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    ZAP SPACY (Zata Astronomical Pioneers Spacy) 

As Reimon 
Played by: Shota Minami
The hero of the story. Rei is an amnesiac orphan first encountered by the ZAP SPACY delivery crew while on a mission to the planet Bolis. The only thing he can remember about himself is that he is destined for never-ending battle against kaiju, but with the help of the team, he learns more about himself. He can call forth his monsters, Gomora, Litra, and Eleking, by using a tool called a Battle Nizer, which he has had with him for as long as he can remember.
  • The Berserker: When he transforms into Burst Mode he becomes a near-mindless brute fighter who won't relent from attacking, even if his opponent dies.
  • Henshin Hero: A rare non-Ultra example of the series. With his Battle Nizer/Battle Nizer NEO he transforms into an Ultra-like form, Reimon which he can utilize to battle other Reionics.
  • Human Aliens: Looks human but actually is an alien of a species named Alien Reiblood.
  • Nice Guy: What sets him apart from most Reionics. He would rather not fight the other Reionics. And ultimately averts becoming Reiblood's successor/host.

Captain Hiroshi Hyuga
Played by: Hiroyuki Konishi
The leader of the ZAP SPACY crew aboard the Pendragon. Known by his crew as "Boss", Captain Hyuga is well versed with the hazards of intergalactic travel and excels in martial arts. He serves as a sort of father figure to Rei.
  • Cool Old Guy: An old man who can still kick alien ass and leads a group of humans travelling through space and fighting giant monsters on a daily basis.
  • Parental Substitute: To Rei, who has no birth family to speak of.

Jun Haruna
Played by: Saki Kamiryo
Second-in-command aboard the Pendragon and sole female member of the team, Haruna is a no-nonsense ace pilot loyal to Captain Hyuga. She is skeptical towards Rei initially, but soon becomes his closest friend on the team.

Koichi Oki
Played by: Toru Hachinohe
A relatively inexperienced member of the crew, Oki is a colossal monster maniac (he majored in kaiju studies) who knows everything about giant monsters and the history of Ultramen on Earth.
  • Fanboy: Of the Ultras and the Kaiju they've fought, anytime the Crew encounter a new kaiju, he is quick to namedrop them and goes as far as squeeing when they visit the Land of Light.

Masahiko Kumano
Played by: Mitsutoshi Shundo
Hyuga and the Pendragon's longest-serving crew member. Kumano is the ship's engineer nicknamed "Wizard" by his teammates for his proficiency with the Pendragon and her mechanics.
  • The Engineer: Serves this role for the Pendragon and its crew.

    Rei's Monsters 

Gomora's Base Form
Reionic Burst Gomora 
EX Gomora 

First Appearance: The Lawless Monster Planet
Rei's first monster and primary choice for battle. This is the first heroic appearance of Gomora (or any other monsters previously fought by the Ultramen), as well as the debut of Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Adaptational Badass: While Gomora has always been pretty powerful, this one is far more so, even without his super modes. This includes introducing Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave.
  • Adaptational Heroism: The first heroic Gomora in the franchise and would appear also in some films fighting alongside the Ultramen.
  • The Hero: Alongside Rei, he acts as this for the series, being the main monster and mascot-of-sorts.
  • Horn Attack: The Super Oscillatory Wave, a huge blast of energy capable of vaporizing weaker monsters. It's essentially Gomora's answer to the Ultra's beam attacks.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Is both fast and a massively strong monster, capable of going toe-to-toe with brutes such as Red King, Golza and even Zetton.
  • Super Mode: EX Gomora
    • Canon Immigrant: EX Gomora originally appeared in the Ultraman Fight Evolution video games.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Reionic Burst Gomora (until Rei learned to control himself).


First Appearance: The Fifth Crewman
Rei's second monster. Rei captured Litra after she defeated the giant flower Juran. Possesses the ability to transform into Fire Litra and has proven to be a valuable ally for Gomora and ZAP SPACY in many battles.
See Ultra Q

  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Litra is still gigantic for a bird, but in comparison to all the other monsters in the series, she's virtually a sparrow. That doesn't stop her from earning some victories on her own or being a major ally for Gomora by keeping other kaiju distracted while he takes on the main one in any of the larger battles.
  • Playing with Fire: As Fire Litra, where she gains the ability to encase herself in fire and release the bird-shaped flames as a projectile.
  • Super Mode: Fire Litra.

