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Story Mode

  • Some of Double's supers could count as moments of Creepy Awesome for her.
    • One of them involves summoning a legion of decapitated Fortune heads and siccing them on the opponent.
    • Another involves her transforming into every playable character in the game AND THEN SOME, using her various forms and their attacks to juggle her opponent around the room... all by herself. She can either teleport or she's just that fast.
      • The move is so awesome it is always accompanied by the Crowd Chant in Skullgirls tournaments (e.g, Combo Breaker).
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  • Peacock gets two during her ending. Destroying the Skullheart, while it attempts to give her a Hannibal Lecture, and proceeding to eliminate the Medici Mob.
  • In Squigly's story, Bloody Marie turning her undead horde into a pair of giant hands to stop a building from falling on New Meridian, and then throwing the building at a fleeing Lorenzo Medici.
    • Also in Squigly's story, Fillia and Samson saving Squigly from Double's sneak attack, and then joining forces with her to destroy Double, in the game's first instance of the player getting a tag-partner in story mode.
    • And just before that, Double tries to turn Squigly against Filia, claiming that she has Medici blood in her veins. Squigly's response?
      Squigly: I'll let her actions speak for her. Not you!
    • Leviathan incinerating Double after learning of its hand in Squigly's death.
  • Ms. Fortune's ending. The Skull Heart is right in front of her and she's ready to use it to resurrect her old friends...but at the last moment, she sees the Skull Heart for the Artifact of Doom that it is. Instead of making her wish and possibly becoming corrupted, she chooses to destroy it so that it can never tempt anybody to The Dark Side again. Even though the Skull Heart seems confident that it will return, it's still awesome.
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  • In Fukua's story, the final boss is a souped-up Filia, who starts the fight with a full tension gauge, has about 3 times the defense compared to you, and plays much harder than her AI should be for her difficulty. Winning despite having the odds stacked against you makes this one for the player.
  • Eliza absolutely breezes through her story mode, never once seeming even mildly challenged. Cerebella dies, Ms. Fortune is turned into a snack/slave, Squigly, Double and the Skull Heart all die, Filia and Samson are wrapped in a blood sarcophagus and then as the story ends, proceeds to have a giant monster fight with Bloody Marie. Not bad for a lounge singer.
  • Beowulf comes out of retirement and beats down some of Skullgirls' best —including Valentine and Big Band— without a scratch, showing why he was a hero back in the day. Taken even further when it turns out he was never a hero. And upon finding out Grendel was drugged when he beat him, what does Beowulf do? He beats Double masquerading as him and announces to the people anyway that his glory was all a lie, without caring what it might mean for him. He swears to them that he'll defeat the Skullgirl. Even ending up with Grendel's arm turned against him, even getting tag teamed by Marie and Double, he ends up making good in the end, becoming the true hero he'd always wanted to be.
    • Double points, pardon the pun, in continuing to fight after being Swallowed Whole by Double and it appears she can pull a Majin Buu by endlessly regenerating from her flesh. Beowulf doesn't care, he's not even intimidated despite how stupidly outclassed he is. To wit, everyone else at this point is helplessly trapped in her body, including some of the cast's most powerful, and this is more or less just an athletic guy with a folding chair. Badass Normal doesn't even begin to describe this.
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    • All of that is even better. His intro states that since the last Skullgirl, he hasn't fought since his last fight with Grendel. This isn't just some guy with a chair, this is a guy who's been lazing on the couch for a good few years... And he still kicks ass.


  • The fans raising $78,000 during the breast cancer charity drive (to give one game a chance to be at the Evo 2013 Tournament). While Skullgirls ultimately lost to Super Smash Bros. Melee, it was quite a commendable race for both games' communities.
    • One of the donation rewards was an audio recording from one member of the cast. One donor requested that Peacock's voice actor sing Yakko's World.
      • Then, Lab Zero's sound guy did his usual voice editing to make the recording actually sound like Peacock. That's also available right here.
      • Then someone added Big Band's Trumpet to the mix to make the song complete.
    • The introduction of Rich Brown (at 0:07:22), Big Band's voice actor. Although the recording doesn't show it, the chat exploded the moment they heard his voice. Rich then proceeded to talk to the viewers directly, with one of the high notes being his Darth Vader impression.
  • And then the breast cancer charity donation amount was topped by fans raising more than $150,000 in one day to fund the first DLC character. This has broken Indiegogo's previous record of $135,453 for money raised in 24 hours. In the end, a total of $829,829 was donatednote , funding a total of five characters (four with complete story modes), four stages, six voice packs, three different announcers, and the free licensing of the Skullgirls engine to Mane6. In addition, there were two extra stages added to show off all the Contest Winner Cameos, and an additional stage and story mode for the last character was added when it turned out that one of the development costs had been lifted.
    • And while we're on the topic, Lab Zero proves they are awesome by being extremely open about the development they're doing thanks to the Indiegogo fundraiser by doing things like streaming Squigly's animation work.
  • Mike Z, on his lonesome and armed with only existing Skullgirls assets, managed to create a unique character (the meme-turned-real Fukua) in less than a week.
  • The game counts as one for fighting games with 2D hand-drawn art as a whole as it pioneers an innovative new system (the use of a 3D engine on a 2D game) that automatically adds shading and lighting to a "sprite" instead of requiring them to be drawn.
  • The game broke 50,000 copies in ten days. The game wasn't even available in Europe yet!
  • Here is someone playing U.N. Owen Was Her using Big Band's trumpet attack.
  • After over seven years of asking, the fans’ prayers are answered! Annie of the Stars is joining the cast!

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