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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dancing through the danger for for here:

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fanfics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped!. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


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    General Fics 
Shantae: A New Genie by Seantae2425
  • Recommended by Tropemaster849
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A novelization of the Shantae games with several unique twists added to it.
  • Comments: Only four chapters in and already, I'm in love with what the author is doing. The new twists are very interesting to read and I look forward to seeing how things go.

    Shipping Fics 
Starry Night Love by Foxboy614
  • Recommended by Tropemaster849
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Shantae/Bolo
  • Synopsis: One night, Bolo was out watching the stars when Shantae joined him to watch them. Both have been developing secret feelings for each other, and tonight, they're about to be revealed.
  • Comments: This one shot is adorable. It really plays up the feelings between both characters and gives them reasonable worries about revealing said feelings, to the point where you will smile when they do finally come out.

Delivery by Tommycats

  • Recommended by RacattackForce
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Shantae/Rottytops
  • Synopsis: Shantae has wanted to ask her best friend and roommate, Rottytops, out to a date for a while. Luckily, Sky has a great suggestion for her! "Order something and ask her out in the notes."
  • Comments: Tommycats has quite few Shantae fics, and all of them are great, but I'm quite fond of this Shantae and Rottytops one. A cute Modern A.U. Fic (where Rotty is still a zombie, of course) where Shantae tries to gather the courage to ask her childhood friend out. Short, sweet, and full of the others relentlessly teasing our resident dancer.

    One Shots 
A Generation Of One by Luke Danger
  • Recommended by Tropemaster849
  • Synopsis: There was a reason that Harmony was so certain about the fact that there would be no more half-genies once the current generation passed: she had seen what would follow them.
  • Comments: Great one shot that explains why Harmony wants to make a difference. Really makes me wish that more stories would star the other half genies.


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