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  • Actor Allusion: One of the trainers in the Hau'oli cemetery is Pokémon Breeder Ikue, who has a Pikachu. Her defeat message? "Pika!"
  • Ascended Fanon: For a while, there's been a common fanon idea around fan-art circles that showed off Pokémon variations, taking many older Pokémon and giving them different designs and typings inspired by either different environments or different breeding (based on the diversity of real life animal species). Come Sun and Moon and now there are canon variants of Generation I Pokémon with different colorations and typing based on Alolan micro-climates.
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  • Blooper: The Totem Raticate in Moon will use Gumshoos' cry in the cutscene prior to the battle with it, suggesting the version exclusive Totem was last-minute. Although it's also possible this may have been done to make it seem more intimidating.
  • Content Leak: The entire Pokédex was leaked prior to the games' launch due to the free demo being datamined.
  • Defictionalization:
  • Development Gag: The Final Boss of the game is Professor Kukui, with one of his Pokémon being the fully evolved form of the starter that the player and Hau didn't pick. This is a nod to the Dummied Out fight against Professor Oak in Pokémon Red and Blue.
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  • Fandom Nod: The Sun dex entry for Magikarp and the Moon dex entry for Geodude's non-Alolan form references the fandom's general frustration with the annoying frequency in which they show up throughout the series.
    Magikarp Pokédex entry (Sun Version): Although weak and helpless, this Pokémon is incredibly fertile. They exist in such multitudes, you’ll soon grow tired of seeing them.
    Geodude Pokédex entry (Moon Version): There are plenty of them to be found along any road. A scholar with too much free time once counted a hundred of them along a single route.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The games are referred to as "S&M" or "SuMo/Sumo" by English-speaking fans.
    • The French version is referred by some fans as Pokémon Sel (French for Pokémon Salt), an abréviation of Pokémon Soleil et Lune, the French names of the games.
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    • Rowlet is called Doctor Hoot (for being an owl adorned with a spiffy bow tie that makes it look like the Doctor played by Matt Smith), and Blathers (due to resembling the owl from Animal Crossing).
    • Lunala, the Pokémon Moon cover legendary, is The Queen of All Zubats. Appropriately, its Dex entry confirms that Lunala is considered female while Solageo is male.
    • Grumpy Cat/Grumpy Litten due to Litten's angry-looking face. Additionally, Litten has been nicknamed Ryukocat due to their similar color schemes.
    • Drampa, a new Dragon-type who looks like the Loch Ness Monster quickly earned the nickname of Falkor, because it looks like Falkor from The Neverending Story.
    • Yungoos is known in some circles as Trumprat, because they think it looks like Donald Trump. Similarly, its evolution is frequently nicknamed "Trumpshoos".
    • Bruxish has been nicknamed Triggerfish since a lot of people think its design is scary or ugly. Doubly amusing, since it is a triggerfish
    • Mimikyu, the Ghost/Fairy-type who disguises itself as a Pikachu, has been called "Pikaboo."
    • The female protagonist is called "Chicken-chan" due to her hat vaguely resembling a chicken's comb.
    • Wicke, a member of the Aether Foundation, is a rather curvaceous woman, in both her artwork and her in-game model. It took the internet all of about 4 seconds before "Thicc Wicke" was thought up.
    • Rockruff's evolution, Lycanroc, has a day and a night form. "Dayruff" and "Nightruff" popped up rather quickly. They get called "Kaden and Keaton" fairly often, too.
    • Zygarde's canine 10% forme has gained the name Garde Dog and Zydoge. The cores have been called Zycore.
    • Due to its tiger-like appearance and bipedalism, Incineroar is often nicknamed "Tony the Tiger", after the mascot of the Frosted Flakes cereal. Others frequently nickname it "Incenaroar", as a reference to wrestler John Cena. Ironically, Cena is a Face wrestler.
    • Due to Alola being obviously Hawaiian-inspired, coming out the same month as the Polynesian-based Disney film Moana, and being based on a coconut crab with the rare chance of being shiny, some have taken to nicknaming Crabrawler "Tamatoa" after the film's villain.
    • The whole region has the nickname of "A-slow-a" or "A-slow-la" due to how slow most of the native Pokémon are in terms of Speed stat.
    • The starters' final evolutions had the odd honor of being leaked twice before official reveal, first on July 2016 in the "Chinese Leaks", with character sheets of the three on multiple posesnote , and a second time on October, after datamining the game demo. Before official reveal, people would refer to them as:
    • The protagonists are often dubbed "Elio" and "Selene" due to the trailer showcasing Battle Royale showing them with these names, alongside version names "Sun" and "Moon". They're nicknamed "Yoh" and "Mizuki" in Japan due to their use in the demos, though the latter seems to be upgraded to canon after her official figure was christened with it.
