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Tear Jerker / Skylanders

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  • The Machine Ghost's Disney Death in Giants.
  • Glumshanks' own Heroic Sacrifice in SuperChargers. No dialogue, no sound effects, just a low music piece and a wave of finality. Punctuating it is Mags and Buzz's solemn looks as they escape.
    • Even before his sacrifice, Glumshanks is given a massive Kick the Morality Pet moment. It's revealed that eating all of the sky in Skylands would end up destroying it, and Glumshanks tries to push Kaos to turn against the Darkness, arguing that if he destroys Skylands, there won't be a place for him to rule. However, the Darkness manipulates Kaos against Glumshanks by promising the universe as his realm in exchange for Skylands, and makes Glumshanks look like a traitor holding him back, which leads to Kaos firing him after a massive rant. The sounds he makes afterwards are just heartbreaking, with his ears drooping like those of a dog and his lip quivering.
  • Sonic Boom's backstory is painful to read. An evil wizard wanted a baby griffin feather for his spells, and when Sonic Boom found out and tossed him off with her sonic scream, he cursed her eggs to continuously hatch, grow a little bit in baby form, and then be returned to their shells, trapping them in an endless cycle of rebirth.
    • Actually, let's just say there's more than a few backstories that are tragic. Some were treated like outcasts, like Whirlwind (who was half-dragon, half-unicorn), Wildfire (made of gold), and Smolderdash (born during an eclipse and seen as cursed); others can't return home like Slam Bam (whose iceberg was destroyed because of Kaos' jealousy of his snow cones) or Enigma (who sealed the only way home to prevent the Darkness from reaching his home realm); more have lost family to evil, such as Sprocket (who lost her uncle), Roller Brawl (whose older brothers were kidnapped when she rejected Kaos' romantic advances), and Gill Grunt's girlfriend (who was taken by pirates); and some are the Last of Their Kind, like Voodood, whose entire tribe was wiped out by The Darkness.
  • Most of the animations of defeated Skylanders. While there are plenty of funny ones, some characters look genuinely sad, as they let their Portal Master down.
  • Hugo's despair over seeing Skylands in ruins at the beginning of SuperChargers.
    • From the same game as above, the Core Of Light getting destroyed. The same machine players worked to rebuild in the first game, and with the Hope Spot of using the Eye of the Ancients, things seem to be going well. In a few minutes, sadly, Kaos rips it apart and destroys it for good. Hugo just seems despondent with this, especially since it's accompanied by the Heroic Sacrifice of Glumshanks.