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  • Actor Allusion: In the case of the Japanese dub voice of Parasoul, this isn't the first time Rie Tanaka voiced a red-headed leader who spouts Gratuitous French and fights with a weapon like a rapier. At the same time, her Mitsuru Kirijo skin become double case of Actor Allusion and a case of Hilarious in Hindsight.
    • In the same way, it's not the first time Daisuke Ono voiced a wrestler.
    • Kana Hanazawa (Miss Fortune and Robo-Fortune) already voiced girls related with cats.
    • Back to the original English version, Peacock's Gag Dub voice pack is that of an Occidental Otaku rather than the Golden Age of Cartoons, and her voice actress Sarah Anne Williams (and plenty others in the cast) have had some experience dubbing anime.
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    • Both of Filia's (and by proxy Fukua's) voice actresses have voiced and first rose to stardom voicing Azusa Nakano.
  • Bleached Underpants: ZONE has been hired as an animator. What are they already known for? Rule 34 flash animations, including one of Skullgirls. Neither they nor the Skullgirls development team seem to mind though. It should be mentioned that ZONE simply applied to a job opening.
    • And for April Fools' Day (2013), her mascot Zone-tan was "announced" as a playable character, complete with a bio. This became something of an Ascended Meme when Zone-tan became the basis of one of Squigly's palettes.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: This is one of the rewards in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. It became popular enough to result in the announcement of two new stages, simply to show everyone's characters. (Keep in mind that each of these people had to donate $1,500 or more to get their characters into the game.)
    • Matt and Woolie, Zone-tan (ZONE's mascot), and Sanshee's mascot all appear as background characters in the River King Casino and Glass Canopy stages.
    • One notable NPC is a double whammy—the young man in the Glass Canopy stage wearing royal garb and a crown. That's Duckator, two-time EVO champion and so-called "King of Skullgirls". So not only does he get an NPC for backing the Indiegogo campaign, he gets to put in that specific NPC for being really good at the game.
  • Cosplay: In one of Alex's artworks, the original main cast all dress up for Halloween. The list is: -
  • Descended Creator: Mike Z, lead combat programmer, is voicing the Real Soviet Announcer, along with several side characters in story mode.
  • Development Gag:
    • One of Ms. Fortune's alternate colors is based on her original design
    • Many of Double's transformations involve animations and concepts not used by the final designs of each character.
    • Samson (the DLC character) was based on the original concept for Filia, in which he had eaten her body from the inside out and was using her as a Meat Puppet; as well as early scripts where he was quite a lot darker than his current incarnation and manipulating Filia into becoming the Skullgirl.
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    • Much of Fukua's moveset is remnants from back in the alpha stage of development, where the only three characters were three versions of Filia: a rushdown version (the "proper" one), a zoner version (who would later become Peacock), and a grappler version (who would later become Cerebella). Her projectile move and command grabs were taken from the latter two. This is all referenced in her "backstory".
    • Cerebella's birthday is April 11th - the date of the game's Xbox Live Arcade Releasenote .
    • Fukua started off as a typo made by a Lab Zero animator during a Twitch stream. She quickly evolved into her own character.
  • Doing It for the Art: The game has regularly been called a "labor of love" by Mike Z, and it shows.
    • The use of high-res, hand-drawn art over 3D models was done because the developers simply wanted to, despite the fact it ended up requiring a much higher budget and large team of professional artists and animators. The gorgeous art is never once compromised, with every single character frame looking on-model.
    • Big Band has a move where he whips out a trumpet. If you press another button, Big Band will play a note. You can actually play nearly the entire range of a trumpet with this move, encluding entire songs!
    • Even after getting laid off, the dev team decided to make some sacrifices and start the crowdfunding to be able to continue growing the game. And for a limited time, offering what they make for free! Production for the game continued into 2017: patches were released frequently, developers talked to the fans, and the artists streamed the animations they created for the DLC characters.
    • This even extends to the fandom. When the background characters submitted by high-paying backers were first shown, Mike Z stated that they weren't going to have any animation, since that wasn't in their budget. Several talented fans offered to create animated versions for them, even after Mike explicitly said that Lab Zero couldn't afford to pay them.