    • Buzzwole, especially during the pre-release period, was commonly nicknamed "Buffsquito"/"Swolesquito". Humorously enough, its actual name also incorporated the slang word "swole".
    • "The Ministry of Silly Walks" for Team Skull due to their funny walk cycle.
    • Lillie, Lusamine, Gladion, and Mohn are collectively referred to as "The Aether Family".
    • The form of Lusamine and a Nihilego combined is commonly called "Motherbeast."
  • I Knew It!:
    • Many predicted Magearna would be a Steel/Fairy-type based on its Diancie-like design well before it was confirmed.
    • The new region being based off of Hawaii was a popular fan theory months before the Alola region was shown, mostly thanks to the Strange Souvenir.
    • After seeing the small size of the region's map in the starter reveal trailer which consisted of only one island, many fans speculated that there is more to Alola than what was shown on the map and it would consist of multiple islands just like the real world location it's based on. It has now been confirmed Alola consists of four main islands.
    • After seeing the May 10th, 2016 trailer, many fans guessed that Kukui is the regional professor. It was confirmed with the June 2nd, 2016 trailer that yes, Kukui is the Professor of the Alola region.
    • With Grubbin's jaws and its bio stating it loves electricity, many fans predicted that Grubbin will evolve into a Bug/Electric Stag Beetle Pokémon. On June 30th, its evolution forms, Charjabug and Vikavolt are revealed. Charjabug is a Bug/Electric pupa while Vikavolt is a stag beetle.
    • Since Kiawe's (the Fire-type specialist Trial Captain) bio on the official website mentions he has a Marowak, several fans have guessed that Marowak would have a Fire-type Alolan variant. The August 2016 issue of CoroCoro confirms that Marowak has an Alolan variant that's a Fire/Ghost-type.
    • When supplementary material stated that Yungoos was introduced to Alola to try to keep another Pokémon's population under control, many people suspected that Rattata was the Pokémon Yungoos was supposed to hunt, similar to how mongooses in real life were introduced to Hawaii to try to keep the rat population under control. Come the September 1st, 2016 Nintendo Direct, this was confirmed to be the case, with the Alolan Rattata/Raticate having turned into a particularly nasty breed - again, much like aggressive Hawaiian rats.
    • Because Jangmo-o's description stated that it had the pride of a warrior, many fans speculated that its evolution would be part Fighting. The 10/13/16 Corocoro issue later confirmed that both of its evolutions are Dragon/Fighting.
    • When Alola Island was revealed, GameXplain noted the Hawaiian translation for each of the two revealed islands and using the other colors on the trial markers, predicted that the other two islands are Ula'ula and Poni. The reveal of the other three island guardians on October 27 confirms those two predictions.
    • Many have speculated that Popplio will become a Water/Fairy-type upon evolving after the E3 gameplay footage shows it can learn a Fairy-type attack called Disarming Voice. And it's revealed that its final form, Primarina, is in fact a Water/Fairy-type.
    • In a similar vein, some fans figured out Litten will evolve into a Fire/Dark-type due to it being a black cat. And it's revealed that its final form, Incineroar, is indeed a black Fire/Dark-type heel wrestler.
    • From the moment that the Aether Foundation was shown in trailers, many fans speculated that they were the true villains of the game, with Lusamine being the Big Bad while Team Skull were just pawns. Come to find out that these fans were correct.
    • Building off this, practically everyone called Lusamine being related to Lille and Gladion in some way due to their similar hair and eye colors. Granted, many were surprised to learn that she was their mother, not their sister.
    • Many fans believed that the Johto starters would be available in-game, following the Kanto starters' appearance in Pokémon X and Y. Not only are the Johto starters available via Island Scan, but the Unova starters can be obtained as well as their final stages.
    • Due to Type: Null having design elements that seemed to invoke Arceus, many fans believed that Type: Null was meant to be an attempt in creating an artificial version of it. This is heavily implied to be the case, as Silvally's signature Ability, RKS System, is not only a clone of Arceus's Multitype Ability, but "RKS" is very similar to the English pronunciation of "Arceus". In addition, a file in the Aether Paradise labs mentions that they went to the Canalave Library in Sinnoh, the region most associated with Arceus, for research while creating Type: Null.
    • Almost as soon as Wimpod was revealed, fans quickly started speculating that it would be the Magikarp of this gen. They were proven right when Golisopod showed up.
    • The Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announcement showing Solgaleo and Lunala "fused" with Necrozma like how Reshiram and Zekrom were with Kyurem (except using Necrozma as armor rather than a literal fusion) was a popular theory before the announcement.
