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Peacock is rivals with Bloody Marie.

  • Possible spoilers ahead? Read at your own discretion. This is from old versions of the Skullgirls history and old profiles, so it could be out of date. If you're not sure, avoid it for now. If you don't mind potential spoilers, read on:
  • A few old revisions of the plot summary and Peacock's bio seem to suggest this. Peacock used to be a girl named Patricia before she was kidnapped by slave traders. One summary, found here, as well as other entries like this one, suggest that Peacock's personal grudge against the Skullgirl is because Marie used to be her friend before becoming the current Skullgirl, but stood by and did nothing while Patricia was kidnapped. This led to the eventual enslavement and torture, then the augmentation by ASG Labs and descent into madness that would end up in the creation of Peacock. Now that Peacock is a weapon with powers on par with that of the Skullgirl, she can get her revenge on Marie for allowing her to become what she is today through her negligence.
    • This WMG is sort of confirmed, as you go along through Peacock's story mode, there's more and more hints of it. After Dr. Avian's killed, Andy Anvil spots the Skullgirl. When Peacock gets a look at her, she says with tears in her eyes "...Marie's the skullgirl?" and decides to catch up with her before being interrupted by Double. After fighting Valentine and Double at the Cathedral, Peacock heads to the Catacombs to meet Marie. They talk for a bit like good old friends, referring to each other by name, and Marie even asks her to leave so Peacock isn't hurt. Peacock refuses to leave and decides to fight Marie, even if she's sad to have to. As the fight opens, Peacock says "Don't think I'll go easy on you..." while Marie says "...Patricia...". After the fight and Peacock destroys the Skullheart, Marie states that she wanted the Skullheart to get revenge on the slave traders who killed Peacock and to fight all evil. As she's dying, Peacock promises that they'll always be friends and that she'll take on Marie's work without trying to destroy the whole world in the process. Cut to Peacock fighting Black Dahlia.

Filia is the long-lost scion of a Mafia clan.

  • One of Cerebella's lines on defeating Filia is "You should've stuck with the family!" An odd choice for a win quote, unless she's talking about a capital-F Family... Granted, Filia's not the Mafia Princess type on first glance, but the loss of her memories must have had a significant effect on her personality, as it often does in Easy Amnesia stories.
    • Also suggestive is the fact that her name (or at least the name she now goes by) is Latin for "daughter".
    • Maybe she was in the same line of work as Cerebella?
  • One of Peacock's winquotes against Filia also seems to suggest this: "Huh, I expected more from the Medici mob!"
  • It's possible that Cerebella and Peacock could be referring to Samson in those quotes, seeing as he's attached to the back of Filia's head and neither quote is gender-specific. Maybe he somehow works for the mob?
  • If you look REALLY closely at around 1:09 of this video shows a picture for just a moment that seems to contain Vitale Medici, his wife(?), and a black haired girl that looks like it could be Filia...
    • An even more frightening possibility — the black-haired girl could also be Carol a/k/a Painwheel.
    • It pretty much is. Note her hair is parted similar to Painwheel's, and that Painwheel's mask outlines are on the picture.
  • Confirmed. While the exact details aren't known, when confronting Marie, Filia is told that she has Medici blood.
    • Word of God says Lorenzo and Vitale are Filia's grandfather and uncle.

Samson eats or has eaten people.

  • The evidence: he vomits skulls in Filia's level 3.
    • If they haven't changed the plotlines linked above, then we know that he ate Filia's parents...
    • Further evidence: in response to Filia asking "Who are you?" in her opening, he'll sometimes respond with "Lunch."

There will be a Real Soviet Damage reference.

  • As either an achievement, a win quote or what not. Because it'd be epic.
    • Confirmed; the "Real Circus Damage" achievement.
      • Double Confirmed; The announcer can sometimes say "Now that's REAL Soviet Damage!"
      • Triple Confirmed: Mike Z is recording the RSD voice as an alternative announcer. Furthermore, he says it verbatim as part of the pack.

One of the Anti-Skullgirls Lab characters will pull a Heel–Face Turn.

  • This editor believes it will be Painwheel. Valentine is out, since she seems incredibly loyal and has done some pretty heinous things, and Peacock seems too psychotic and broken to snap out of her murderous personality. Possibly, Painwheel might be freed from Brain Drain's control, and undergoes a major breakdown at what she has become. She then decides to seek redemption by using her horrific powers for a better cause, even if she will never be Carol again, and still has her violent, destructive tendencies.
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  • Confirmed, except that it is Valentine who makes the turn... except that she turns against Marie, not the ASL.

Filia is a Skullgirl or connected to the current one somehow.
  • Possible spoiler ahead. Continue reading if you don't mind spoilers.
    • She either encountered the current Skullgirl and survived or found the skull heart and made a wish, in either case the end result was the loss of her memories and the appearance of Samson on her head.
      • The evidence: At the top of the world page [1] of the main site, the figure standing amongst the wreckage is a Skullgirl, notice the red eyes. Out of all the revealed characters only Filia, Valentine, and Painwheel have red eyes in their default colors and the latter two have some sort of connection to a Skullgirl. Valentine is the current Skullgirl's right hand woman and Painwheel was injected with experimental Skullgirl blood, though it may just be the mask in her case.
  • Jossed: Filia has no connection other than being part of the Medici Mafia who Marie hates, it's Peacock who was actually friends with Marie.
    • Or is it? Filia 'has' met with Marie in the past but just what happened hasn't been revealed yet.
  • Filia's red eyes are the result of having a parasite attached to her, not because she has a connection with the Skullgirl.