    • When Skullgirls: Encore was released for PlayStation Network, only a handful of consumers who bought the original got their vouchers for the updated version from Sony as they are no longer handing them out. However, this wasn't going to stop Lab Zero Games from getting the vouchers from Sony and hand them out themselves for those that already have the game but not the updated version.
    • There's the fact that with the PS4 and Vita port, Second Encore, they're adding multiple new modes, fully voiced story mode, and support for PS3 fight sticks. With this and the inclusion of taunts for all characters, the game has definitely become one of the best video game examples of this trope.
    • The fact that it's a western-developed gamenote  whose voices are recorded in LAnote  but averts using union-only talent in favor of non-union and anime dub talent is one in and of itself.
  • Easter Egg:
    • If Peacock is hit at the right time when she fries an ant in her crouching Mid Kick move, you can save it and then watch it run across to the other side of the stage. You can also spare said ant if you play as Peacock by immediately cancelling the move into a special. You can do this in rapid succession to get multiple ants skittering along the stage.
    • When Cerebella connects with her Lock n' Load attack, there's a .02% chance of a random, poorly-drawn cat skittering across the stage. As detailed on the main page, an animator sketched a cat in one frame but forgot to take it out, and Mike Z said he wanted to keep it in as part of an Easter egg. The rest of the dev team agreed - but only if Mike animated it himself.
  • Exiled from Continuity: Juju because her creator broke a non-disclosure agreement only a couple of hours after she was accepted.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Bionic Car", "Toontown Swag Wagon", or "Drunk Drivin'~" for Double's super move mimicking Peacock.
    • Republican Double - Double in her red color palette. Comes from this video, which later expanded into a sort-of in-joke within the community: "REPUBLICAN DOUBLE FOR DLC!" (And now, thanks to the Indiegogo fundraiser reaching $250,000, it actually IS going to be DLC!)
      • Combining the above two gives us "REPUBLICAN CAR!"
    • "Swag Bag" for Peacock's grab super.
    • "Science Shark" for Dr. Stanley Whitefin, the Dagonian scientist in the background of the Anti-Skullgirl Laboratory stage.
    • "Lunch" for Minnette, the Dagonian waitress from Ms. Fortune's story mode.
    • "Doublecock" or "Cock and Ass" for a team including Peacock and Double. Quite a popular team, as Double's Hornet Bomber assist provides a great way to get into Peacock's keepaway game.
    • "Boob Nurse" for Valentine. No points for guessing why.
    • "Sax-Q" for Big Band, referencing both his look and the way that Mike Z wants him to fight.
      • Big Band was nicknamed "Detective Sax" by Japanese fans before they found out anything else about him; in a nod to the way names can change in different localizations of a game, the developers are actually planning to make that his official name in Japan.
      • Big Bad is another nickname for Big Band, due to people primarily picking him up for his fantastic assists. However, as a result of that, Big Band players are also usually terrible to okay as him, making him dead weight on their teams as a result.
    • Ass-ist for Double's Hornet Bomber attack, due to its primary use being an assist.
  • Fake Nationality: Parasoul, who speaks with a light French accent and has several French voice lines, is voiced by the Canadian-American Erin Fitzgerald. Erin does actually fluently speak French, however.
  • Multiple Endings: It was part of the original premise that all starting characters sans Double got a choice after beating Marie. Only one of those endings made it into the finished product. The scrapped ones are:
    • Filia: Wishes for her memories back, and becomes the Skullgirl immediately instead of it being drawn out.
    • Cerebella: Wishes for Vitale to love her; he goes yandere and kills the Cirque Du Cartes sans Feng, who kills him. He comes back as a zombie, terrifying both of them, and Feng pleads with Cerebella to run away with her and start over.
    • Peacock: Wishes for all the world's air to be turned into chocolate; Skullheart can't do it. Then to turn everyone in the world into cute puppies; the heart won't do it. Cue massive argument, each calling the other useless.
    • Parasoul: Destroys the Skullheart, and kills Umbrella doing so.
    • Fortune: Wishes for her old buddies back; she gets them back. As her new undead minions when she becomes the next Skullgirl.
    • Painwheel: Wishes for freedom; is freed from all her remaining humanity as a much more powerful Skullgirl.
    • Valentine: Seals the Skullheart and return with it to Lab Zero. While Brain Drain is pleased with that, he cannot let her betrayal slide, and does to her what he did to Painwheel.
  • Old Shame: Mike Z has said that he regrets the time he spent playing BlazBlue.
    "Whenever someone comes up to me and says that I inspired them to play Tager, all I can say is 'I'm so sorry'."
  • Palette Swap: A breakdown can be found here starting about 6 hours in. You can also watch this video.
    • Filia
    4: Based on an early concept for an alternate costume.
    7: Past!Filia (before Samson)
    8: Her original color scheme
    9: Miku Hatsune
    10: Rei Miyamoto
    12: Magneto
    14: Millia Rage
    16: Zeruel
    17: Scanty
    18: Madoka Kaname
    20: Fiona
    21: Shantae
    23: Millia Rage again, this time in her Guilty Gear Xrd outfit
    25: Ryuko Matoi
    • Cerebella
    2: R. Mika
    3: Harley Quinn
    4: NiGHTS 5: Hulk Hogan
    6: Hugo
    7: The bunny suit from her Story Mode ending.
    8: The Double!Cerebella palette fought in Cerebella's Story Mode.
    9: Battletoads
    14: Potemkin
    17: Maleficent
    18: Homura Akemi
    19: Brazil, with Soccer ball MikeZ cat
    21: Annie of the Stars
    22: Heavy Weapons Guy
    24: Shigen Naoe
    25: Ira Gamagori
    26: D.Va
    • Peacock
    2: The Double!Peacock palette fought in Peacock's Story Mode.
    3: Alucard
    6: Lucky, the mascot of Lucky Charms cereal
    7: The pajamas from her Story Mode opening
    8: Black-and-white cartoons
    (9): Cirno
    11: Milk Chan
    12: Cable
    14: Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei
    16: The Warden
    17: Inspector Gadget
    18: Sayaka Miki
    19: Raspberyl
    20: The Grinch
    21: Princess Daisy
    22: Indian Peafowl
    23: The Joker
    24: Nonon Jakuzure
    25: Annie of the Stars
    26: Cuphead
    27: Woody
    • Parasoul
    2: Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
    3: Mirielle Bouquet
    4: Those Wacky Nazis
    7: The fencing outfit from her Story Mode ending.
    8: The Egret color scheme.
    9: Kneesocks
    11: Mitsuru Kirijo
    12: Olivier Armstrong
    14: Kula Diamond
    15: Alruna
    16: Megurine Luka
    17: Jessica Rabbit
    18: Samus Aran's Justin Bailey outfit from the original Metroid.
    19: Poison Ivy
    20: Fluttershy (Parasoul's sister Umbrella has the same color scheme, but this palette has Fluttershy's blue eyes instead of Umbrella's pink ones.)
    21: Char Aznable
    22: 90's Jean Grey
    23: Kyoko Minazuki
    24: Captain Commando
    25: Annie of the Stars
    26: Daphne Blake
    27: Widowmaker
    • Ms. Fortune
    • Painwheel
    7: Brain Drain
    8: Valentine
    9: Kamen Rider #1
    11: Day of the Dead (Mexican holiday) colors
    12: Sentinel
    14: Vega
    15: Jason Voorhees
    16: EVA Unit-01
    17: Haku
    18: Basara
    19: Dat Mango Sentinel
    21: Rozalin/True Zenon
    24: Spider-Man
    25: Berserk Ryuko
    27: Hisako
    • Valentine
    3: Mai Shiranui
    4: Nurse Hallow
    5: Nurse Patty
    6: Nurse Easter
    7: Skullgirl coloring from Valentine's Story Mode ending
    8: Nurse Christmas
    9: The nurses from Silent Hill 2.
    10: Healing Spring Fairy
    12: Sheena Fujibayashi
    13: Anesthesia
    14: Baiken
    15: Sam the Mechanic
    16: Yowane Haku
    17: Haruko Haruhara
    18: Kasumi
    19: Kyoko Needleworker
    20: Shinobu
    21: Nu-13
    22: Taki
    25: Strider Hiryu
    26: Chipp Zanuff
    27: Mercy
    • Double
    2: Squigly (Double has the right colors when she morphs into Squigly in her Level 3 super)
    3: Red
    4: Based on Double's old design.
