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Film / Delirium (2018)

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Delirum is a 2018 Psychological Horror film starring Topher Grace and Patricia Clarkson. Tom Walker (Grace), released from a mental institute after 20 years of being in an institution, is on house arrest. He has been placed in his childhood house, days after his father committed suicide. The house is palatial, empty, and lonely... and perhaps not entirely unoccupied. Hounded by an antagonist parole officer (Clarkson), haunted by his father and the nightmare of what resulted in his incarceration, and enamored of a woman from a local grocery, Tom has to resolve the ghosts of the past and figure out what is real and what is not.

No relation to the 2014 film, Delirium (2014).


This film exhibits the following tropes:

  • Forced to Watch: Tom's brother handcuffed him to a fence and forced him to watch as his brother killed two girls in separate incidents.
  • Hallucinations: Tom is prone to these after his release, hallucinating his father's dog, his father's corpse, and his murderous brother (unfortunately, the last is not a hallucination).
  • Haunted House: The house is full of ominous creaks, secret passages, peepholes, and a crazy brother and a mother driven insane.
  • Implicit Prison: Tom is on house arrest with a security anklet. If he leaves the environs of the house, it will summon the police. He's also required to check in via a video phone at random times, and suffer the visits of a parole officer.
  • Madwoman in the Attic: Tom's mother has been imprisoned in a cell under the swimming pool for decades...


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