Double comes from a race of Abusive Precursors who want to wipe out humanity.
They ruled the world in ancient times and were even worshiped (which is why Double resembles the statue in the cathedral), but were driven into hiding at some point, probably by humans obtaining Living Weapons and science that could fight them. Double has been sent by their queen (the "Great Mother" mentioned in her battle quotes) to aid the Skullgirl in thinning out their numbers so they can take over again. She also calls humans "the real monsters" in one of her victory quotes, indicating some bad blood against them.
  • Going even further, it's possible that she or her people might have created the Skullheart itself for the purpose of turning humans into monsters.
  • Confirmed: Queen Lamia and her daughters were from the race on Precursors who ascended to sort of godhood with their technology based on Parasites and started to be worshipped as The Trinity. Then Eliza came and killed Venus and Aeon, but Lamia escaped this fate through the proxy body named Double, with the Skull Heart left from her original form. Godlike beings, the Trinity has complicated relationships with the flow of time, so in retaliation they made the Skull Heart into the artifact present in the game to screw with humanity, because now they hate humans' guts. And whole Selfless Wish is a scam - the Skull Heart is a Jackass Genie par excellence and will find selfishness in anything, just to rub it in.

Bloody Marie will have a Dead Master Palette Swap.

The in-universe reason why the fights are presented as being filmed...
They are filming a movie in-universe and everyone is an animated actor.

Valentine has Survivor Guilt
She's the last survivor of 'The Last Hope'. There's hints that she was close to the team (she has a picture of them in her Valentine's Day artwork). Perhaps she has some major Hidden Depths?
  • Maybe she only joined up with the Skullgirl (heck, it even looks like she could have been forced to join) in order to get close enough to her to catch her off guard? She could be plotting to wait for the opportune time to backstab the Skullgirl and avenge her team, all while under the guise of being her servant.
  • At the end of the story mode trailer, the last clip is a scroll-up of a lot of dead bodies (most of them look like doctors), ending with a still of what appears to be Bloody Marie holding a sword up to Valentine's neck, with Double standing behind Valentine. Perhaps Bloody Marie forced her into a "you will be spared if you obey my commands" situation.
  • There's the above, but for those wondering about what Valentine did to Painwheel, her trope page itself says she was not happy about working on her and Brain Drain's plans for her. Perhaps she wants to Mercy Kill the poor thing?
  • All of the above is confirmed in Valentine's story mode. Although the part about Painwheel is in fact the other way around; she wants Painwheel to kill her to atone for what she did.

The Skullheart can't really grant wishes
All it does is turn girls into monsters. The whole "needing a pure heart" story was a lie invented by the Skullheart's creator to trick girls into trying to make wishes on it. It'd be impossible to disprove, since no one has a truly "pure" heart — everyone is at least capable of evil, and the very act of wishing is inherently selfish too.
  • Not if you wish for world peace.
    • Also if you wish for world peace. "I want peace so that I don't worry about anything anymore".
    • If old plotlines haven't changed, then we know that Annie of the Stars was granted immortality due to someone else's wish on the Skull Heart, and Bloody Marie was revived from the dead via a wish on it. And, as the other person noted, the Queen's wish for peace. The thing definitely does seem to grant wishes, albeit in twisted ways. This Troper's theory is that it will always grant a wish, but it holds "pure" to such an impossible or alien standard that anyone who dares to wish will be guaranteed to turn into a Skullgirl.
  • Not true. In multiple story mode endings, one of the characters you could play as can get their wish. For example, right before the boss fight, Marie admits to Cerebella that she's totally pure of heart, but she must be killed since the Medici family is evil.

Filia is the only person that's capable of using the Skull Heart safely.

Before Samson got attached to her head, Filia wasn't considered "pure of heart." However, her memory loss actually made her eligible for that requirement, due to the memory loss most likely changing her personality quite a bit. If the old plotlines haven't changed, this means Samson's plan of turning Filia into the Skullgirl will most likely backfire on him. And Filia will probably wish for her parents back, or something to that effect.

  • Jossed. In her story mode ending, Filia makes a wish using the Skull Heart but is told she will still turn into the next Skullgirl. Her transformation will simply be slower due to making an almost pure wish.
    • It's actually Cerebella who is pure enough of heart to be able to use the Skull Heart safely — and she REFUSES.
      • Someone who shakes people down for the Mafia has the purest heart... Either the Skull Heart was lying, or it's a terrible judge of character...
      • Well, you know what they say about pure innocence being both beautiful and terrifying...
      • That, or the claim of her having a "pure heart" was Schmuck Bait from an Unreliable Narrator, which wouldn't be far-fetched given the Skull Heart already being a Jerkass Genie as it is.
      • Actually, it's implied that Cerebella really would be pure enough to make a wish. Though she does work for the Mafia, she's never actually killed anyone, and sees the Medici family as her own family. At the end of her story, she's obviously quite distressed over the fact that she had to kill Ms. Fortune, even though she earned Vitale's approval for it.
      • Cerebella being pure of heart is not so hard to fathom should comparisons to Terra be made. In short, fundamentally good people at heart that are easily manipulated by rotten people that they trust (Vitalli and Xehanort respectively).

Ms. Fortune is a major case of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass and/or Beware the Silly Ones.

She's probably the silliest member of the playable cast bar Peacock, with her lame puns and goofy animations, yet she managed to turn her Immortality into a unique fighting style. For all we know, she may be the biggest badass too.