Eleking/Lim Eleking

First Appearance: The Underwater King (Eleking)/The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface (Lim. Eleking)
Rei's third monster, which originally appeared as a threat to ZAP SPACY when they trespassed the lake it lived in. After Gomora defeated it, Rei added it to his Battle Nizer and would use it in many battles to come.
See Ultraseven

  • Adaptational Heroism: Like Gomora, this is Eleking's first heroic appearance (though it has remained his only one).
  • Art Evolution: Compared to Eleking's previous reappearance in Ultraman Max, instead of using the updated suit from Max, the new Eleking is given a more "vintage" design closer to its debut in Ultraseven.
  • Beware the Cute Ones: Eleking is surprisingly adorable for a kaiju, lacking claws, teeth, spikes or other visible weapons, and can even shape-shift into a chibi form of itself. But it's also extremely dangerous and powerful.
  • Breath Weapon: Eleking gains the ability to breath a powerful bolt of lightning that functions similarly to the Super Oscillatory Wave in this series.
  • Fun Size: Rei can call out Eleking in the form of Lim. Eleking, although how he does it is unexplained.
  • Kill the Cutie: In Never Ending Odyssey, at the hands of Grande's Tyrant.


After being freed from the Armoured Darkness, Ultraseven gave Rei his Miclas as a "thank you" gift. Miclas would battle alongside Gomora in several important battles.
See Ultraseven

  • Retcon: Despite being the original Miclas seen in Ultraseven, he displays the same Cowardly Lion personality of the Maquette Miclas used by GUYS in Ultraman Mebius rather than the braver and more confident attitude he had in his debut series.


    Monsters and Aliens (First Appearing in Mega Monster Battle) 


First Appearance: The Lawless Monster Planet
The first monster ZAP SPACY encounters when they land on Bolis, where they witness it battle Sadorah and Red King. It later appears alongside Golza to battle Gomora, and then alongside Red King and Neronga when the three are resurrected by Bullton.

Telesdon also reappeared in NEO where it was the monster of Alien Zetton who used it to battle Alien Hook's Re-Dorako. Both monsters were killed by King Joe Black before their masters were eliminated as well.

See Ultraman TV Series

  • Diurnal Nocturnal Animal: Despite being characterized as nocturnal in previous appearances, Telesedon is often above the ground in the day in this series.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • His battle against Sadorah homages Sadorah's debut in Return of Ultraman, in which Sadorah battles Detton, a kaiju created from an incredibly aged Telesdon suit.
    • The battle with Re-Dorako in his NEO appearance references their battle in the original Ultraman when they are resurrected by Geronimon.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Flees its battle with Red King, leaving Sadorah to get killed. However, it does return when Golza attacks ZAP SPACY to join forces with the stronger monster.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Golza, and later Red King and Neronga.


First Appearance: The Lawless Monster Planet
The most common kaiju amongst the rampaging hordes of monsters on Bolis, as they travel in groups. A stray one battles Telesdon and Red King when ZAP SPACY arrives in Bolis. Later, a pack of 8 Sadorahs were destroyed by Kate's Fire Golza, and a pack of 5 Sadorahs would attack the Pendragon while Rei's Gomora fought Kate's Gan Q.
See Return of Ultraman

  • Buttmonkey: Sadorah is literally the show's weakest Kaiju and solely exists to be pummeled effortlessly by Red King, Fire Golza, and other stronger monsters.
  • Cannon Fodder: Compare to Buttmonkey as often it's a whole pack of Sadorahs that get massacred by stronger enemies, as well as human technology.
  • The Worf Effect: Several Sadorahs are killed in under a minute by Fire Golza, for no reason other than to establish Golza as a threat.
  • Zerg Rush: A Sadorah pack's main strategy. It never works for them.

Red King

First Appearance: The Lawless Monster Planet
The third kaiju encountered by ZAP SPAY when they arrived on Bolis, where they witnessed it brutally pummel Telesdon and Sadorah. It then turned its attention to ZAP SPACY and would end up battling Rei's Gomora. Red King later returned when the reality-warping meteor Bullton summoned him along with Telesdon and Neronga to all fight Gomora again.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Curbstomp Battle: Completely tears Telesdon and Sadorah some new giant scaly rears by just barging into their battle to kill both combatants for the sake of it.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: His battle against Gomora one-on-one in the first episode is a dream come true for many Ultraman fans.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Neronga and Telesdon when they were revived by Bullton to fight Gomora. However, Red King bosses the lesser monsters around and forces them to do the fighting for him.