    5: Umbrella (see Squigly palette)
    6: Arakune
    7: The "stomach" colors from her story mode ending.
    8: Based on Double's character poster.
    9: Oil
    10: Saya no Uta
    11: Neapolitan ice cream
    12: Ms. Victoria (meaning that if you do Double's Level 3 super, she'll actually have the correct colors when she morphs into Victoria)
    13, 14, 15, 16: Water, Silver, Gold, Blood
    17: Envy
    18: Ditto
    19: Double Rainbow
    20: The Skull Heart
    21: Christmas Tree
    22: Ichiro Irabu
    23: Cubia
    24: Life Fibers
    25: Mystique
    26: Wii Fit Trainer
    27: Abyss, First Form
    • Squigly
    3: Lydia
    5: Rin Kagamine
    7: How she looked when she was alive.
    8: Marie
    9: Either Abyss or Dead Master.
    12: Zozo
    13: Emily
    14: Litchi Faye-Ling
    15: Zone-tan
    17: Sucy
    18: Kyoko Sakura
    19: Gum
    20: Yoshika Miyako
    21: Alice
    23: Sable
    24: Beetlejuice
    25: Nui Harime
    26: Elsa
    27: Ronald McDonald, with Leviathan as Grimace
    A palette based on Earthworm Jim was removed; Alex wasn't satisfied with the way it looked.
    • Big Band
    2: Kolchak: The Night Stalker
    3: Q's red palette
    4: Smooth Criminal
    5: White Ranger
    6: Big Zam
    7: Sepia-tone
    8: Dick Tracy or The Man with The Yellow Hat
    9: Sturm
    10: Nonon Jakuzure
    11: Famicom
    12: Mega Drive
    13: The Question
    14: King Dedede
    15: Original, based on military uniforms
    16: RoboCop
    17: Big The Cat
    18: Gato
    19: The Big O
    21: Big Pimpin'
    22: Negaduck
    23: Metal Flotsam
    24: Captain Spaceman from Spaceman: Unarmed and Ready to Launch, a comic by Lava Punch (the studio Alex Ahad had previously worked at)
    25: Robo-Ky
    26: Jotaro Kujo
    27: Potemkin, in his Guilty Gear Xrd outfit
    • Fukuanote 
    4: Decapre
    5: Ermac
    6: Shadow Lady
    7: Akuma (Who started out as a buffed headswap of Ryu and Ken)
    8: Mecha-Zangief
    9: Morrigan Aensland
    10: Sean Matsuda
    11: Rain
    12: Reptile
    13: Maeruto Suezumaeki (parody of Naruto)
    14: Falco Lombardi
    15: Alpha-152
    16: Violent Ken
    17: Shadow the Hedgehog
    18: Eva Earlong
    19: Allen Snider
    20: Red Venom
    21: Honoka
    22: War Machine
    23: Robo-Ky Mk. II
    24: Ryuko Matoi brainwashed by Ragyo Kiryuin
    25: Orochi Shermie
    26: 2B's palette swap found in Soulcalibur VI, nicknamed 2P
    27: Daisy
    • Eliza
    2: Cleopatra
    3: Eliza
    7: Bloody (from Eliza's Story Mode)
    8: Princess Iset
    9: Midnight-Blissed Jedah Dohma; Albus as Jon Talbain
    10: Crimson Viper; Albus as Rufus, giving two Actor Allusions for the price of one.
    11: Tharja
    12: Doctor Doom
    13: I-No
    14: Queen Odette
    15: Dio Brando; Albus and Horace as The World from the original manga, with Sekhmet as The World from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future.