    • Many fans predicted that the Ultra Beasts were Pokemon you could catch in game, in part based on their unique designs. Come the game's release, they were right; the Ultra Beasts are simply extradimensional Pokemon you can catch after completing the main storyline.
  • Jossed: Althought the fans were able to guess most of the plot right, they got a few key things wrong:
    • Likely the oldest of all Jossed theories was the very existence of a "Pokémon Z", based around the fact that Zygarde was the third in the Kalos legendary trio (which always get a third game), the many, many Sequel Hooks in X & Y, the different Zygarde forms leaked in late 2015, as well as the Zygarde-centric anime season XY&Z.
      • The reveal of Magearna and its traditionally "French" design, as well the mention of an "AZoth Kingdom" in its movie, made some think that Game Freak would create a "Gen 6.5", which would remake/continue Gen VI, but also include many new Pokémon and other characteristics of entirely new generations. Then within a month, Game Freak revealed that Magearna was part of an entirely new generation, and many people accurately guessed based on the brief sketches shown in the 20th Anniversary Trailer that it would be based off Hawaii.
      • Despite the confirmation, fans still held on to the idea that the region would be connected to Kalos in some way. Unfortunately, in the finished games, aside from the Zygarde formes and Sycamore's assistants, there were very few references to Kalos.
    • Related to the Pokémon Z speculation above, many expected the "secret" Lillie was hiding to be a Zygarde Core. While a Legendary Pokémon was indeed in Lillie's bag, it wasn't a Zygarde Core, but Cosmog. This also jossed the idea that Zygarde would play a major role in the story, as well as the idea of Zygarde forming another trio with the Alola mascots (being the Earth to their sun and moon).
    • The first three names that were leaked via trademarks were Solgaleo, Lunala, and Marshadow. Given that Solgaleo and Lunala were later revealed to be the title legendary of the games, many assumed Marshadow would be the third legendary rounding off the trio in the vein of Rayquaza, Giratina, Kyurem, and Zygarde. Marshadow is revealed to be a Mythical Pokémon that is completely unrelated to Solgaleo and Lunala. The third legendary of the trio is actually Necrozma.
    • A number of people speculated that Drampa is the evolved form of Dunsparce. That turned out to be not the case as there isn't any other Pokemon that evolves to or from Drampa and Dunsparce isn't available in Alolanote .
    • When the stats of certain Pokemon was leaked one of them was Wishiwashi in its School Form. Some people calculated its Attack stat to be 180 (which is on par with Mega Rayquaza, Primal Groudon and Deoxys-A) and its special attack to be 210 which would of been the highest in the franchise beating Mega Mewtwo Y. The calculations were inaccurate, however, as it has an attack stat and special attack stat of 140 instead.
    • A lot of new Pokemon ended up not having any evolutions at all, to the surprise and disappointment of many who were hoping to see cool evolved forms of Pokemon like Mimikyu, Komala amd Pyukumyku.
    • Theories about the Aether Foundation being evil very commonly included a caveat about Team Skull actually being your true allies who would help to take them down. While the former came true, the latter didn't. They do end up making a Heel–Face Turn along with Aether afterwards though.
    • Ever since the announcement of UB-01, which looked similar to Lillie, the popular theory became that it was Lillie (or an alternate universe version of her). Every time a new Ultra Beast was announced, fans therefore jumped to assign it a counterpart from the human cast, with the most agreed upon being Lusamine as UB-02: Beauty, Gladion as UB-02: Absorption, and Guzma as UB-03: Lighting. When the game came out, it turned out that whatever "resemblances" they had were just a coincidence aside from Lusamine dressing Lillie up in an UB-01/Nihilego-inspired style, and the Ultra Beasts really were just strong Pokémon in all but name from another dimension.
    • After a rumor spread, many fans believed that Pokémon Stars was the sequel of these games and it would be on the Nintendo Switch. This was disproved when Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was revealed during the June 6th, 2017 direct and it's for the 3DS.
  • Meme Acknowledgment:
    • The 9/1/16 Japanese trailer that debuted the Snorlium Z-holding Munchlax event references the meme where Snorlax took 6 generations to stand up by showing Snorlax's summary screens across the games and then showing off its exclusive Z-move Pulverizing Pancake, suddenly having the energy to run toward the opponent and squash them.
    • The beginning of Pikachu's Z-move (where the trainer tosses Pikachu into the air), 'Catastropika', looks very similar to a popular reversed gif of Ash tossing Pikachu into the sky.
    • One screenshot on the website about the Pokémon Global Link depicts a team that has Cresselia, Heatran, Amoonguss, Landorus-Therian, and Kangaskhan. These five Pokémon were an extremely common team during the 2015 World Championships. It even references the nickname CHALK with the caption, "Try to chalk up victories with powerful teams that include Legendary Pokémon!"
