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Drinking Game / Pokémon Conquest

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If Shingen can prepare a feast immediately preceding all-out war with Nobunaga, then we can raise our glasses for a game that's wrong in all the right ways... but we may need Kenshin's liver for it.

  • Before each battle, mark a glass in sixths and fill it equivalent to how many Warriors you have for the current battle. Whenever a Warrior's Pokémon faints, drain the glass accordingly.
    • Warlord Rule: prepare a like glass for how many of your Warriors are Warlords (gold background, emotive sprites). If the fallen Pokémon belongs to one of your Warlords, drink from both glasses.
  • Whenever you use a Warrior Skill, take a sip.
  • Whenever you use an item, take a sip.
    • If it was eaten by a Pineco or Sewaddle, take two sips.
  • Whenever an equipped Wristband breaks, take a sip.
  • If a Link is formed with a wild Pokémon, take a sip.
    • If forming the Link ends the battle, take two.
  • If you defeat a Warrior such that they ask to join your army, take a sip.
    • If the Warrior possesses a Magikarp, Abra, or Munna, take two.
    • If it's a Warlord, take two.
  • Whenever a Pokémon's Ability activates, take a sip. (Feel free to skip this one for Abilities that trigger every turn, like Intimidate, Mood Maker, and Life Force.)
    • Take two if it's an Ability from the core series games.
  • Take a drink if you hit multiple Pokémon with a move that can't hit multiple Pokémon in the core series.
  • When you use an available service in your kingdom, you might get the chance for a bonus (tools in the gold mines, extra Ponigiri, alternative switch in the Power Plant, etc).
    • If you refuse the bonus and settle for the default amount, take a sip.
    • If you accept, and it goes wrong, take two sips.
  • For the "Befriend 100 Pokémon/Recruit 40 Warlords" stories: if another Warlord befriends 100 Pokémon/recruits 40 Warlords before you can, drain your drink.
  • For the "Ninja contest" stories: if your Old Save Bonus results in a recruited Warrior having a Pokémon that is not Poison-, Dark-, Ghost-, or Dragon-type, take a sip for each such beater.
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  • Every time a Pokémon appears in a kingdom it really oughtn't, halve the remaining alcohol in your glass.
  • Take a drink if you forget to account for a stage hazard and lose a Pokemon.
    • Take a second drink if you accounted for it, but got screwed over by the Random Number God (e.g. an unlucky boulder on Ignis).
    • Optional extra drinks if you had a Hope Spot right before the hazard kicked in at the end of the turn.
    • Finish your drink if you triggered that hazard manually but forgot your own Pokémon was in the way.
    • After the inevitable first, take a drink each time someone falls off the Terreria towers.
    • Take a drink if you get dragged across the map by a Viperia tunnel, ruining an otherwise perfect manoeuvre.
  • Take three drinks if a battle ends due to timing out.
  • If you are defending a kingdom, and you lose the battle (and thus the kingdom), refill your Warrior and Warlord glasses to the state they were in for that battle and drain them again.
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