  • Confirmed, kinda. If her actions in Cerebella's story are anything to go by, Ms. Fortune wants to use the Skull Heart to completely destroy the Medici mafia. When she doesn't get it in that story, she STILL vows that she'll destroy them all. Underneath the puns, the kitty has claws.

After Squigly and Umbrella are released....

We will get a playable Marie, Venus and Aeon as DLC to follow up on the canon storyline, followed by Black Dahlia, Leduc, Beowulf and more.

  • I can't help but wonder how Marie will be made playable if they are really released as DLC.
    • She'll be a maid with a vacuum cleaner. Also she got better and has no more visibly exposed bones. Or at least that's what it seems in the DLC character lineup.
    • It was originally supposed to be Black Dahlia and Marie who would be released as the next DLC characters, according to Lab Zero. The Trinity sisters were originally going to be bosses for a theoretical third game. Not that it matters now, since after the Indiegogo campaign it's a moot point.

Venus and Aeon are alternate versions of Umbrella and Parasoul.

They are from an alternate timeline where Queen Nancy was never stopped and corrupted her daughters. It's why "Mother" has the same outline. Venus is if Umbrella grew up and absorbed her weapon or gained an eating disorder. Aeon is if Parasoul stopped aging earlier. If anything is different about Parasoul's hidden eye, Aeon will open hers and show she has the same condition.

The Life Gem and Skull Heart are sister artifacts.

One gives immortal life and the other turns you into a corrupted lich. If M.Fortune accepts the Skull Heart, her blood will flow through the Heart and the two will cancel each other out in a Bitter Sweet Ending.

  • Or the Life Gem is created from the Skull Heart. Skullgirl blood makes Painwheel shake off injuries, and the Life Gem was always a crystallized lump of it.

Candidacy for the Skullgirl is being an orphan.

Cerebella, M.Fortune, and Valentine see their associates as their family. Filia and Painwheel are at the least separated from their parents. Parasoul and Umbrella's mother is dead and their father is missing. Just as Patricia and Marie are war orphans, anybody could have lost their parents in the war. A Skullgirl is someone who was lured and adopted by Mother, which is why her daughters look so dissimilar.

Double IS the "Mother"!
If one looks at the statue in the cathedral stage, one may notice a similarity between the middle statue and Double. They both have that strange head thing and that creepy side face among other similarities... The reason she talks about the "Mother" in 3rd person is that Double isn't speaking, the Nun is!
  • Or perhaps Double has been made in The Mother's image, once more living up to it's name as a "Double"
  • Confirmed: Double is the proxy of Lamia, aka Mother. She's literally her body double.

All wishes made on the Skull Heart will be corrupted, and the wisher WILL become a Skullgirl, regardless of the wisher's purity.

Take Parasoul's ending. Her wish is amongst the most selfless and pure made: she simply doesn't want her sister to become a Skullgirl. Even then, the Skull Heart warns that she will become a Skullgirl in time. Based on this, this troper has to assume that it doesn't matter how pure a girl's heart may be: she makes a wish on the Skull Heart, and she's gonna become a Skullgirl.

  • Agreeable. Fillia Just wants Painwheel to have her old life back but is still corrupted anyway. In fact, the only way to disprove this would be if Cerebella were to use it. she doesn't so...
    • Alex Ahad has semi-confirmed this.
    • Semi-jossed: Cerebella is the only one pure enough to qualify, but she will never be able to actually make a wish.

  • Take a look at this quote from her ending:
    Painwheel: Do you really think you can control me? The truth're next!
    • You would think that's foreshadowing her plans to destroy Lab Zero, but what are you playing the game with? Why yes, you are using a controller! But unfortunately for you...Painwheel doesn't like to be controlled.

Red Eyes indicate union between supernatural and human
  • The Skullgirl has red eyes. Filia, Painwheel and Squigly have all bonded with a parasite and have red eyes - and Painwheel has synthetic Skullgirl blood in her body too. Peacock's mechanical eyes are red. Valentine serves the Skullgirl and has cross-shaped eyes, probably not natural. Double has red eyes and it's a Eldritch Abomination in humanlike form. Umbrella has pink eyes and is attracted to the Skullgirl.
    • What about Parasoul? Her eyes are orange.
      • Her umbrella is a living weapon and perhaps she's partially bonded with it; it's not a part of her, but it likely only responds to her commands. This could also explain Umbrella's pink eyes; it could be their umbrellas can only bond with their owners, to keep non-royals from using them. Cerebella's weapon doesn't bond with its owner because Vitale doesn't want it to; it makes it easier to replace his enforcers.
    • Doctor Avian has red eyes. But he doesn't appear to have any kind of cool special abilities at all... There are also several unnamed NPCs with red eyes who don't appear to be playable or otherwise in the spotlight.
      • True, but just because they're supernatural doesn't mean their powers are awesome; they could easily be Blessed with Suck. And even if they had powers, it doesn't mean they all choose to use them. Plus, if Avian's got them, that could easily be foreshadowing: sure, he dies in at least one ending, but all of the endings are completely independent of each other.

Skullgirls shares a universe with Madoka Magica, and it takes place after Madoka becomes Magical Girl Jesus.

