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Mitsuhide will be the True Final Boss
According to history, Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga and attacked him at Nijo Castle, forcing him to commit Seppuku. Then, according to The Other Wiki, "Just eleven days after the coup at Honnō-ji, Mitsuhide was killed at the Battle of Yamazaki and his army was defeated by Hashiba Hideyoshi, who eventually became heir to Nobunaga's legacy. He is more widely known as Toyotomi Hideyoshi." Given most trailers seem to imply Hideyoshi will be on the player's side, it makes sense to re-enact these events. (minus the seppuku of course, but then again, you never know) My guess is that Nobunaga will be the Disk-One Final Boss, (or possibly even The Unfought) after which Mitsuhide will become The Starscream, hijack the plot and become the primary antagonist from then on.
  • Jossed. However, a special episode exists where Mitushide's famous betrayal does occur.

This series will still be in the same timeline as around Pokémon RBY or RSE
Or, at least, it is not set in the past. Otherwise, how do you explain Mewtwo?
  • A Celebi or Dialga did it?
  • Or perhaps Rule of Cool?
  • Maybe it's set in the present... on a continent stuck in Medieval Stasis.
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  • The game may or may not take place in the current timeframe, given a brief nod to Poké Balls existing in other countries.

This game takes place in the distant future of the games.
I say this because, as far as we know, the regions in Pokepan don't seem to be united.
  • Given that Ransei is an entirely different region not based on anything seen prior, this doesn't seem to apply.

The male hero is Azai Nagamasa.
His evolved appearance is extremely similar to Nagamasa's Samurai Warriors 3 design, where many characters in this game derive their designs. Add in Oichi's... attachment to the hero, and the fact that the historical Oichi married Nagamasa as part of an alliance between the two families, this may be one of the most clever appearances yet.
  • Support. There's a lot of evidence as mentioned above.
    • The male hero's final form looks near identical to what Nagamasa wears in Samurai Warriors.
    • Personality wise, Nagamasa comes off as rather naive in Samurai Warriors (with his constant obsession of dead women rising from the grave). The main character is often called naive by Mitsunari as he has to explain the basics of being a warlord.
    • Given that the male hero is probably the canon protagonist, the relationship with Oichi makes more sense as she seems to fall for the main character (regardless of gender but the dialogue seems to imply that it was meant for the male character). Additionally, one of the roads Oichi can take in Samurai Warriors is to side against her brother and support Nagamasa which is what happens in this game.
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    • Nagamasa seems to be on the side of justice. In another game series, he's described as a man who wants to bring honor and justice to the world. The main character gets Arceus who rains judgment on the world. So even the Pokémon motif makes sense.

Pokémon Adventures Giovanni and the Viridian Grove clan are Warriors.
That's why they're able to bond with Pokémon so strongly, to the point of sharing thoughts. Because of the invention of Pokéballs, Warrior-Pokémon linking became less of an advantage, and the Warlords fell out of power. Giovanni's goals of world domination stem from wanting to reclaim his lineage's past glory.
  • That makes a degree of sense, though balls are mentioned as existing in faraway lands in this game. It would explain why the "children of Viridian Forest" have such unusual powers, though, those are just their warrior skills.

There is a Dynasty Warriors version of this being planned and made
C'mon you know Koei has that planned. Imagine facing off against Lu Bu who is riding upon Rapidash!
  • FUND IT!

Other historical premises for a possible sequel
  • The American Revolution.
  • The Roman Empire.
  • The American Civil War
  • The world wars.
  • Medieval Europe.

If this game ever gets a remake or sequel in a later generation, all the Major Warlords without a Legendary as a perfect link will receive either a Legendary Pokemon or Ultra Beast as their second perfect link
  • It's likely that the only reason that they didn't give all the unique major warlords legendaries is because Nene, who is the Warlord specializing in poison-types, would've been left out in the cold. So, as such, for the warlords that didn't have legendary Pokemon, the following legendaries/Ultra Beasts would be used:
    • Oichinote : Meloettanote 
    • Motochika: Kyorgre or Palkia
    • Ginchiyo: Zapdos or Xurkitree
    • Motonari: Virizion or Kartana
    • Yoshihiro: Cobalion or Buzzwole
    • Yoshimoto: Genesect
    • Nene: Nihilego
    • Masamune: Tornadus or Celesteela
    • Ujiyasu: Regirock
    • No: Girantina

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