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Note: Half-Genie Hero does not appear on this page since it has a higher rating than previous games, which means its radar is purposely switched offnote . The radar has also caught up with Pirate's Curse, as the latest re-release is also a "T", but as it took several tries to get there, you can still consider the radar slipped in that case. Seven Sirens was also rated "E10+" on release, but the radar seems to have caught up with it much faster, as physical editions of the game sport the "T" rating.



  • In the first battle against Risky Boots, Risky sends her Tinkerbats after Shantae and says "Spank this one extra hard for mommy!".
    • Risky Boots herself is FULL of this trope. This is pretty evident in some of her dialog. "Gotta haul booty!"
  • The Cackle Mound has a set of puzzles where you must knock eyes into a robot to make it open its mouth to drop a key. One of the later robots doesn't immediately drop a key, as you need to redirect where it's staring until it's looking at a specific thing. What will make it drop the key from its mouth? The statue of a half-naked girl.


Shantae: Risky's Revenge

  • A child NPC in Scuttle Town will tell Shantae: "Mom dressed up as the scary pirate lady for my dad. But I'm not allowed to speak of such things".
  • A literal example where Uncle Mimic talks about the contents of his unusually large bowels, of which he emptied the contents onto a Pressure Plate in order to take the treasure that was originally there. After he finishes his story, there's much awed murmuring in the crowd.
    Crowd: Ooooooh...MURMUR...incredible man...huge bowels...such bravery!
  • When Risky Boots steals the Magic Lamp, she commands her Tinkerbats to "hoist her booty through the roof!"
  • When the Ammo Baron asks Shantae to join his private army, one of the "incentives" he mentions is that they have an open air shower. The army is completely male. Also worth mentioning is that by the sequel, there are at least two female members of the army.
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  • An NPC's reaction to learning Ammo Baron is the new mayor of Scuttle Town:
  • Mermaid-form Shantae is completely topless (which is backed up by concept art, although she has no nipples). Fortunately, her breasts are only four pixels, so there's not much room for any objectionable "details". But the artifact that lets Mer-Shantae shoot bubbles does include two pink pixels in a place where they should not be in a E10+-rated game. Interestingly, the Half-Genie Hero version has a starfish's limbs covering her breasts leaving open the possibility her design was changed out of non-imposed censorship.
  • Stand still and Shantae has an idle animation where she adjusts her top.
  • Risky Boots lies on top of S.P.O.T.T. as Shantae is fighting it, occasionally letting out an Evil Laugh. Nothing out of the ordinary, except she rolls on her back when doing so, resulting in her looking much more pleased with the carnage than intended.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

  • This game pokes fun at the series' tendency to slip the radar, with a villager in Tree Town stating that Shantae's dance moves transcend 'strict content thresholds'.
  • The "Mint Condition" segment, during which Shantae and Sky are tricked into donning impossibly skimpy armor which restricts their movements, then imprisoned and passed off as collectibles. Shantae has the option of calling the Armor Baron out afterwards.
  • After Shantae lets Rottytops know that she already figured out she was "Fillin The Blank", Rotty changes back into her normal clothes - and it's all but said that she changed in front of Shantae.
  • While the Circus Squid enemies are named after circus acrobats, their provocative posing and swinging on vertical poles is more reminiscent of pole dancers.


  • The cancelled GBA game would have had a "perverted zombie" enemy, who rushed around the room with his hands out as if to grope something. When he caught Shantae, he'd spank her. Not surprisingly, the developers decided to leave this particular concept behind.
  • Statues seen throughout the games are of viking and genie women with huge breasts.

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