The Skull Heart is an Artifact of Doom forged by the QB's, which is why it always corrupts the user's wish (the "pure of heart" thing is a crock because few people would seek the heart if they knew it would corrupt them). Bloody Marie is the spitting image of a PMMM-style Puella Magi; it isn't unheard of them to be evil, and arguably, fighting The Mafia isn't especially evil anyway, and the Skull Heart functions exactly as a Soul Gem should. This is why Marie is still alive despite taking enough damage that she's missing most of her skin, and also why she's such a wicked boss. Her theme is of a maid because her wish was to completely clean New Meridian of the Medici Mafia. Double is basically a super-demon, the demon equivalent of a Walpurgis Night-class witch. And speaking of untold amounts of damage, the Life Gem is also a Soul Gem, albeit an empty one, but one which now contains Ms. Fortune's soul because she ate it.

  • Also, the universe is as messed up as it is because after Madoka became the ultimate Magical Girl, she ran out of demons to slay and became the ultimate witch. Remember, she only protected OTHER magical girls from becoming witches; there's nothing that said SHE was protected from the same fate....Wait, no, yes there was. She destroyed her own witch form, nevermind.

On that note, the wish that will destroy the Skullheart once and for all? *PMMM SPOILERS*
"I wish to erase every Skullgirl before they are born! Every Skullgirl from every world, from the past and the future. With my own hands."
  • But what about the theory that the Skull Heart corrupts regardless of purity? The wisher would, themselves, become a Skullgirl...
    • If you had actually watched Madoka Magica, you wouldn't be asking this question; the wisher would destroy her own Skullgirl form and Ret-Gone herself from existence. Of course, doing something that could Ret-Gone yourself from existence might be considered a pure wish - so maybe she wouldn't become a Skullgirl in the first place.
  • Time for loophole abuse and the Skull Heart making Skullboys?
  • Skullgirls are made from mortal females. The Heart transforms wisher into ultimate Skullgirl hell-bent on slaughtering all women or aborting every female fetus (and killing mothers in process).
    • Skull Heart!? Okay Kyubey, the joke's over. You can stop now.

The world will end when more Renoirs are added to the roster.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in German are Pest(Pestilence), Krieg(War), Hunger(Famine), and Tod(Death). Parasoul and Umbrella use umbrellas called Krieg and Hungern. When their parents return, they will have the other two and bring about the Canopocalypse: Umbrellageddon.

The Skull Heart came from a terrible love affair.
  • We know that the Skull Heart focuses totally on women, right? So what if it was a gift... Like, the Grim Reaper himself took his heart out and gave it to the girl he loved? What if she was pure of heart but was too afraid of the Reaper to love him? Heartbroken, he went to the Mother, and she enchanted the heart so that it would grant wishes, but only to the 'pure of heart'. Convinced that his maiden was pure, he brought the heart back and disguised himself as a handsome young man. His wife-to-be, enchanted by his appearance, is far more receptive to his approach now.
  • When he showed her the heart again, she was terrified. He calmed her down and told her it would grant her one wish.
    • She was so hypnotized by his visage that she wished them to be 'together forever'. The Reaper stood horrified as the woman of his dreams turned into the Skullgirl. She was forced to be a human weapon of unparalelled destruction, and he was forced to aid her and every other Skull Girl after her. The Skull Heart contains the jealousy and anger of the original Skullgirl, forced to spend all eternity in a spiritual prison. Whenever a new Skullgirl appears, he dedicates his life to protecting her. If he ever appeared in the actual storyline, he would be the second challenger, in his human form and carrying a Tommy gun (he would be the weakest enemy in story mode due to him having no special powers he can use against the Skullgirl, for fear of killing her). He would also be the last boss, taking posession of the Skull heart and becoming a hulking Reaper. Worth a shot.
      • Before you ask, the reason why she was impure of heart is because she was too enchanted with the Reaper's power and what he could do rather than actually loving him.
      • That tommy gunner that appears in Marie's fight? Those and the shadows that fight for her are the Reaper.
      • Jossed. If you stop the picture when the Shadow attacks, you can see a woman-like figure with the Mother's triune crown. It would make more sense to say that the Skull Heart was a weapon used against the Mother and stole half of her power. That would explain the great deal of horror that happens and would explain the reasoning behind Double. Double is posessed by the true bad guy while her original psyche believes she does nothing wrong. When her eyes glow red, she is the Big Bad. Also, why does the Skull Girl need another servant ie: Double? While it does seem promising, the Reaper is not strictly necesarry, and may even end up as the final boss. After all, he gets the power of the Mother and tons of dead people to boss around...
  • Jossed by DLC. Skull Heart belonged to Queen Lamia, who, along with Venus and Aeon, used Parasites to ascend to sort-of godhood. Then came Eliza and killed them out of envy of their status, but Lamia survived through her proxy - Double. Having complicated relationship with timestream, the Trinity made the Skull Heart in what it is now as a means for revenge. The Selfless Wish is a scam - Trinity simply hates humanity and uses this plot to cause additional misery. Gender requirement most likely stems from Lamia being a woman.

Filia is impure because she caused Painwheel's transformation...but not exactly how you'd think.
  • As you may have noticed in Painwheel's story, there's a picture of a girl with blonde hair with a group of friends with her. After some research, this is apparently Fillia before Samson took over her hair. In the past, Fillia was actually an Alpha Bitch who tormented poor Carol!Painwheel in school. This eventually lead to Carol!Painwheel having a breakdown and she ran out of school, crying. With nobody around outside of school, a certain nurse with 36E breasts found the perfect test subject to kidnap...and thus, Painwheel was born. Fillia found out the next day that Carol had suddenly vanished after her breakdown, and she felt a little bit of guilt, AKA the main reason the Skullheart says she's impure. Somehow, even with her memories erased, that just never really left until she ran into Painwheel, who claimed to know her. If you've played Fillia's story, you know the rest.
    • Didn't Valentine object to the experimentation performed on Painwheel, though?
    • She didn't want to, but it's implied Brain Drain forced her into it.
    • Somewhat jossed when you consider that Filia and Carol were apparently friends before Samson took over Filia and Carol's transformation to Painwheel.
    • There might be a bit of truth in this, though. While it's hinted overall that Filia did something really bad that turned Carol into Painwheel, there's even more confirmation in the Dummied Out script for the original second ending where Filia wishes for her memories back. Specifically, Samson's "You told me not to...!" If that really is the truth (though who knows considering the party involved), Filia's amnesia was self-inflicted with Samson's help. In that case, the guilt was probably so extreme that she felt she had no other way to atone, kinda like what happened in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Black Dahlia was originally a member of the ASG Laboratories before joining the Medici Mafia.
  • It's painfully obvious when you look at her that Black Dahlia is a cyborg—That grenade launcher-esque arm cannon is hard to miss. If you consider the jointed appearance of her knee and ankle joints, her legs may also be robotic. Knowing this, where is the only place in the Skullgirls universe we know cyborgs are made? The Labs.
    • Her concept art also shows she has a long horizontal scar running across her back — the same place where Elizabeth Short, the real-life Black Dahlia, was cut in half.
  • But that's not all. Consider her line in Peacock's storymode ending: "So, the rumors were true. Geiger's resorted to experimenting on children now? My, how the mighty have fallen." If you read about the ASG Labs' history on the Skullgirls website, you'll see that Dr. Victor Geiger was the Labs' founder. If Black Dahlia is a cyborg and knows Geiger on a personal level, it seems apparent that she has a past with the Labs.
    • Also suggestive is the fact that her pale skin and pointed ears are almost a perfect match to Dr. Avian's.
  • Word of God says that Tom was hired away from Lab Four by Lorenzo, and brought with him the prototype mecha suit he was working on (Ottomo). The Medicis have a history of headhunting ASG Labs personnel.

Skullgirls shares the same universe as (or is at least VERY close to) BioShock
They both share Zeerust and DieselPunk asthetics, have tyrants, mad scientists, and crime lords as Big Bads, and are Black Comedy at the best of times, and pure Nightmare Fuel at worst. Oh, and Painwheel? Dress her in a diving suit, and try telling me with a straight face she wouldn't pass for a Big Sister.

The sequels for Skullgirls will follow the style of the BioShock Franchise
At least in terms of who the BigBads are. In order:

The identity of "Delilah"
It's been found that sometimes when Filia beats Marie, there's a chance he'll say "This one's for Delilah". We don't know who she is as this is the only time she's mentioned in the current build, but a few guesses can be made.
  • Samson's current girlfriend. Recall Samson's namesake: the old story in the Bible where Samson got his strength from his hair. During this story, he had a lover named Delilah who manipulated him and eventually led to his demise. Maybe she plays a similar role as a Shout-Out to the story: he's doing what Delilah told him to do and turn Filia into the Skullgirl, and could be a case of The Woman Behind the Parasite.
  • A previous Skullgirl. She was killed and Samson's doing what he can to take revenge on those who killed her. So by turning Filia into the Skullgirl, he'll be able to have the power to kill all those who killed her.
  • A previous host who became or was killed by a Skullgirl.
    • Confirmed to be a previous host on one of the Salty Cupcakes streams. She was apparently a very important host to Samson in his past.
  • Samson's creator who separated him from a superhuman of the same name, possibly with his identity.
  • Black Dahlia, who shares Samson's Supernatural Gold Eyes and is connected to the Medici Mafia.
  • Eliza's story reveals that Delilah was Samson's previous host.

Valentine and Parasoul have a closer relationship than shown in-game
It's a very loose guess, but notice how both Valentine and Parasoul have things covering one of their eyes: Parasoul's Peek-a-Bangs and Valentine's Eyepatch of Power. The eye that each covers is the same side as long as they're facing the same direction. When they're facing left, Parasoul's bangs are covering her left eye and Valentine's eyepatch covers her left eye, and vice versa when facing right. It's possible that this indicates that, at the very least, they had similar experiences that cost them their eye. What exactly happened is anyone's guess, considering the two don't have much interaction.

Krieg is also an Expressive Accessory
Like Vice Versa, Krieg is a living weapon that reflects the user's emotions, and for Parasoul they are mostly repressed tears. We know she's secretly a softy prone to fainting from stress. Even if she hides it well, the mess her family and kingdom are in are taking their toll.

The Skull Heart is not an artifact at all.
The Skull Heart is a talking, sentient body part that merges with a person to give them powers. What else does that? Parasites like Samson. Who has Marie met in the past that they won't explain yet? Filia, the only other parasite host currently in the game. Who clams up over crucial information? Samson. He makes it obvious with Painwheel, but he also keeps his mouth shut the whole time with Marie.
  • This could give the red eyes theory a stronger connection. Everybody with them is either a parasite host or someone who's gotten their hands dirty with artificial parasites. Except Parasoul, unless something new gets revealed about her.
  • In Peacock's intro, we learn putting multiple parasites on someone contaminates their soul but it can be regulated through something called a theonite balance. The Skull Heart corrupts its host and makes them give off a large theonite reaction. Painwheel regulates her two parasites using some other more extreme method which is likely her being injected with Skullgirl blood. Unless it's just Technobabble it points to a pretty strong connection
  • Confirmed, sort of: the Skull Heart is the only remain of Lamia, aka Mother. The Trinity belonged to the race of Precursors behind the Parasites technology, and they ascended to godhood through it. Then came Eliza and murdered them.

