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  • In Skylanders, why did the last three pack released contain Camo, Ignitor, and Warnado instead of Camo, Wham Shell, and Warnado? Ignitor already comes with the 3DS version and by himself for those who don't want the 3DS version. Wham Shell is now the hardest to find ordinary non variant skylander due to only being availible by himself.
  • Why does Wal-Mart say Hot Dog is a Wal-Mart exclusive? When I went to look for Skylanders figures, Target was overloaded with Hot Dog figures, meanwhile Best Buy had quite a lot. Is it only one specific figure of Hot Dog that's Wal-Mart exclusive?
    • Molten Hot Dog, which is a yellow recolor of Hot Dog, is the Wal-Mart exclusive. The standard Eruptor style colorscheme is available everywhere else.
      • The signs are rather deceptive sometimes.
  • I wonder, do they intentionally hold back certain Skylanders figures from initial releases, so they can release them later? I've never seen some of the SWAP force Skylanders (Doom Stone most notably) at all.
    • Always — the figures are released in waves. So they release one group, then later release another, then later release the last one. This does mean that certain features of the game are completely unavailable at launch because they're locked behind a gate that no release Skylander is able to open.
  • Another question about the figures... so who (or what) determines which figures get a rerelease in a future series? I haven't heard whether or not Dino Rang, Voodood, or Camo will receive another release via Series 2 or 3 figures (which sucks for people who want them but can't find them outside of the internet, where they go for inflated prices.) Meanwhile Series 3 includes another Trigger Happy figure and another Hex figure.
    • This is a theory, but it's probably for balancing. Like in the first series, the Earth skylanders had two ranged (Dinorang, Prism Break) and two melee (Bash, Terrafin) skylanders. In Giants, they added a new ranged (flashwing) and they were debating over which one to replace her with (most lieky they replaced Dino Rang because it'd be four animal-like skylanders). and then in Swap Force,t hey add a new ranged (Scorp) and melee (Slobbertooth) so they had to balance those as well (Scorp replaces Flashwing, who gets a lightcore version; Slobbertooth replaces Bash because of both of them being quadrupeds). It makes sense when you compare the Skylanders of the previous versions to current.
      • Then what about cases like Sprocket, who is a Tech melee fighter, replacing Boomer, who was a Tech ranged fighter?
  • Am I the only one who thinks Jet-Vac and Hoot Loop might be the same race somehow? The only diference is species - so are they like a different race?
  • Why doesn't Kaos use the Evilizer on the Skylanders themselves? He would be able to turn very powerful characters (and the same people that could stop him) to his side...
    • As much of an evil genius that he is, he most likely didn't take that into account. Not to mention, as you saw in the cases with two of the guardians, it takes time for more powerful characters to fall under the Evilizer, so the Skylanders most likely would be able to destroy the crystals before they even work.
    • Apparently, the Dark Skylanders are Skylanders who absorbed the Petrified Darkness. Spyro tamed that darkness within him and helped the Dark Skylanders to control it and use it for good. So using the Evilizer on Skylanders would only turn them into Dark Skylanders, who would use their dark power against Kaos.
    • Also, Kaos is a Portal Master. He probably knows that if he turned one of your (the player's) Skylanders evil, you would just take them off the portal and put on another one. Not ultimately all that much effective than a good trap or a bunch of high-level minions, and way more trouble to arrange.
  • why are the Skylanders called that? wouldn't a "skylander" technically be a skylander, I.E. the setting of the games? what do they call everybody else? and why did they choose such a title?
    • As a hypothetical, the various groups within the Skylands tend to be known by their own cultural name (Dragons, Trolls, etc). Calling the organization the "Skylanders" is a way of homogenizing the organization, emphasizing that they are ALL protecting everyone.
  • Does anyone know why Gill Grunt was the only Skylander from the first game to get a Series 4 toy?
    • He essentially became the Series Mascot, being in the starter pack of the first game, and also was often needed, as the first game was filled with water that only water element characters could cross. That, combined with his upgrades making him quite powerful, led him to being popular.
    • Alternatively, Activision may have been looking at figure sales to determine who did and didn't get reposes. Being bundled with the game disc and portal meant anyone who had bought the game had also bought him. That likely lead to him and Trigger Happy being the highest bought charactersnote , and so the two of them got the most reposes.
  • So Traptanium is an incredible material that is essentially Unobtainium that is Made of Indestructium, and is so strong it can only be destroyed by other Traptanium. So why didn't the Doom Raiders, who were immensely powerful and rich, and had seen Traptanium's indestructibility, acquire any weapons made of Traptanium?
  • What happened to the Magic element in Trap Team? The only element to have less than four villains (even light and dark have at least four), and all three of its villains either don't fit magic at all or clearly express a different element more. It also didn't get any new Skylanders until late in wave 2, and didn't get a Trap Master until wave 3, 4 months after the game's release.
  • In the Mirror of Mystery dimension, the roles are swapped, so Kaos and the trolls are the good guys and Eon and the mabus are the bad guys. In the normal dimension, the chompies work for Kaos and are evil. Considering Kaos is good in the Mirror dimension, why do the chompies still attack the Skylander?
  • Why did Telescope Towers have the villains it did? Dreamcatcher makes sense, but what about the others? The villains normally fit the theme of the level, so why is it in an advanced science lab researching Indestructium, there is Hood Sickle and Pain-Yatta?
    • Because the Dreamcatcher fight is challenging, so the game makes sure the player is properly equipped for the fight. Hood Sickle and Pain-Yatta don't fit the theme of a science laboratory, but both of them hit hard.
    • The theme of Telescope Towers is that the labratory has been transformed into a wonderland because of Dreamcatcher. Both a hooded Grim Reaper-like figure and a living piƱata would fit the craziness of it, and the fact that both are encountered there adds to the madness.
  • The doylist reason for the new cores that aren't affiliated with the gimmick team not appearing until then is that they hadn't been created yet. The watsonian reason is...?
  • Why were the Swap Force named that before they even gained the ability to swap?
  • If Cloudcracker Prison is supposed to be the most safely guarded prison in Skylands, why wasn't Kaos put there before the events of Trap Team? It's implied that some of his evil plans occur AFTER the Doom Raiders were put there, and while Kaos may not be the most threatening villain, he's at least one of the most dangerous.
  • Why are Hot Dog and Shroom Boom released in Single Packs and Battle Packs while Series 2 Chop-Chop and Zap aren't and are the Three Packs they were in released in the United States?
  • So Kaos is able to break out of his freeze at the beginning of Giants due to being a portal master. With that in mind, why did it take so long? Even assuming it wasn't an actual year gap like it was in reality, Flynn, Cali, and Hugo act like Kaos is long gone before Ermit tells them otherwise, and Glumshanks's panic also implies he's been missing a while.