Roleplay / Our Avatars Are in a Room Together

"the weight of my sins crashing down on me"

Our avatars are in a room together is a Forum Game on the TV Tropes Forum which was started by Fuzy 2 K on the 22nd of February, 2011 and had reached 16,300+ posts by mid-December of the same year, and nearly thrice that by the one year mark. The game is much like the We Are Our Avatars RP, but takes place in the same room where all the avatars are in.

In the game, all avatars are together in a room where they interact together. It originally started out a fun, lighthearted thread, but got darker and more like a Forum RP. As a result, the game was split into two different threads, the less structured version called the FG as it was once located in the Forum Games section., and the plot-y version called the RP as it was created in the Roleplaying Section. The continuity here is looser than in the Forum RP. It can be found here. Please read the rules before joining.

The character sheet shows more character-specific details, but is not current and merely reflects the state of the thread circa 2013.

This Forum Game provides examples of: