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  • One of Kaos' fire puns during the Eternal Fire Source battle is "make an ash out of you."
  • Gurglefin the gillman drops "holy carp" a couple times.
  • One of the challenges is "Bombs to the Wall".
  • Trigger Happy's Soul Gem upgrade is called "Infinite Hellfire" when you obtain it, but is corrected into "Infinite Ammo" when you buy it.
  • Hot Dog's Soul Gem ability is "Ding Dong Ditch", and appears to be exactly what you'd expect from a fiery canine: a flaming bag of doggie doo.
  • Pop Fizz's "motion of the potion" is a reference to a self-justifying rhyme for people with a certain problem.
  • Pop Fizz in general is a bastion of this. A lot of his lines, such as "Another round!" and "Phew! That's strong stuff!" are sly alcohol references, and his backstory states he no longer remembers most of his life before he became an alchemist because he's so drug-addled on his own potions.
  • Stealth Elf's slogan is "Silent but deadly!"
  • In the same vein, Zoo Lou's catchphrase is "Nature calls!" For those unaware, this is a polite way of saying you need to take a crap.
  • In the 3DS version of Giants, Flynn's ship has a "Sheep Room". This room does nothing but contain a lot of sheep...and some decor that would be at home in a bordello.
  • One of Crusher's upgrades is called "Hammer Daddy". In the game's own description, "Hammer takes the face of Crusher's father and does increased damage."