    16: Faye Valentine; Albus as Spike Spiegel and Horace as Jet Black
    17: Velvet
    18: Ragyo Kiryuin; Sekhmet as Life Fibers, Albus as Rei Hōōmaru and Horace as COVERS
    19: Red; Sekhmet as The Process
    21: Porrim Maryam
    23: Urien; Sekhmet as Twelve, Albus as Gill and Horace as Necro
    24: Raven; Sekhmet as Trigon, Albus and Horace as Beast Boy
    25: Elizabeth; Sekhmet as Thanatos
    26: Ana
    • Beowulf
    3: Sexy Firefighter
    4: Dudley (Pink palette)
    7: Beowulf's superhero attire from his ending
    8: Grendel (Backer Color)
    9: El Santo
    10: Alex
    12: Wolverine
    13: Jax Briggs (Backer Color)
    14: Kanji Tatsumi (Backer Color)
    15: The Green Ranger
    16: Yamcha
    17: Jon Talbain
    18: Naked Snake (Backer Color)
    20: William Riker
    21: Ultimate Warrior (Backer Color)
    23: Batman
    24: The Baz
    25: Captain America
    26: Incineroar
    27: Captain Planet
    • Robo-Fortune
    2: Alt color Fei-Yen
    3: Colon
    4: RAcaseal
    5: C-3PO
    6: Vectorman
    7: The giant Robo-Fortune mechs from Robo-Fortune's ending
    8: Terminator
    9: Monsoon
    10: Aigis
    11: Drossel von Flügel
    12: Iron Man
    13: Robo-Ky
    14: RX-78-2 Gundam
    15: Bass
    16: Motoko Kusanagi
    17: Sarah N. Dippity (backer color)
    18: Samus Aran in the Varia suit
    19: Samus Aran in the Gravity suit
    20: KOS-MOS
    21: T-elos
    23: Kireek
    24: R-DASH 5000 (backer color)
    25: Spiral
    26: Mega Man X
    27: Pharah
  • Promoted Fanboy: As noted on the trope's page, Skullgirls has several of them on the staff already. But in the case of the game's own fandom there is the message board at, which has cut a deal with Lab Zero to become the official forum of the game.
    • Also from the game's own fandom, Skullheart news writer Kai Kennedy (Better known as Night Phyre) ended up auditioning for the role of Beowulf and got the part.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: The announcer in Skullgirls has voice-acted in a Skullgirls porn flash on Newgrounds submitted by Hentai creator "ZONE-SAMA", who is a fan of the game.
  • Saved by the Fans: The massively successful Indiegogo campaign allowed the game's development to continue for a while.
  • Saved from Development Hell: With considerable help from the Indiegogo campaign.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: In an attempt to avert it, Marvelous AQL required Lab Zero to change the color of any red cross on a white background (to avoid possible trademark infringement with the International Red Cross) when the Japanese release of Encore was coming about. Naturally, this primarily affects Hospital Hottie Valentine, who had the color of her crosses changed to... purplish-pink. The developers have outright said they're not happy with the decision, but they didn't have much choice.
  • Star-Making Role: This game allowed many voice actresses to make names for themselves, in particular Danielle McRae, Christine Marie Cabanos, Kimlinh Tran, and Sarah Williams.
    • Rich Brown can usually be found narrating videos for Gametrailers. Big Band was his first voice acting role, and Rich had already developed a fandom before the character was released.
  • Troubled Production: You have no idea...
    • After the game's first patch premiered on PSN with a different developer logo on startup, the developers released a statement explaining the long delay: the entire Skullgirls dev team had been laid off by Reverge Labs six months earlier, and had only just finished setting up a new studio (Lab Zero Games) in collaboration with their publisher (still Autumn Games) to continue work on future patches and DLC.
    • The dev team was laid off due to the massive legal issues that Autumn Games and Konami were involved with due to Def Jam Rapstar, a game that otherwise did not effect Skullgirls' development in any possible way.
    • The team was having some issues with a patch size limit on Xbox; the memory needed for the patch was over 100 times the size of the limit. It eventually came out.
    • And then Lab Zero decided to legally cut all ties between Skullgirls and Konami so that there wouldn't be major headaches regarding patches for the console versions (other than the Japanese PSN version, which has a different publisher). While this cutting of ties was successful, it led to a major side effect: Konami requested that Skullgirls be delisted from PSN and Xbox Live Arcade on the 17th and 31st of December, respectively. Did we mention that L0 was only notified of this secondhand, after it was already approved by Sony? The issue was quickly settled, however, and the game is being re-released (for free to previous owners) as Skullgirls: Encore, transferring publisher rights from Konami to Marvelous AQL (the same publisher as the PC release) and finally getting Squigly out on consoles (along with plans to release any new characters concurrently with the PC release). The move to the Encore edition will also release the game in Japan for Xbox 360, under Marvelous AQL's publisher ownership.
    • Lab Zero just can't catch a break. Within only a few days of announcing the plans for the Encore edition, the Japanese publisher of the PS3 version (which, up until the Encore release, was the only console version of the game available), CyberFront, was closed by its parent company. Skullgirls, being rather popular in Japan, was scheduled to get an arcade release there through a separate publisher. What this currently means for the future of the game in Japan is uncertain, but NESiCA — the arcade publisher — made a point of featuring Skullgirls Encore in its presentation at JAEPO 2014, including a taped message from Mike Z and Alex Ahad.
    • After a few months of generally good times (involving the release of Encore on both consoles and Big Band), the problems have started up again: Lab Zero has been forced (by Marvelous AQL) to alter the color of any red cross on a white background that appears in the game (including Valentine's default palette) in an attempt to avoid getting sued by the Red Cross and get the Japanese PSN version of Encore out on time. As noted above, the developers aren't happy with the change.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There's concept art for things like Supermodes and Filia having a bobby-pin sword.
    • Filia was originally going to be nothing more than a shell that Samson had consumed from the inside-out, with concept art of her Super Modes showing her transforming her into Venom-like forms. This concept was split off into its own character and developed into the DLC Candidate version of Samson, while Filia was redrafted as having a more mutualistic relationship with Samson.
    • Originally, Umbrella and Squigly were supposed to be part of the initial eight characters, but some technical difficulties and the story need for some villains in the roster led to their spots being reassigned to Valentine and Double. Fortunately, they are confirmed to be the first DLC characters — or at least one of them was...
    • It was mentioned on a few occasions that, originally, the custom assist function would actually be able to register Super Moves. It didn't take them much experimentation to find this was a Game-Breaker.
      • Later, when more Special Moves were being made to be usable as assists for a patch, several moves were added, and then removed due to being "too good". A good example would be Cerebella's Pummel Horse move.
    • During development, Ms. Fortune had a palette based on Tira's costume from Soul Calibur V. In fact, a sizable number of palettes didn't make it into the final game, as the marketing guys realized they could sell color pack DLC later on.
    • The developers tried to implement a Versus Character Splash, but left it out due to the increase in loading times.
    • The amount of planned characters for the game was around 36. Unfortunately, the budget problems made it so the other 28 characters would be candidates to be released later down the line as DLC. See also Troubled Production.
    • Parasoul's sniper (who helps her out in one of her Blockbusters) originally had an entire character behind it named Juju (Parasoul referred to her as this rarely, any other time her name would be Number 13), but there were a lot of legal issues because she was created by a fan of the series, so Lab Zero technically didn't own her. After one of the artists took interest in her, she was available as a possible DLC character... until after the original creator signed the NDA, and then violated it WITHIN HOURS by posting about in a public forum which the devs read. Needless to say, her existence was wiped off the face of the earth, and she's now basically Retconned out of canon permanently.
    • Squigly originally was going to have an Earthworm Jim palette, and was featured in the beta for some time before being removed because Alex Ahad didn't like it. However, it was patched back in the PC version April 19th, 2014.
    • Originally, Peacock was to be voiced by Marianne Miller.
    • Filia's Time Over lose animation originally had Samson rip her shirt off, exposing her breasts while Filia tries to cover herself up. It went unused due to objections from Lab Zero.
    • Big Band was supposed to have a robotic voice, but that would take away Rich Brown's smooth voice.
    • According to a Q&A, it is said that if Skullgirls wasn't going to be a fighting game, it was going to be an RPG or Beat 'em Up.
    • In a way, Double subverts this: she has several move animations taken from other characters that would have otherwise never even appeared in the game (for example, Bandwagon Rushdown was originally an idea for Peacock's pre-fight intro).
      • Fukua also somewhat subverts this using data from a 'Zoner' Filia who would later be the basis for Peacock and a 'Grappler' Filia who would later be the basis for Cerebella. She also uses several of Filia's unused animations in her attacks.
