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  • OK, they lost in the end, but the Skylanders kicking butt and taking names against Kaos' army was just epic! Even more so because there was actually teamwork involved.
  • A villainous example; Kaos actually manages to destroy the Core Of Light and defeat all the Skylanders on his first attack. He might be an Invader Zim Expy, but he's a lot more competent.
  • The Dragon's Peak bonus level has one. As you confront the level's Big Bad, Vathek, everything prepares for a boss battle. Flavius, the dragon who came to take you to Dragon's Peak in the first place, takes advantage of Vathek being distracted and takes the throne, along with all the power it gave Vathek, which he uses to turn Vathek to stone.
  • The fight between the Giants and the Arkeyan King. After going on a Foe-Tossing Charge for his army of giant Mecha-Mooks, they end it with Crusher taking out his knee, followed by Eyebrawl blasting him in the face with his Eye Beams, then Ninjini tricking him into lodging the Fist of Arkus into the wall and then cuts into his arm with her swords. Swarm then launches Tree Rex at the King, who punches the king in the head hard enough to rip his weakened arm (and the Fist of Arkus) off and destroy him.
  • Any time a feat of strength is preformed by one of the giants, especially the moving of a floating island attached to a chain!
    • At one point, we see an entire galleon attached to a chain, which can be pulled closer in the same way as the miniature islands.
  • While most villains in Trap Team are afraid of the swirling vortex that appears when you trap them, Brawlrus fearlessly leaps right into it.
    "What is this, some kind of vortex? Well then, vortex ho!"
    • When you trap Luminous, a vortex of light appears in an adjacent room. He says the following as he runs toward it:
      "I must head into light without fear. Even in defeat, I shall shine like a star!"
    • Nightshade also makes no attempt to resist capture. This takes a sharp turn into hilarity as the vortex cuts him off.
  • There's a trap in Trap Team that allows you to capture Kaos! Yeah, you heard right, you can capture the Big Bad of the entire series and make him fight for you!
    • The entire trap mechanic is pretty awesome, allowing you to play as the villains for a change.
  • The opening cutscene of the Skyhighlands level in Trap Team: the stolen troll rocket splits open, revealing four smaller vessels inside - The Arkeyan Copter from Giants, Mags' giant mech, Buzz's ship, and the Dread-Yacht, with Tessa and Whiskers flying alongside them - reminiscent of the "Great Invasion" cutscene from the Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The semi-transparent figure of Enigma. It's meant to be partially invisible, an effect which works really nicely.
  • Fantasm Forest in Swap Force features tree-people firefighters. Considering what fire does to wood, these guys are probably the bravest non-player characters in any of the games.
  • "Nobody tells Kaos what to do except Kaos! And that's me, and I'm him, and YOU are HISTORY!"
  • Imaginators brought back Crash Bandicoot!
    • Generally speaking, even people who strongly despise the Skylanders series overall appreciated the earnest and clearly-knowledgeable love letter that was Crash's inclusion in the game.note  And on the note of Vicarious Visions themselves, it served as excellent practice for the future Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy!
  • Some of the Sensei Shrines are amazing.
    • Grave Clobber's Sensei Shrine cutscene starts out as normal, with the shrine entering a battle stance... only Grave Clobber doesn't notice because he's more interested in a little beetle he's observing. The shrine ignores it, however, and tries to strike him down with a mighty punch, to no avail, scaring away his would-be friend, and what does Grave Clobber do? He grabs the shrine's fist and uses it to CLOBBER THE SHRINE! And the shrine is noticeably terrified when it realizes what's coming for it.
    • Wolfgang's Shrine cutscene is also this. The wolf musician was able to activate the Bowslinger Shrine the only way he knows how: The Power of Rock! And he plays an epic rock song as he takes out the shrine like it was nothing. Rock on, Wolfgang!
    • Boom Bloom's Shrine cutscene has her dodge both ninja stars the shrine throws at her, then proceeds to grab the second one and toss it back at the shine, opening it for her.
    • Golden Queen's Shrine cutscene has her dodge the blast, then grow to her giant form from her boss fight to break the shrine open. And much like Grave Clobber, the shrine appears to cower when it sees her giant form, knowing what's in store for it.
    • Buck Shot jumping off the shrine’s arrow and sniping it mid-air.
    • Ro-Bow firing his arrow through the shrine’s arrow!
    • Bad Juju having her child deflecting the swashbuckler shrine’s sword. Her pint-sized kid must have the strength of steel to casually deflect a massive metal sword!
  • The Sky-Chi attacks. The Senseis each have their own super attack and they’re all awesome!
    • Crash using his yo-yo to pull in enemies to attack them.
    • King Pen starts zipping to every nearby enemy before clobbering them!
    • Golden Queen taking flight before unleashing a swarm of gold scarabs on her foes!
    • Dr. Neo Cortex unleashing a big fat laser to rain down from above!
    • Barbella starts pumping up with shooting out rock spikes!
    • Ambush focuses while the player moves a target marker over every foe they can, what follows next is similar to King Pen in that Ambush flies from one foe to the next pummeling them!
    • Dr. Krankcase spinning around while unloading his goo blasters!
    • Ember turning into a raging fire-tornado while a cloud above rains down red-hot death-from-above!
    • Boom Bloom spinning around on her whip before finishing with a burst of thorny roots popping up!
    • Grave Clobber unleashes a round of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs while also releasing waves and fists of water, looking like a combination of a Stand Rush and Fishman Karate!
    • Blaster-Tron goes full Kaiju and begins stomping around and squashing opponents!
    • Wolfgang crowdsurfing over his enemies!

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