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Fridge / Skylanders

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors tree in multiplayer is obvious for the most part (Water douses Fire, Fire burns Air, Air scatters Earth), but the rest require some explaining:
    • Earth beats Tech because earth matter can crush machinery (stones) or cause it malfunction and break down due to poor maintenance and cleaning (soil and dust).
    • Tech beats Magic because Magic is an energy source that technology can harness. Alternatively, science disproves magic.
    • Magic beats Undead because raising zombies and summoning ghosts is one of the oldest spells in the book.
    • Undead beats Life because zombies and the like feed on souls and life force.
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    • Life beats Water because water is the element that nurtures life, and all life came from the sea. That, and it's similar to how Grass beats Water in the Pokémon series — plants from Life absorb Water.
  • Everyone's saying Damn You, Muscle Memory! when playing Swap Force. But did anyone notice it was because something other than the figurines were swapped?