Marie will somehow survive or come Back from the Dead in the canon timeline.
So that they could use and possibly weaken her for the sequels. One solution is to make her a ghost.
  • Well she IS stated to be far stronger as a soul than previous Skull Heart hosts, so her coming Back from the Dead (possibly as a benevolent equivalent to the Grim Reaper) isn't out of the question

Double is the fusion of Venus and Aeon
According to the profiles of possible third DLC characters from the crowdfunding project, Venus, the Trinity's goddess of space, can manipulate space to shapeshift and grow extra body parts, while Aeon, the goddess of time, can access alternate versions of the other members of the roster to use attacks they could've learned. Double is a shapeshifting abomination that can morph into other characters and use attacks that had been Dummied Out. Thus, in the same vein as Hsien-Ko and her sister from Darkstalkers, Venus and Aeon combine together to fight as Double, with Venus providing the brawn and Aeon the brains.

If Feng is released as DLC...
When she lays her hands on the Skull Heart, one of three things will happen:

  • She will wish for Cerebella to love her. As a result, when she inevitably gets turned into a Skullgirl because of formulating such a selfish and immoral wish, Cerebella will be one of her servants.
  • She will wish for Cerebella to be happy with Vitale. She will still turn into a Skullgirl because her heart will keep hints of jealousy towards Vitale. When Cerebella finds out about it, she will feel sad about it, and will question her actions even more.
  • She will cop out of making a wish, thinking that it would be playing dirty, and either discard or destroy the Skull Heart.
  • Meh. Jossed before it could even take flight. Apparently, the devs have said that, even if Feng is released as a playable character, her attraction for Cerebella will not even be mentioned in the story. Mike even asked Alex about the love affair and it doesn't look like Feng would have any romantic feelings towards Cerebella.

If Brain Drain is released as DLC
His story mode will begin after Painwheel's ends, with Painwheel breaking free of Brain Drain's control once more. Brain Drain will proceed to seek out the Skull Heart as a means to gain unbreakable control over Painwheel, unaware of the corrupting effects it could have on him...

When Umbrella FINALLY gets to be playable (in the sequel)...
...there will be a Running Gag referring to her Demoted to Extra status, with the fights with the other characters occurring when they think she's too young to be fighting, and try to blow her off, thus slamming her Berserk Button. She may also look on with envy at the other fighters (especially her big sister), and want to be as strong as they are one day: only to regret this in her ending, where she becomes the Skullgirl, and is forced to destroy the world. Bonus Tear Jerker points if this ends up with her being forced to murder her own sister.

The only ones are "pure" enough to use the Skull Hearts are the one who wouldn't use it
Cerebella had a heart pure not because she was a better person than anyone else, she is a mob hitwoman after all, but because she didn't need the heart, nor had any interest in finding it. It just that over the years people assumed pure=/=nice and kind while actually the Heart meant those who don't desire using the power it contains under any circumstances.

Peacock's buddies aren't just weapons altered by the Avery Unit.
They actually are programs of the Avery Unit, granted "life" by Peacock. Avery himself is the Master Control program for both the Argus System and the Avery Unit (note that he's the guy "piloting" the Argus Agony attack).

Why yes, this was inspired by The Book of Darkness.

Tag Team Battles will be featured heavily during the Story Mode in the sequel.
Specifically, it'll be more than the Co-Dragons Ganging Up On The Human in a Sub-Boss Fight: There will be team-ups with the main characters based on where their story-modes intersect: Peacock and Ms. Fortune against The Mafia, Parasoul and Umbrella as the Princesses of the kingdom, Filia and Painwheel based on the Noodle Incident Filia has guilt over, etc. Bonus points if, in later levels, one can customize a tag-team from a selection of characters, and get different dialogue - or even story mode consequences - based on those selections.
  • Now Semi-Confirmed with Filia teaming up with Squiggly in her battle with Double.

The only way to really destroy the Skull Heart is to wish its own Cessation of Existence.
Just like the Shikon-no-Tama in Inuyasha, the only way to destroy a Jerkass Genie Artifact of Doom is to wish it for dissapear or wishing it was never created. As the wish is pure enough, as it will save a lot of people of the curse of the Skullgirl and since it was never created it will be no consecuences.

Bubsy is Mrs. Fortune's father.
Awful puns are In the Blood.

The world of Skullgirls never bothered to invent bras.
It's the only explanation for the conspicuous lack of them in the main cast. Apparently, the world's women are doing fine without them.
  • In Filia's old Time Out animation, Samson rips open her shirt, revealing that she does wear one.

Leviathan is connected to Venus Lovelace.
There is a strange scene in Squigly's intro where a red Leviathan bursts onto the screen when he reaches Squigly. Maybe. But the shape of his head and teeth look wrong. It looks more like one of Abaddon's heads shown in Venus's artwork but lacks the bulbous eyes. The red could be Roberto's blood but is also Abaddon's color.
  • I think he looks off because Leviathan was originally a legitimate snake/dragon-like being. With the resurrected Squigly he's become an undead skeleton, just as she has lost some of her flesh.

