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  • The first time fought, Motonari casually mentions that he read about a world where people "put Pokémon in little balls and carry them around".
  • Mitsunari and his gang showing up at the dinner celebration after fighting Shingen/Kenshin, despite the fact they all been snarking at you and they're not Warlords yet. Maybe they do like you.
    • Speaking of Mitsunari, Masanori and Kiyomasa: the moment you finish all the "Not Worth Fighting Over" stories centering around them (specifically Masanori's story), you finally learn why they were fighting in the first place: they were arguing over who will get the last Ponigiri. Kids after all.
  • Whenever the character messes up when mining for gold, most of the special warlords have a shocked animation when they fail. It's pretty funny when an arrogant or stoic character ends up having a surprised expression when they screw up and then getting yelled at by the miner. Ieyasu, in particular, has a ridiculously overblown "shocked" expression for such a normally straight-laced character, complete with his helmet flying off his head.
    • The snob who asks you to mine with him in Yaksha's unique mine has some funny responses to both successful and failed mining attempts.
    • In the Japanese version, a specific type of generic Warrior's failed response is an absolutely hilarious "OH NO!" in Gratuitous English.
  • Ranmaru's episode to a certain extent. Dude Looks Like a Lady forced into a competition with all women? No one believes him if he told them his true gender? Sounds like another character from a certain anime.
  • If you go a really long time without using a warrior at all (not even delegating them a task or having them mine), they'll get dissatisfied and you'll have a few months to use them in battle or else they'll abandon you. It can get really funny, however, with how some of the Warlords will react to waiting for so long (and if you're really dawdling this long rather than completing the episode, you might as well let them leave just to see their parting words).
    Kai (complete with her fiery-angry hair): "Man, why doesn't anyone give me anything to do?!"
    Masamune: "Why?! Why wouldn't this army want to use me as much as it could?!"
    Ujiyasu: "I'm sick of the sight of you. You can do whatever you like, as far as I'm concerned."
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  • Keiji's ability to Link with Terrakion goes into Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming. His reaction to Linking with Terrakion, however falls into this one. Most everyone else is in awe or amazement at their new partner being a great legend. Keiji? "Hey, you're one of those legendary Pokémon, aren't you?"
  • Yoshimoto's ending. He wants to spread Pokemari across the region while Shingen and Kenshin are fighting each other, which is taken as a side note. At the end of the story, you get to see a picture of Kenshin playing Pokemari with Shingen while Yoshimoto watches on. The funny thing here is how Kenshin practically looks like he's playing volleyball.
  • Kanetsugu's ending has him declaring (loudly) how he'll spread righteousness across the world. It makes Kenshin wince.
    Kenshin: ...Uh, sure.
  • Of all endings, Ujiyasu's ending. He decides to assemble an army to be ready for whenever Kenshin and Shingen decide to attack his somewhat-neutral kingdom. In the ending picture, Ujiyasu takes them to fish. Shingen fishes a Magikarp while Ujuyasu fishes a Gyarados without using a Super Rod... and Kenshin sits in the back quietly with a manky old boot.
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  • Chrysalia's battlefield use Pokémari balls as stage hazards, as per Yoshimoto's obsession. Hit one with an attack and it will bounce across the battlefield, dealing damage to everything in its path, allowing you to potentially defeat enemies by punting what's basically an oversized hacky-sack at them.

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