First Appearance: The Fifth Crewman
A mammoth flower that bursts from the ground and attacks Hyuga and Oki while they are searching for Rei. It battles Litra and swiftly meets its end at the hand of the bird monster's acidic Citronella Beam.
See Ultra Q


First Appearance: The Fifth Crewman
A monster that attacks ZAP SPACY when the crew is searching for Rei, which is made worse for the humans when Telesdon joined the assault. The two then battle Gomora and Litra when Rei appears to save ZAP SPACY.
See Ultraman Tiga


First Appearance: The Transparent Monster Attacks!
A kaiju that battles Neronga. While it did manage to initially overwhelm the electrical monster with its whip arms, Gudon was swiftly defeated by Neronga when the latter switched to using invisibility tactics.
See Return of Ultraman

  • The Worf Effect: Its battle and defeat at the hands of Neronga quickly establishes how dangerous Neronga's invisibility powers would be for Gomora.


First Appearance: The Transparent Monster Attacks!
Gudon's opponent who then turns its attention to ZAP SPACY by consuming the Pendragon's electricity, crippling the ship and forcing Rei to call forth Gomora, who would be seriously challenged by its invisibility. Later, Bullton called in Neronga with Red King and Telesdon to fight Gomora.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Forgot About His Powers: For some reason, Neronga never turns invisible in its second battle against Gomora.
  • Glass Cannon: Dangerous enough to kill Gudon with a few lightning bolts even after almost being killed itself and almost defeats Gomora too, thanks to its invisibility technique, but is also weak enough to be killed instantly by an accidental hit from Telesdon's flame breath.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the original Ultraman, Neronga was one of Ultraman's weakest foes despite his powers, with all his attacks either not harming Ultraman at all or completely missing the hero. Here, Neronga becomes the first genuinely challenging opponent for Gomora (the first monster to defeat Ultraman), thanks to those same powers and manages to land some serious blows on him.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Red King and Telesdon when the three are brought back by Bullton.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Whereas Golza, Red King, and Telesdon are all straightforward melee foes for Gomora, Neronga's invisibility powers called for a more strategic approach to defeating it.


First Appearance: Bemstar has Arrived!
A monster that attacks ZAP SPACY when they enter the ruined capital of planet's colonies, Belargo City. Rei called forth Gomora and Litra to fight it, but the space monster's ability to simply eat their energy attacks posed a great challenge.

Bemstar reappeared briefly in NEO where it attacks the Pendragon when ZAP SPACY encounters Dail, giving the team a chance to use the ship's new weapon, the Pedanium Launcher, against it.

See Return of Ultraman

  • The Worf Effect: The second Bemstar's role is to be obliterated by the Pedanium launcher in seconds, proving the weapon's power and efficiency.


First Appearance: The Trap in Belargo City
An arachnid Space Beast that attacks Oki and Rei while they are searching the ruins of Belargo City for survivors. Rei called forth Gomora to fight the spider-like kaiju, and the dinosaur kaiju swiftly defeated its opponent.
See Ultraman Nexus

Fire Golza

First Appearance: The Trap in Belargo City
Kate's first monster and a stronger version of the Golza that ZAP SPACY had encountered earlier. It proves to be Gomora's most powerful foe so far, especially when Kate sends out Gan Q to assist it.
See Ultraman Tiga

  • The Brute: Fire Golza basically lets Gomora spray his Super Oscillatory Ray at him for an extended period of time and takes it without any injury, stress or effort, and everything Gomora throws at him is useless. Even after a repeated assault by ZAP SPACY and Gomora tries to destroy him from the inside out by stabbing his chest with his horn and firing the SOR, but he YANKS it out. He still survives and is only killed when his own ally accidentally shoots him, finally giving him enough punishment for the brute to expire.
  • Decomposite Character: This time, Fire Golza is established as a separate creature from the classic Golza rather than the result of Golza absorbing magma to gain fire powers.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Gan Q due to both being under Kate's control, which ends badly when Gan Q accidentally kills him with a misfired eye beam.

Gan Q

First Appearance: The Trap in Belargo City
Kate's second monster, which she summoned to assist Fire Golza when Gomora started to gain the upper hand over it during their battle. After Fire Golza falls however, Gan Q becomes Kate's primary kaiju to defeat Rei and ZAP SPACY.
See Ultraman Gaia

  • Art Evolution: In comparison to his original appearance, Gan Q's skin is closer to bare muscle and has less veins in his primary eye.
  • Guest Fighter: The first monster from the Ultraman Gaia universe to appear in the Showa continuity.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Although every bit as powerful as Fire Golza, Gan Q relies primarily on his Teleport Spam to overpower Gomora.

