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Blumhouse Productions is a production company founded by the titular Jason Blum in 2000, but really became a powerhouse in The New '10s as it released low-to-No Budget horror films such as Paranormal Activity and Insidious that always make a profit due to budgets usually peaking at $5 million.

Blumhouse mainly produces Horror films, (With the big two Cash Cow Franchises above.) Dramas (Whiplash, The Normal Heart) and Thrillers (The Gift) though occasionally produces films in other genres. (The Tooth Fairy. Seriously.) They're also notable for defying Executive Meddling, as the films are so low budget any meddling would be considered meaningless, as well as an auteurist stance regarding what gets made. note  Understandably, upstart indie directors and directors looking to have more control of their projects have flocked to Blumhouse. However, the studio is very polarizing among genre fans, with some feeling that they allow for more freedom in the Hollywood system, while others regard their films as Cliché Storms with unlikeable characters, no atmosphere and an over-reliance on Jump Scares that teenagers eat up. note  Nevertheless, Blumhouse's success is undeniable.




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  • Auteur License: Blumhouse is known for giving these provided you stay on time and on budget.
  • B-Movie: Blumhouse's output of horror, thrillers and genre films can be compared to Hammer Studios and The Cannon Group.
  • Downer Ending: Rare is the Blumhouse movie with a happy ending, or even a Bittersweet Ending.
  • Every Episode Ending: One last Jump Scare straight at the camera is a specifically common ending for their movies. As Brad Jones puts it in his review of The Gallows:
    Brad: "'Cause it's a Blumhouse movie. Of fucking course it ends with a jump scare."
  • Found Footage: Brought it back in vogue among horror after the success of Paranormal Activity.
  • Jump Scare: A disease endemic among Blumhouse movies.
  • No Budget: The films made by Blumhouse usually cap off at $5 million. note 
  • Nominal Hero: Especially seen in films like Unfriended and The Gallows. You can even argue that the protagonists in the former are Designated Heroes.

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