    • Eliza was originally conceived with a gameplay mechanic where whenever she got damaged by the opponent, she would leave pools of blood which can damage the opponent later. Between bumping the ESRB rating from Teen to Mature if this was fully implemented, and the fact that Eliza has a bunch of other mechanics to work with, such as having bodyguard assist characters, Shekmet and even musical mechanics similar to Squigly and Big Band, the blood mechanic has been cut.
    • While the youngest and by far the shortest playable character in the final game, Peacock's initial character design looked older, was about as tall as Valentine standing up (not counting Peacock's hat), and had a narrower profile because her skirt didn't flare out as much. This may have been done for balance reasons, so she wouldn't have such a ridiculously large hitbox.
    • The original plan was for the cast sans Double to have 2 possible endings in their story mode, but time and resources constraints scrapped that idea. The script of those scenes can still be found in the game data.
    • The game was supposed to have a "true" ending, which would be unlocked when Umbrella, Black Dahlia, and Marie were playable, but their Indiegogo drives didn't get enough funding. As a result of this, and key members moving onto other projects, the game will likely have no canon ending.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Skullgirls Wiki.
  • Word of God: An extensive amount of information on the game's world has only been revealed by Alex in streams and the like. For example:
    • The game takes place in fall (which was implied with the trees in Maplecrest).
    • In terms of climate, the Canopy Kingdom is based off the northern US and northern California specifically - mostly "whatever looks cool".
    • Worshipers of the Trinity are called "Trinitists".
    • The crosses in Valentine's eye designs are a result of drug use in Lab 7. An accident in Lab 7 damaged the bandaged eye to the point of apparent uselessness; Valentine's failure to replace it (which the Labs could do for her) is an aesthetic choice on her part.
    • The children in Lab 8 are various orphans with conditions that would make them have trouble leading a normal life without the lab's help. One of the reasons they went rogue was so they could do help people in ways besides turning them into weapons.
    • The No Man's Land is a collection of small countries and territories that fell into chaos when the three kingdoms quickly stopped their war to fight the Skullgirl. Bandits were easily able to acquire military hardware and human trafficking became common. Marie and Peacock are from Rommelgrad, a town in the No Man's Land.
    • Not all the members of the Cirque de Cartes are aware of the fact it's backed up by the mob; Hubrecht is the most commonly cited example.
    • Annie's TV show is similar to The Super Mario Bros Super Show!: it contains live-action sections in between cartoons, with cartoon counterparts of the live-action hosts.
    • Some groups face extensive discrimination, such as Ferals like Ms. Fortune and Parasite hosts.
    • Valentine's real name is Valerie.
    • Feng is not in love with Cerebella, but rather sees her as a Cool Big Sis.
    • The Mother of the Trinity is not Queen Lamia, at least not in the way most fans think she is.
    • Everyone who's used the Skull Heart has become a Skullgirl, since wishes are inherently selfish.
  • Characters' voice lines (and sound effects):
  • Character heights, weights, blood types, and measurements:
    • Filia/Fukua: 5'4", 142 lbs, AB, 34C-26-39
    • Cerebella: 5'6", 130 lbs, B, 32D-23-36
    • Peacock: 4'6", 94 lbs, B, 18A-17-20
    • Parasoul: 5'10", 156 lbs, A, 34DD-24-38
    • Ms. Fortune: 5'8", 127 lbs, B, 32B-23-34
    • Painwheel: 5'1", 375 lbsnote , SGnote , 21B-18-23
    • Valentine: 6', 160 lbs, A, 36E-25-40note 
    • Double: Varies, varies, none/all, varies
    • Squigly: 5'3", 118 lbs, Embalmed (formerly A-), 28B-21-38
    • Big Band: 7'8", 5000 lbs (only 95 of which is organic), B♭note , 170-160-150, 57 diameternote 
    • Eliza: 5'11, 160lbs (on average), Any, 36DD-24-41 (on average)
    • Beowulf: 6'7, 287lbs, O, 55-38-42
    • Robo-Fortune: 5'6, 440 lbs., 10w-30 synthetic oil, 32B-23-34 (adjustable)


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