The Skull Heart will always turn any girl into the Skullgirl because any wish in itself is selfish/impure
This is the case no matter how generous you think your wish is.
  • Confirmed: The Skull Heart is a Jackass Genie and hates humanity's guts, it doesn't care about actual purity and will find selfishness in everyone on principle.

Brain Drain is a Magnificent Bastard, and Painwheel was a pawn and remained as such from the start.
Painwheel, thanks to the Skullgirl blood infused in her, is essentially on the Skull Heart's short list in the event that it gets broken or can't find a poor sucker to trick. She's a great big backup plan now. The Buer Drive and Gae Bolga parasites were infused to make sure that blood didn't take her apart or something. In her story she wrecks both the Skullgirl AND the Skull Heart, and after being informally rejected by her parents for being a monster she kneels in the street, engulfed with anguish and pain. Brain Drain then, out of nowhere, orders her to return to Lab Zero, at which point Painwheel grows Skullgirl eyes, seemingly becoming the new Skullgirl without the wishmaking.

So... what do you get if you fight fire with fire? More fire. Brain Drain sent what is basically his own pet Skullgirl against the real deal. Why? Because he wanted control of the Skullgirl. He deliberately let Painwheel loose off the leash so that she would direct herself to destroy Bloody Marie, replacing her. Valentine, who worked on Painwheel, was surprised to see her break free of the mind control so easily. And she would know about it more than anyone, save Brain Drain. So Brain Drain let Painwheel go to take out both Valentine AND the Skullgirl to take care of a loose end and replace the Skullgirl. He already has control over Painwheel. He made something of similar makeup that he already controlled because asserting dominance over a Skullgirl is... kind of hard to do.

Brain Drain himself showed very little urge to actually fetch his wayward weapon girl once she strayed off to do crazy Painwheel things. He only actually shows up when Painwheel's Skullgirl aspects (the eyes) started to manifest, which was his green light regarding whether or not his gambit had succeeded.

The Canopy Kingdom had a hand in the destruction of the Contiello family.
Of what we saw, at the Contiello matriarch's birthday party, Double in disguise delivered the Skull Heart to the birthday woman as a present. Lorenzo Medici, younger back then due to the Life Gem, had been after that thing already for unknown reasons, probably the power. He leaped out of his metaphorical seat to issue a command to literally murder every last Contiello to get that Skull Heart from them, even though they'd been pals until then. This order went down rather efficiently... until the Skull Heart was activated and turned the birthday massacre into a messed up welcome home party. Followed closely by a war party. When the dust cleared, the Contiellos were flattened, the Skullgirl was destroyed and the Skull Heart itself was nowhere to be found. Boo frikkin' hoo.

But years later the same damn thing happens when Queen Canopy wishes for world peace. Where the hell did SHE get the Skull Heart from?? Simple. She got it when the Contiellos were destroyed. The Medicis are implied to have a great deal of pull within the Kingdom, preventing Parasoul and co. from storming that nancy boy Lorenzo's mansion and making him dead, making his family dead and burning his house to the ground and then desecrating the ruins in the middle of the night in a bout of movie induced irony. So... when the Medicis went and pulled the plug on the Contiellos, the Canopy Kingdom also had forces there to get the Heart. Then the Skullgirl happened and they, though not prepared, were able to put her down quick and easy. Ish. Not linking that power to the Skull Heart, they pinched it when Lorenzo wasn't looking and kept it from him. And after a while Her Majesty goes and wishes for something as unfathomably selfish as world peace, and we know what happened from there.

This all spawned from this Troper beating Squigly as Parasoul. Leviathan accuses Parasoul of being a usurper. Wonder why.

All of the characters in Skullgirls are actors.
The world and all the races that inhabit it are real, but everything dealing with the war, the Medici family, the Skull Heart, and the Skullgirl are just elements of a movie that's being made. This is why the whole game contains different terms/items used in film making.

There is no Peacock, only Argus.
As we can see, there isn't a whole lot of little girl left of Patricia. It's mostly robot limbs, crazy bodily portals and weaponized bear trap teeth. Then there's those little knife eye things... in her intro they can float independently from her body, and her Argus Agony super makes a giant robot peacock head come out of her hat, followed by a laser barrage from an array of the Argus eyes. Her normal eyes are gone, too. So what if instead of seeing a comprehensible vision of the world through technology, she sees out of every eye from every perspective all at once? The Argus system is in control and it has adapted to what was left of her personality to assume the identity of Peacock, a deranged 'little girl' that likes violence and tv shows and hates chopsticks. And also has laser arms/eyes and can shove an entire mallet through her empty eye socket when she's done bashing heads with it. Peacock is not a person, but a parasite in its final stage of integration with a host. The Avery unit hasn't quite caught onto this yet.

Everyone is secretly Double.
Double can apparently disguise as anyone. So what if, every time there's a scene with an NPC in it and no Double, one of the NPCs is always actually Double in disguise??

