.
    • Down your drink if you left the area to go to a Poké Center, and had to walk back to that spot.
    • Drink three times if you were expecting a heal that doesn't happen and walk into a battle low on health.
  • Take a shot for each successive battle you have, where the opponent only has a single Pokémon.
  • Take a shot whenever Nebby tries to get out of Lillie's bag. Take two if it actually does escape.
  • Take a drink every time an Ultra Beast appears on-screen.
  • Take a drink every time the word "numskull" is used.
  • Take a shot every time you reel in a Magikarp or an item while fishing in rippling water.
    • Take a big freaking drink if it's a rare Pokémon (e.g. Feebas, Bruxish, Corsola).
  • Hard mode: Take a whole drink whenever you fight a difficult trainer in the game. Take two drinks if it's a Totem Pokemon.
    • Take a drink in the Totem Wishiwashi battle whenever Wishiwashi OHKO's one of your Pokemon if you don't have a Grass-type. Take three more if it KOs your Grass-type.
    • Take a drink in the Totem Lurantis battle whenever Lurantis calls a Castform to use Sunny Day. Take another if Lurantis OHKO's one of your Pokemon that isn't a Fire-Type or a Bug-Type. Add another if Lurantis used Solar Blade to do so.
    • Find a bar and drink until the bartender makes you stop if you waste a Z-Move on Totem Mimikyu's disguise.
      • Or if you make it to the Battle Tree with your team horribly beat, get ambushed by Red and Blue, and then lose to them because your team was weakened.
  • When EV training with SOS battlesnote :
    • At the end of each turn, if the wild Pokémon doesn't even try to call for help, take a sip. Take another sip if you used an Adrenaline Orb, another if it was at minimum health, and another if you're using a Pokémon with Intimidate, Pressure, or Unnerve.
    • If a Pokémon does call for help, but fails, take two sips.
    • If a Pokémon heals itself enough to bring it out of "Very likely to call for help" range, take a sip. Take another if you try to weaken it again only to accidentally knock it out, and a third if it was a crit that did so.
  • If you're playing a Battle Royale:
    • If the three AIs are blatantly ganging up on you, take a drink. One more if you're not in the lead at the time.
    • If an opponent starts indiscriminately spamming an Area of Effect attack, take a drink each time they use it.
    • Take a shot if an opponent starts setting up Status Buffs and is completely ignored.
    • Take one drink per knockout, if an opponent procs a Quick Claw and then proceeds to Kill Steal from you.
  • In the Festival Plaza:
    • Take a shot when a visiting Trainer's greeting message is either: "Argh!" "Shriek!" or "*squirm squirm*". Take another if their chosen dialogue overall incorporates the phrase "I won't forgive you!" in some way.
    • Take two shots if you find a trainer who has been playing since Gen 1. "I've been playing Pokémon for 20 years!"
    • Take a shot if you tell a Trainer who asks you to take them to somewhere you think they'll like to go somewhere that ultimately leaves them unimpressed. Take three if you tell them to go somewhere that they do wind up liking.
    • Take a shot each time you want to battle and someone you asked turns down your request.
    • Take a shot if Sophocles offers you a one or two-star facility.


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