Twin Tail

First Appearance: Another Monster Tamer
A monster that ambushes Rei while he is strolling about Bolis by himself. It battles Litra, but as the bird monster is too small to be an even match for Twin Tail, Rei delivers some assistance with his ZAP SPACY firearms. Together, both monster and master easily defeated the strange upside-down creature.
See Return of Ultraman


First Appearance: The Stone That Calls Monsters
An amphibian-like Space Beast that attacks Rei and Hyuga while they are exploring Belargo City. Rei uses Litra to battle it, and his bird kaiju easily defeats the Space Beast.
See Ultraman Nexus

  • Ascended Extra: Frogos only appeared in a flashback very quickly in its original appearance. Here, Frogos is given fuller screentime and gets to do a little bit more. However, its still a rather brief appearance.
  • Guest Fighter: Like Banpira, Frogos is originally from the Ultraman Nexus continuity.
  • Your Size May Vary: Frogos is much larger in this series, standing at 40 meters tall, as opposed to the original's height of 10 meters.


First Appearance: The Stone That Calls Monsters
When the human colonists of Bolis discovered a pair of meteors with reality warping powers, Bullton was born from the two space rocks merging together. The creature's reality-warping powers destroyed the planet's settlements by filling it with hordes of kaiju. When ZAP SPACY entered its lair in Belargo City, Bullton retaliated by calling in various monsters to destroy the intruders.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Small Role, Big Impact: It only appears in one episode, but it's the reason why Bolis has so many kaiju and how Rei got there.


First Appearance: The Underwater King
One of two monsters seen battling each other besides the lake where Eleking dwelt. This vicious space creature did battle against the ferocious Earthtron, but ultimately proved to be no match for its foe.

Kelbeam was later seen in NEO as the second monster of Alien Guts, who Rei challenged with his newly-gained Miclas.

See Ultraman Mebius


First Appearance: The Underwater King
The second of two monsters that battle each other at a lakeside. After killing Kelbeam, Earthtron is suddenly dragged into the lake by Eleking's tail. Out of its environment, Earthtron is quickly killed by Eleking just in time for ZAP SPACY to bear witness to the clash.

Earthtron reappeared in NEO as the monster of Alien Zelan. Unfortunately for the two, Alien Nackle's Galberos was too powerful for them and Earthtron was destroyed with its master.

See Return of Ultraman


First Appearance: The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface
Like any other day on Bolis, two kaiju were dueling to the death. The first was the jackhammer-nosed Angross and the other was the rocky Gromite. The two monsters were equally matched, but before either could continue, King Joe Black arrived in the form of several spaceships and killed Angross.
See Ultraman Mebius

  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Only have a few minutes of screentime before getting killed off alongside Gromite by King Joe Black.


First Appearance: The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface
Starting the day off with a battle against Angross, Gromite's clash was interrupted by the arrival of King Joe Black in the form of four spaceships that instantly killed both combatants.
See Ultraman Mebius

  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Only have a few minutes of screentime before getting killed off alongside Angross by King Joe Black.


First Appearance: The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface
When the Pendragon was driven to the bottom of the sea and damaged by King Joe Black in the form of four spaceships, ZAP SPACY had to deal with a school of these supersonic monsters. They repelled the monsters through the usage of high-frequency waves to drive them in the other direction. However, worse was yet to come.

Arigera briefly returned in NEO where Alien Temperor had used the monster to defeat Alien Mefilas. However, Mefilas returned as Armoured Mefilas and slew both monster and master.

See Ultraman Mebius

  • Killed Offscreen: It is implied that the entire flock of Arigera that attacked Zap Spacy while underwater are all killed when the whole planet goes kaboom in the final episode.

Zoa Muruchi

First Appearance: The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface

A sea monster attracted by the high-frequency waves ZAP SPACY had used to chase off the Arigeras, threatening to destroy the Pendragon. Rei sent out Eleking to battle it.

See Return of Ultraman


First Appearance: Unexpected Reunion
One of three monsters guarding a supply depot on Vincent Island where ZAP SPACY found some survivors, forcing Rei to call forth Gomora to battle it and its allies Lunatyx and Salamandoras. However, it is swiftly defeated by Gomora, leaving Lunatyx and Salamandoras to do all the work.
See Ultraman Leo


First Appearance: Unexpected Reunion
The second of the three monsters at the supply depot where they battled Gomora. However, their battle comes to aburpt halt when it is destroyed instantly by King Joe Black in its spaceships form.
See Ultraman Ace

  • Diabolus ex Nihilo: A monster which is a Choju, but somehow not affiliated with Yapool, appearing from out of nowhere to attack the good guys. This case is especially strange since unlike Velokron and Doragory, Lunatyx isn't seen with another Choju and is instead working alongside two standard kaiju. Presumably, Bullton's monster summoning had something to do with it.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Nova and Salamandoras.


First Appearance: Unexpected Reunion
The third monster at the supply depot. It is destroyed alongside Lunatyx by the spaceships, which reveal themselves to be the separated form of King Joe Black.
See Ultraman 80

King Joe Black

First Appearance: Unexpected Reunion (Appears in spaceships form in "The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface")
A modified version of King Joe sent by the Alien Pedans to destroy Rei, Kate, and their monsters. It comes to Bolis in the form of four black spaceships and proceeds to annihilate every monster that it encounters during its search. For the remainder of Mega Monster Battle, it proves a serious menace to ZAP SPACY's plans to evacuate survivors off the planet and proves to be a nigh-unstoppable foe for Rei's monsters and Kate's Zetton.

In NEO, the Pedans construct an entire army of King Joe Blacks to slaughter every Reionics in the universe. With the Reionics all congregating at the planet Hammer, the King Joe Blacks were sent in. However, Rei and Grande prove to be major wrenches in the Pedans' plans.

See Ultraseven

  • Arm Cannon: Unlike the original King Joe, although this trait would be used in some other incarnations of King Joe.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Despite a single one being able to completely curbstomp Gomora, Litra, and Eleking's combined strength without even flinching, an entire army of them are easily pummeled by Gomora and Miclas in NEO.
  • Elite Mook: Of an already formidable monster.
  • The Juggernaut: Even more so than the original King Joe. Gomora, Eleking, and Litra could barely even scratch this guy! Even when EX Gomora manages to impale a hole in its body, the damn thing is still able to come back and tries to destroy the Pendragon while they are escaping Bolis' destruction, with only the timely arrival of Ultraman being able to finally stop King Joe Black by hurling it into the planet's collision with its artificial sun!
  • Mecha-Mooks: Of the Pedans in NEO.
  • The Worf Effect: Delivers one in the form of its beatdown on Gomora, Eleking, and Litra, and then becomes a victim of it when it battles Grande's Red King in NEO.


First Appearance: Ultraman
A Choju that attacks ZAP SPACY and the Bolis survivors as they prepare to leave the planet. Rei uses Gomora to battle it.
See Ultraman Ace

  • Diabolus ex Nihilo: A monster which is a Choju, but somehow not affiliated with Yapool, appearing from out of nowhere to attack the good guys. Given that it's established the numerous kaiju on Bolis were the result of Bullton resurrecting them, it's likely Bullton had more to do with this than Yapool did.


First Appearance: Ultraman
Another Choju that appears alongside Velokron. Rei summons Eleking to defeat it.

Doragory returned in NEO as one of the monsters of Alien Metron. Metron unleashed the Choju upon Rei, but Gomora mercilessly pummeled his adversary, forcing Metron to call Doragory back and flee.

See Ultraman Ace

  • Diabolus ex Nihilo: A monster which is a Choju, but somehow not affiliated with Yapool, appearing from out of nowhere to attack the good guys. Given that it's established the numerous kaiju on Bolis were the result of Bullton resurrecting them, it's likely Bullton had more to do with this than Yapool did.


First Appearance: Ultraman
Kate's third and final monster, which she uses against the combined strength of Gomora, Litra, and Eleking. Later on, she sends it out to battle both Rei's Gomora and King Joe Black when Bolis is about to be destroyed by its artificial sun and giving Rei his first taste of a true Reionics battle, where the loser dies with their monsters and feels all the blows the monster takes.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • The Juggernaut: As usual for Zetton, he is one of the only monsters in the entire series to take on a King Joe Black alone and match it blow for blow.

    Monsters and Aliens (First Appearing in Never Ending Odyssey) 


First Appearance: Reionics Hunter
A wild kaiju that attacks Rei's Gomora and Aliens Guts' Gomess when Rei and Hyuga are stranded on the planet Hammmer, creating a sort of three-way battle.
See Ultraman TV Series


First Appearance: Reionics Hunter
Alien Guts' first monster, which he sends to kill Rei and Captain Hyuga when the two humans end up on Hammer. It battles Gomora and Magular.
See Ultra Q

Alien Guts

First Appearance: Reionics Battle
Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta
A Reionics master who commands the vicious Gomess and Kelbeam. He sends the former to destroy Rei and Captain Hyuga when the two are stranded on Hammer. He uses the latter to battle Rei's Miclas later on.
See Ultraseven


First Appearance: Reionics Battle
Alien Hook's monster of choice, Dorako was sent to attack Rei and Captain Hyuga like Guts had tried with Gomess. Rei sent Eleking to fight it. Later on, Hook somehow brings the monster back to life, albeit without its wings and hook hands, and uses it against Alien Zetton's Telesdon. The two monsters are killed by King Joe Black, and their masters followed their fates soon afterwards.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Back from the Dead: Although how is unexplained. It could just have been that Hook had two Dorakos.
  • Clip Its Wings: The first Dorako suffers this fate when Eleking pulls off it's wings.
  • Mythology Gag: The revived Dorako's battle against Telesdon is a homage to a scene from the original Ultraman where the two monsters are battling each other in the dead of night.

Alien Hook

First Appearance: Reionics Battle
Voiced by: Eikei Iwata
A Reionics in control of the savage Dorako. He unleashes his monster partner upon Rei and Captain Hyuga when they are in their spaceship, the Dragon Coaster. Later on, he battles Alien Zetton's Telesdon with his resurrected Dorako until both kaiju and their alien masters were killed by King Joe Black.
See Ultraseven

Alien Zelan

First Appearance: Great Frenzy! Reionics Burst
Voiced by: Kiyoshi Okazaki
A Reionics who commands the unbridled ferocity of Earthtron. He goes up against the Galberos of Alien Nackle. Unfortunately for Zelan, Earthtron was destroyed easily by Galberos, and both master and monster perished in a fiery explosion.
See Return of Ultraman

  • The Worf Effect: Gets eliminated by Nackle's Galberos to prove how tough the monster is.

Alien Nackle

First Appearance: Great Frenzy! Reionics Burst
Voiced by: Michio Nakao
A sadistic Reionics with mastery over the three-headed Space Beast known as Galberos. After annihilating Zelan and his Earthtron, Nackle sends his monster after Rei and Gomora, draining their strength and patience with Galberos' illusions. However, the wicked scheme would end up unlocking Rei's nigh-uncontrollable Reionic Burst Mode.
See Return of Ultraman

  • Elite Mook: More cunning and ruthless than the previous Reionics.


First Appearance: Great Frenzy! Reionics Burst
A savage Space Beast utilized by Alien Nackle, Galberos was unleashed upon Gomora and Rei by tormenting them with an immortal illusion of Zetton. Once Nackle decided Gomora was ripe for an easy kill, Galberos would drop the illusions and head in, only to discover the power of Reionic Burst Mode.
See Ultraman Nexus

Alien Babarue "RB"

First Appearance: Disturbing Reunion
Voiced by: Isamu Sugaya
A Reionics with the juggernaut known as Antlar as his monster of choice. He attacks Captain Hyuga while the human was searching for Rei (who had been on a rampage since entering Reionic Burst Mode for the first time) by siccing Antlar on him.

Many years later he would finally return to the franchise, having been a petty thief ever since the end of the Reionics War and now calling himself RB, he is caught by Andro Melos and subsequently offered mercy by being given a position in the Galaxy Rescue Force, joining the Ultras in their fight against the Absolutians.

See Ultraman Leo
  • Boxed Crook: A variation, Melos has him arrested at first but shows him mercy by giving him a chance to become a part of the Galaxy Rescue Force, which he takes up on.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After being caught by Andro Melos and offered a position in the Galaxy Rescue Force he takes it, officially becoming a hero.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: His response after realizing he's no match for Rei and Gomora.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Flees after realizing Antlar is no match for Gomora. Never returned for the rest of the series. The Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO manga shows that he had a run in with the manga's main characters who managed to kill Antlar, but he was able to teleport away when Reionics Hunters arrived on the scene. Never to be seen again for a long time until 2021 in which he appears in the Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama and becoming the team's newest member.


First Appearance: Disturbing Reunion
Bablou's companion, Antlar was unleashed by the vile alien to kill Captain Hyuga for his entertainment. The brutish insect would have succeeded, but Rei and Gomora (both in Reionic Burst Mode) entered the scene and battled monster and master.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Was never seen again in the series after getting pummeled by Gomora and recalled by Babalou. The Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO manga shows that it got killed by Kanegon's Red King due its injuries from its fight against Gomora.

Alien Metron

First Appearance: Disturbing Reunion
Voiced by: Osamu Ryutani
A Reionics who uses two Choju as his monsters. He attacks Rei while the human Reionics was in Reionic Burst Mode by using Doragory. Later, he sends his Vakishim after ZAP SPACY to try unlock Rei's Reionic Burst again out of curiosity.
See Ultraseven

  • Determined Defeatist: Despite getting his ass kicked by Rei's Gomora and realizing his monsters are no match for Rei, he relentlessly pursues Rei for another battle.
  • Mythology Gag: His usage of Doragory homages how Doragory teamed up with an Alien Metron in his debut in Ultraman Ace.


First Appearance: At the End of the Runway
Alien Metron's second Choju, which he sends to attack ZAP SPACY in the Pendragon to see if he can activate Rei's Reionic Burst Mode again.
See Ultraman Ace


First Appearance: The Strongest Reionics
Grande's first monster, which he uses to battle both Gomora and Eleking, proving himself to be a very powerful Reionics as Tyrant effortlessly pummels both of Rei's kaiju.
See Ultraman Taro
  • The Juggernaut: As usual for the infamous Chimera Kaiju, it takes teamwork between Litra and Gomora to finally take him down and avenge Eleking.
  • Slashed Throat: Does this to poor Eleking...

Alien Zarab

First Appearance: Shoot the Infiltrator!
Voiced by: Takeshi Aono
Unlike all the Zarabs before him, this one is a comical simpleton who has made a life out of stealing Battle Nizers for unexplained reasons. He came to Hammer for the Battle Nizer motherload and got his hands on many before targeting Rei and ZAP SPACY.

This individual Zarab returns in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends (or at least implied to be the same one) where he has gotten his hands on the Giga-Battle Nizer (as seen in the stinger of Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Reverse). Using his Ultra disguise, he infiltrates the prison of Ultraman Belial and frees the dark warrior. Belial kills him quickly afterwards and takes the Giga-Battle Nizer, starting the Land of Light's greatest crisis yet.

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Armoured Mefilas
First Appearance: Armour of Darkness
Voiced by: Seizo Kato
The most pathetic of all the Reionics warriors. After being curbstomped by Alien Temperor, his Battle Nizer was destroyed and he was left to die. However, the frustrated alien did not and instead found a mysterious sword that upon holding gave the former Reionics a suit of armour that mind controlled him into going on a rampage.
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  • Back from the Dead: After Armoured Darkness kills him and takes its sword back, Mefilas is resurrected by Alien Reiblood as a mindless giant to fight Gomora and Miclas.
  • Cool Sword: Wields one as Armored Mefilas.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: From a bumbling Reionics that everybody made fun of to one of the deadliest killers on the planet and perfectly capable of going toe-to-toe with even the mightiest Reionics monsters.


First Appearance: Armour of Darkness
Voiced by: Michitaka Kobayashi
Also a Reionics, Dada was, like Alien Temperor, a rival to Alien Mefilas back when he was an incompetent Reionics. Dada bumped into the now Armoured Mefilas and ridiculed the former Reionics. He didn't live to regret it as Mefilas slew the fool for his words.
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Alien Temperor

First Appearance: Armour of Darkness
Voiced by: Daisuke Gōri
A dastardly Reionics who uses the supersonic Arigera. Having defeated the bumbling Mefilas Reionics, he destroyed his foe's Battle Nizer and left him to wallow in humiliation. However, when Mefilas became Armoured Mefilas, Temperor would feel the bite of vengeance when Mefilas killed him with his newly-gained sword and armour.
See Ultraman Taro

  • Asshole Victim: But of course.
  • Karmic Death: While Mefilas wasn't a saint by any means, Temperor went far beyond necessary at leaving him for dead, thus making his death karmic retribution.

Armoured Darkness

First Appearance: Armour of Darkness
A wicked suit of animated armour used as the personal enforcer of the mysterious forces that had called the Reionics from across the universe to Hammer. Mefilas was transformed into Armoured Mefilas when discovered the monster's sword and the monster would later battle Gomora and Red King.
See Ultraman Mebius

Alien Zetton

First Appearance: The New Horizon of War
Voiced by: Hiroshi Suenaga
A Reionics carrying command over the subterranean Telesdon. He uses his monster to battle Alien Hook's resurrected Dorako, but when both monsters were killed by King Joe Black, he and Hook are killed shortly afterwards.
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  • All There in the Manual: According to supplementary material, he has 2 other unseen monsters, one of them being a Zetton.

Grande's Red King
EX Red King 
First Appearance: The New Horizon of War
A more powerful version of Red King used by Grande. It first appears to battle a King Joe Black sent by the Reionics Hunters to kill Grande. Later, Grande unleashes his monster against Rei's Gomora for a final showdown between rivals and would then call him forth one more time to assist Gomora against Armoured Darkness.
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  • Playing with Fire: This version of Red King has the ability to encase his fists in flame to enhance his punches.
  • The Rival: To Gomora in the same vein as Grande and Rei.
  • Super Mode: EX Red King.
    • Canon Immigrant: EX Red King originally appeared in the Ultraman Fight Evolution video games alongside EX Gomora.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In comparison to the Red King encountered in Mega Monster Battle and previous ones as well, this Red King is far smarter and stronger than most, capable of tearing a King Joe Black easily.

King Joe Scarlet

First Appearance: The New Horizon of War
The prized personal King Joe of the Reionics Hunter leader Harlan. She kept her King Joe Scarlet at the back of the battlefield while legions upon legions of King Joe Blacks assaulted ZAP SPACY and Rei's monsters.
See Ultraseven

  • Unique Enemy: The one and only Scarlet variation of King Joe to appear in the entire franchise.

