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The Skylanders' names (save for Spyro and Cynder) are nicknames.
  • It makes sense, given the punny nature of the names, and how some Skylanders (such as Ignitor and Drobot) haven't been that way all their lives. It could also refer to occupation, such as Gill Grunt being a grunt of the gillmen. Given that their battle cries have an in-canon explanation as being Skylander tradition, it wouldn't be surprising if their names were chosen upon entry to the Skylanders too.
    • This isn't the case for Skylanders such as:
      • Boomer who, when you give him a nickname, has a chance of saying "Is that how you spell 'Boomer'?"
      • Fright Rider who is two different characters, one named Fright and one named Rider
      • Rocky Roll, ditto
      • Voodood, who refers to himself as such

Whirlwind is Rarity and Spike's daughter.

The Giants in the sequel are the Elder Elementals mentioned in the first game
The first games mention Elder Elementals, powerful ancient Skylanders. The Giants so far revealed all have elemental appearances and are more powerful than the normal characters, so it would make sense.
  • This was already confirmed.

Arbo is somehow related to Tree Rex.
He says he has memories of the darkness threatening the Skylands before. And the last time that happened was when the first Skylanders, the giants, first came together. Maybe Tree Rex unconciously sent a small part of his soul to that tree-flower thing in the ruins to subtly help the new skylanders with Kaos.

The Giants are related to other Skylanders of their element.
More specifically the Giants are advanced species or mutations of other species
  • Stump Smash and Tree Rex
  • Eruptor and Hot Head
  • Double Trouble and Ninjinni
  • Prism Break and Crusher
  • Drill Sergeant/Chop Chop and Bouncer
I can't work out anymore so feel free to add any others.
  • Gill Grunt and Thumpback.

Skylanders will have more Activion characters than just Spyro
Such as Crash Bandicoot.
  • Confirmed
The reason Spyro looks so weird in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.....
Toxic Waste. Yep. Skylanders Spyro is a mutant.
  • Or he's part pug or part goblin.

Gnasty Gnorc will be the Big Bad in a future game.

Kaos isn't an only child - the pictures in his castle in Giants are fake.
Kaos resents his other siblings so he has fake portraits with them removed in his castle. This also can explain his mother's different appearance - being as egotistical as he is he probably had her pictured to look more like him

Trapping Kaos in Trap Team is a form of Enemy Mine.

Mesmerelda was meant to be a Magic-element Doom Raider
The reason we don't get a trappable Magic Doom Raider in Trap Team is because she's still healing from the beat-down we gave her back in Swap Force.

Either Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, or Malefor will make an appearance in a future Skylanders game as a major villain.
Bonus points if any or all of them team up with Kaos.
  • sorta confirmed, as Malefor appears as an antagonist in the IDW comics, but not in any of the games

The reason why Malefor claims to have fought Spyro before... because rather than being an alternate version of the same character like the other Spyro characters, Malefor IS the original. He probably came to Skyland due to some weird shenanigans with the world core in Dawn of the Dragon.

Kaos' Mom will free herself from the mirror by encouraging Glumshanks, saying she'll be nicer to him than her son.

Pandergast is a Lombax.
Well, he looks like one, anyways.

Alternative Title(s): Skylanders Spyros Adventure