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"Aska means ashes. The ashes that you, son of Hades, rule over. You've always wanted a quest; and now you have one. Join the Norseling. Join her and overthrow Hel. Join her and overthrow your father's kingdom. Join her before the ashes blow away in the wind."

Aska is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfiction series written by grace.grenade. It also takes inspiration from the fantasy novel Runemarks.


The fic involves introducing the Norse gods into the Percy Jackson universe, necessitating a complex backstory that is being revealed slowly over the course of the story. Described by the author as an 'experiment to see if Nico/OC can be done a little differently', it tackles a niche looked down upon by the majority of the fan community, following the struggles of Nico di Angelo and OC Ayra Sorensen as they are caught in a war between two pantheons of Gods.


Aska provides examples of: