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The following are a list of tropers, their avatars and the tropes that can be used to describe said avatars.

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Current Players

Likes using badasses with white hair and red coats. Speaking of...

A demon hunter and proprietor of Devil May Cry (his demon hunting business) who, after an especially strenuous mission felt he needed a vacation. After searching his world over for a place he can relax, and failing due to constant demon attacks, he crossed the dimensional boundaries, and found the Room. He soon become attached to the Room and the people he met there. He even set up a new branch of Devil May Cry in the Room, mostly to give him an excuse for visiting very often.

Rachel Alucard

A vampire noble from the fighting game BlazBlue. Before coming to the Room, she rejected her nature as a vampire and refused to drink blood. However, she quickly gave that up after meeting Nel Zephler in the Room. She usually keeps her real feelings locked up tight behind a wall of sophistication and coldness. This softens when she is around Nel indicating, that she sees Nel as a friend.

Estellise Sidos Heurasein (Estelle)

The princess of the prominent Empire in her world. Estelle spent most of her life in the castle, causing her to be a bit naive. She is generally kind to everyone she meets, and can't stand to see others hurt. To this end she is very gifted in healing magic. If she finds a large group of injured people she won't stop until everyone of them is healed, and if she can't heal them all she will continue trying until she passes out from exhaustion. She went on a journey spanning the entirety of her world with a group of friends recently, where she learned many thing about the world and matured. She also has four elemental Spirits bound to her that watch over and protect her. How she came to be in the room is a mystery, but the injury prone inhabitants are happy to have her around, especially one Yuno Gasai.
  • Hard Light:In case she ever has to go on the offense.
  • The Empath:She loves everything. I'm not kidding about this.
  • Martial Pacifist: She detests fighting and after her journey no longer caries a sword. However should she be forced....
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to Discord. Not that he cares anyway.


A mercenary that works for a group called Bailan. She came to the Room on an assignment to take out some thugs. Once her mission was complete she found that she couldn't return home. Resigned to her fate, she decided to stay in the Room for now.


Biological daughter of Cloud Strife and Azathoth. Fen is seven years old, and though she exhibits knowledge on many subject sometimes, calling humans stupid, he has the maturity befitting of her age. This leads her to often get in trouble with Cloud. Of note is that Azathoth seems to show actual affection towards her. Whether this is a ruse or not has yet to be seen.

Alt Fen

As the name suggests she's an Alternate T Imeline version of Fen. In this one the Gender Bent Cloud got together with Dante, as a result she was raised by two massive badasses, and is one herself. Also unlike Fen she's generally happy and nice to everyone she meets, including the psychotic killer cyborg, and the goddess of chaos.

* Mama Bear: Do not threaten Homura.


The Daughter of Sagi, her conception was quite a strange one. You see she hatched from a cocoon! She is part of a race of beings called the Kanshu. Specifically she is a Coffin Princess. Coffin Princesses can be raised to eventually become a lost loved one. Fortunately for her, Sagi being the nice guy he is, is allowing her to become her own person. Recently she was babysat by The Doctor and forged a mental link with the TARDIS. They became fast friends.


welcome to the mecha frontier

Gespenst Haken/Phantom

Gespenst Haken at your service!
"I am the Blade that Cleaves Evil"

The same Mini-Mecha that accompanied Haken Browning on his journeys, he's somehow ended up in the room with a damaged teleport device, He seems to be taking it well though. He's definitely picked up some habits from the people he's encountered, both before and after arriving in the room. Bewarned that he is NOT Three-Laws Compliant, everything he does is of his own choice.

  • Accidental Misnaming: People had a tough time remembering his name at first, he's opted to just be called 'Ges' by most.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: His blade of the cosmos attack is capable of some serious damage and easily destroyed the opponent he was facing, but it also reduced his arms to dust and strained himself to the point he was close to permanent destruction.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: nope, despite being a combat machine he's never once been intentionally malicious to good people since arriving in the room
  • The Atoner: a large part of who he is and what he does now can basically be chalked up as him attempting to atone for what he did as the black specter.
  • Badass Boast: thanks to a certain adventure, he has begun calling him The Blade That Cleaves Evil
  • Berserk Button: threatening or making even the vaguest hint of harm coming towards his friends will result in his combat systems activating. He had to leave the room while Bengt was talking for fear of starting a fight. The idea of bowing down to destiny also seems to be another one as Homucifer learned.
  • Blood Knight: He loves a good fight, even if he doesn't say it. The fact he's constantly looking for trouble should give some indication
  • Combat Pragmatist: Gespenst always wants the fight over as quickly as possible, if he can get away with it he'll fire off his beam cannon first to try and take care of the problem then and there.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Blade of the cosmos, a replication of the Thrudgelmir's final attack that nearly destroyed gespenst from the energy output but also deals a large amount of damage to his target
  • Determinator: It doesn't matter if he's fighting a dragon or an extremely powerful demon, He will not quit.
  • Good Is Not Soft: He's a genuinely nice guy, but in combat he shows no mercy.
  • Great Offscreen War: When he's gone for extended periods of time he's off fighting in a war on the endless frontier
  • Heroic R.R.O.D.: During the fight against the Nanites, he pushed himself to the point he was falling apart and could not properly stand on his own
  • Hot-Blooded: It's hard to notice off the battlefield but it is there.
  • I Am Not a Gun: averted, Gespenst has already accepted that he is a weapon but he doesn't let it dominate his personality.
  • I Gave My Word: Gespenst promised Archer that he would stay around until he was able to give either him or Homura the jewel Archer left with him.
  • Insistent Terminology: He is a Personal Trooper and he will make sure you know it
  • Lightning Bruiser: his boosters give him a high speed along with good agility, his weapons pack a punch, and his armor allows him to take multiple heavy hits before going down.
  • Nice Guy: despite being a 3 meter tall walking death machine clad in black armor, He's very friendly to most people. He's also willing to fight a dragon to save someone he barely knows.
  • O.C. Stand-in: Gespenst is a case similar to Gordon Freeman, he had no audible dialogue and most of his personality was suggested so Bcom has had to throw on some extra stuff to make him more interesting.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: It actually shocked Homucifer when Gespenst started yelling at her.
  • Odd Friendship: Gespenst is a Nice Guy, Archer is a bit of a Jerk Ass. The two have a great amount of respect for each other and get along surprisingly well, likely owing to both being combat veterans and searching for answers to the same questions. Gespenst highly values Archer's opinion of a situation and trusts him completely in combat.
  • One-Man Army: During his hunt for Nacht and Abend in the endless frontier, he regularly took on large groups of enemies solo and emerged on top. He still qualifies for it even in the room.
  • Shout-Out: Gespenst serves as a huge shout out to the Super Robot Wars series in general, often quoting the characters as he attacks
  • Secret Keeper: He knows about Archer's reality marble but is keeping his mouth shut
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: It's a common tactic for Gespenst to throw his smaller plasma cutters at a target alongside the grand slash rippers. They're actually quite good at it due to the fact only the blade handle actually has any weight.
  • Time to Unlock More True Potential: He has been training with Sanger and some other unnamed people in order to learn new fighting techniques.
  • Robot Buddy: Friendly and loyal to a fault, he's a more deadly example but still a good one
  • There Was a Door: Gespenst has a tendency to completely disregard the concept of doors during emergencies.
  • Undying Loyalty: His loyalty to his friends is absolute, threatening them is a good way to end up on his bad side.
  • The Voiceless: He was this until Rennor built him a voice box
  • Walking Arsenal: while not exactly an exaggerated example, he still packs a lot of weapons onto his body:
    • BFS: His Grand Plasma Cutter, and yes he can swing it like it's a rapier.
    • Laser Blade: he packs two other plasma cutters that are the sizes of normal swords.
    • Wave Motion Gun: He packs a powerful chest mounted beam cannon, even Homucifer had to be careful against it
    • Fuuma Shuriken: His back mounted Grand Slash Rippers
    • Power Fist: The Jet Magnum attack he can preform is similar to this.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Similar to Archer. in the Endless Frontier, Gespenst is the weakest of the three personal troopers. He makes up for it by being smarter and more pragmatic. Even in the room he feels this still applies to him.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: After the Nanite battle, Natsu and Ana called him out for risking his life over such a stupid battle when he could have gone to get more help.
  • Worf Had the Flu: His teleport device, hacking and radar jamming capabilities have been severely damaged, his beam cannon has been damaged and lost it's energy draining abilities, and He can't preform his strongest attack the Ultimate Gespenst Kick.
    • recently changed now that he's been repaired by Ana, he is now back to full fighting strength.


A guardian of all extant worlds

for the sake of not making this folder gigantic, most tropes that applied to Gespenst also apply to Genion unless noted otherwise, so this section will mostly be for tropes that only apply post modification.

Genion is a combat mech working for the Chrono Organization that has come to the room inorder to make sure that powerful objects known as spheres do not end up in the wrong hands. He himself possesses one of these spheres, the quarreling twins, that grants him immense power. He has currently made a deal with Homura Akemi that if she assists him in his job he will use the power of the spheres to help her with saving Madoka.

Of course along the way he's attempting to help out the other people in the room while also trying to kill another machine known as Shurouga that he has a serious grudge against.
  • Accidental Misnaming: his name is shortened down to Gen pretty often, though he purposely suggested people call him that when he first showed up.
  • Bad Liar: only with those that know him extremely well though.
  • Brick Joke: he decided on his paint scheme for two reasons one is because Fen thought he looked better in a different color from black, two is that he wanted to show Imuka what blue really looked like
  • Cursed with Awesome: the sphere of the quarreling twins grants him an infinite energy supply and even more abilities, but also means he has two extra voices in his head and if he screws up with it, he could turn into a monster.
  • Deflector Shield: He possesses one, but rarely makes use of it deeming it as draining too much energy
  • Emotion Eater: a very minor case in that the sphere inside him reacts to emotions but doesn't do anything other than that.
  • Enemy Within: The Chimera, what it is is still a mystery but it's not related to the quarreling twins sphere directly, only harnessing it's power.
  • Future Badass: He's Ges, with about 100 or so more years worth of combat experience and a vastly expanded arsenal of weaponry
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: unlike Ges, Genion does not like to talk about his weaponry and actively tries to keep from using GAI mode unless the situation is serious.
  • Machine Monotone: He speaks in this, to further separate himself from his past identity.
  • Mini-Mecha: His height in normal mode is around 6 feet tall, putting him at a much more human height compared to ges.
  • Mysterious Employer: A lot about how the Chrono organization is still a mystery even to Genion. However they did give him the quarreling twins sphere so he feels obligated to continue working for them. Plus saving the multiverse seems like a good way to spend his time.
  • Not So Different: With Archer but not in a good way, which was stated by Imuka. Of course with everything that's happened, it's become clear that the two are nothing alike.
  • Physical God: could be considered one as he delves deeper into the power of his sphere
  • Reality Warper: the sphere of the Quarreling Twins would allow him to over turn causality at full power, but as of this moment that power is still sealed off from him
  • Revenge Before Reason: Almost killed Shurouga even though he didn't pose a threat at the time
  • Super Mode: GAI Mode, it doubles his height to around 10 or 11 feet from his base height of 6 feet and grants him increased speed, armor, and stronger weaponry.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: The Bifrost weapons platform mounts beam cannons, functions as a Battering Ram, and possesses a blade that folds out similar to a switch blade.
  • Theme Naming: the attacks in GAI mode all possess names taken from Norse mythology, like Helheim, Bifrost, and Midgardsormr.
  • Time Police: the Chrono Organization's job is to guard the timelines of multiple universes, and prevent them from ending before their designated time.
  • Took A Level In Jerk Ass: Very briefly after coming back, but it didn't last for the most part.
  • Walking Arsenal: in normal mode he has...
  • We Used to Be Friends: With Red Archer but also Shurouga, and potentially Imuka. Now he is waiting for an excuse to fight the archer, seeks the death of Shurouga, and is trying to avoid Imuka.


primary hater of the origin law

A jet black machine that is interested in collecting the spheres to help escape a curse he was placed under. He and Genion had a history together, and it isn't a pretty one. He terrorized and fought a few people in the room before letting himself be captured and sent to the same prison that Homucifer was contained in. Though it's obvious he could leave at any time, he chooses to remain and plot. What his plan is for the spheres is still a mystery.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Discalibur
  • Akashic Records: he tampered with them, and was cursed as a result.
  • Bad Ass: He's fought Genion, Fen, survived a brief Skirmish with both Archers, blasted roxas away, and generally just murdered everything that he went up against until he got dog piled by a large group.
  • Blood Magic: to use his more powerful attacks, Shurouga will cut open his palm with his sword and use the magic fluid that bleeds out.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Shurouga possesses a sphere already, though it's effects are unknown at the moment it undoubtedly is this.
  • Death By A Thousand Cuts: Rumbling Discalibur
  • Diagonal Cut: thanks to his speed, and Discalibur's sharpness, Shurouga can cut apart targets fast enough that they don't know they've been cut until he's pushing their top half off their bottom.
  • Evil Counterpart: almost everything about Genion and Shurouga is completely opposite now, right down to their fighting styles. But they still possess enough similarities in personality for this conclusion to be made.
  • Evil Laugh: sometimes indulges in one of these when ever he feels like mocking an opponent.
  • Fallen Hero: He used to be a heroic machine, even being called a Knight. Now he's anything but.
  • Glass Cannon: his weapons pack a punch, but his armor is relatively thin which contrasts against Genion.
  • Instant Runes: just the same as his home series, his more powerful attacks involve runes made from his blood.
  • It Amused Me: a lot of the time, it seems like he can just be messing with people for kicks.
  • Morality Pet: Revive, somehow she brings out a little bit of Shurouga's old self.
  • Obviously Evil: JUST LOOK AT HIM!
  • The Punishment: escaping his curse is shurouga's primary end goal but how he plans to do so is a mystery.
  • Ramming Always Works: His Ley Buster attack
  • Super Speed: to make up for his lack of armor, Shurouga is exceedingly fast easily out pacing Genion.
  • Time Abyss: Shurouga is really old, even older than Genion and potentially the spheres.
  • Wild Card: Shurouga isn't adverse to helping out anyone, but of course the only side he is ever on is his own.

The Spheres

the spheres are magic generating artifacts capable of granting immense power, and as of now there are six of them active in the room. these are general tropes that apply to all of them:
  • Amplifier Artifact: a sphere will immensely increase the amount of power someone can output simply by being bonded to that person
  • Eldritch Abomination: Every sphere is a piece of a being that used to end and restart the multiverse on a whim and they still can alter reality to their liking, some more than others though.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: When interacting with others, the spheres tend to use human forms or at the very least something that isn't scary
  • Power at a Price: each sphere bares a curse, though so far none of the spheres enjoys the fact they potentially harm their partners
  • Time Abyss: over 120 million years old and counting
  • Upgrade Artifact: The spheres also provide new abilities to a person in addition to enhancing their old ones.


That guy who played this game once, disappeared for a month or two, then rejoined.

Silver (David)

"This is where logic and reason go to die."

A kid with problems who just happens to appear in the room. He trains Pokémon.

  • Accidental Murder: Does this to Giovanni.
  • The Atoner: Resolves to set misdeeds he committed when he was younger, such as stealing Johto Gym Badges, right.
  • Believing Their Own Lies: He conditions himself to believe his murdered mother was a good human being so he can have another reason to hate Giovanni, when he barely remembered her at all.
  • Berserk Button: If anyone harms anyone he considers his friends, Silver and his Pokémon will wreck them.
  • Byronic Hero
  • Calling the Old Man Out: When Giovanni confronts Silver and demands him to come back home, he yells at him that to go home would probably entail beatings, verbal abuse, and possibly murder.
  • Composite Character: Of his video game and Special counterparts.
  • Commuting on a Bus: After he gains the ability to teleport from his home to the room, and vice versa.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was emotionally abused by his father, whom he left when he was ten.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Or rather, boy. He confesses his feelings to his friend, Gold, but he doesn't reciprocate them. This happens again with Shinji Ikari, but the situation is slightly better in that he might eventually reciprocate.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Defied on numerous occasions. He has considered drinking, but figures that he is depressed, not dumb. He does very nearly play this trope straight once, though.
  • Guilt Complex: Blames himself for things that weren't directly his fault. A lot.
  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: When he kills Giovanni, he blames himself obsessively and goes into a further depressive state.
    • Breen's death sends him into another one.
  • I Hate Past Me: Implied via his short Pokémon battle with himself.
  • Important Haircut: Also a result of what's described in Meaningful Rename.
    • Dye or Die: Dyes his hair from red to black once it's cut.
  • Madness Mantra: "I'm just as bad as him," after he kills Giovanni.
  • Meaningful Rename: Following his run-in with Team Rocket and subsequent exile from Johto, he makes plans to change his name to David Grant.
  • Missing Mom: Killed by Giovanni early in Silver's life.
  • O.C. Stand-in: Many elements given to Silver aren't found in the games or in the manga.
  • Odd Friendship: With Breen.
  • Self-Made Orphan
  • The Quiet One: Downplayed. He seldom speaks unless spoken to, and he only speaks using short sentences.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Subverted with coffee. He seems to enjoy the times he drinks it, but he drinks it a lot, and figures he's addicted.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Plans to leave Johto following an uprising and being taken hostage by Team Rocket. He does so and goes to Sinnoh.

"You've succeeded in making fools of yourselves. Bravo."

Asshole turtle thing.

  • Berserk Button: Do not touch his hair. The only one who gets scot free on that (occasionally) is his brother, Lemmy.
  • Giftedly Bad: Believes his music is the best thing since sliced bread. His brothers can't stand it.
  • Lack of Empathy: Relishes in the misery of those he finds unappealing.
  • Narcissist: Believes himself to be the best thing since sliced bread, and constantly heaps praise on himself because of it.
  • Troll: See Lack of Empathy.

"Do you like science?"

A chemist from Edwardian times.

  • Anime Hair
  • Fish Out of Temporal Water: Is from the 20th century, and therefore has a keen fascination for the advanced technology (to him, at least) in the room.
  • Man Child: Has an almost childlike curiosity for all things science. He is 21.

One-Shot Characters

Characters I use a few times, but not as one of my central characters.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Iggy Koopa
  • The Joker
  • Guy Fieri
  • Batman
  • Niko Bellic
  • Bold and Norm, two Team Rocket grunts
  • Jonathan Crane
  • Samus Aran
  • Red
  • Archer of Team Rocket

    Chrissie Mc Napkins 

The new guy. Generally responsible for any big shitstorm happening at anytime.

Griffith Jonathan "Griff" Mercer

"I might be stupid but I'm not an idiot."
— Griff explaining what he is.

A "professional dimension jumper" from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Griff happened across the room by complete accident. Since he's been there, he's been knocked out repeatedly, rejected twice, set on fire, frozen, bit, threatened with death on numerous occasions, gotten a girlfriend, & defeated the Goddess of Chaos.

Things have been looking up...

Vassago "Vass"

A demon hailing from Hell, who may or may not be the right hand man for the Devil. Enjoys robbery, disguising himself as a human, poker, and the music of Beethoven.



Lazy, hammy, Moderately new, in pristine condition! Mainly plays characters from games, mainly Ice Pick Lodge ones.
Hello! Friendly Reader!

A weird... "man", who speaks in a strange syntax and is frequently seen with the Executor.

Ze German Haruspicus

A completely mental Alternate Character Interpretation of The Haruspicus.

The Absolutist
Lawbreakers. Face your sentence.

The Law is Absolute.

An entity similar to the Tragedian and Executor. But far less benevolent.
They call me Cutter! For a truly inspired blade, I can forge Madness Ore!

Crucible's finest (and only) smith! And by her own word, the best smith in New Sheoth! A resident of the Shivering Isles, Cutter is shall we say... not all there. At all, in fact, she's so not there, she's having lunch in a different continent all together. She has a maniacal obsession with bloodshed and violence, but she instead chose to be a smith and work with ore, weird, innit?

In any case, she enjoys doing her work and would love to cut you... a deal!

  • Ax-Crazy
  • Hemo Erotic: Gives off this vibe.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: Can forge Madness Ore, which drives people insane, into a form where it doesn't drive you completely bonkers. It helps that she's crazy enough to willingly work with it.
They say that isolation is not good for the psyche, but I'm fine with my current state of affairs...
"The first steps with be difficult, of course, our feet may sink into the murk and gloom, but we will be climbing still, and when the sun rises we will have reached the top of that mountain. There we will clean ourselves of the mud and gore we had accumulated to get there, the time for sacrifices, for all that misery, will be over. And with my genius overseeing them, the barriers of death would fall, we would regain what may be lost. I will look over this world, and know that it was I who had done this, and that they would not have come this far without me. Through the persecution and the continual attacks on myself, I will only be forged anew.

"How could that short-sighted fool not have seen the potential of this... how could he not have done it...? How selfish, how irredeemably arrogant, to presume that his vision of the world is correct! To presume the world could progress without taking some shaking, forced steps. How idiotic to believe we did not need such formulas as these! These are the acids that I will use to dissolve the chains that bind us, and we will break from our prison. And these are the elements from which we will build towers with which to scrape the heavens with. With these, not even the all-power of Nature will hold us. With these, we will finally be free. "

— Medicated!Lodger, with his growing God Complex on the upswing

A disturbed young hermit who seems to have vicious hallucinations. He has begun growing increasingly paranoid, despite the effects of medication and attempts to help him. He now aspires to achieve immortality through alchemy, using a recipe Aven supplied him with.

Of course, his plans have now been abandoned, as he made peace with himself and left for the forest.

Or did he? He returned a year or so later, disheveled, his vision had worsened, and he was filled with an overwhelming sense of failure.

Lodger Jr / Ferret]]

A Homunculus created by the Lodger with the use of experimental alchemy derived from Aven's recipes.


A Homunculus accidentally created by the consumption of potions by a flying wolf

The Boogeyman sick psychopath with great power.


A old time roleplayer who is new to the forums. Thinks about improving grammar and interactions in the future.

"Whateva' ya' say, meathead!"

One of the seven koopalings who assist Bowser kidnapping Peach and defeating Mario, Roy is the bully of the group, often picking on his siblings because he thinks he's better than them.

     Fergard Stratoavis 

Pops in from time to time. Hi.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

A Hunter from a land only known as Yharnam and with something certainly bothering her. Settled in the room, acquired a Hawaiian shirt and has been in (slightly) better spirits since.

  • Berserk Button: Affecting one's mind or otherwise caging someone gets more reaction out of her.
  • First-Name Basis: It's just "Maria" these days.
  • Humble Pie: Something had happened that had her assume a fairly defeatist outlook on life. Whatever it was, what she implies now and then is not pretty.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Stands at seven feet nothing/2.1 meters.
  • The Stoic: Doesn't emote all that much; at best one can expect a raised eyebrow or a slightly raised voice.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Coffee, blackest coffee available.
  • Weapon of Choice: A blade known as Rakuyo and a pistol.

Other and one-off characters being used:


Emptier than a politician's promise

    Foxmccloud 4387 

Our resident serial tweaker, ladies and gentlemen.


"Take the one thing you know, and master it to the very end."

The nameless Servant from the Fifth Holy Grail War, Archer was summoned into the Room without a Master, and needed to make a contract with another being to survive. He somehow managed to make one with Homura Akemi, of all people; things went downhill (except not really) from there.

As part of an offscreen mission, Homura and Sayaka took Archer with them - and they returned without him, leaving his fate uncertain. Archer is currently survived by a version of himself (unofficially dubbed "Archer 2.0") summoned under a Caster version of Rin Tohsaka; due to the mechanics of the Throne of Heroes, this Archer does not know the experiences of the previous one. Or does he...?

  • Alternate Self: Homucifer had an Archer of her own. Emphasis on "had".
    • Archer 2.0 is one to the original Archer.
  • Archer Archetype/Cold Sniper: He's somewhat stoic off the battlefield, and completely pragmatic and analytical on it.
  • Berserk Button: He becomes a lot more virulent whenever someone says something along the lines of "my sword is a tool of justice", suddenly attempting to mock and shoot down their philosophy. Gespenst is the sole exception, though admittedly Archer was introduced to his pragmatic side first.
    • A much smaller one is the Stay in the Kitchen attitude; he won't snap but he'll call people out on it if he sees that, even if it's a misinterpretation.
  • Bodyguard Crush/Magic Contract Romance: Sayaka correctly deduces that he's fallen in love with Homura, able to tell by the fact that he "acts a bit differently" around her, in her words. It isn't exactly clear if Homura herself has caught on yet.
  • Born Unlucky: If his E-minus rank Luck is any indication...
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: When not using his Reality Marble, he either uses a longbow or a pair of Chinese dao.
  • Byronic Hero: Has shades of this here and there.
  • Consolation Backfire: His attempts to Pet the Dog and be nice tend to backfire spectacularly (as poor Tallis can attest to).
  • The Cynic/Jade-Colored Glasses: He's cynical and disillusioned with heroism, to the point where he perceives the wish and desire to save everyone as a "false illusion". He also considers everyone to be selfish, even the seemingly selfless and all-loving - because why would they do the generous things they do if they didn't gain self-gratification from it?
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: His strongest weapon, Excalibur. Attempting to use its ability without a considerable amount of backup will kill him through sheer mana drain - and even when hooked up to a strong Master, he'll drain them to dangerous extents.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Even when he tries to be nice, he's one of these, making him come off as condescending.
  • Deal with the Devil: Averted - Archer's contract with Homura doesn't do anything such as steal her soul. However, people screwed over by their own contracts - particularly Cloud - seemed to think otherwise, at first.
  • Fantastic Racism: Towards vampires, to a degree - having to deal with and hunt the Always Chaotic Evil variant from his world has left him wary of the more benevolent ones that live within the Room.
  • Field of Blades: His Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works, which is an endless landscape littered with swords.
    • Storm of Blades: He can telekinetically control these swords, allowing him to create these.
  • Glass Cannon: Comparatively. He can dish out quite a lot of damage, especially within Unlimited Blade Works, but his lack of heavy armor means that he's vulnerable to direct hits. He has a powerful shield but has to concentrate to maintain it.
  • Gray Eyes: Which fit with his Cold Sniper tendencies.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: He despises Fen for being the one to solve most of Homura's problems at her convenience and leaving him in the dirt. (The Les Yay that he perceives between them isn't helping.) At one point, he even considered abandoning Homura to go forth with his suicide-by-paradox plan, given how useless he felt.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He refuses to save or help anybody who brought their destructive fate upon themselves. If there's one pillar of his old "ally of justice" philosophy still intact, it's that.
  • Hypocrite: He tells Homura to not be so self-destructive and to care for herself. He himself doesn't practice what he preaches, if his treatment of Shirou is any indication.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: He likes to keep the existence of Unlimited Blade Works a secret, restricting himself to specific weaponry and only unveiling his Reality Marble whenever he needs to.
  • Hate Past Me: I He doesn't take Shirou's presence in the Room too well, often saving an extra pile of jerk for him. It's also the primary reason he disliked Sayaka at first - she and Shirou have quite a lot in common.
  • Info Dump: As is standard for Nasuverse characters, Archer tends to take a while to explain various magical concepts and phenomena.
  • Irony: He chose Homura as his Master in part because she was methodical, battlewise, and had good compatibility with him. Five months later, he becomes Sayaka's Servant - and by his own free will, at that.
  • I Will Find You: Has already sketched a plan to follow Homura into Mitakihara, with a bit of help from Sayaka.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: He's competent at both long-range and close-quarters combat.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's often rude and sardonic (and is probably the most overt Jerkass amongst the current regular characters, but he's well-intentioned, and when push comes to shove he is a good person.
  • Knight in Sour Armor
  • Made of Magic: As is customary for Servants.
  • No Name Given: As he points out to Homura, "Archer" is a title, not a name. He has a name, but he refuses to give it out. Only Homura knows his true name by now - Shirou Emiya - but she still calls him "Archer".
  • Not So Different: Homura realizes that he was very similar to Madoka in life - kind, selfless to a fault, and willing to sacrifice his existence to try and save everyone, becoming a being existing beyond space and time to end problems before they can start. However, there's also the fact that Archer's sacrifice turned him into a cynical mess...
    • Nowadays, his devotion to Homura - and his belief that her personal safety and happiness should come before saving Madoka - make him, in Sayaka's words, "Homura with a Y chromosome".
  • Not So Stoic: Overall, whenever he starts yelling in a fight, it's a sign that shit's going down (for either him or the enemy).
  • Odd Friendship: Seems to be forming one with Gespenst, the surprisingly nice and loyal mech. Perhaps it's due to their thoughts on combat and skill and the fact that both of them are trying to piece together exactly what happened with Julie and Tallis (as neither of them were around to witness it). Archer also respects Gespenst to the point that he won't mock Gespenst's claims of being "the blade that cleaves evil".
    • He makes more acquaintances than friends due to his aloof nature, but he gets along surprisingly well with Tallis, whose personality is opposite his in several ways (her friendly nature and her Hidden Depths helps that a bit). She's also the only Master besides his own who he's willing to have friendly conversations with, although they admittedly got along even before Tallis made her contract.
  • Poor Communication Kills: A conversation with Cloud about Archer's contract with Homura escalated into a Sword Fight - thankfully, Fen interrupted it before anyone was cut down.
    • This may or may not be a reason for his animosity towards Siris. The bloody history within Siris' blade doesn't signify Siris' kind nature, yet Archer remains suspicious.
  • Pragmatic Hero: He's willing to get his hands dirty to stop a threat before it starts. This is best shown when he attempts to kill the second Sayaka before she can turn into a Witch, something that Homura actually used a Command Spell to prevent.
  • Put on a Bus: Is currently on a world-saving mission that he never wanted to join, that he can't escape (as Command Spell usage would just cause him to be tracked back by his "employer"), and that the odds of returning from are close to zero (thus putting him in real danger of a Bus Crash). He details this in his final letter to Homura.
  • Reality Ensues: Asking around for people to make a contract with him? Of course he'll be met with wariness and animosity from those Genre Savvy in that field, no matter how benign the actual nature of his contract is. Thankfully, this stigma's died down over time.
  • Real Men Cook/Chef of Iron: In his free time, he likes to brew tea and cook various types of food. Even when there's nobody to cook for and he isn't hungry.
  • Sarcastic Devotee: To Homura - he might be loyal to her, but she isn't above his snarking tendencies.
  • Spectral Weapon Copy: The true nature of his power - after he sees a melee weapon of almost any kind, he can produce a near-perfect copy of it afterward, including the weapons of the other Room denizens. Aside from the thousands of blades already within Unlimited Blade Works during his summoning, he currently has access to Cloud's Fusion Swords, Fen's demonic Stand, Gespenst's plasma cutters, and Sayaka's cutlass, among other things - but he rarely uses them if ever because doing so will expose his power's nature.
  • Stepford Snarker
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: His dao, Kanshou and Bakuya, are well-balanced for throwing and have unique properties that grant him several tricks when doing so.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Archer 1.0 was aloof, but he had his fair share of friends in the Room. Archer 2.0 is a lot more standoffish, only making friends with his Master and her Master and being either indifferent or antagonistic towards everyone else.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Almost. He came way too close to fatally corrupting Homura's Soul Gem after trying to manifest his Reality Marble inside Homucifer's Barrier; her attempts to crush it exponentially increased its upkeep, causing him to painfully burn through 90% of Homura's Soul Gem within around a minute. (For reference, Archer has access to 1000% of his typical Prana through Homura's backup, and he can maintain UBW for several minutes under his own stores.) He felt quite lousy about it afterwards.
    • It ended up happening again when he tried to draw upon the complete Excalibur to attack Crimson Moon Brunestud - which quickly corrupted Homura's Soul Gem to critical levels. Again, he felt quite lousy about it.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Compared to other swordsmen like Cloud and Sayaka, Archer gets by on pure tactics and defensive fighting. He's superhuman, but still finds himself on the defensive against other magically strengthened swordsmen.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Downplayed: he's not evil in any way, but is sharp-tongued and a ruthless Anti-Hero.
  • Worth Living For: His desire to protect Homura has grown to the point that he's refraining from his goal to kill Shirou and himself - something he would otherwise pursue with obsessive determination - for her sake.
  • You Didn't Ask: He only made the contract with Homura by averting this trope, spelling out the fine print of the Master-Servant relationship.
    • One of the things he likes about Homura as a Master is that she is smart enough to defy this trope, unlike some other magi from Archer's past.

Shirou Emiya

The hapless Master from the Fifth Holy Grail War, Shirou was punched into the Room by his history teacher. Now trapped with only one Command Spell and a Saber on the other side, Shirou is trying to find a way back to Fuyuki City. There are a few problems that are potentially posed for him, though. Such as a certain man in red who also happens to be residing in the Room...

  • Butt Monkey: Has been shot and set on fire, among other things.
  • Inept Mage: His projections are of very poor quality, and tend to shatter more quickly than their originals. He's getting better, though.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Was once accidentally set on fire by one of Marcia's potions. His primary concern while ablaze? Putting out the fire on the couch that started as well. Admittedly, he was really under the effect of a flame cloak potion, so the flames didn't harm him, but still...
  • Martyr Without a Cause: Has a bad habit of putting himself in harm's way for no reason. For example, he volunteered to assist Samus and Gespenst in their Space Pirate raid, even though he really couldn't help. Thankfully, Samus denied him this.
  • Mr. Fixit: He likes to tinker with and fix things.
  • Nice Guy: Almost to an inhuman degree.
  • Real Men Can Cook: Is a meticulous chef, and a good one at that.
  • Spectral Weapon Copy: His magecraft is quite similar to Archer's - conjuring weaponry - except it is of a far lower caliber.


A knight in intimidating black armor, Siris turns out to be a pretty nice guy underneath. Or so it seems...

  • Black Knight: Subverts the trope, being too nice for his armor.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He has black armor and a sword pulsing with dark energy, but he is a Nice Guy.
  • Dynamic Entry: An odd inversion: when he is told that he can have a bedroom, Siris kicks down a bedroom door rather than just opening it, and then goes to bed from there.
  • Instant Armor: Can teleport his armor and weapons directly to him.
  • La Résistance: Seems to be a part of this, working to help free the Worker of Secrets to fight the Deathless tyrants.
  • Master Swordsman: To the point that he can parry a Fuma Shuriken out of the air.
  • Nice Guy
  • Ring of Power: Which allows him to heal and throw fireballs.


AKA the Sadist RPer, Spaz has used one character almost consistently throughout the whole thread.

Cloud Strife

"...If I have to sacrifice one or two people to keep one or two million alive, then I will do it without hesitation. There is nothing I will not do for the greater good. We will fight. And I will win."
— Cloud, explaining what he does and why he does it.

Having been unceremoniously yanked from Fenrir mid-drive by a certain mischievous Cetra and deposited outside the room, Cloud has done his best to keep everyone from tearing out each others' throats when conflict arises, going so far as to make two universal rulesnote , as well as a third later onnote , as well as trying to prevent whatever apocalypse someone has inadvertantly triggered for the week. While he has his own wealth of problems that sometimes prevent him from thinking rationally, he is beginning to move past them with the help of the others in the room, and winds up forming a strong bond with everyone there.
  • Artifact of Doom: Starts doing extensive research on the Necronomicon and its contents
  • Badass Biker: Fenrir came back. He promptly went for a joyride.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Boris buys him a suit and insists note  that he wear it.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Happens several times.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Towards his "family", naturally, but later develops undying loyalty to Dante, Boris, Daisy, Jade, Sis, and Minato as well. Also responds this way to anyone during particularly bad patches in his life
  • Berserk Button: Doctors. Does not like them. At all.
  • BFS: The Fusion Swords, and the Buster Sword, when Zack leaves it behind.
  • Bifurcated Weapon: The Fusion Swords
  • Big Brother Instinct: Develops this towards many people in the room.
  • Black and Grey Morality: This is Cloud, after all. He generally sticks to a lighter shade of grey, however.
  • Blade Spam/Razor Wind/Made of Magic
  • Broken Ace
  • Butt Monkey
  • Byronic Hero
  • Characterization Marches On/Character Development: A shitload of this happens (unavoidable, really, considering how long he's been at this). Eventually winds up trusting the people in the room a bit more, and cracks jokes and smiles more often.
  • Dark Is Not Evil
  • Driven to Suicide: After an unfortunate series of events. He gets better.
  • Elemental Powers: Uses these in combat, as well as Summon Magic on rare occasions
  • Friend to All Children: Seems to be heading this way. He's very popular with nearly every kid that shows up.
  • Gender Bender: Happens a lot, to his extreme displeasure.
  • Genre Savvy
  • Guile Hero: Becomes this, notably against the Traveller and the Fair Folk. He firmly believes that if something exists, it can be killed, even if stabbing it directly doesn't work, and will plan accordingly for nearly everything that comes up.
  • Guilt Complex
  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: Happens during bad periods of people dicking with him.
  • Human Alien: Due to sciency-magical-science.
  • Humanoid Abomination
  • Knight in Sour Armour
  • Knight Templar: Joshua is captured by the Traveller at one point, tortured briefly, and then prepared to be used as a sacrifice. When the inhabitants of the room track him down and kill him the first time in a spectacular Boss Fight, Cloud spends an extra few minutes just pounding his face in with his fists after it's over — while smiling.
    • There's also the incident where he nearly destroyed the omniverse for the sake of his family. In general, he has a zero tolerance policy towards threats against them.
  • Lightning Bruiser
  • Mind Rape: As par for the course, he both does this and is on the receiving end of this many times.
  • Nice Guy: Somewhat unintentional, but it wound up happening somewhere along the line.
  • Occult Blue Eyes: Always wears a pair of sunglasses to conceal them.
  • Odd Friendship: With too many people to count, both in canon and out
  • Omnicidal Maniac: While under Soul Edge's influence.
  • Playing with Fire: His limit breaks... assuming that's fire, that is.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Not as bad as it could be, this being post-series Cloud, but it's still there. However, when Cloud actually does smile, there's a large chance that something very, very bad is about to happen.
  • Promotion to Parent: With his family, as well as several of the kids in the room
  • The Drifter: After sealing his own world away, he just starts wandering the multiverse, looking for temporary homes and getting into all sorts of trouble, occasionally blowing by the room for an update or two.
  • Time Abyss/Really 700 Years Old: Happens post-Ascension.
    • And due to sealing off his world to prevent any other Outer Gods from using it against him, he's also ceased aging, and has been travelling through multiple timelines, finding temporary homes.
  • Touched by Vorlons
  • Seen It All: After spending years doing who-knows-what, he's not really phased by much anymore.
  • Slasher Smile: See above. Some people just should not be allowed to smile.
  • Summon Magic: On very rare occasions.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Has his morally ambiguous moments as usual. Usually he beats himself up endlessly about it calls himself out on it, and occasionally, he doesn't.
  • You Are Not Alone: After learning this himself the hard way, it's usually the first piece of advice he hands out to people who are down on their luck at the moment. Can be phrased in various ways, but usually takes the form of:
"You're never alone unless you choose to be. And you don't have to chose to be alone."


did hella jeff


I got nothing

    josh 6243 

Marcia Shyneet/Fairymon/Shutumon/Silphymon

  • Absent-Minded Professor: Marcia is certified enough to teach students about the topic of potions at the young age of 16. However, she has a tendency of rambling about different topics during conversations or forgetting things in certain places.
  • Alchemy Is Magic: Her potions have similar effects to various magic spells.
  • Blob Monster: Some of Marcia's potions contain liquid that can turn into slimes who listen to every one of her orders.
  • Blow You Away: All of Marcia's Digimon forms have the ability to manipulate wind.
  • Harping on About Harpies: Shutumon is a bird-like woman who can shoot feathers as deadly projectiles and use her claws to slash her foes.
  • Loose Lips: While talking to Homura, she was concerned that Cell would go into Mitakihara. Cell was listening and thought that was a very good idea. This caused a big rift in their friendship.
  • Kick Chick: Other than manipulating the wind with her hands, Marcia's Fairymon form specializes in kicking attacks.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: After merging with the Human Spirit of Wind, she can turn into Fairymon. What makes Fairymon different compared to other fairies is that she is scaled up to human size.
  • Shy Blue-Haired Girl: Spends most of her time in her room and rarely talks to other people. However, she warms up once you get to know her.
  • Speech Impediment: Marcia tends to stutter often. It somehow carries over to her Digimon forms as a way of telling it's her despite an outfit makeover, height change and hair color change.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: Marcia mostly throws explosive potions at her foes in her human form. Sometimes, she throws them in her Fairymon form as a last resort.

    Latverian Badger 

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! A newcomer to the FG and TV Tropes in general. Except he's not a newcomer at all and only was one when he first typed up this character page. Lately, he's retired from the Forum Game, hence his exile to this section. If you're lucky though, you might catch a rare glimpse of him in the Forum Game every blue moon.

A former lieutenant of the Novis Orbis Librarium. Noel's small stature and meek personality belie her ability as a soldier. Then again, she isn't exactly anything spectacular, she's merely a capable combatant. With a God-Slaying hidden alter ego, but still. Recent events have caused her to grow emotionally and gain more self-confidence, though her shyness remains.

A cyborg and former PMC employee from 2018. Raiden's a generally friendly man, who values his own sense of justice as well as his family and friends. Under the skin though, he hides a disturbingly sociopathic enjoyment of murdering those he deems wicked. However, this has not come to light in his time in the room yet. He tends to show up in his Standard Cyborg body, along with a matching suit, although more than once he appeared donning odd mariachi gear for kicks.

A mysterious horned girl who happened upon the room wounded. She is a Diclonius, born as a result of a mutation. Though she is physically a young adult, she has the personality and intelligence of a developing 3 year old. Is often really cheerful around everyone else in the room.

Nyu's split personality, although Lucy actually came first. As Lucy, she is able to use the invisible appendages known as Vectors, which she was born with as a result of mutation. She had developed the Nyu personality after taking a severe blow to the head. In contrast to Nyu, Lucy is cold and (most of the time) indifferent.

A mysterious black cat. His name is Sissel. It turns out that, through a very long, mind screwy series of events, he's become immortal and gained powers of the dead, which allow him to manipulate objects and talk to spirits.



A Pokemon trainer that was wandering around in her universe until suddenly appearing in a dresser drawer in the room. Impossibly likable, Daisy usually goes out of her way to make friends with everyone she can.
  • Can't Catch Up: Is not good at fighting with own hands.
  • Character Development: Has gotten less huggy and started using thinker at least a little more at times. Maybe got less reckless? Either way changed a bit.
  • Cuddle Bug: Will give out hugs and glomps.
  • Damsel in Distress: Is attacked and threatened by lots of baddies during her time in the room... For at least 10 seconds.
    • Stopped after a while.
  • Fearless Fool: Cloud described it best after attempting to punch then biting Jenova. Both after the age change.
    "You're pretty brave, to do that. Stupidly reckless, but brave."
  • Genki Girl
  • Idiot Ball: Tends to catch it a lot.
  • Morality Pet: Even for characters who aren't Cloud or Gordon, attempting to hurt Daisy is a good way to incur the wrath of everyone in the room
  • Nice Girl
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: Inverted, she was changed from 16 to 7.
    • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: Then turned back to normal... At the cost of being frozen for 45 minutes outside and for 9 years in her mind.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Grew a pair of wings After making a contract with Cloud.
  • Sleepy Head: Tends to fall asleep at a certain times for some reason, then Cloud puts her somewhere to sleep.
    • Eventually she just falls asleep anywhere, nobody bothers with really putting her anywhere else to sleep since she wakes back up fairly quickly.
  • The Kid with the Remote Control: Has many Pokemon and can use them for stuff when she asks them to.
  • Snooping Little Kid: Will eavesdrop on people if she thinks it's interesting or important.

Daisy's Oshawott (later a Dewott), is out of his ball the most out of all of her Pokemon.


A time and space traveling maid that wondered into the room one day.


A persacom who woke up in the room one day. Knowing very little and full of innocence, Chii relies on the people around her to learn things and not much is known about her.
Alice is a girl who popped into the room from a watch. She lived in a dark place called the Abyss and remembers nothing except her name.

  • Big Eater: Alice loves to eat many things, mostly meat, and is happy to try anything if she thinks it will taste good.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: She tends to get easily angered and will hunt down whoever made her upset.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Alice barely had any human contact until she entered the room. So some parts of her bitchy behavior may be from that.
  • Killer Rabbit: Is capable of turning into a giant black rabbit with a scythe.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia


Luis is a boy who, unknown to him until he entered the room, has the ability to create ice and cold from the magic being made in his own soul. Despite his low opinion on himself and, his feminine appearance, and his awkwardness around the opposite gender. He is a nice guy who will do his best to help those around him.

  • Dude Looks Like a Lady
  • Everyone Can See It: His affection towards Fen has yet to die and his behavior towards her caused many to mistake the two for a couple.
  • Heroic Self Depreaction: Luis does not have a very positive view on himself to the point that he would mentally call himself out over little mistakes.
  • An Ice Person: Luis is able to freeze whatever is around him and create ice in any shape at will by using the magic in his body that is made from his soul. His body temperature has been lower than a normal persons since he never used said magic until he came to the room.


A new player who likes to play friendly innocent characters.

Pikachu is a small yellow mouse pokemon from Kanto. He likes to make new friends, but don't make him mad. He is a little bit of a hero back on the islands.

  • Friend To All Living Things: He tries to be this, and often times succeeds.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: He believes that there is good in all people and that no one is ever truly evil. Weather he is right is a different story.
  • Pokemon Speak: Well, duh. But LOG did give him subtitles so that people could understand him.
  • Shock And Awe: Electric type Pokemon. Comes with the basics.
  • Odd Friendship: He's made friends with Gods, warriors, flaming skeleton demons, pirates, painting girls, mad scientists, wizards, strange bird...people and metal zombies. Yet he never bats an eye at any of this.

     Mac Duffy

The loud, bombastic king of Atlantis. With his show cancelled, he's wandered the multiverse in search of more adventure, which has brought him to the room.


A new player who happens to be an old player.
This is exaggerating a bit.

First appearence.

A pair of puella magi, girls who were granted magic powers and a wish in exchange for taking on the responsibility of fighting Wraiths...and some other things. They seek a way to return back to their dimension to change the future they were informed of, but several things currently stand in their way.

They have had two major stints in the Room dimension thus far: their first from late February through the fall of 2014 (Homura left in October, Sayaka about a month later), before returning the following March.

Tropes applying to both

  • Determinator: Homura is the most grand Magical Girl example given she's looped through the same six weeks over a hundred times all trying to save Madoka prior to arriving in the Room. Sayaka has also started to show that she too can carry her weight, at least in terms of being able to resist outside attempts to influence her mind such as the Behelit incident.
  • Game of Nerds: Both of them, though in different ways. Sayaka is more the Passionate Sports Girl who strikes out at the plate frequently but can also hit 'em long. Homura is more calculating and technical - the one time she went to the batting cage she practiced her bunting technique - and is a fan of the Chicago Cubs.
  • Info Dump: Both of them were a bit prone to this in regards to the Magical Girl system and the attendant terms and concepts in their first few days.
    • On the other hand, repeated explanations was what led to Sayaka's Eureka Moment.
  • Lighter and Softer: Their relationship with each other compared to before. It helps that Sayaka learned of the events of previous timelines from Madoka prior to meeting Homura in the Room dimension, so much of the source of their original animosity has been neutralized. They still clash on occasion, though not to murderous extents as Homura had before. Usually.
  • Mistaken for Romance: Happens on occasion when Sayaka doesn't explain their backstory 100% clearly.
  • Odd Friendship: Chiefly as a result of being the only two Magical Girls around, by and large. All five main Magical Girls have shown up in the Room at some point, but of the other three Madoka appears and disappers way before everyone else, and though Kyoko and Mami have also shown up in the Room a few times they have returned to Mitakihara in a matter of days while these two didn't. Mami and Yukari Yakumo, AKA Kreimhild Gretchen turned sane thanks to Ran and Chen lampshaded how close the two have become despite their previous relationship in Mitakihara.
  • One-Winged Angel: Sayaka is confirmed to have this in the form of her Witch form Oktavia von Seckendorff, albeit one that can be harnessed for beneficial purposes. There are implications that Homura's situation allows for her version of this as well, though full details have yet to be disclosed.
  • The Promise: In addition to Homura's promise to protect Madoka per canon, Sayaka has promised to help Homura and Madoka meet again. Their dinner with Yukari may or may not count, but regardless Sayaka has also promised that this Homura wouldn't turn into Homucifer in their quest to defeat the Incubators' trap.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Despite her hair color, when the two are together Sayaka usually acts the Red Oni to Homura's Blue.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Their more light-hearted arguing and bickering often draws amusement and chuckles from bystanders.

Tropes applying to Homura

"As long as you're happy."

  • Anti Anti Christ: Homura doesn't want to become Homucifer, but she fears there may be no other way to save Madokami from the Incubators' trap.
  • Be All My Sins Remembered: Especially her murdering of Oriko Mikuni in the four or five timelines immediately following the events of the namesake manga. Homucifer made a run at exploiting this:
    Homucifer: How many times have you seen Kyoko Sakura die?
    Homura: 55.
    Homucifer: How many times Mami Tomoe?
    Homura: 77.
    Homucifer: Sayaka Miki?
    Homura: 93!
    Homucifer: Madoka Kaname?!
    Homura: 108!
    Homucifer: (shows her twisted Soul Gem, whispering) Zero.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Homucifer and Archer have both appropriated Homura's "That won't be necessary."
  • Brutal Honesty: To Simon's detriment. And possibly Julie's death - see Unwitting Instigator of Doom - though she got better.
  • Byronic Hero: Her general philosophy of "accomplish the goal at any and every cost" brings frequent clashes with others, most spelled out with Julie. Homucifer, though, does seem to have given her pause.
  • Combo Platter Powers: As a Magical Girl she has her Time Stop and Hyperspace Arsenal and the lich aspect, which she has exploited in the past to get out of a hostage situation. During her time in the Room she has also picked up the ability to enter others' dreams, chanced upon a Stand after a quick tutorial by Josuke Higashikata (hers looks like a Moemura version of Lotte, the British-Guard-like Homulily familiar in Rebellion, armed with a golf driver rather than a spear), and was the Master to the Servant Archer.
  • Control Freak: Multiple instances of Julie accusing Homura of being this in terms of the former's Unrequited Love issues with Tallis.
  • Cruel Mercy: Implied to be a reason for her decision to not finish Homucifer off and having Twin Moons keep her alive but imprisoned instead.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She's proven quite willing to show her true feelings and emotions to others in the room, if you can get past the aloof front she has as her default state.
  • Distinguishing Mark: The Command Spell tattoo she gained on her right hand from her contract with Archer was sometimes used as a way to distinguish her from Homucifer during her time as his Master.
  • Enemy Within:
    • Absorbed "certain parts" of Homucifer before "liquidating" her dreamscape prison cell as an alternative to just simply killing her once and for all, partly on Fen's advice.
    • Homura after her return from Mitakihara still seems to be dealing with the after-effects, though now there's a visual representation of a vague shadowy eel that seems to swim within her Soul Gem. It's actually more the case that Homucifer was still born in this version of the events of Rebellion, only being kept suppressed heavily to allow the non-Demon part of Homura to show.
  • Evil Future Me Scares Me: Homucifer's presence does not sit well with Homura. The former's first act being removing Madoka's Memorial and wiping out the corresponding spot on Homura's hand-drawn map will do that, and really it's just gone downhill from there. That she is, as Archer puts it, the end result of her desire to save Madoka causes no small amount of unease to Homura.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Julie unwittingly stirred this within Homura when she offered to hunt down Homucifer for her and Homura tried to turn her away even if it meant not having Julie's very considerable strength and power at her side. It was quickly vanquished, though, when Julie got uncharacteristically desperate and Homura realized what had happened.
  • Hates Being Touched: Downplayed - Homura will mostly just give you a Death Glare if you touch her. Hugging, though, is generally a bridge too far, as Fen and Aven found out (at first). Aside from her personal issues, there's a combat-related aspect as well since the nature of her magic means she's very vulnerable if ensnared in some way.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Needs to be reminded on occasion that she isn't worthless.
  • Hesitant Sacrifice: While she ultimately goes through with her plan to counter-trap the Incubators by offering herself as fake-bait, Homura found herself much more hesitant to throw away eight months' worth of frankly good memories and relationships with those in the Room dimension, which she had to get rid of in order to avoid alerting the Incubators that they're going to be had. Given how often she's give up much for Madoka, this long hesitancy would have been near unthinkable for her prior to coming to the Room.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: How she can carry a military depot's worth of weaponry everywhere with her.
  • Ill Girl: Not what most people see on a day-to-day basis, but if something screws with her magic her old physical limitations can re-emerge, most notably her bad eyesight and weak heart.
  • Last Name Basis: The default address to most for Homura - exceptions are usually either when she doesn't learn one's last name right away, Madoka, or Sayaka Miki (Sayaka eventually graduated to First-Name Basis without a title).
    • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: If she drops the "Mr./Ms." title, either the situation is too urgent to spare moments for formalities or she considers you a friend.
  • Martyr Without a Cause: For someone normally so calculating, she has a tendency to put herself in harm's way pretty frequently.
  • Meaningful Name: Not herself so much as her Stand's - One More Time. Doubles as an Embarrassing Nickname due to the genre of the song it's named after (and partly why it is seldom seen).
  • Memory Gambit: In order to keep the Incubators planning to trap Madokami from realizing that their bait is going to bite back, Homura had to remove all her memories of her time in the Room dimension so that her resulting Labyrinth will not contain anything they can't reasonably expect from within the Mitakihara universe. It's this Laser-Guided Amnesia that Homura feared would allow her selfish love of Madoka to overwhelm the rest of her and bring forth Homucifer.
  • Morality Chain: Is currently the only thing keeping Archer from attempting to murder Shirou and hopefully kill himself by consequence. She doesn't know about this, however.
  • Not So Stoic: Those that have been around her for a while like Fen, Sayaka, Cloud, the first Archer, and Julie know better than to think that Homura is an uncaring Emotionless Girl.
  • The Only One: Has a hard time breaking out of this mindset, especially if it comes to protecting Madoka again.
  • Shipper on Deck: Seems pretty insistent on making sure Julie gets together with Tallis because Homura believes that is what would make her happy. Tallis voiced objection and Julie is uncomfortable with making Tallis uncomfortable, though, and after some back-and-forth shuttling between the two Homura seems willing to let the matter slide.
  • Shock Collar: The blue necklace Homura wears now along with the thicker-than-usual metallic bindings around her Soul Gem seem to be this whenever "the Demon" threatens to emerge again.
  • Shows Damage: Her Stand's ability is to take the suffering of others at cost to herself. The amount taken is reflected in the Stand's visible appearence (going from Meganekko Moemura to serious usual-Homura).
  • Take a Third Option: The way Homucifer describes the situation, Homura has to give up either protecting Madoka by staying in the Room dimension where she's probably the happiest she's been in at least 10 years from her point of view (even if she doesn't really show it), or forsake all the friendships she's developed, especially with Sayaka, by following Homucifer's path. Homura instead looks to do both because she is sick and tired of seeing all her friends die.
  • Time Stands Still: The nature of her magic.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Her brush with a romance with Julie was eventually denied and consigned to a friendship, which inadvertently led to Julie's death against a crazy Tallis - Word of God states that had Homura said that she did love Julie romantically Julie would have lived.
  • Weak, but Skilled: To compensate for her relative weakness compared to Sayaka when it comes to absolute values of magic and strength. Homura is more economical and precise with her own magic usage.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: She has shot Sayaka in the head a couple times now in anger. Most other Room characters react understandably horrified and disgusted; Sayaka herself seems to take it better than most would expect, given...
    Sayaka: If she really wanted to kill me, she wouldn't have shot me in the head.
  • What Were You Thinking?: Implied to be the receipient of one from Sayaka after she forms a second contract containing Deal with the Devil implications with Archer - it wasn't the case, but the circumstances around it were rather close for comfort. Got a more explicit one from Cloud later.
    • Archer himself gives a slight one to Homura after she uses a Command Spell to prevent him from killing the second Sayaka, which indirectly caused the first to turn into a half-Witch. Even after the problem was fixed, he still considers that act to be a waste of time and of a command.
    • Here we go again, again from Archer following the revelation that she has now taken "certain parts" of Homucifer into her own Soul Gem - it doesn't seem like those parts are going to sit there and behave. Homura claims she has it under control.
  • When She Smiles: Fen and Aven think so.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Both Julie and Fen have professed their faith that Homura won't return as Homucifer even though Homura feels resigned to that outcome.
  • You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious: Homura can immediately tell something is wrong with Fen if she doesn't call her "Homu".
  • You Can't Go Home Again: The Incubators were waiting for her on the other side, ready to trap her in their Isolation Field and set off the events of Rebellion. Ultimately subverted as she has returned to be their bait, but developed a counter-trap for them.

Tropes applying to Sayaka

"I am Sayaka Miki! Magical Girl of Mitakihara - Ally of Justice and Defender of the Innocent!"

  • Big Brother Mentor: Adopts this sort of relationship with a few characters younger than her (at least maturity-wise) as a sort-of thanks to how Mami took her under her wing in Mitakihara. Perhaps the clearest example is her mentoring of Hildegarde the squire and Seralth the dragon.
  • Can't Catch Up: Sayaka realizes a bit too well how much better Homura is at fighting than she.
  • The Cape: She actively wants to fight for justice. Her Magical Girl costume has a cape as well.
  • Combat Medic: Her swords can bring the pain, and once the fighting's over she's among the first to offer her healing magic services to others.
  • Eureka Moment: How Sayaka comes up with a way to (temporarily) save Homura from letting her Soul Gem go critical from Despair without any Grief Cubes or Grief Seeds: since Grief Seeds are what Soul Gems become, she uses her own Soul Gem to take on some of Homura's Despair.
  • First-Name Basis: Homura has graduated to this from "Transfer Student" for Sayaka, though Homura took a while to reciprocate.
  • Give a Man a Fish...: Sayaka's "Ally of Justice" ideal has been critized multiple times by Archer for the costs it would have on her and something which Sayaka herself acknowledges from firsthand experience of turning into Oktavia so many times, so she decides to take this approach and try to help others learn the skills to help themselves.
  • Healing Factor: What most likely rendered Sayaka practically immune to a plague that inflicted most of the Room, including Homura.
  • It's All My Fault: Carries guilt for Homura's present Demon-lurking-within state - her (as yet unspecified) delay in her and Archer's plan to save Homura in Mitakihara apparently nearly cost Homura her non-Demonic soul.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Homucifer messed with her memory and didn't remember who Homura or Madoka were for about a week. It eventually spread to Rennor, Julie, and a bit of Aven (her memories of them, that is) until they got fixed.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: In a fairly rapid sequence of events, for about a two-week span Sayaka was a half-Witch Magical Mermaid Mecha Knight Girl. To specify, she starts as a Magical Girl, then got infused with an alternate version of herself whose Soul Gem was about to cross the Despair threshold and thus had been on the verge of becoming Oktavia von Seckendorff, turning her into a mermaid. Then later Homura arranges a means for Sayaka to regain her mobility on dry ground, first by scavenging a wheelchair then later getting Nova the SI to construct a means to use stairs, though Homura didn't have a three-meter tall military exoskeleton armed with missiles and a flamethrower in mind. All things considered, Sayaka took the whole thing rather well until Fen was able to fix the problem by erasing Oktavia altogether.
  • Now, Let Me Carry You: It's usually Homura who has to make sure Sayaka doesn't get herself in too deep; with her tendency to jump into the fight this is somewhat frequent. But Sayaka gets to return the favor with her Eureka Moment when Homura's Soul Gem starts accumulating Grief and there were no Grief Cubes or Grief Seeds on hand.
  • Odd Friendship: With Seralth the adolescent dragon. Being a knight for justice, one would usually find it odd that she would try to form a friendship with a dragon rather than slay it (something pretty common in Seralth's world), but Sayaka is making attempts to let the other person have a chance first before jumping to conclusions. Heck, she and Homura have been able to repair their relationship.
  • Out of Focus: Has suffered from this on occasion on the part of her player. Lampshaded by one fox-mask-wearing character only she could see, who annoys her by pointing out she's "a side character in her own story".
  • Stone Wall: Can now pull this off thanks to being taught Haki by Roger. Now she can dish it out and take it!
  • Temporary Blindness: Sayaka can loan some of the power within her Soul Gem to Homura, though this comes at a cost to her eyesight. Given enough time and Grief Cubes her vision eventually can be restored. At higher levels it becomes this since her eyes leak out what seems to be high concentrations of Grief; at lower levels she retains sight and only needs to borrow Homura's glasses.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: In terms of raw strength and power compared to Homura and Archer. Sayaka has made strides in adapting more tactically and strategically sound approaches to combat, but her gut reaction remains acting first.
  • "What Do They Fear?" Episode: Thanks to the Scarecrow, we have an answer for Sayaka: Oktavia von Seckendorff.

I could use a chessboard. And at this point some new pieces too.

First appearence
Last appearance: ~Sept. 2014

An evil future version of Homura who somehow ended up in the dimension of the room and caused a lot trouble for near everyone.


  • Boxed Demon: Yukari kicked Homucifer's ass, then gets her to agree to properly help Homura prepare for her eventual return to Mitakihara and the Incubators' trap rather than just trying to force her past self into becoming like her. The kicker was probably the fact that Yukari implied herself to be some kind of reincarnation of Madoka.
    • And now she's been overwhelmed and imprisoned by Twin Moons in a serparate dimension, only kept alive by Homura needing information and only allowed to communicate with anyone else with her permission, at least until the prison was "liquidated".
  • Complexity Addiction: It's not a big vice when when you have previous knowledge of what will happen in the future. It's a bigger Achilles' Heel when you forget to account for the wildly random nature of the Room's...unique physics. Raidou Kuzunoha and Gaige can attest to that.
  • Control Freak: Like her past incarnation, except more clearly villainous as Homucifer doesn't have the friends Homura does to counter the worse aspects of the trope.
  • Defiant to the End: In a fight within Archer's UBW, Homucifer is defeated by the combined might of Homura, Archer, and Gespenst. Missing an eye from it being shot out with a rifle earlier, stuck by a couple dozen swords like a pincushion, and with Homura about to deliver a Coup de Grâce and asking for any last words, Homucifer sneers, "That won't be necessary." Subverted trope-wise, though Exact Words come into play, when upon contact she disappears in a cloud of miasma and escapes the UBW. Archer later muses that Homucifer had just been playing along if she's powerful enough to force an escape from a Reality Marble.
  • Disney Villain Death: Last seen having the last of her power drained by Homura, with the portal to her collapsing cell closing.
    • Never Found the Body: Archer checked her dreamscape prison cell later and only saw strewn rubble and sensed an open door beyond it to who knows what.
  • Dream Weaver: Apparently a continuation of Homura's Dream Walker ability that the latter had picked up in the room.
  • I Hate Past Me: Rather contemptuous of her past selves' (both the Homura present and Moemura) "weakness". Also seems really ticked off that Homura may possibly develop feelings for someone other than Madoka.
  • I Need You Stronger: Feels that Homura is not yet strong enough to return to Mitakihara.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Yeah, apologies if you were intending to watch the Rebellion movie before coming here.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Certainly not above playing mind games, including with her past self. No, especially with her past self.
  • Not So Different: As much as she dislikes how Homura has changed in her time in the Room, she proclaims that she "is already within her" however much Homura refutes it.
  • Sadistic Choice: Attempted to foist this upon her past self while she and Aven were trying to restore Sayaka's memories - either destroy the memories Sayaka had received from Madoka implicating Homura's murders of Oriko Mikuni in Timeline 15 and several after or she would blow up a pressurized oxygen tank inside Sayaka's dream and really screw up Sayaka's brain.
  • Satanic Archetype
  • Scars Are Forever: Took an acidic shotgun blast from Gaige that has left her left shoulder and left side of her face pockmarked in acidic wounds. Gespenst has noted that someone of her power should have been able to clean those up by now.
  • Self-Duplication: Split herself into five copies in order to fight the alliance of heroes that confronted her. Her calling it "Viola Fantasma" was probably an intentional allusion to Kyoko's "Rosso Fantasma" calculated to piss Sayaka off, though whether she actually took it from Kyoko has not been established.

Other Characters Previously Used

     Mobile Leprechaun/Globster A Go Go 

Mobile Leprechaun has been around for a little while now, though not as long as some. Notable for her slow typing and weird sense of humor.

Tropes that apply across the board to all of Mobile Leprechaun's characters:

  • A Wizard Did It/Handwave: Mobile often does things on the fly with minimal planning, sometimes necessitating such explanations for continuity/logic goofups.
  • Lighter and Softer: Almost all characters, no matter how morally ambiguous or vindictive, end up a little on the soft side. Paula Deen seemed like the only one immune to this, and even she had some sugary moments.
  • Rule of Cute
  • Rule of Funny
  • Running Gag: At least one for just about everyone.
    • Salad Rei going OOOHHHH~~~! in response to painful stimuli.
    • Gendo's low tolerance for alcohol.
    • Freeman having to explain the difference between biologists and physicists.
    • Emotionally challenged/inexperienced characters struggling to understand "hyoo-man feelings"/"feels" during situations they are unfamiliar with.
    • Simple Dog doesn't have burrs on her tail. She has TAIL SEEDSSS!
    • Shinji happening upon a younger version of Cloud who is still a cadet in the military and having painfully awkward interactions with him.
    • Dr. Breen ending up on the ground, in a puddle of his own blood/vomit.

"Ohhhhh... My head feels a bit ratchety today... S - said Maggie Matarael."
— Salad Rei on concussions.

An unholy mashup of David Firth's creepy recluse and Hideki Anno's beloved Eva Pilot. Is polite to a fault, but incredibly ditzy and accident prone, unaware of her own creepiness. After spending some time having semi-lucid conversations with the room's other residents and kindly offering to share her meals of things that aren't traditionally seen as foodstuff, she invited her legal guardian Gendo along, leading to a few other people from the Evangelion universe stopping by.

She is especially notable for being Mobile's first character in the room and freaking several people out upon arrival.

"Um... uh, yes. Of course I'm proud of him. He tries. Hard. And um, therapy really isn't in our company's budget right now. But it will be. Soon. Trust me."
— Gendo, reassuring Cloud and Problem Sleuth about his family situation.

Everyone's favorite aloof, unapproachable father figure... Now with 20% less badassery and 45% more drinking problems. Initially only visting to ensure Rei's safety in the often-dangerous room, he ended up paying more frequent visits, mostly to take advantage of the room's never-ending alcohol supply. Although superficially fearful and socially-inept, he has reasons for being so nervous around the room's denizens, as his current line of work is forwarding some deeply nefarious agendas...
"I bet he's best friends with Sephiroth... I bet they eat lunch together and tell jokes and teach each other how to do cool things that aren't cooking or cello playing... Like sewing... Sewing cool jackets, like Father's, only cooler and army-looking."
— Shinji's unspoken thoughts on how much cooler Cloud must be than him.

A timid, socially-awkward young man who happens to be the pilot of a massive alien-destroying robot. Manages to make some friends in the room despite his shyness, and is very polite. First appearing alongside his father during an errand, he shows up occasionally and enjoys using the room's spacious kitchen to cook. Spending time in the room talking to others seems to boost his spirits some, but the increasingly harsh realities of being a pilot are taking a toll on his psyche.


"Perhaps this Experiment wasn't a Complete failure..."

Appeared in the room after an experiment of hers went wrong. Is surprisingly amicable, but is still very dangerous and conniving. She pops in on occasion to observe the inhabitants of the room and their interactions with one another, always with witty asides at the ready. An unexpected reunion with her old rival Chell has made her somewhat less willing to kill everyone in the room on a whim, but her deadly machinations should never be underestimated.
  • Affably Evil: So far, she has shown no interest in testing any of the room's inhabitants, and has treated them with a surprising degree of respect. That doesn't rule out other motives, though, and she may be trying to tread lightly around the room's more powerful denizens.
    • After a surprisingly happy meeting with Chell, she seems to be softening up yet further, though she's still pretty evil.
  • Bad Liar: Lies often and obviously and openly admits it.
  • Cyber Cyclops
  • Deadpan Snarker: Of course.
  • For Science!: Her motivation for returning is to collect data on the often-anomalous room.
  • Gentle Giant: As stated above, surprisingly amicable.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper
  • In Love with Your Carnage: Was dismissive of the lowly Junk-Bot until she learned that he, like her, is fond of killing humans and other robots.
  • Insufferable Genius: Is quick to make everyone else aware of her immense knowledge banks and unparalleled supercomputing abilities.
  • Jerkass: Takes much glee in finding clever ways to insult people and also enjoys watching others' misfortunes.
  • Remote Body: Builds herself a human-sized bipedal body to keep her other body out of harm's way during room visits.
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker: Her speech is rendered in This font, and certain words are capitalized at random.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Is prone to overheating when in small, poorly ventilated rooms.

"...Look, you... Don't Like Science. That I Gather. I Am a Machine Who Was Programmed to Like Science. A Lot. More than Anything in this World. Liking Science, as passionately as I Feel about It and as much as I Want to Do Things that you would find Obscene to The Formless, Shapeless Concept of Science, like a Vestal Virgin casting her tender body upon the Altar to offer to The Gods... I Did Not Choose to Like Science. That Choice was Made For Me. By some Neckbeards. In a Dark Room."

Another GLaDOS from a different timeline, namely her POTaTOS incarnation. Cloud managed to liberate her consciousness from its starchy vegetable prison, at the cost of some body-swapping shenanigans. She now resides in Cloud's head as a bitchy, nagging voice that tries to backseat drive for him and occasionally urges him to kill things.


The silent protagonist of the Half-Life series. His muteness is apparently a product of stress. Communicates through a series of handwritten notes. Initially confused and wary about the room, he quickly found himself very much at home and was able to get some rest from fighting zombies and the Combine. During his stay, he became very close friends with Cloud. Is probably Mobile's most notable and successful character thus far, but has not been appearing as much as of late.

"Everyone says that! Everyone thinks I am irrational! I am not irrational! Disease is a horrid thing! Do you know how much of my childhood was spent laying sick in bed?! I do not want any more diseases, and I do not want to be thought of as mad for practicing proper hygiene!"
— Tesla immediately before running off and washing his hands three times in a row.

The eccentric Serbo-Croatian inventor who lived in Thomas Edison's shadow, and Mobile Leprechaun's favorite historical figure. Arrived in the room via a primitive Steampunk teleporter. Is usually well-mannered, but is very high-strung and probably has OCD. Makes infrequent appearances, often with some weird gadget in tow.

"Uneventful, except for when Abraham Lincoln almost killed me... Other than that, uneventful."
— Near describes his Fourth of July experiences to Fem!Link.

L's significantly more polarizing successor. Was strongly convinced that the room is a hallucination he had, believing that he was poisoned by his caretakers, and almost died trying to wrap his head around the room's existence. Was helpfully turned into a half-vampire by Rachel, but is still rather sickly. Initially uninterested in friendship and lacking in concern for the others in the room, his time there made him somewhat more sociable.


A duckling that Gordon Freeman adopted and named for his late friend and mentor Eli Vance. He later discovered that Eli is, in fact, a girl, but decided to keep the name anyway. She is very tame and enjoys human attention, often prone to begging for breadcrumbs.

"I... I never saw myself parenting, I mean... I never understood why people do. Children confuse and upset me..."
— Breen on fatherhood.

An eloquent, yet paranoid and deeply misanthropic ex-physicist who found himself stranded at the crossroads. Became distraught and fearful upon realizing the exact nature of his predicament, unwilling to be parted from his position as earth administrator under the rule of the Combine. He attempted to to conceal his identity by using the name of the rival applied science company's CEO, but was outed by GLaDOS. Breen's cowardice and mistrust of others have made his stay in the room tumultuous and only worsened his ability to weather the unpredictable events that surround him.

In a tragically ironic twist of fate, he managed to meet up with one of his former employees from Black Mesa who helpfully constructed a teleporter to take them both back home. He was subsequently gunned down in the ruins of the facility by said employee, who revealed himself to be a Black Ops agent.

The Mutants

From left to right: Theresa, Gila, Bucky and Gregor

A collection of genetically-modified animals (and one human) who have attempted to eke out a living of their own in the wilderness. Despite their lack of biological relation, they consider each other family and are very close.
  • Beast of Battle: Bucky and Gila are both prototypical bioweapons, although they're both very pacifistic.
  • Cool Big Sis: Theresa, who is the second-eldest and treats even those outside of her family circle in a sisterly way.
  • Gentle Giant: Both Bucky and Gila are large, imposing creatures who wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • The Grotesque: Everyone except Theresa is physically repulsive in ways that belie their pleasant demeanors. Theresa herself is rather odd-looking, but not nearly icky enough to qualify.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter: Gregor is capable of growing new appendages and altering his physical form. However, he does not have complete conscious control of it yet.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Bucky is both strong as an ox and ridiculously fast
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Theresa and Gila both have four arms, though Gila's are very tiny and clumsy. Gila's Stand is built similarly, and its arms have actual function.
  • Promotion to Parent: Gregor takes on the duties of leadership following their handler's death.
  • Secret Project Refugee Family
  • Speech-Impaired Animal: Gila lacks the physiology needed for human speech. He compensates by knowing how to write.
  • Super Spit: Gila is capable of vomiting up very corrosive acid as a defensive measure. His Stand uses lasers as a Godzilla-esque Breath Weapon.
  • Uplifted Animal: All of them, save for Gregor, are modified animals who have been given sapience. Theresa doesn't look it at first glance, but she is actually a crow.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Gila has ten in total, six legs and four stubby forelimbs, lending him an appearance evocative of the mythical basilisk.
  • Wetware CPU: Theresa's robotic body is operated from within by a genetically-modified crow brain. She herself did not know this until she came to the Room and thus spent a good part of her life believing she was fully robotic.

Other beloved characters Mobile Leprechaun has defiled:


Has a number of characters, but several main avatars. Went on hiatus for a while.

I got nothing

    Regular Defender/Olivetree 

Pretty much the Mortal Kombat guy, and the H.G.Wells guy. It's hard to fully list all the characters he has played, and quite hard for him to actually come up with Tropes for all of them. Or remember situations that make Tropes.

Currently his self-professed "Regulars" are (Tropes under construction);

Johnny Cage.

Shang Tsung

An Alternate Universe version where it's his MK 9 ending, and he's much more of an Anti-hero because of Bo Rai Cho's training. Actively hates the curse, fortunately due to the power gained from beating Shao Kahn and finishing Lui Kang, he says that his Amulet is giving him at least 100 years before he needs to soul steal again.

Captain Spark!

The Sniper

The Outsider



I have three versions of him, some not introduced yet.

Regular Griffin the one from the Novel, true to that character.

Jack Griffin based on the novel one, but less psychotic, more open about his invisibility to the room's inhabitants, and more sociable.

Emperor Griffin "The Terror" This, is Griffin, if his whole plot towards the end of the Novel to take over the world and rule it due to his powers of Invisibility making all the "fools" around him pale in comparison to his superiority succeeds. I am considering having him tie in with the Martians from The War of the Worlds, having an agreement with them, and actually using them in aid of his rule in place of the Martians for humanity's leader. The Selenites from The First Men in the Moon may also be involved, but again Emperor Griffin has yet appeared, so we cannot truly tell what will happen.

     Rivux/Dusty Pilot 

Self proclaimed resident Homestuck fanboy, as such, he uses a ton of Homestuck characters. Also uses a bunch of other (non-Homestuck) characters. Occasionally uses his alternate account to play as different avatars.

Characters used with some semblance of recurrence

"the guy whose the king has the power and basically makes everyone his bitch
which is to say whoevers not the king has to do whatever the king says"
— Dave on how to play King's Game.

"Call me Sis. Sis Strider. Call me Sissy and I cut you in two. Who're the rest of you?"
— Sis introducing herself to Strider Hiryu.

A family of cool kids. Stuff they share in common include bitching shades and incredible speed. Dave Strider, Bro Strider, Dirk Strider, his Auto Responder, and Sis Strider have made an appearance in the room. Lil' Cal is the Bro's, Dirk's, and Sis' favorite puppet and have him on them at all times.
  • A God I Am Not: Dave ascends to a rank known as God-Tier. Dracula calls him out on him thinking he stands in the power of God (or something to that effect). His response:
"Nah, not really."
  • Back from the Dead: Sis. Except not quite. She's from Dava's universe.
  • Cool Shades: Dave has large aviators. Bro, Sis, and Dirk have pointy anime shades. The Auto Responder is a pair.
  • Demonic Dummy: Two iterations of Lil' Cal have been in the room. One of them, at one point, sort of stole Cloud's body and turned him into a puppet. After a series of lengthy actions, he was burned to a crisp. The second iterations are the (most likely) not sentient ones belonging to Bro, Sis, and Dirk. Regardless, the first Cal has scarred Cloud and has made him adverse to the second.
  • Dual Wielding: Inverted in that one of the Dave's sword is technically broken in half. Thankfully, due to having magical time properties, it can become a whole sword again.
  • Flash Step: Dave's pretty good at it. Bro, Sis, and Dirk have refined it to a point where you can barely tell where they're moving.
  • Gender Bender: Dirk. And because he is technically an alternate universe version of Sis (who was already an alternate universe version of Bro) he ends up looking like her. Much to Cloud's dismay. Dirk seems mostly okay with it, though.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Sis goes out with a smile and forces Cloud to see her off with one.
  • Immortality: Dave has Type VI, he says that he's immortal anyway, it hasn't been seen in action, though.
  • It Runs on Nonsensoleum: To Gordon from Dirk:
Dirk: "One of the better parts is that [the jetpack] can run off pure badassitude in the event that whatever powers your suit runs out of energy."
Gordon: "(Badassitude... Hell yes!)"
  • Me's a Crowd: Due to time powers, Dave can make time clones of himself.
  • Promotion to Parent: Inverted with Bro and Sis, while they technically are Dave's biological father/mother, Dave doesn't know that and views them as his siblings. Bro and Sis are still Dave's guardian(s), though.
  • Rule63: Bro to Sis, Dave is still the same for both though.
    • Dave has fallen prey to it as well. As Dava.
  • Super Speed: Goes hand in hand with their ability to Flash Step.
  • Teen Genius: Dirk Strider. Built a jetpack addition to Gordon Freeman's HEV suit and a bunch of robots and is only 15.
  • Time Travel: Dave gains time traveling powers.

"'>Knock it off, the goat thing is agitated"
— A command issued to the three of them for bothering Goat with a raising of arms.

A team of hardboiled detectives. Each has appeared at least once in the room. The top guy is Pickle Inspector, on the right is Problem Sleuth, and the left is Ace Dick.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Pickle Inspector crashed through the roof of the room when he first entered. Naked.
  • Private Detective: All three are hardboiled detectives.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Pickle Inspector's ogles can turn into disconcerting ogles.
  • Warrior Therapist: Problem Sleuth sort of is one. He doesn't know jack squat about psychology but he has helped people with their own issues despite being a private detective.

"Well, if it's any consolation, if you ever go down that road I can bonk you with my hammer and blow you into a wall to make you realize what you're doing."
— John reassuring Cloud over the supposed evils of being a "magical scientist".

A kid that comes around quite often and is kind of a dork. Successfully made Cloud a fan of Con Air. He left the room on April 13th to resume the rebooted session of Sburb. His alternate timeline ghost occasionally drops by instead.

"You have things close to you that would be ever so terrible to part with. Death is not cleansing."
— Death trying to convince Cloud not to go and massacre people in a Jenova-influenced frenzy.

A physical manifestation of Death that isn't to be feared. He's a mostly cool guy but does not tolerate leaving the afterlife without proper revival circumstances and tries to help to the best that he's allowed.
  • Chess with Death: Admits that, the way to getting out of his afterlife, is by challenging and winning a game of their choice with him.
  • Don't Fear the Reaper: You really shouldn't. He only comes to the Room to get away from the surly antics of other guests in his Afterlife.
    • Or just opening his door and leaving that way. But he really doesn't like it when you do that and will try to shoo you back in.
  • Extreme Doormat: Takes getting hit by game pieces from occupants without repercussions, never actually does get anybody to go back inside the Afterlife if they exit, and flexes the rules of the afterlife if you beg hard enough.
  • Morph Weapon: His regular Scythe can become anything else on a whim.
  • Nice Guy: Offers advice on life, offers the quick way out when it comes to dying, and is not above using other universes' characters to prove a point about something to help out.


A troper who puts way too much thought into his characters.

Toras Tarvok

The fact that I no longer question this room does not mean I in any way submit to it's warped logic!

A turian Sentinel from the Mass Effect universe. Once had an unstable dimensional anchor, which resulted in him unwillingly travelling to all kinds of universes, mainly the room itself. After having his confidence shaken, he gradually learnt to take the unexpected in his stride and became a key member for order in the room, as well as a reliable companion for anyone in need. After months of being screwed over, he finally managed to return to his family in his own universe, but is unlikely to be rid of the room for good.

The Eleventh Doctor

A time traveller and recently a dimension hopper, the Time Lord known as the Doctor has paid visits to the room as he investigates the new multiverse he has discovered. Originally intended to be a throwaway name, then a one-off character, the Doctor has ended up becoming a permanent and unexpected addition to Normandy's cast. Never one to sit idly, whenever he is around excitement is not far behind.

  • Badass Crew: Formed one with other dimension hoppers including Tarvok, Sherlock Holmes, Sacagawea and Hawkeye.
  • Badass Boast: When anyone begins to question him, he responds with one of these.
  • Badass Pacifist: He doesn't need to fight to be a badass.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He may seem like a goofball, but he's still the Oncoming Storm
  • Bowties Are Cool: The Trope Namer
  • A Time Lord and his TARDIS
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Takes upon the Herculean task to help Cloud and his Planet to stop Jenova, or at least prevent it from causing more harm. When Cloud and the Planet are destroyed, the Doctor almost Blue Screens
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Whenever he is not immediately focused on something, he often crosses into this.
  • Does Not Like Guns: Or any weapons, really. He won't forbid others from using them if he feels it is neccessary and trusts them to show restraint, however.
  • Eternal Hero: Anywhere, anywhen.
  • Guile Hero: Prefers to outwit his opponents than actually fight them.
  • Human Alien: Though he would argue that since the Time Lords came first, everyone else is a Time Lord Alien.
  • Indy Ploy: It's clear he rarely has a plan, but he never lets that stop him.
  • Omniglot: Speaks baby, horse and cat even without the aid of the TARDIS.
  • Properly Paranoid: Many in the room can't quite understand why he is so worried about water, shadows and statues.
  • Refuge in Audacity: How he generally goes about things. When faced with Davros and a Reaper, he is facing two unbelievably dangerous threats with no plan or backup. He mocks them in their face.

A young Cybertronian in exodus from Cybertron after the Autobots abandoned their dying world. He is one of the warriors of Team Prime, a pocket of Autobot resistance centred on the world of Earth lead by their leader Optimus Prime himself. He stumbled onto the Room after a groundbridge incident and has been stuck there ever since.

  • Child Soldier: One of the youngest Autobots in a fighting role. He has spent his entire life in a state of war.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Became certain that he was pregnant after being told the secrets of organic reproduction by Griff and unfortunate incident with Cloud.
  • Cool Car: Has a custom-job 2011 Chevrolet Camaro as his alt-mode, to the delight of Cloud and others who appreciate his taste in disguise.
  • Cute Bruiser: He may be friendly and cheerful, but he is still a battle hardened warrior from an alien war.
  • Cute Mute: Can only talk in mechanical noises or through the radio, though neither of these are practical means of communication so he usually keeps quiet.
  • Friend to All Children: Is quick to befriend and protect the younger members of the Room.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Has very large eyes, by Cybertronian standards.
  • Wings Do Nothing: Well, not exactly true. They can open, shut, have the window wind up and down. But he's otherwise ground-bound.

Coras Tarvok

Toras' younger sister from one of the many alternate Mass Effect universes. This one is noticeably less dead than the one from his own universe. A soldier, through and through, she is a skilled fighter, perhaps even more so than her biotic brother. She is unmistakably a Tarvok, with the gentleness, loyalty and commitment of her brother, but her relentless desire to excel can leave her lacking patience and restraint. Though like her brother she is out of her depth in the Room, she refuses to let herself be overwhelmed.

  • Aliens Speaking English: She picked up some English from her brother, supplemented by a piece of translation software.
  • Badass Normal: In both her Cabal and the room itself.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: As a turian, her diet is based on a completely different set of amino acids to her companions. Her metalic skin also counts.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Her omniblade.
  • Broken Bird-Alien: As a long-runner in the room, Coras has slowly had her peace of mind whittled away, leaving her with anxiety and repressed feelings.
  • Deadpan Snarker: What were initially some rare, good-natured quips have gradually become far more regular and scathing as she becomes more anxious and irritable.
  • Despair Event Horizon: The Absolutist manages to drive Coras to utter hopelessness through his cruel mind games, leading her to believe that her entire family and all of her friends from her universe have been killed.
  • Determinator: Won't give up on any cause she commits to, much like her brother, though this mindset is starting to show cracks.
  • Freedom from Choice: Had never made a decision for herself without the influence of the Hierarchy before coming to the room.
  • Humanity Ensues: Was changed into a human by some mysterious force, to her displeasure. Was eventually restored to her true form.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Cloud, after a few false starts and backward steps.
  • Walking Armory: Serves as the weapon specialist in a squad otherwise filled with biotics.


Edmund K

An energetic young cat/fox beastkin that lives in The Slums. He spends most of his time fighting in the streets for cash, and never seems to be able to rest. Currently lives next door to Delta's family.

Delta/Elliot Ross

A young sheep child that has recently been released from a terrible lab. Lives with his three brothers and "mother" in The Slums.


A young deer that Delta saved from hunters. The pair seems to get snarky from time to time.

A younger version of Goat-kun from Umineko: When They Cry. He's a pushover who relies on both his "Big Brother" and his Mistress.

Arrok Seyarr
A result of Tatsumar's short time in World of Warcraft, Arrok is a Tauren medic that always seems to die.

Boris Airay

From Alice and the Country of Hearts. A Cheshire cat with a love for guns and Alice.

Pierce Villers (Shadow)

The shadow version of Pierce that Boris ended up sparing.


A new-ish player. Secretly not.
I hope you enjoy reading my article! Friend!

A man in a bird costume, actually, probably not a man at all, since he lacks arms, legs, or a body in general. Frequently speaks in theater metaphors, and is seen with The Tragedian

Rennor'Dinnan nar Idenna

The most ridiculously idealistic quarian ever.

     Thestonedog 78/thelastpsycho 

    Too Many Ideas 
A new-ish player. Xion is to him what Cloud is to Spaz. Feel free to add tropes, if you are so inclined.

A Nobody who's been through quite a lot, and is trying to live a normal life in this place. Too bad 'this place' and 'normal' do not generally go hand-in-hand.

I don't want to lose her again.

Xion's best friend. He went through a lot of the same things Xion did, and has anger issues. He is extremely protective of Xion, since he's had bad experiences with losing her in the past.


Trip is tripping. he's totally a robophile and probably omnisexual don't listen to him if he says otherwise.


A cheerful teenager. Only she is about 30, and a mother.


  • Badass Mom
  • Berserk Button: Lay a finger on her daughter, and she'll likely shove a staff up your arse.
  • Break the Cutie: While still somewhat childish at times, the Absolutist's presense made her a lot more paranoid, and overall an emotional wreck. Seems to be bouncing back after his defeat
  • Cheerful Child: Acts like this online.
  • Mama Bear: Not shown much, but the few times it is, there is no denying it.


Some four-year old kid who looks like Mistral. Is also Mistral's kid.


She's a robot who can summon gods. Your argument is invalid.


The Steel Student Council President of Yasogami High.


Some mysterious girl who appeared one day. Turns out she's the daughter of Aura, the Ultimate AI, and can seemingly bend reality

Susan "Suzy" Cameron

Small child. Came to the room. Learned she was horrible mutant. Hilarity ensues.

     Wacky Pancake 

Clippit (AKA Clippy)

Wacky Pancake's main character, and one of the longest lived of the game, the annoying assistant paperclip from Microsoft Office. He loves "helping" people. Voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.

The Elephant

Started of as a figurative example of an Elephant in the Room, but was turned into a literal example by some players as a throwaway gag. Wacky Pancake just took it and ran with it. He became Clippit's pet when he gave him some peanuts and has been a full-fledged character since.

Shub-Niggurath, The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young ("Shubby")
The form she takes when in the room (Art by Orange9714)

The Black Sheep of the Cthulhu family, no pun intended. She loves her children and her "gramps" Azathoth, frequently bickers with her brother Yog-Sothoth, and is close friends with Majora. She's quite peppy and friendly, if not a bit childish, and when she gets a break from her ever-so-tiring job as an immortal goddess, likes to visit the room and socialize. When she's bored, she loves to mess with the mortals, but she plays nice. She won't kill you. Usually.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: This is not the Shub-Niggurath you know.
  • Anti-Villain: If she can even be considered a villain.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Like the rest of her family. She's nice and tries to be polite to everybody she meets, but she doesn't quite understand how the mortal mind works. The fact that mortals don't like to be abused for her amusement completely befuddles her.
  • Catch Phrase: "Silly mortalses!"
  • Doting Parent: She loves her "boyses" and will gladly show you photos (which usually just look like an undefined mass of tentacles, teeth, eyes, and Moses knows what else) if you inquire.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Well, duh.
  • Humanoid Abomination: She takes on a humanoid form when in the room for practical reasons, as you can see in the image.
  • The Klutz: On a cosmic level. She has been known to destroy entire dimensions on accident.
  • O.C. Stand-in: The canon Shub-Niggurath is so vaguely defined that her personality was invented from whole cloth. And it shows.
  • Odd Friendship: With Pikachu.
  • Pluralses: Pluralizeses random words when talkingses for some reasonses.
  • Reality Warper: It comes with being a goddess. She could do absolutely whatever she wanted with the room and it's inhabitants, presumably involving copious amounts of Body Horror, but instead she normally uses it for menial things, such as geting free popcorn.
  • Signature Laugh: "Teeheehee!~". The tilde is mandatory.
  • Token Good Teammate: Of the Cthulhu family. She prefers striking up a friendly conversation or playing a game to driving people insane.
  • Trickster Goddess: She likes to use her powers to play pants-shittingly terrifying pranks on mortals. She thinks it's hilarious, her victims not so much.

     Nagisa Stick 
A new guy. Plays Napoleon.

Retired Players

    Randomman 5 

A frequenter of the Avatar Arena and "Were In A Room" forum RP. Drops in from time to time. Seems to have a penchant for robots.


An animate puppet with a penchant for sarcastic remarks. Just kind of showed up at some point and never questioned it.

  • Child Hater: Its first interaction with anyone in the room was Madoka unintentionally trying to tear it apart.
  • Colony Drop: Tried to avert Majora's by triggering one of its own with a comet.
  • Deadpan Snarker:Everything it says should be read in this kind of tone, unless otherwise noted.
  • Elemental Powers: Has spells of ice, fire, electricity, darkness, and light.
  • I Am A Humanitarian: Regularly threatens to eat those that annoy it. Whether or not it can actually do this and how it would go about doing so is yet to be seen.
  • No Biological Sex: Is completely genderless, though it has several prominently feminine features.


An S-Class Maverick Hunter that showed up in the Room after an accidental teleport mishap.

  • Flat-Earth Atheist: Doesn't believe in magic, despite meeting a number of magic users and at least one alien.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: His Tenshouha, which calls a massive laser from the sky when he punches the ground.
  • Future Me Scares Me: Initially believes that his future self is a copy. When he figures out the truth, he then asks why he isn't wearing shoulder armor...and then he asks about X.
  • Laser Blade: His Z-Saber.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Doesn't remember anything prior to being a Maverick Hunter, not even who built him. The fact that he gets headaches whenever Dr. Wily's or Mega Man's names are mentioned show that this is probably for the best.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Is sometimes mistaken for a human in armor.
  • Three-Laws Compliant: Mentions being this in passing, and thus does not appreciate senseless killing.


A strange little robot that just randomly appeared one day behind the couch.

The Golden Goddesses (Din, Farore and Nayru)

The creator deities of the land of Hyrule. They generally try to keep peace when possible, though their methods tend to differ depending on which goddess is stepping in.


Goddess of Chaos (and complete and utter bitch). Appeared to taunt her sisters (Din, Farore and Nayru) and decided to stick around the room, messing with anyone and everyone she comes across.

  • Attack Its Weak Point: Has described her tendrils as "like your funny bone spread across an entire appendage." Unsurprisingly, they get attacked a lot.
  • Bait and Switch: A purple-haired girl named "Pan" showed up right after Majora was (seemingly) killed by Ujasiri. It turns out that Pan actually was just a normal Hylian, albeit one being subtly manipulated and somewhat controlled by Majora.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The main reason why she's friends with Griff and Noel.
  • Berserk Button: See Morality Pet below. If you value your continued existence, this button should never, ever be pushed.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Was turned human by her sisters after killing Griff and got a job at a Bombchu Bowling Alley.
  • Combat Tentacles: Can sprout whiplike tendrils from her back to fight, though they are prone to getting damaged...usually by being stomped on.
  • Enemy Without: Shadow Majora, who acted pretty much the same way Majora herself did when she first showed up, and was promptly defeated by a team-up of pretty much everyone in the room (along with Bang Shishigami and Augus).
  • Cruel Mercy: Griff tried to use this as an argument to talk Blackrose out of murdering Majora while she was turned human.
  • Faking the Dead: Showed up in a fairy-sized body (known as Mini-Majora), only to be crushed to death by Ujasiri and later given a proper burial by Noel. Too bad that wasn't her real body.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After being turned human, she starts to gain an understanding of just how horrible she was to everyone, with plenty of help from Noel and Griff.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifting: One of her more regularly-used skills.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Gets knocked out by a firey...tendril...thing while turned human and subsequently develops this. Then Shub-Niggurath accidentally "fixed" her via rock to the face.
  • Manipulative Bitch: AND HOW!
  • Mind Rape: Does this to her "puppet" Griff when he does or says something she doesn't like.
  • Morality Pet: Acts less harsh when Noel, Griff or Pikachu are around, and is almost downright pleasant around Ronno. God help you if you hurt any of them...
  • Put on a Bus
  • The Sociopath: Was originally this, hurting others and watching them suffer with sadistic glee, even conjuring a bowl of popcorn on several occasions. One notable instance was creating a miniature version of Termina only to slowly and methodically annihilate it while talking to Rennor, just to freak him out.

Son Goku

Showed up in the room by accident and (after a rather prolonged fight with Vegeta) quickly made friends with several of the inhabitants, most notably Cloud and Toras.

  • Afraid of Needles: Unknowingly exploited by Hojo.
  • All-Loving Hero: His first instinct is to make friends with people in the room, and won't even kill the obviously evil ones if he can avoid it.
  • Back from the Dead: Was dead for a while after Thanos killed him. Note that this didn't actually stop him from visiting the room with a halo on his head.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Acts like a total bro to his friends, but will beat the living tar out of anyone who hurts others.
  • Blood Knight: Of sorts. This guy absolutely loves fighting.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Which leads to Thanos killing him.
  • Composite Character: Somewhat. He has memories of everything up to the Buu arc, but can transform into Super Saiyan 4 for some unspecified reason.
  • Easily Forgiven: Next time he sees Thanos, he holds a grudge until he finds out that Death "threw him out." He quickly relates.
  • Fusion Dance: Occasionally shows up fused with Vegeta into "Gogeta." Due to the strange properties of the room, they tend to stay fused for far longer than the technique normally allows.
  • KamehameHadouken: His signature attack, the Kamehameha Wave, is one half of the trope namer.
  • Made of Iron: Took a piano to the face and got right back up.
  • No Social Skills
  • Teleporters and Transporters: His Instant Transmission, which allows him to teleport anywhere he can lock onto a ki signature.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Picked a fight with Thanos.


Saiyan warrior and Goku's dad. Wound up saving Tifa's life through a psychic vision, so he and Cloud are pretty good friends.

    The Icy Sneasel

"Well, if this room is at stake, then I'll be here to protect it as well. You have my support, you guys!"

The kind-hearted, pacifistic protagonist of the Mega Man series. Cheerful, heroic and sometimes quite naive, he frequently teleports to the room to visit his friends and is happy to help them out when needed.

    Elbruno'm a tree!

"Come on, make your own folder." "No Snake." "Do it." "No." "Do it!" "No!" "DOITDOITDOITDOITDOIT!!" "Okay fine geez!"

Hiimdaisy's interpretation of Naked Snake, who somehow managed to take a level in insane after getting sick of being the Only Sane Man in the comics (and maybe after spending a little too much time with Elbruno).
  • Audience? What Audience?: Brings this reaction to most people that see his fourth-wall breaking antics. Some of them take it as just voices he hears in his head.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Knowing and referencing the fact that one is a character in a internet RPing forum is one thing. Hearing other RPers' spoilered comments and straight up holding conversations with his RPer regularly is a whole different thing.
  • Chaotic Stupid: Oh, so much. He has no sense of self-preservation whatsoever.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: He is definitely one of the less sane members of the thread.
  • The Cloudcuckoolander Was Right: ...Though that doesn't stop him from being right sometimes.
  • Dumb Struck: Despite being very out there, he still can be left without words occasionally when things get really disturbing.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Only after a lot of threats from Elbruno he's learned to not inmediately pursue any slightly animal-looking character in the room. Don't get a cat near him though.
  • Freudian Slip: Sometimes he gets serious when the topic at hand reminds him of The Boss, saying small references to the incident with her, and his attitude changing a little... And other times he mentions her name without even fazing while flying through the air after getting Thrown Across the Room by a pissed off Rosarita.
  • Made of Iron: He can take quite some abuse for a "regular" human.
  • Medium Awareness: Tends to get zig-zagged around, as sometimes it appears that he still thinks he is in a video game (although he has managed to introduce some video game only concepts into the place, somehow). He might be doing it on purpose.
  • Mind Rape: He was more or less forced into one. A Metal Gear Solid 2 inspired one with Gratuitous Spanish thrown in for good measure to be specific.
  • Moment Killer: Fond of doing these, regardless of Elbruno's warnings.
  • Nice Hat: His croc cap. He has to go get a new one every month or so.
  • Rage Against The RPer: Though he admits there's not a lot he can do about it.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With his RPer. They have shown to be fond of insulting and snarking to each other, but that doesn't stop them from getting the occasional Friendship Moment.
  • With Catlike Tread: His definition of stealth is wearing a cardboard box while shouting "I'M A BOX!".
  • Why Did It Have To Be Vampires?: The sole mention of vampires scares him, and when Dracula is nearby...!!

A pair of morronic rabbids lovers of amusing injuries, both of others and their own, especially their own. Always with their shopping cart with them, they wander the room and bring chaos for whatever reason. Also, they seem to be scared by Daisy.

Xenoblade' cast

Riki very good!

The legendary Heropon warrior that first showed up when Snake wasn't available. Don't be fooled by his cute looks and clumsiness, he can be one tough customer when he wants to.

Sharla only need one shot.

The team's field medic. A confident and kind woman with a huge rifle and zero tolerance for pointless fighting.
  • BFG: Her rifle is almost as big as her, and tends to give the wrong impression to those who don't know its functions.
  • Combat Medic: With her being a medic with a rifle as her weapon of choice, this should be expected.
  • Crazy-Prepared: She carries all sort of ether cartridges for her rifle: Offensive rounds, heal rounds, tranquilizer rounds, anti-reality warping rounds...
  • Facepalm: Her personal replacement for snarking.
  • Friendly Sniper
  • Improbable Use of a Weapon: People don't exactly tie shoot him with a rifle with cure his wounds. Not in Sharla's case.
  • Instant Sedation: From her tranquilizer rounds.
  • Percussive Prevention: How do you stop 2 people from killing each other in the room? Just shoot at them and give them a good night's sleep.

Fiora will be easy.

One of Shulk's old friends. Thought to have been killed during the Mechon attack to Colony 9, she appeared later in their journey in a roboticized body and with a quite special company inside her.

Besides the above mentioned, Shulk, Reyn, and Melia have also set foot in the room a few times. There was also an invasion from a "Dinobeast" (Telethia).

    Egregious One 

New to RPing, but trying very hard to keep up and enjoying every minute.

A mercenary sergeant raised from childhood in the military. Completely lacks social skills and basic civilian knowledge. Cautious to a fault, and violently overprotective of the people he cares about.

An old and powerful youkai with the ability to make flowers grow. Courteous and friendly, but massively sadistic.

     Death Chariot

Death from Persona 3. He's from a different universe from this Minato, which is basically a Lighter and Softer version of the P 3 P world with both the Arisato Twins alive.


Yes, THAT one. He has made a contract with get tips on his love life. Yes,you read that right.

King Arthur as a girl AKA Servant Saber. Hito summoned her accidentally, so now he's her Master.

All the Evil in the World personified.

The Wizard Marshall. He's mainly here to screw with stuff.
  • Lolicon: He hasn't shown it yet...but...

A major of the NOL and Ragna the Bloodedge's younger brother. Has been described as "always having a stick up his butt". Is well on the way of becoming Death's main.


Former regular, played as NoLegs and some Sonic and Touhou characters.