According to supplemental material, Lorenzo Medici held a rather healthy, handsome and most importantly suspiciously long life. Cue a cat burglar and the band of thieves she snooped around with, the Fishbone Gang, performing a daring heist on the unsuspecting Medici mob family and pinching Lorenzo's Life Gem. Ms. Fortune swallows it before she and the gang are butchered and dumped into the ocean. Weeks later, presumably, Lorenzo has rapidly degraded into a frail, hideous old cretin. That Life Gem was the only thing keeping him from withering down to a prune of a man liable to break in half from the brute force of someone turning their head to look at him. A side effect of Ms. Fortune ingesting the gem is that its effects are everpresent on her at all times... this may well mean that she will live forever, unable to truly die, as she has fused with the Life Gem rather permanently if her description of the bond is anything to go by. Also, if her original design is canon in that it was what she looked like before she 'died', then Power Dyes Your Hair too. Or maybe it was being dead and submerged for a while that did that.
  • Probably jossed, since Cerebella's story mode shows that the life gem is still completely whole inside of Ms. Fortune. The only way she'd be stuck as immortal forever is if she never feels like cutting it out her stomach. ...Or if no one decided to follow Cerebella's example.
    • Wrong, Cerebella's Vice Versa headgear has the power to create gems out of things, like with her super ability to pull a piece of the ground up and punch it, turning it into a giant diamond going at high velocity. She compressed Ms. Fortune into a substitute Life Gem, because its power 'flowed through her veins'. The Fortune Life Gem even has her little collar's bell face on it. That Life Gem wasn't pulled out of her, that Life Gem IS her.

Tying to the above theory, Ms. Fortune survived being crushed by Cerebella, and is trapped in the Life Orb
....Course, this all works out well for her, cause now she can focus all her attention of destroying the Medici Family from the inside out, by playing with Cerebella's feelings and twisting her mind, in a fashion similar to the Skullheart itself.
  • Ingenius!

Umbrella, the Skullheart and hair!
After watching again Parasoul's story, an epiphany came to me. Umbrella posseses a strong affinity with the Skullheart because Queen Nancy was carrying her in the times of her transformation (because she wished peace, the transformation was slowly). Double's story revealing that Marie uses to be brunette but the transformation bleached her hair white give me the idea that Umbrella was supposed to born a redhead like her sister, but the power of the Heart decolored her red hair to pink while in the womb. I have not heard anything about King Frank but, i'm starting to consider he may be readhead too.

In the Fukua mode story, she kill Brain-Drain because she is clone and HATE IT
Although her mode story All Just a Dream or not?... Unlike Painwheel not shown she is enforced anything her actions in the Story. Fukua possibly much more development than any clone he made it, facts she really want to be Filia, idea she be just clone hate it so much, that are most clones like her and never be like Filia. So decided she that kill every clones for be ONLY ONE and later kill Brain-Drain for not make like Filia and that make Brain-Drain succed created mostly deadly clone that had her OWN will and kill every characters in gamel until converted to Filia... FREACKING FANSTATIC!!!
  • ... I didn't understand a word of that.
    • Allow me to attempt to translate it for you. Despite the fact that her story mode was just a dream (or not), and that she is a creation of Brain Drain, she is not under his control. Being inhabited by two souls, she may have more personality that any other of BD's cloning projects, and thus, may want to be Filia. So she takes down BD and his projects, so that he won't come back to her and make her do whatever. This leaves her room to hunt down and inhabit Filia.
  • Regardless of how much sense this actually makes, this did not happen in the story, nor are there any hints that the Brain Drain connection is canon to it. Unless Lab Zero decides to play her seriously and add her to the lore proper with said connection, this is probably jossed.

The Egyptian gods Eliza invokes were also parasite hosts.
Since we now know from Eliza's story mode that parasite hosts were once revered as gods, and she intends to have Filia replaced with a host for Samson that will obey her, it's possible that the Skullgirls versions of Bastet, Isis, etc. were her commanders in the old days. However, her going on the warpath against Queen Lamia resulted in them all either being killed in battle, or they were hunted down because of the anti-parasite prejudice like Delilah.

Peacock used to have Floating Limbs, but then she somehow lost them
Then she replaced them with Robot limbs.

Underneath the Grand Cathedral of the Divine Trinity is a horrible place called Gehenna, a cavernous hive of flesh, bone, blood and organs. No real explanation is given as to what it is or why it's down there, but it's a fair bet that it's biomass for Double to regenerate from, and in the event of total destruction, be respawned from.

The horrifying part comes from where it came from; it's people. Gehenna is the accumulated biomass of many thousands, or even millions of people that have been sacrificed to the chambers or that Double itself has personally gone out and captured... or swallowed.

Robofortune! For all your roboneko needs!
Robofortune, as opposed to a replica designed to replace and/or kill/capture Miss Fortune, will actually be almost exactly like the original except somewhat robotic in tone and diction. Regardless of who created her, she will seek out Miss Fortune with the intent to stop her from wishing on the Skull Heart, trying to protect her from it and help her move on. She'll essentially be Miss Fortune if she were enlightened already on the subject, complete with still making cat puns and being fairly playful. Her story mode will result in her delivering a Kirk Summation of sorts before telling the battered, defeated and resigned Fortune to pull herself back together because, in her segmented state, she is embarrassing both of them.

There will be a spin-off series themed on The '50s and The '60s.
There is a lot of potential for what might happen a couple of decades later in the Skullgirls universe, and a lot of stuff to draw from. Instead of a World War II motif, now there'll be a Cold War motif, alongside soda fountains, jukeboxes, roller skating, Jerk Jocks, rockabilly music, The Beatles (well, an analogue), Psychedelic Rock, large pink convertibles, drive-in theaters, drive-up hamburger stands, suburban sprawl (though I think the existing game already covers that), the Space Race, variety television, the early stages of the Civil Rights Movement, some Astro Boy expy, political assassinations, and maybe an Alien Invasion. Because this would be a Time Skip, it would necessitate a completely different set of characters, however, hence why it would have a spin-off status rather than a direct sequel.

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