Alien Reflect

First Appearance: Grande's Challenge
Voiced by: Hirohiko Kakegawa
An arrogant Reionics with mastery over the fearsome Birdon. He sent his monster out to battle Rei's Gomora, but lost quickly. Not wanting to go the way of his monster, he ran off.
See Ultraman Mebius


First Appearance: Grande's Challenge
Alien Reflect's monster of choice, Birdon was unleashed to fight Gomora. Birdon was easily killed by the Super Oscillatory Wave, not even getting a chance to use its Ultraman-felling venom.
See Ultraman Taro

    The Organizer Unmarked Spoilers 

Alien Reiblood

Voiced by: Masaharu Sato
The progenitor of all Reionics and the true villain of the series. Reiblood is an immensely powerful being who terrorized the universe before the Ultramen even existed. However, his body was destroyed long ago, dissipating his essence across the cosmos to create the Reionics. His spirit still lives on though, and has called the Reionics to Hammer to choose a successor from them.
  • Big Bad: Of this series. He's the one who's manipulating all the Reionics to fight each other to the death so that the winner will become the new Reiblood AKA a suitable body for him to inhabit so he can restart his rule of the Universe.
  • Humanoid Abomination: While his "Alien" title makes it seem he's one of a species, his presentation indicates he's a lot more than that, most notably is his incredible resilience in spirit form and eldritch powers and influence.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: To the Ultraman Zero film trilogy and spin-offs and Ultraman Geed. He doesn't act directly on those series, but his actions in the past and Deal with the Devil he gave to Belial to empower the latter are directly responsible for everything that went wrong. He's also indirectly responsible for the events of Ultraman Z, as parts of Belial's body lost throughout his fights that are imbued with Belial's (And by extension, Reiblood's) evil became the Devil Splinters.
  • Monster Lord: He commanded all kaiju before his body dissipated. This ability is inherited by the Reionics.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Also known as Rayblood, Reibrad, or Raybrad.
  • Time Abyss: This guy existed before the Ultramen did and has been around longer than every other villain in the Ultra Series. Yeah.
  • Walking Spoiler: His influence is there from the beginning, but his role and identity isn't reveal until much later.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Turns out the Reionics fight was this as no matter who won it, good or evil, the ultimate goal of the battle was to create a suitable host for Reiblood to possess and use as a vessel to restart his rule of the universe, Rei only barely averts this fate thanks to his indomitable will and help from Ultraman and Ultraseven.

    Other Characters 

Introduced in Monster Battle


Played by: Mayu Gamo
A mysterious woman whom ZAP SPACY encounters on Bolis. She has a strong interest in making Rei as powerful with his monsters, via battling them with her more experienced and powerful monsters. Like Rei, she also wields a Battle Nizer, using the kaiju, Fire Golza, Gan Q, and Zetton. She actually is Rei's long-lost older sister, who is trying to guide him into becoming Alien Rayblood's successor.

Karen Mikura

Played by:Natsumi Yamada
A young girl from the Bolis colony who took care of the infant Rei when he appeared shortly after the arrival of Bullton.


A mysterious petrified giant Rei keeps seeing in his dreams. All he knows about the being is that it is calling for him.
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  • Sealed Good in a Can: Was sealed inside a mountain by Alien Reiblood after fighting him. He is freed at the end of the first season thanks to ZAP.

Introduced in Never Ending Odyssey

Alien Pedan Dail

Played by: Kosei Kato
One of a race of aliens that had originally attacked Earth using the robot King Joe. He encounters ZAP SPACY while the crew is searching for Rei and Hyuga. Although they make him an honorary crew member, ZAP SPACY is unaware that he intends to kill Rei and all other Reionics for mysterious reasons.
See the Ultraseven character sheet for tropes applying to the Alien Pedan in general

Alien Keel Grande

Played by: Mitsuru Karahashi
One of a race of warlike aliens that invaded Earth using the manta-like kaiju Bostang long before Ultraman appeared. He is a grandstanding Reionics who commands the monsters Tyrant and Red King, quickly becoming Rei's biggest rival in the Reionics battles of Hammer.
See the Ultra Q character sheet for tropes applying to the Alien Keel in general

Alien Pedan Harlan

Played by: Shion Nakamaru
The leader of the Pedan assault force known as the Reionics Hunters, who are attacking Hammer to destroy all Reionics. She commands legions of King Joe Blacks and Pedan soldiers.
See the Ultraseven character sheet for tropes applying to the Alien Pedan in general


Another mysterious figure that Rei keeps having visions of, this time witnessing him battle Armored Darkness. Once again, learning this figure's identity is part of the series' mystery.
See Ultraseven