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Skylanders has many a reference to all sorts of stuff, whether it be games, film or internet culture. Here are the references we found.

  • Those trolls with the Wolverine Claws? They are actually called "Trollverines".
  • The achievement unlocked for purchasing all the upgrades for one character? "Gotta buy them all." Made all the more hilarious given Pokémon's similar Merchandise-Driven nature.
  • Terrafin looks a little Jawesome.
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  • Wrecking Ball, in name, design, and abilities, shares similarities to the Nintendo 64 game Iggy's Reckin' Balls.
  • The achievement "The Answer" in Cloud Patrol. You get it by dying on level 42.
  • Also in Cloud Patrol, Shroomboom's special ability is "1-Up Shroom".
  • One of Trigger Happy's upgrades, a Wave-Motion Gun Charged Attack, is called the Golden Yamato Blast.
    • One of the tie-in books elaborates on what happened to Eon, explaining how he fell through one of his own portals and is now trapped between realms, only able to communicate as a spirit... which sounds kind of familiar, actually.
  • In Giants, Fright Rider seems to be a walking reference to Joust.
  • Also from Giants: Whirlwind's character-specific quest requires you to make 50 double rainbows. The title of the quest? "What Does it Mean?"
  • From Giants again, one of Hot Head's upgrade paths is called "The Burninator".
  • Christmas must mean something for Noodles if it makes him dance all "Gangnam Style".
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  • Eye-Brawl's Soul Gem Upgrade is called "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out".
  • Apparently, the singing/rapping Drill-X is named after Skrillex.
  • One of Drill Sergeant's upgrades is called "A View To A Drill."
  • Upon baiting the Skylander into Rumble Town's arena, Brock yells to the crowd "Are you not entertained?!"
  • Roller Brawl's entire playstyle is based on the real life sport of roller derby, and her name references the considerably more brutal film which spawned it.
  • The Tech Elemental Quest to kill a certain number of spellcasters is called "Magic Isn't Might".
    • This is more likely a reference to the phrase "Magic is Might", used in Harry Potter
  • Halfway through the Twisty Tunnels level of Swap Force, Flynn remarks that "Two outta three ain't bad."
  • Magna Charge is mentioned to be a member of a race called the Ultrons.
  • The Achievement/Trophy for successfully gaining entrance to Castle Kaos is named Kastle Krashed.
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  • The Defeat of Kaos's Mom in Swap Force is a reference to A Simple Wish.
  • Part of the defenses of Kastle Kaos are Mecha-Mooks called K-Bots.
  • Bumble Blast's personal quest is called "Not the bees!"
  • Fryno's Soul Gem power is called Madness Maxed.
  • Short Cut, being a rather diminutive undead Skylander armed with a giant pair of scissors, is a dead ringer for Scissorman.
  • During the battle with Chef Pepper Jack, he will occasionally shout "Time to kick it up a notch!", which is the catchphrase of famous TV chef Emeril Lagasse.
  • Alex DeLarge's bowler is available for purchase from Auric. It's called the "Rude Boy Hat".
  • In Monster Marsh, while scrambling to wake up the sleeping villagers so their dreams can't power Dreamcatcher, the Skylanders are very likely to run into a Mabu by the name of Kreuger.
  • Rizzo wears a peaked cap during Operation: Troll Rocket Steal that is a dead ringer for those worn by Imperial Commissars, right down to the golden aquilla. Luckily, he doesn't adopt their infamous attitude.
  • Drobot's disc attack and Persephone's odd way of speaking (particularly her use of "dancing") both reference the creators' own previous title Star Control.
  • The "Tech Adventurer" set from Imaginators is very heavily inspired by The Rocketeer.
  • Tae Kwon Crow was once the leader of a fearsome gang of raiders and called The Great Hawkmungus.
  • Ambush's divergent upgrade paths are named Master Splinterer and Go Go Forest Ranger.
  • Starcast will, upon clearing a group of enemies, sometimes proclaim, "Darkness there... and nothing more." He also can purchase an upgrade that allows his doppelgangers to pull enemies towards them named "Get over here!"
  • One of the unlockable power attacks for the Gunslinger class is called the Death Blossom.
  • Kaos' One-Winged Angel form in Imaginators makes him resemble a Super Saiyan Blue.
  • A tie-in comic for Trap Team featuring Bouncer as a character is titled Mr. Roboto and in The Secret Origin of Trigger Happy, the gremlin calls Bouncer Mr. Roboto.
  • One area in Chapter 7 of Trap Team is called The Little House on the Misty Marshes.