    • Early on in the game, Professor Kukui tells his Rockruff "My body is ready," a reference to a quote said by Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime during E3 2007.
    • One possible comment for a Poké-Finder photo is "7.8/10 Too much water.", referencing IGN's infamous review of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Milestone Celebration: Pokémon Sun and Moon are part of the 20th Anniversary celebration for the Pokémon franchise, with their announcement timed to correspond to the anniversary date itself in Japan.
  • Name's the Same: This isn't the first Pokémon game to have a Team Skull. (Though this only applies to the English versions: that one was called "Team Skull and Crossbones" in Japan)
    • The town they occupied could also be a panda or a Teletubby.
    • One Gladio(n) is not to be confused with another.
    • Lillie's famous bag-rejecting Cosmog Nebby was also the nickname of one of Drake's ex-girlfriends.
    • Poni Island is not to be confused with a similarly-named video game.
    • The Z-Move Gigavolt Havoc is not connected to the gigantic mid-boss of Stage 1-3.
    • There is a small town in Papua, New Guinea named Alola.
  • Newbie Boom: At least 17% of the game's players were completely new to the core series Pokémon games, likely due to the influence of Pokémon GO.
  • Recursive Adaptation: Sun and Moon are the 20th Anniversary of the franchise as a whole, not just the games. This would explain why Ash's Pikachu and Greninja ended up in the game.
  • The Red Stapler: Google searches and interest for malasadas shot up since the game's release.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise:
    • If you're a player of the trading card game, don't look at Solgaleo or Lunala cards. They ruin the plot twist of evolving from Cosmoem, an evolution of Cosmog — and being the first legendaries to be evolutions of another Pokémon.
    • The TCG also leaked a few Pokémon before ther official reveal; namely Mareanie, the final starter evolutions, and Cosmoem, as mentioned above (though for the latter, the Amazon Japan listing was reuploaded with a new image to hide it).
  • Troubled Production: Interviews revealed that the game had quite a few problems. Ohmori mentioned that they didn't have the artists and time to design the Trials, and had to rush and do all that himself. This is why most of the Trials are rather simple and straight-forward.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: During the game's development, some leaks (primarily those from CoroCoro) supposedly hinted that Rockruff and the starters shared something in common, which many took to mean as Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio having branching time-based evolutions like Rockruff/Lycanroc, which would have been a series first. This turned out to be a mistranslation, and it simply said they both have secrets, though it is unknown what "secret" the magazine was referring to in the case of the starters; it's likely that it was the starters having their own Z-Moves.
  • What Could Have Been: Dataminers have managed to a goldmine of unused features and areas from the games.
    • Having all the Pokémon in low-polygon models uncovered as well as each and every of them having walking and running animation suggests that they may be intended to appear in the overworld, particularly for a feature allowing the player's Pokémon to walk behind you like in HeartGold and SoulSilver. This is somewhat implied by how some characters will mention the first member of your team.
    • There are a number of places that are mapped out, fully or partially, such as parts of the player's house like the garage, the bathroom and a toilet; another coastal area, and the golf course at the Hano Grand Resort. Places like that golf course can be seen from various parts of the overworld, like a cave in the tall rock pools at Brooklet Hill (said rock pools have also been removed from the in-game map despite being in the official artwork for Alola), a cave in the lake at Poni Meadow and a lot of land blocked off by debris at the Lake of the Sunne/Moone. Additionally, the external part of Ten Carat Hill from the demo is not in the full game.
    • Digging around the list of areas where a Pokémon can be recorded as having originated from through a program such as PKHeX reveals that at one point Akala was going to have its own meadow. As a result of this removal, Oricorio is found on Route 6, the Cutiefly line which is normally found in meadows cannot be found in Akala, and Pink Nectar is obtained from the floral arrangements in Royal Avenue.
    • Every in-game area except for Ultra Space has a map description, but the way the map is designed prevents most of them from being seen. For example, Po Town and the Shady House fall under Route 17 and as a result use its description instead of their own ones.
    • At one point, the game was supposed to have Gyms or something resembling them. There's an unused battle background that resembles a blue-tinted futuristic background similar to the one in Aether Paradise with two statues near the entrance and a gym logo on a wall.
    • Zygarde has an overworld model that differs from the one used in X and Y, suggesting that it may have been planned to have it exist as an overworld encounter rather than have the player build their own from collected cores and cells, akin to how Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon handled Zygarde and used this model.
    • The rather controversial idea of limiting what Pokémon you could transfer up to those in the regional dex was originally going to be introduced in this generation, rather than the next. Remnants of the design choice can be seen in how only a few in-game CPU trainers note  use non-Alola Dex Pokémon, even in the postgame.
    • Beta protagonist looked suspiciously similar to Red.


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